Jango Radio MODDED 2022

Jango Radio streams personalized radio to your Android device.
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Unlimited music with no commercial interruptions!

Jango Radio is a free, personalized radio service that plays your favorite music by artists you love. Just start by searching the name of your favorite artist or band, and Jango will create a custom station based on their music and that of similar artists. Or you can tune in to hundreds of expertly programmed genre stations like Top 100, Hot Country, Classic Rock & more… Now with no ads and unlimited free listening.

Already a Jango.com listener on your computer? Great! Just install Jango Radio on your Android device and log in to access your existing stations and take your music with you.


“I’m in love with Jango” – USA Today

“Straightforward and easy to navigate” – Wall Street Journal

“Refreshingly simple online radio” – CNet

“Makes it fun to discover new music” – PC World


Jango Radio Features:
– Free, unlimited listening
– No commercials and no ads
– Create custom radio stations with the artists you love
– Tune in to 100’s of expertly curated stations in dozens of genres, from dance and country to holiday music and hits by decade
– Shuffle your stations to extend your playlist even further
– Fine-tune your stations by adding artists and banning songs you don’t like
– Share stations with your friends on Facebook
– Block music with explicit language
– Change the audio quality to use less data while roaming
– Save stations to listen on other devices or at www.jango.com
– Use the Sleep Timer to schedule the music to turn off later
– Available for any device running Android 4.2 or newer


- We added many features that, until now, were only available on our website.
- You can now review and edit your lists of liked and banned songs.
- We added video playback of your favorite songs.
- New improved Variety setting.
- New improved Customize Station section.
- Band Central is back!
- New Stations screen where you can quickly browse through your favorite stations, songs and suggestions.
- Dark Mode is now available on supported devices.
- Bug fixes and stability improvements.


40 comentarios en "Jango Radio MODDED 2022"

  1. Really would be nice if the music playing matched the station. Several times I’ve been disappointed when a totally unrelated to the station music comes on. Like hard rock in an ambiance station, and opera in a new age station. Seriously sucks when I’m trying to relax and I get some noise that I didn’t want to hear. I’ve tried getting support, but I just get empty excuses. Can’t wait to find another better app that actually plays what the titles state , what I want to hear.

  2. Jacob PS dice:

    Awesome radio with unlimited skips. I wish I could control a little of what plays though. Jango has improved a lot recently with newer songs. I wish Jango improved the aspect of mixing artists. Once you add an artist to a station, unless you use the shuffle option, you cannot undo the add, especially if there is more than one artist with the same name. The name disappears and you are stuck hearing whatever artist you added, unless you start over from scratch.

  3. This is my go-to for music radio. It does a great job of curating like music and filtering out the stuff I can’t stand when I tell it to. I even enjoy that it lets me discover new burgeoning talent once in a while! The app works great and is easy to navigate and use. The only thing I would change about it would be to make it more compatible with google assistant. If I could just “hey google” my way into my favorite station, It’d be dang near perfect.

  4. I love listening to my favorite music on Jango. I like that I can have as many different stations as I choose and I like the simplicity. Hit the add sign, type in an artist, let the app search, which happens very quickly, click on the play button and you’re done! I also like that I can find obscure artists and artists I listened to as a child. Another great thing is that you can select thumbs up or thumbs down and should you accidentally click the wrong thumb, it is easily corrected.

  5. Rated 5 stars, because 6 was not an option. Extremely easy to use, does exactly what it is supposed to, and without ads. It has the added bonus of exposing you to newer and lesser known artists, as well as an impressively extensive library of more prominent groups. It’s the only audio streaming app left on my phone.

  6. 4+ year user here. Free music streaming with no ads, but they keep playing “independent artist” music (which all sucks and I skip immediately). The crappy independent music genre has zero relevance to what you’re listening to, so you’ll encounter this garbage music every now and then regardless of what you listen to. Minor gripes, but the only one on the market that’s ad free currently. Then there’s the random errors that are encountered, which will require you to force close and reopen the app.

  7. App is great, it plays music with no limit on skips. I have been using it for over a year on my android phone, and have had no issues at all. The only reason I rate it 4 stars is because it does not discontinue playing music from a specific band even after you give thumbs down to a full album, it doesn’t get it that you don’t like that artist. Other than that, you will enjoy commercial free music with unlimited skips.

  8. WAS a Great app, now it’s new interface is FAR too difficult to read when in my car driving. There is no option for a list type display with better larger viewing options. Still has a great music selection. It does truncate a few songs by a few seconds at the end. For a free app and music service I haven’t seen a better one. I have seen better apps, not a better service.

  9. Unlimited skips make this my favorite radio app I’ve used. I’ve used Jango for several years now on my previous phone (iPhone). I’m just now downloading onto my current phone (Galaxy) so unless there are any differences between the Apple and Android versions of this app, then I can tell you this is the best radio app to use if you not only hate having a set amount of skips to use, but also for commercial free listening. The only thing I would like to see is a wider variety of songs per station.

  10. The version of the app I have has changed my profile picture,(particularly my facial features), does not show my “friends” list, has created “stations” which I didn’t create and does not show the ones I did create on the previous Jango site. To get to any of the 6 bars, which I am assuming are for settings, I have to allow the app access to my entire phone (allow it to turn things on and off, acces pictures, videos, downloads and files). Have had constant phone hacking so granting access-NO!

  11. NV Stacy dice:

    I have used this app for years and I really enjoy it. Some days I listen for hours. Everything works well. No adds. Only an occasional (maybe once an hour) request to rate an aspiring artist 👍or👎 and be done with it or just listen to the new artist with no responce. Four or five phones of near flawless performance later and I am still happy. If you have questions, I have found them to be Very responsive with good info and results too. It’s my go to music streaming app. My only one.

  12. I uninstalled all my other music apps when I found this one. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Fantastic selection of artists and stations, fully customizable, awesome shuffle feature… and the “ads” aren’t ads per se, basically it’s a commercial where Jango plays a song by a new artist and asks you to rate it- you can then give it a thumbs up or down accordingly, or ignore- but those commercials are very infrequent (my experience has been one every couple hours) and completely unobtrusive.

  13. UPDATE!! I quickly became an un-fan of this app. Too many of the same exact songs across diff stations. The same songs also repeat within minutes of just playing. I find myself skipping more songs than I listen to. Listening to a station off the explored section is even worse. Seems to be looping and stuck on repeat of 5 or so songs. You thumbs up something and it plays so much that you want to thumbs it down. I can just stick with youtube. -Thank you Jango for not being a greedy app/company!

  14. Regarding the matter: 3-24-20 I uninstalled the app. It would freeze my phone as well as show no way of backing out of the app. Jango fans don’t seem to have a problem when on a PC which has all the kinks worked out. I have a friend who has an account with Jango. The search bar would Not Allow me to search or click into. The search stations were set to ba default setting as soon as the app is installed. Fix the bug (s) run the app and I’ll find out

  15. I like this app and I think it’s cool that they play independent artist and you get to cast your vote to decide whether they get played on the anymore. I don’t like that you can’t make a channel based on one song you like but picking an artist you like it’s just as good I guess. this app used to play one at every 24 hours but now they simply just have an ad in the corner that does not even speak and you could just easily click out of.

  16. I read an article suggesting that listening to music while working out helps you get into your workout even more than usual, so I tried it using Jango’s Hard Rock Workout stations and guess what? It does! I’ve got the Jango app on my phone connected to a bluetooth speaker so I can exercise while listening to my favourite music genre uninterrupted at any time of the day.

  17. Y’all I absolutely adore this radio. Highly recommended. No ads! I have used it for 5 years or longer and it has been great. It has given me the opportunity to learn about new artists in a genre I already enjoy as well as introduced me to new genres. There are a lot of options, both in making your own station or choosing one of their premade options. But also I just had my first interaction with customer service and they gave me some great suggestions in a timely manner. Overall good experience.

  18. Awesome app/service!! Really cant complain about any part of it. Zero commercials (they will occasionally ask you to rate new or independent/obscure artists which can be a good thing but sometimes the bands suck. But they let you skip if you need to), pretty damn good collection across DOZENS of genres. All for FREE!! ONE SERIOUS REQUEST:: please, please, PLEASE add an option to crossfade between tracks & an adjustable timing parameter as well :^) Thats the ONLY thing this app needs!

  19. Finally added a shuffle feature. Plays the same songs all the time. Either they have a tiny library or the algorithm is amateur. Please stop auto playing your playlist, when i select the ones i have created.(i press the station i want to listen to, but it plays the one you are promoting, which isnt even listed)

  20. Why???? You were best app ever, for years. Now though my stations no longer list the few artists that make up each station…and that sucks. A lot. I mean six stars to almost less than three (if you hadn’t been my favorite so long it would’ve been one due to this sacrilege). Please fix it. Please. **Station info feature still good, I get that; but it’s the new layout that is no good. It was the perfect music app bar none. Now it’s……. Common

  21. I like that there are no ads. Other than that there are a few things that do not top pandora. There is no shuffle option on the app. At least I didn’t find one. There is a shuffle option on the website but will only shuffle the last six stations. I get a pop up to change my settings everytime I go to a different page on the app. Sorry jango but I’m sticking to pandora till shuffle is improved and I can keep the settings I want.

  22. Its an ok app, good idea, poor execution. radio station creation is too buggy for me. It doesn’t let you delete stations that are playing. I have to play another station then delete the one Im trying to delete,, and if by any chance i delete all the stations, some of the stations I deleted come back. there is no way to close a station, it doesn’t let you select too many different artist for one station, i can’t rename the station, give it a different name, or remove artist i accidentally added.

  23. The app has several bugs that make the app hard to use although its algorithm is still better than most Music Apps. Another drawback is it gives you random notifications about some dumbass trending station that has nothing to do with your stations, you also cant turn off these notifications under their settings. Other than that it’s alright.

  24. Tim G dice:

    Been using jango since it was a PC app, like 15 years ago. This phone app for a good 7 years now. I just reinstalled this on my new phone after a hiatus of a year or so, and wouldn’t you know it, everything is screwed up!! Could be 5 stars, but seems to have lost many functions and options. For some strange reason I save a station, but when I come back to the app it’s gone. Good grief I can’t even save stations now. Used to be my go to music app but NO you done ruined that!! Thanks devs!!!

  25. great app! would totally recommend. better than all other apps because you get to thumbs up or down, pick artists you like and more and it will personalize your listening. And best of all, if your wondering: it’s completely, 100% FREE! really, no upgrades or anything. just a really great app that you should try!

  26. put in your favorite artist and they get played as well as other artists in that catagory. don’t like an song, give it a thumbs down and it won’t play again, thumbs up and song will play more often. NO ADS!!! This is a great app. (I have an Android and more pop-up ads showed up when not using app but a friend who has a I phone said not a problem for her)

  27. Love that it’s a free service. Never lags, unlimited skips, no commercials and doesn’t drain my battery. I stream about 6-7 hours a day at work. The addition of shuffling is great! All in all a great app, just needs some tweaking. Definitely worth checking out.

  28. I’ve used Jango both on Android and iOS for over 5 years. It really is the best truly free music app. Honestly, for me there is no reason to pay for apps when there is Jango. Unlimited skips and instead of commercials they just ask you to listen to and rate an indie artist. Which is a very cool feature because I have discovered new artists I like that way. This is truly one amazing app that has never let me down through the years.

  29. One of the things I love so far is to be able to have music automatically deleted from me hearing, is music that has offensive language. I wish there was a way I could only listen to only one singer or band, instead of going to a station if that particular singer or band. Otherwise I like it so far

  30. I can’t give it enough stars. When I listen to obscure bands, jango mixes in other obscure bands that really pair well and help introduce me to bands ive never heard of. The other apps mix in mostly mainstream bands of a “similar” genre. I have found so many new bands because of jango. I have not found a skip limit but I don’t have to skip because this rocks. There are no ads to speak of and it will play all night without having to start it again. I love this app.

  31. This app does a great job of finding music that matches my preferences. No ads. No cost. Unlimited ability to skip songs I don’t want. I have many music types represented in my stations. I haven’t noticed any limits to how well this app performs.

  32. I love this radio app!! I love how you can customize the station to your music tastes, and I love the fact that there’s no ads. You can skip a song as often as you like if you don’t like the song playing. And the best part is it’s all FREE! You can’t beat that! No subscriptons. Ever! And the sound quality is good, also! Overall, this is one pretty awesome app! Keep it up, guys! 👌

  33. Anthony S dice:

    Got new phone. Tried app again. Love all the features but if it going to cut songs short, continue to stop and freeze all the time. Not to mention if you try to thumbs down a song it freezes. I really dont think its other apps interfering with Jango it is creating this habit on its owe. If this is a ongoing prolem why haven your technical support team identified a fix and fixed it.? Mr Developer this is not trouble shooting this is my absolutely honest review of your product. Deal with that!

  34. Love this app. Best music app out there. Great selection of all types of music from all over the world. You will not regret downloading it. Also, the ads are small and don’t get in the way and they never interrupt your music like other ones plus you can skip songs as many times as you want to.

  35. youn dice:

    I use it a lot. I love the music. The only probleme is the bug for connection to the internet. It gets stuck offline for no reasons or for a tiny internet cut. You think you are disconnected but no its the app. No music until you try to reboot. I hope they can fix it. Thanks It get often stucks showing connection error. Actually sometimes it seems to be the switch to independant artist that bloc the app. No more music. KJ.

  36. Da Vinci dice:

    Love the service. However, the app causes system UI crashes on my Mi A2 Lite (“System UI keeps stopping.”) even after a fresh install. This happens once a song starts to play and phone goes ‘idle’. In Settings, the Contact/Help button only acts as a Share button. Gotta keep using the browser-based version then.

  37. So far I enjoy using the app, and it has a great selection of songs. But lately it keeps pausing the music for no reason and i have to go back into my phone to get it playing again, which is really annoying. Also, the app doesnt need my location for anything so please stop saying that it does! There’s constantly a message saying I need to give it that permission to use it, but I can use it fine without it. Please remove the annoying permission window that appears all the time. Will edit if fixed.

  38. Just what I was looking for, I use the website more than the mobile app but I do love the music and use it every day at work. The only down side for me is that the new artists pop up and rate feature, their music is not the same genre as what I am listening to and usually interrupts my listening experience but small price to pay for the good music substation has.

  39. Definitely the best radio app around! Unfortunately it crashed a couple of days ago, and now it freezes on the login screen every time. I’ve tried clearing the data and reinstalling, but nothing works. I wish I could provide more info, but I can’t even get into the app. Would love to see a fix, as Jango’s my favourite!

  40. it’s free and has many stations that are available. However, in my experience in about 15-20% of songs it abruptly stops a song and starts a new one. Also, voting only seems to work for promoted songs, otherwise the voting buttons don’t do anything. Also setting a sleep timer screws everything up and the next morning you have to force stop the app and reopen for it to start playing again

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