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Smart piano keyboard, Classical to Pop, Real-time multiplayer connection!
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Perfect Piano is an intelligent piano simulator designed for Android phones and tablets. With in-built genuine piano timbre, this app can teach you how to play the piano and amuse you at the same time!

[ Intelligent Keyboard ]
• 88-key piano keyboard
• Single-row mode; Double-row mode; Dual players; Chords mode
• Multitouch screen support
• Force touch
• Keyboard width adjustment
• Multiple in-built sound effects: Grand piano, Bright Piano, Music Box, Pipe Organ, Rhodes, Synthesiser
• MIDI and ACC audio recording
• Metronome
• Direct sharing of recording file or set as ringtone
• OpenSL ES low latency audio support (beta)

[ Learn to Play ]
• Learn thousands of popular music scores
• Three guidance patterns: falling note, waterfall, music sheet (stave)
• Three play modes: auto play, semi-auto play, note pause
• Left & right hand setup
• A->B loop
• Speed adjustment
• Difficulty adjustment

[ Multiplayer Connection & Competition ]
• Play the piano with other players from all over the world
• Make friends
• Real-time online chat
• Weekly new song challenge ranking
• Create guilds

[ Support USB MIDI Keyboard ]
• Supports standard General MIDI protocol and allows the connection of MIDI keyboard (such as YAMAHA P105, Roland F-120, Xkey, etc.) through USB interface
• Perfectly control the piano, play, record and compete via external MIDI keyboard
• Note: this function is only available for Android version 3.1 or higher and supports USB Host with the connection of USB OTG lines.

[ Support Timbre Plug-ins ]
• Timbre plug-ins are free to download and install, such as bass, electric guitar, wooden guitar, flute, saxophone, electronic keyboard, violin, chord, xylophone and harp.

[ Piano Widget ]
• A small piano widget for your home screen. You can play music any time without opening the App.

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1. Add distortion, reverb, echo sound SFX settings.
2. Add x86_64 chipset (Chromebooks) support.


40 comentarios en "Perfect Piano MODDED 2022"

  1. Zoot774 dice:

    Very easy to use and fun. You can make a simple song out of this by mixing up recordings with different instruments. However, there is an issue with the recording. I choose a specific instrument in the app and then hope that the MID keeps it after turning it into an mp3. Before, this wasn’t an issue, and all you had to do was choose instrument of choice in the app and download the recording. Please fix this.

  2. It’s not perfect, the instruments sound cheap, but it’s free and extremely responsive. A few of the instruments are good enough to jot down multi-line segments if you can tolerate using a touch screen lol. Been using it for over a year. Use it almost daily. The record function produces a midi file if you are too lazy to reproduce ideas by ear. Great app.

  3. Piano mode works fine and is very helpful when I need to get pitches quickly and don’t have an actual piano nearby. Multiplayer game is awful. Maybe there is a way to connect to an actual keyboard? Otherwise there’s no way to actually hit all the notes. Edit: changed from 3 to 4 stars because I find the piano mode so useful when I need to find pitches on the go.

  4. Though the app has other features, I just use it to pick out the notes for my singing parts. It works for that purpose well, good “piano” sounds and key responsiveness. I sometimes “fat-finger” a wrong now due to the small keys, but there are only so many notes you can for on a small phone screen! You do need to back out of the keyboard function before you can jump over to another app. other than that, no glitches in a few months of use. Five stars.

  5. I don’t know if other piano apps are like this as well, but with this one there is a distinct delay between pressing the keys and hearing the sound. A delay that is even more noticable when you try and time your presses with the metronome just for all the sounds to not line up. is there an option to disable this delay? If so, where? If not, why? Don’t think I’ll be using this as long as that “issue” is there. Otherwise it’d be a great app.

  6. I Love this app!!! It’s so useful! The only thing I wish it had (and maybe I’m just not seeing it) is a way to replay the file you just played without having to go into records files again. I just see the record button beauties l becomes a stop button when playing but don’t see a play button. Also where is an electric guitar plugin? Otherwise, amazing!

  7. If you’re looking for a good app, then this is it. However, there are a few things that I do not like.1) sometimes, random keys stick when you’re in the middle of playing and you have to press that key again to get it to stop playing. 2) when learning a song, the keyboard shifts on it’s own, so you have to fight the app to stay in one spot and it can be annoying. 3) could you add more instruments, I would love to here the alto sax, and more brass, (Tuba, Baritone horn, French horn, etc.)

  8. It’s a very great app. I love the piano and all the instruments to choose from, but I’m only giving this three stars because there’s no drum beat system to play as long with like in the ORG 2022 piano app. And the metronome isn’t very loud and there’s no volume button for it. Other than that, the app is just fine, but if there’s anything that can be done about adding a drum beat system and adding a volume button for the metronome that would be great. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  9. A Wolff dice:

    Perfect piano is well, really perfect. You can change it to any type of piano that you want. All you have to do to get a piano you don’t see, is to watch an ad. But the reason I didn’t really like the app well is that the songs are a bit to easy. But other than that, I love the app. Oh and by the way, if you go to keyboard, then you can even go to cords mode! Install at once.

  10. I use this app almost daily when practicing my music (vocal). The keyboard is easy to read and to use so I can find the right notes and learn difficult passages. I have a minimal understanding of piano, but the keys are labeled and I can read music. When asked to sing a capella on the spot, I have used the keyboard to make sure I start on the right pitch. Useful!!

  11. I love this app. You can choose the number of keys and range you want. Select from different piano sounds and slowdown or speed up your practice sessions. It has foot pedals and a metronome. Record and play back your own music. You can even choose the tutorial method you prefer, and there are lots of prerecorded songs to learn from at all levels. It’s the best one I’ve found.

  12. Overall, probably the best Piano app on mobile. Wonderful for learning songs if you don’t have access to a piano. I have two issues with it though. 1. When using a different sound other than normal Pianos, sounds like the Music Box sometimes make an extremely reverbed and annoying sound when playing. 2. Having a MIDI file is basically useless in my eyes, as there is no instructions on how to use it in this app.

  13. Kayla dice:

    Exactly what it looks like on the given pictures the quality is great and it not only features different types of pianos but different instruments too. You can play against friends in squad like things and play your own music and the settings offer many ways to change the app to your preference although it may not have all the songs it does provide a good many and is still adding more. And the many levels of help and things that come with it, like timing tools and even a way to read sheet paper!

  14. This is an okay app. Not really a learning tool, better if you have at least a basic understanding of piano. Good for when you need to remember a tune you created. I only really have one gripe. I would like to be able to see some information on how to play the VS game and be able to find rules for the games. Also if there’s anyway to shut off chat and scrolling top screen messages. I just don’t want to deal with rude people, and turning that top scrolling message off would be helpful.

  15. Syberyah dice:

    It has several different piano styles when you first go into the app, like a regular piano layout or a circle piano, as well as several others. In the regular piano setup, you can change the intrument sound and make midi or mic recordings. The example recording, under the Saved Songs tab in the hamburger, is highly unrealistic, as nobody could ever play that on this dinky little app in their phone, but it’s gorgeous to listen to and it BLEW ME AWAY. Definitely give it a listen if you get the app

  16. i really enjoy this app, it works for what i need it for, but i have to knock off a star because i can’t change the instrument sound without an annoying prompt at the bottom of my screen showing up that says “perfect piano need access external storage to cache files” that stays on the screen until i go to my device settings. plus, i can’t even select the instruments that aren’t the few the immediately show up when you hit the button. otherwise, great app. please fix!

  17. Professional keyboardist, been using for over a year now for many things because it’s quick to access, simple, non intrusive, and lots of actually useful options when I need a keyboard on the go. I use Perfect Piano for: Personal playing while traveling, Recording song ideas (there’s a recording option built in but i just use my phone’s sound recorder minimized), campfires (be jealous of guitar players no more), vocal warmups, and even used it to teach a few times. By far my most used app.

  18. Such a well orchestrated application. Designed for almost any individual at any skill level. Great variety of options for interacting with both visually and physically and sound quality (device dependant) is also exceptional. Give it a try even if music os not one of your forte as like myself but enjoyed it beyond my expectation for sure. If wise enough to follow my suggestion you will find it also has a game experience presentation, at least at the beginner level. On a different note…lol

  19. From what I can tell the program isn’t to bad, hard to say with my phone malfunctioning on every level all the time, though the one suggestion I would make is lengthening some of your samples on the pianos, they are falling short of long holds. (Anything past a 4 count I think) and if your actually able to add pressure the softer hits would be nice.

  20. This could’ve been a perfect piano app, but somehow, it fell short; there’s a constant clicking from the software that overpowers not only the speakers on my flagship phone, but also my Bluetooth buds. The sustain feature works great with the acoustic piano, but creates a sound loop in the other profiles that goes on indefinitely in my case. Also consider mp3 downloading built in with the MIDI and audio recording. Fix those issues and you’ll have an app that can thoroughly be enjoyed.

  21. Ali-C. dice:

    I took the time to download some sound plugins. For several days (and it’s still going), I go out of the app and go back in. A message pops up saying that the app needs external storage. I go to the sound plugins, and they’re gone. I click to download one of the plugins again. After it downloaded, all of my sound plugins have came back. This is super annoying. Sometimes, when I go to a sound plugin, It plays the previous sound. Some sounds even sound like the standard ones, with different names.

  22. Tried every single piano app available over the last 2 years. This is my fave. Not overcomplicated, recording is easy and the avilable sounds are good. One improvment would be allowing multiple recorded tracks to layer atop the previous recording. And that the instrument could be changed to play but without changing the recorded instrument. That is all.

  23. It’s an okay app and better than most on the Play Store but there’s an issue where it will reset your scores after a while of use. All songs you’ve made progress on will get reset back to a random number like 23%. Really aggravates me when I’ve worked hard on a difficult song and have to start over.

  24. This app is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever came across for some reason. I’ve written some of the best riffs with it stuff that I never came close to coming up with playing the real piano for that matter, and the fact it let’s you record and/or save quick midi versions for when you get to the real piano or to your DAW is just awesome! Thanks for the great app your guys! Don’t change a thing lol

  25. ORTM dice:

    This app is overall great. The keyboard is awesome for road trips and perfect to practice songs on. True story, I make music using fl studio 20 on my laptop, I’d normally use my actual keyboard in my room to find out beats to make songs with but (unfortunately) it broke and I use this too make my beats. The song learning I Personally think its bit off, it feels like I’m pressing everything at the right time but it’s just a few seconds off. Not to sure if this is a bug but it is very consistent.

  26. I have a Samsung S9+ running Android 10. When I am in Perfect Piano on the keyboard screen, I press the Piano icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, I then press + (More Apps) and I see pictures of lots more instruments. Also on the screen in a grey bubble is “Perfect Piano need access external storage to cache files”. I can’t seem to get past that. I can get back to the one piano and play it great which I love. But, I would really also like to try out the other sounds. Anyone have any ideas?

  27. No No dice:

    This app is for some people, bit it isn’t for me. For some reason it has options for a bunch of different instruments but the ONE I need is a bell and there’s no bell. There’s not even an option to add your own sounds, or if there is it’s hidden in menus and not accessible. If there is an option then put the option with the other downloadable sounds.

  28. Edit: I changed my rating to 5 stars because I found the other modes! There’s a chord mode where you can just press a button and it plays a chord!(Like Dm, C, F, and others) I find that very cool. You can also put it on two player mode to play duets!(Although, it’s a bit hard on a small screen)Before, I said this app wasn’t great, but now, not only is it the best one I’ve found yet, it actually is cool. And it works! You can play two notes at once which, surprisingly, not all piano apps can do.

  29. Not so good game. The keyboard style and the speed controller is good enough. But I newly discovered that there were ads almost every time I exited the free-play keyboard. Which is really annoying. 3 stars for that. Another one star because it doesn’t teach me how to play the piano. The only thing it teaches is how to play songs. Try installing Simply Piano. That one’s much better.

  30. I like this app because it’s easy to use and very in depth. There’s many options available for how to enjoy the perfect piano experience. Such as labeling the piano keys, choosing a different instrument sound, metronome, dual keyboard option & the choice to record a piece of music with either MIDI or microphone. This app is highly recommended. Any issues I may have with it is a personal one that involves the quality of my device. The app works fine. Keep pulverizing the enemy!

  31. I had high hopes for this app. My mind will come up with great melodies or lyrics at the worst possible time: usually at 2 in the morning or when I’m in the shower. I got this app so I could quickly play it out, see what I can do with it, and record it for later. It would be great except for the latency! Too much delay between tapping a key and hearing it.

  32. This app is really great. This app is free to use and there are no ads to disturb your instrumental talent. The only little problem I encounted even having tiny hands that the keyboards keys are so small. If you dont have small hands or a cell phone pen you might have a hard time using it. Had great free songs to learn. Has great recordings feautures, pause option, different instruments. And i recommend this to anyone that would like to learn the piano or just like to play like me.

  33. This app’s keyboard is very responsive and there are many instruments to choose from. This is the fastest most responsive I’ve tried of 5 others. The keyboard is configurable. The octaves slide easily. The chord screen is awesome. I really like it and will likely buy the VIP ad free option. Great learning aspect as well.

  34. It’s the only one I find to be as realistic and as life like yet super simple due to the fact the tiles adjust for the convenience of key size, range change at a swipe, and record access easy one two three touch, and most important the original sound of classic and then the option to old school organ type and modern style. Thanks to this Application I am able to vent and relax through the expression of music.. so very happy with this particular app and recommend to anyone who plays and or is eve

  35. i liked this app quite a lot, until I noticed something very strange: the app is exactly one note off. for example, what the app labels as A flat is really B flat, a is B, C is D, and so on. I checked this theory on multiple pianos, like both grands at my theater as well as two of my personal keyboards. really strange! my friend had the same problem.

  36. Able to record and play back MIDI. Good for storing lines i hear when I’m not at home. Works well; doesn’t crash. Needs better patches – especially Rhodes.

  37. Just a small issue with the recorded piece, when we share it on other platforms it doesn’t sound that great … So pls look after that issue, otherwise it’s just perfect

  38. Tyler dice:

    This is the best piano app I have ever used! You can learn anything about piano or any type of keyboard instrument! This is absolutely the best! I highly recommend this app for anyone! Try it and you will see why I am so amazed by this! Absolutely wonderful!!!!!

  39. Osm Experience 2 Improvement I wish it should have 1. Minimum 3 piano or icon on shortcut bar of piano to change sound or piano 2. It should its own audio player respective to device storage If this happens it will one of best piano app

  40. It’s pretty good and also very easy to use, but the problem is…. The songs, it’s not complete and some of it is not full songs and you can’t see it on the online music or if your going to search it is there’s no any songs that you want to play. But still, it’s cool and pretty and I recommend this app for starters or just want to have fun😺

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