Audio Recorder, Voice Recorder MODDED 2022


Good sound quality voice recorder, very useful mp3 song recorder, easy to use!
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Voice Recorder – high-quality voice recorder app, sleep recorder and audio recorder, easy to use, support for marking important time points in recording, powerful, reliable voice recorder and editor.

This is a professional recording application, mark the key points in the recording, so that you can play back course notes, meetings, interviews, music, songs, etc.

Recycle Bin helps you recover recording files, unlimited recording time, accurate no delay, efficient and practical, come install and try it!

【👨‍💼A Recorder for business🖱】
· Mark the key points of the meeting and listen repeatedly
· Cut recordings, edit audio files, improve office efficiency
· Share recordings with others
· Simple design, easy to use
· Encrypted recording to protect your privacy
· Set tag for recordings, to quickly find the same type of recordings

【👩‍🎓A Recorder for students📚】
· Save recording to local storage
· Recording in the background without affecting lectures
· There is no limit to the recording time
· High sound quality, can record clearly no matter how far away
· Microphone enhancement, remove noise
· Automatically stop when battery is low to prevent loss of recording

【🎵A Recorder for musicians🎶】
· Sing while playing music, record both music and singing voice
· Support audio editing, cut and edit recording
· Custom sample rate, bit rate, channel, 12800 high-fidelity sound quality
· Support record internal sound
· Support adjusting the recording volume
· Switch file formats, support .wav/.mp3/.aac/.m4a/.amr

【🎙️A Recorder for reporter🎥】
· The recording is stored locally in you device, no need to export
· Skip silent clips during playback, saving time
· Switch top microphone and bottom microphone, recording internal sound
· Add a recycle bin to prevent accidental deletion

【✨A recorder for everyone☀️】
· Start, pause or end recording anytime, anywhere
· Convert video to audio
· Share to social applications and friends
· Support adjusting playback speed and volume
· The recording file is small, saving storage space
· Pause recording when incoming call
· Automatically stop recording when battery is low to protect your recording
· Real-time voice changer, add a variety of voice effect , such as male voice, female voice, robot, etc.

A safe and secure recording application, a efficient voice recorder, try it now!

Note: Recorder currently does not support call recording, we will add this feature later.

If you have questions, suggestions or are willing to help us translate this app, please send an email to [email protected] to contact us.Thank you for your support, have a nice day! 🥳


1. Professional voice recorder with many powerful features.
2. Simple and easy to record audios as you like.
3. Good sound quality, no time limit for audio recording.
4. Help you record meetings, personal notes, classes, etc.
5. Explore for more functions, come and download it now!


40 comentarios en "Audio Recorder, Voice Recorder MODDED 2022"

  1. Sara S dice:

    Requires access to photos, won’t let you use the app otherwise; intrusive, horrrible Edit: In response to the developer’s response: Yes, I was able to refuse access to my photos. However, the app would let me record anything at all unless I would accept the access request. So I Uninstaller the app and am using a different one that doesn’t require photo access in order yo make a simple voice recording.

  2. I don’t know why this app is asking for a rating Before I can even find out if it works! But, the rate this app message kept popping up so I’m rating it to keep that from happening. I will let you know if the rating should be changed if it doesn’t deliver what it claims!

  3. Exactly what I was looking for. A basic voice recorder with a simple UI.

  4. This recorder has been very easy to use, and has made clear recordings that could easily be shared.

  5. Intuitive and elegant. I don’t D about tech so if I can use it they did something right

  6. I like this aplication,i use it for quraan and memorizing thing,people u can use it for quraan and memorizing and if you are not a muslim then get in islam becuase it is the best thing that can happen to a human being

  7. Great and efficient app to record music speeches and more. Enjoyed using it so far

  8. Couldn’t hear anything when I played the recording. This app did not capture a single piece of an important conversation.

  9. Nice app working fine. The only bad point is again and again showing “give me stars” dude got irritated yaar.

  10. App is good very good Reason behind I gave 4 star because when i open the app it always popup a screen that rate us i know when should I rate any app so don’t spam like this thanks

  11. I love it cause you can go back and forth to send the record to people that are in the process of getting the app or they don’t have to have it

  12. Very dependable and user friendly…can record in the background too.excellent

  13. Captures sound well. I dig it and record ideas often.

  14. I haven’t heard the audio to test if I actually like this app but you won’t let me do anything until I rate so…

  15. This is what I was looking for….great app for voice recording!!

  16. It’s a good aap to record something basically i want to record a quran to listen and learn it

  17. Luis Jose dice:

    Straight forward and easy app.

  18. So easy! Good quality sound!

  19. App isn’t able to save in file

  20. Mariah dice:

    Records even when I’m playing another source of audio, which is a must for me.

  21. The recorder recirds very well.

  22. excellent. I like the features.

  23. Nice app needed people can download without any hesitation

  24. Good. Can I get the recordings deleted recordings

  25. Easy to use and straight to the point of anybody complains about the app they are being what you call spoiled brats you want more then what the app smoothly provides pay for it a-hole lol anyway dope app guys

  26. Great, easy to use, good quality

  27. Wonderful app. Keep up the good work. I love it.

  28. Very easy and good I like it and also helpful

  29. Very good and easy to work

  30. Awesome, I record my sessions,its brilliant

  31. One Two dice:

    Amazing and brilliant şiple recorder that i needed

  32. Very useful, easy to use.

  33. I love this app It works veryyyy easy

  34. E P dice:

    No internal audio

  35. It’s really helpful and good I love this

  36. It works very well… Thank you so much

  37. Call recorder is not available in this so it’s not useful for us.

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