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A unique karaoke experience from all of your devices!
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KaraFun is karaoke in your pocket! Set a singing date with friends and KaraFun will take care of the rest: access to thousands of karaoke songs, instantly, on your computer, phone or tablet.

— Highlights —

• 48,000+ karaoke songs available
• Control each vocal track individually
• Offline Mode
• Weekly updates
• Add any track to your favorites
• Works with Chromecast

– Discover KaraFun for free –

Sign up for a KaraFun account and get access to a handful of karaoke songs in full length to test out the app. The rest you’ll get in demo mode. If you like what you hear, access the entire catalog of 35,000 tracks in full-length by subscribing to KaraFun directly from the app or by visiting our website’s subscription page.

— Catalog —

Are you all about the latest songs or more so the karaoke classics? We love both! KaraFun features a large collection of karaoke songs, from decade hits to the latest chart toppers. Feel free to dig around in our library. We’re sure that you’ll find the perfect song for any occasion.

— Favorites —

Add your favorite songs to your favorites: it’s the perfect place to keep all your songs and find them easily.

— Get backup: Lead / Background Vocal Adjustment —

We’ve got your back when you need it. Activate lead or background vocals and adjust the volume to however loud you want them to be. Sing along with the singer or backup singers voices or turn them back off. You call the shots!

Make it your own: Key/Tempo adjustmentIf the song key is too high or low, adjust it to match your voice. Same goes for the tempo… make the song just the way you want it.

— Offline mode —

Hosting a karaoke party in the boondocks? KaraFun’s got you covered even when there’s no internet. Sync your favorite songs offline and keep the party going!

— Works with Chromecast / External Screen —

Connect your device to any Chromecast compatible device, or directly to any video-projector or TV, and enjoy the smallest yet most powerful karaoke machine ever.


• Minor bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "KaraFun – Karaoke Party MODDED 2022"

  1. John R dice:

    Just started making a playlist tonight and it’s going pretty smoothly. The app is easy to navigate and once I did a few songs, it went quickly after that. I really like the ability to transpose the songs and to control the tempo and the background vocals. Would recommend this app.

  2. This app is really great for song quality, playing offline, variety of songs available, and mobility. The biggest downfall of this app, and it’s a pretty big one, is that you cannot create playlists from the songs you like. You can favorite songs and it puts it in a big long list that is in alphabetical order which is a nightmare when you have a lot of favorites. I REALLY wish they would update this app to include playlists that you can create and play the entire list from start to finish.

  3. I am a veteran of KaraFun for Windows. This seems to work better, although some songs take a long time to load. Maybe it’s a popularity issue with the song? On the up side, there is pitch and tempo editing, where you can sing the song in your range and at your tempo. The down side includes a rather steep learning curve, where you learn on your own, with no tutorials. As such, I haven’t found a way to load my karaoke library into the program. Still, it’s a good program.

  4. This app works great. I was able to download it on my tablet and mirror it to a smart tv. I connected the smart tv to a my blockrocker (large Bluetooth speaker with microphone) and had what I consider a near professional level karaoke set up. I used it on a recent beach trip with friends and everyone had a great time. The app gives you the ability to adjust tempo, pitch, backup vocals and lead vocals. The song list is very large. This app works much better than the traditional karaoke machines that require discs and the mikes with the built in chips. I recommend this app. I had a little trouble cancelling my subscription but the customer service was great and helped me cancel. I will renew in the future as needed.

  5. glam ma dice:

    Every time I have karaoke party in the back yard on my projector/firestick. It freezes and I’m unable to connect. The last time it looked like I hadn’t paid the bill. It kept saying it was on preview mode. The week before I was stuck on my Playlist only. I’m disappointed with this app and I don’t get any responses from the company when I email them. I was considering upgrading to pro. If they would at least respond to my email, I might consider upgrading. YouTube is better and free.

  6. This was one of my favorite apps. However… I paid for a one month subscription and have the confirmation email but the app remained locked. So no access to the music. Frustrating. Mostly because I saw no way to contact and resolve the issue. Email options were not showing. Cant give you $ for nothing. Please contact me and resolve. Would have been 5 stars before this.

  7. Features, features, features! AND, a delight (fun) to use! Very accurate lyrics tempo highlighting w/ lead-in bar and/or tempo dots scrolling across bottom of screen. Just like I see in Karaoke bars. Adj. delay for start of song, flag your favorite songs. Adjust key and tempo of song. Remote control from another device. Downloadable songs. And more. I am very satisfied with this app (also available for Windows).

  8. I don’t write many reviews, but this one is definitely warranted! This is the best karaoke app EVER! Nothing else even comes close. Here’s why: 1) phenomenal selection, including several songs I’ve never seen anywhere else in 20+ years of doing and DJ’ing karaoke 2) excellent sound quality 3) ability to adjust or turn off lead and backing vocals individually! 4) ability to adjust pitch & tempo without ruining the sound quality 5) it’s not free, but is a great value for all you get

  9. Karafun’s songs are fantastic, but the Android app is full of bugs. You hope the bugs get fixed with an update, but instead only new bugs are added. Currently the app loses its local cache periodically, including all downloaded songs. The mini player is too small, whereas it used to be resizable. The “improved” mini player is not and currently serves no purpose, forcing you to use full screen landscape mode to see lyrics. And of course the many crashes and hangs. Karafun needs a QA team!

  10. Easy to use. Great song selection with high quality songs that sound just like the originals. Quick reference by artist OR by title. Easy to create queues. Very handy key and tempo change within each song. Very affordable. Stable connection even when used as a hotspot to a phone. Thank you so much. You guys saved my bacon when I had to find 1940’s music to sing for 3 hours at a fundraiser!

  11. Well i cant get a hold of the developers any other way but this, as the app is completely useless to me at this point. Sound cuts out shortly after starting song. Sound is completely gone when casting. “Contact us” button doesnt work. I dont know what else to say. Im really disappointed especially paying for premium.

  12. Mike Matt dice:

    The concept is really good, execution is abysmal. The app constantly buffers, skips, loses connection, and crashes. I have tried multiple tablets, and phones ranging from older devices, to brand new Note 10+. Im running on a 200mb internet connection with enterprise grade WIFI. Nothing seems to help the terrible performance of the app. What a waste of time and money. *UPDATE* I dropped it from 2 stars to 1. Remote devices add 3 copies of each song. Opening the queue crashes app. Worthless..

  13. I’ve used karafun for years. Always a hit. Simple to use. $5.99 for 48 hrs of unlimited songs is worth it for the every now and then party. $9.99 a month sub for anytime access. Yes, the catalog takes time to load, the first time. It’s over 25,000 songs. Use a desktop or laptop for faster catalog lookup, or use the search function. Way better option than purchasing tracks. There is pitch and key adjustments as well. The app is better used with an active speaker. very simple.

  14. I Love this app and use it a lot!!! BUT PLEASE PUT THE MINI PLAYER BACK THE WAY IT WAS!!!! it is now way too small to use in your que screen and doesn’t move forcing you to use full screen and not have access to your que list. You can’t adjust your set without having to rotate the screen every time which looks very unprofessional and stops the flow. IT WAS PERFECT THE WAY IT WAS PLEASE PUT IT BACK!!! THANK YOU!!!

  15. Good app overall with great song selection. Can’t get remote control to work anymore and haven’t been able to get that fixed with support, that is why I am docking one star. UPDATE: Karafun team updated the app and fixed the remote control function and it now works as it is supposed to. Updating my review to 5 stars. If you are used to just streaming karaoke of of YouTube, I challenge you to type this. The ability you independently change background and lead vocals is awesome.

  16. Finally, the app now allows me to save my song modifications in my history and allows songs with modications to be saved from one playlist to another. I’ve been asking for this ever since Playlists were a thing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now this app gets 5 stars! Previous review: Need to be able to copy songs with modifications from playlist to playlist, and please bring back the ability to save your song preferences in history.

  17. Good for searching, adding favorites and voting for songs. Most of the catalog is not available for free. Would be into full songs with ads. I would like the ability to sort my favorites list, right now it’s alphabetical in the app and in order of date added on the website and no ability to order them differently. Also karafun just needs more punk, metal and better options for songs/artists. Why anyone wants to sing most of your catalog is beyond me. I’m adding and voting the good stuff.

  18. KARAFUN IS NOT THAT MUCH FUN ANYMORE! I tried to upgrade to PRO, but I kept getting jerked around. I was hoping to find a button or link to direct me to the web page so that I could choose the subscription plan to unlock the features that I wanted. I like the tempo and key transpose settings to every song and that I could put my favorite songs to offline. But I really would rather make an all at once payment than pay every month or year. So tired of subscriptions!

  19. You guys need to fix these bugs. I just subscribed and now it doesn’t connect 90% of the time (network error) like these other guys pointed out. Other than that I like the app and think it could be really good but reliability isn’t there. There is not an internet issue. It’s on your server end or a bug in the app. For $8.95 or whatever a month I at least want it to work consistently. There are many other professional karoake apps and software available at higher costs…I hope you guys fix this

  20. Enjoy the app very much. Most of the productions are of very good to high quality. Would like to have the option of a playlist that can be saved. For now I use the que..I use the app for solo performance not necessarily karaoke. Would be nice if there was an option to mute selected instruments but I understand technically this would be impossible. Overall give it 5 stars. Lou Renshaw

  21. The program itself is great, everything works well, my problem with the service is that songs get added purely on a voting basis, it doesn’t matter how popular a song is on streaming services or how many millions of listens it has, I find that a bad way to go about what song gets added because apparently there’s too many votes going on for Soul and Country songs (they get added almost every day), which I’m sure tons of people who are not from the USA don’t care about. Please rethink your voting!

  22. Almost great. When you create a queue of songs it’s great. But mid song, if you want to change the order theres an issue. If for arguments sake you click a song further down the queue and click ‘play now’ it plays but replaces and deletes the song which was next in the queue. So you have to go back and find it and slide it back into the queue. Wish this bug could be fixed.

  23. I thoroughly enjoy Karafun. The ease of use and the very good range of songs. I have two issues with the program. Firstly ,when you have your song list on the left side of the screen and you may be scrolling up or down selecting a song and you accidently swipe sideways even ever so slightly you end up removing the song from the download list. I recently discovered this and can no longer re- download the song back on to my list. Is there a way I can remedy this issue?

  24. awesome app! very user friendly, great selection of songs and very good team to work with if you need help, fast and friendly! I can’t praise this program enough. just sit back and enjoy the fun you’ll have with your family and friends!!!

  25. An excellent app. Been using it almost 10 yrs and it rocks! The quality of audio sounds great. I connect to my systems “Hold On for a Show” it’s about to Go down like James Brown! V

  26. The app is great. It has the ability to change key and tempo. The catalog is huge, but unfortunately, many popular songs don’t have clean versions.

  27. This app so far is easy to use, very user friendly. I’ve found songs with a breeze… If this works out for me I’ll stop back and change to a rating of 5 STARS… God so far…!

  28. If you’ll enjoy karaoke this is the app you should try. The quality of the tracks is top of the line. Both the music arrangements and the vocals for backup, excellent.. And all for less than 10 bucks a month this is a must have

  29. I LOVE Karafun…. I gave 4 stars as nothing is perfect, but Karafun is close. I use it almost everyday. I have even shown Karafun to friends who now use it as well. Even some business owners. Karafun is fun and easy to use. I love the fact that you can change keys as I can then sing more songs. The removable of background singers is a god send. Love it as I change keys a lot and take out the background singers. The ability to add in another voice so you can sing duets is great as well.

  30. Swedapina dice:

    I just wanted to try it but after I recorded 1 song it doesn’t show anywhere that I sang it + you have very few choices for free. Not the app for me… Uninstalling

  31. Nice features, but very slow startup/loading the app. Takes about 5-10 minutes at the startup screen, then I give up and use YouTube instead.

  32. Karafun app will not operate. Upon opening the app, I’m stopped with a prompt saying “Karafun is not reachable. Double check your internet connection…” Tried using 5g and wifi. Deleted cache. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing worked.

  33. I LOVE KaraFun. I appreciate their wide selection of songs. I have only run into a few that were off just a little. But not enough to break up with them. I am one satisfied costumer.

  34. Carol T dice:

    Best karaoke app out there! I am so happy I can find all the songs I love to sing with ease. Thank you to karafun for making it so colourful, easy, and fun!

  35. This app is useless I have a huge collection of my own karaoke files and there doesn’t seem to be any way to use karafun to be able to access all that music that I own myself, very bad 😞

  36. Dascha C dice:

    The app keeps loading when opened and while casting it through my chrome cast it kept disconnecting multiple times I have had to re-download the app, but it keeps lagging

  37. I use this for my karaoke biz and it works great for the dive bar scene. Only a few small bugs that aren’t noticeable that are related to advanced song searches. Highly recommended to use!

  38. This is THE best app I’ve ever purchased. The widest selection of songs ever compiled. I wish I could give it 10 🌟 stars

  39. Fantastic singing app that allows for key changes and tempo. I love this app!!

  40. This app discriminates and distresses me alot becuse they don’t have my ethnicity of music (greek) I even scrolled down at the genre section and they have 9 langues set mainly from Europe also the word Europe comes from greek origin and I have no idea my language has been left out can someone explain why.

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