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Music Player is the best music player for Android. Play your favorite Music Mp3 and others files with style!
Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music in your phone.
– Beautiful user interface
– Plays any audio file format including Mp3 files
– Advanced features such as favorites and playlists
– Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode
– Play any song, any time on any device–mobile, tablet, or your computer
– Enjoy amazing sound quality.
– No commitment – cancel any time you like.
– Music Library wide search. Find all your music never been so easy.
– Custom Playlist
– custom visual themes, lot of skins available on Play
– 4 widget types with many selectable styles, advanced customization; Android 4.2 lock screen widgets
– configurable lock screen
– headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BT connection (can be disabled in settings)
– scrobbling
– tag editor
– fast library scan
– high level of customization via settings


- Improve quality
- Optimized loading music
- Fix some minor bugs


40 comentarios en "Music player FULL"

  1. L K dice:

    Edit. It use to be the occasional crash and pop. Now its the occasional pop the asking for a five start rating when it appears the updates are on auto pilot, and let’s toss in that now like others have stated it is not finding songs I have just recently downloaded. Mind you I just hard reset my tablet, however I did not have this issue in the past. Guess the dev gave up and moved on to a new project. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Trisch dice:

    So far so good. Downloaded a bunch of songs; great quality and some songs i never heards of. Ads stink but didn’t interfere with anything. 4/10: A few days ago this was working great. In the middle of a song, the sound completely stopped, even though it was still playing. Other apps have sound. Not a happy camper. ☹️

  3. I really appretiate what this app does. And what it doesnt do: It does, offer playing In background without taking up tons of memory. It doesnt, show you an add every 10 minutes. It does offer the text book player otions. It doesnt hold back key funtipns to trick you into buying full version. It does offer you enough bells and whistles to keep you happy. It Doesnt charge you. And it doesnt take up a lot of space in storage. The programing is effectively simple. listenning 2 it RN.. Worth a try!

  4. After trying five different music player from the Google Play Store, I found this app to be the best in music quality. Other apps I’ve tried have left the music feeling dull or overwhelmed by bass but this app loads the music in such a way that allows for even the subtle sounds in classical music or EDM to be heard and appreciated clearly. Thank you for your work!

  5. Only now getting started, but so far so great. The one thing I wanted was for this to play albums in the song order in which they were created. I hate shuffle but it’s probably there if you want it. This does what I want, seems easy and straight forward. Thanks! Edit: I CANNOT turn off shuffle even after spending hours making sure all tracks are numbered properly! Next app! I listen to albums, not songs.

  6. A non dice:

    It keeps crashing sometimes. But it mostly runs smoothly and typically stays where it’s paused. Better than VLC on both fronts in my experience. I have issues where I saved chapters in weird (there’s over 100, so after chapter 10 it steps to 100) and it won’t let me edit the order in app. I don’t like messing with the SD card so I haven’t fixed it yet. It is a little annoying, but I know I could fix it outside of the app so I’m not mad or anything. Works well with Bluetooth headphones

  7. It’s a good app with sleep timer, playlists, smart share and other great features. I rated it four stars because of its limited song sorting and categorizing abilities. For example, there is no way to sort songs by genre, sub-genre, or nearly any of the ways that you can do so in iTunes or some of the better music players.

  8. So far so good my songs from my phone don’t buffer like with that trash YouTube music. But it keeps adding my ringtones and notification sounds to the play list no matter how many times I delete them when I open the app there back. If they got that fixed I would give it 5 stars. But I don’t stream music I just want to be able to listen to music that is downloaded to my phone.

  9. It has all the functions I need, so for that 5 stars. However, UI for me is not friendly. I walk outside a lot, often in bright sun, with UV sunglasses on. 1. The icons (on the individual song screen) for Favorite, Repeat, Shuffle functions are drawn in very thin white lines. When they are on, the color changes to orange. Impossible to distinguish, when I am outside. Can you make the heart icon solid when it’s on and use thicker lines for the rest? 2. I can use my frequent apps with one hand while walking (make a call, read an email). With this app, it’s very hard. Perhaps I have big fingers but have difficulty to hit the right button while walking. Would help if the icons were spread out more. 75% of the screen is waste, with only the wallpaper image and that orange circle with the notes. Use only top half for it and bottom for the controls. Who really listen to the music and watch that display? 3. I would welcome an option with no wallpaper, just a solid color, or pick my own.

  10. The best free music player app PERIOD! However I have 1 complaint n its only been as of today a message at bottom of my screen pops up and WILL NOT GO AWAY! It reads- “This song was exist in playlist” That doesn’t even make any sense. Another one is “The song has been removed out of this playlist” when I’ve not even removed a song, not done anything actually but volume up or down…. Doesn’t affect anything tho, so guess it’s nothing more than annoyance. Otherwise, very pleased, good job!

  11. I really love this its perfect when it comes to finding all of the songs that i have and puts them in alphabetical order on screen. I dont have to search in every single file location just to play each song. This is the way android music player used to be like no fuss just kick back and enjoy. Thank you. Please dont change.

  12. I absolutely loved this music player…and then I made the mistake of updating it recently. All of my songs were there but a lot of them were different. Sounded like the app found the song but it was not sung by the original person. What the hell!? Found a new music player and uninsulated this one.

  13. Good app. Sometimes the app will freeze after a while. I would like an option to send it to blue tooth in car. It seems to do it at will and will stay open even after I close it. Will start itself when I return to my vehicle even if I’ve turned it off so there seems to some kind of connection that remains. Some of the ads are phishing scams and malware telling me my device is broken.

  14. UPDATE: When you delete the music from the playlist on the Music player, the file gets deleted from the Internal Storage. Excellent!! It loads all the songs present on the smartphone automatically. You can restrict player from playing certain folders of music. There’s no skipping between songs. You search for random songs from Keyword, Artist, or Song.

  15. I have a large mp3 library on my phone that I like to put on shuffle while driving, or play specific albums on the go. I needed a straight forward mp3 player to accommodate this basic need. Music Player is extremely useful and intuitive to that end. I installed this app and within minutes, I found it to be precisely what I was looking for.

  16. This is a very good app. It’s easy to use and has great sound qauilty . The many different categories help you to easily scroll through your library to find what your looking for. The Music Player app also sync,s with your other music apps so to have all your songs on one app. I am very satisfied with the Music Player app 😁 and I highly recommend it . Thanks

  17. This is a great music player. It sounds good, looks good, works good, and is easy to use. It occasionally skips forward,:but 8 dont care. Its much better than stopping and resetting itself like the last app i used. The shake for next track was pretty sensitive. My walking gait would set it off, haha. Still much better than any player ive used on android. Nice basic enhancements, like visualizations and sound widgets. Glad i got rid of vlc… more headaches.

  18. This app is almost a perfect music player. The “almost” is that it the favorites heart only changes the outline color. It would be easier to tell at a glance if a song is favorites or not. Other than that…love it! It’s already replaced my stock music player after q days familiarization. UPDATE: After installing my apps on a new phone, Music Player no longer sorts my songs by Title. (Same songs that were on microSD.) It did before. A Title sort just sorts by Name. Am I missing somerhing?

  19. Mark G dice:

    1. The app did an initial scan for music, and found all MP3 files on my device, including ringtones and other audio which isn’t music. I found where I could blacklist folders, and did so. This app ignores the blacklist. Every folder I blacklisted still shows up as an album, with all the junk audio I don’t want. Rescanning and restarting doesn’t help. 2. If I add new music files, they are ignored. Again, rescanning and restarting doesn’t help. Uninstalled.

  20. I like the way the player works, and the interface is well setup. However, there really needs to be a way to organize the order of songs. A lot of what I listen to is teaching instead of songs, and when the lessons or chapters are out of order, it makes it difficult to listen in a consistent manner. I’m sure I’m not the only person to have this problem. Overall, a great job on programming this app.

  21. This player has a very clear and intuitive user interface with excellent graphics and ease of use. The app provides direct and easy access to folders that I create from my PC Digital Audio Workstation and copy to my phone. Other MP3 player apps all seem have arcane and indecipherable procedures for forming play lists in order to do what Green Banana does effortlessly using my existing folders and my file and song name organization scheme, which is important since I want the songs to play in the the order that I have them arranged, not what some app thinks I want. The app also has easy to use selective or sequential playback and rewind. A slowdown feature would be icing on the cake. The ads appear as a small banner at the bottom of the screen.

  22. Tom M dice:

    After a year of hoping that the Developer would be able to correct the problems with this app, and not having received any acknowledgement of my requests for assistance, I have uninstalled it and I am moving on. I can’t put up with not being able to get out of shuffle mode, and the app is nearly impossible to shut off. Too bad, really, since otherwise it’s a pretty good app.

  23. The app constantly quits working in the middle of a playlist & you have no choice but to force the app to stop & you must reopen the app If you want to continue listening to music. It also doubles up multiple song when download them & then it gives you a issue when you try to delete the doubled songs. It quite a few other issues so for me I’ve now decided to find another music player & make the unwanted but necessary switch! I will however be checking to see if updates have improved the app!

  24. Kira dice:

    I really like this, not gonna lie. A lot of music players are trash, or doesn’t actual play your songs. This app worked with my sid card an allowed me to still play my music. There are few aids, which I enjoy; the sound is also really good as well. I give this app a solid 5 stars. If your looking for a genuine music player, you should choose this.

  25. Really dislike the album cover layout on the play screen. I’d rather see the art take up the majority of the screen rather than a circular rotating cut out. Also, adding album artwork is not intuitive. Black player does this very well, but they have a fade effect on the artwork at the bottom which is why I’m looking for alternatives

  26. Terrible player. When I tried to delete a song or an album, it just wouldn’t do it. I tried closing the app, then re-starting, but the files were still there. But the worst thing – album track play order was not by track number, but by alphabet order. And there was no setting to change that. That’s really bad.

  27. Mike Geer dice:

    This MP3 player has a great interface, is easy to control. It covers the whole screen which means it won’t get pushed into the background and stop playing if you accidentally touch other parts of the screen. I love this player and how it auto-catalogs all mp3 content. Great player!

  28. Horrible experience. Uninstall!!! 1. The screen is full of ads. And then they give you a full screen ad that you cant skip. 2. I started a song and put it on repeat. Instead it played the whole playlists and it won’t go back when I press back button. Instead gave me a full screen ad while my playlist was still playing.

  29. I give you 5 stars for the design and layout. I also love the color choice for logo and overall inside the application itself. However, your sitting at a 3 star because of ads popping up. The ads would be better if they were rolling at the bottom of application instead of me triggering one as I move throught my songs.

  30. Pretty good mp3 player. 2 things:1- have like/favorite or ❤️ button w/ play on lock screen and 2- program this app to automatically skip to the next track if it tries to play and says it’s not available, due to whatever reason, but keep playing music. Also I wish this app would play over more apps or ALL apps at my command honestly but it stopping for songs not found blows. Keep it playing tunes please. Maybe have a special place for those specific files so they can be re downloaded again..idk

  31. Would be a 5 star review if I could get my songs sorted by track number. Everything is alphabetical and I don’t like that. BUT! This is the only music player I have found that displays the correct artwork for all of my songs immediately and that carries much weight.

  32. It has some problems, issues and quirks{kinks} that need worked on… For example: It doent close when you close out of it…; It doesnt have enough options in its settings for things like Sharing,Saving to your personal files {or the device, or even to cloud}; Where Its filed to {or saved to in files};an d options of storage(device, external devices, sd cards, etc…)and such!!!

  33. Nice layout and control. Controls are intuative and the file system is well defined. Would prefer that app closes with an upward swipe, instead of the annoying notification I receive periodically when I try that. Additionally, I would like to know how to disable the shuffle function. I press it and it just changes the song.

  34. Brad P dice:

    Google (droid) no longer supports the mp3 player that was in my phone, so I downloaded this. THANK YOU!! I have money invested in CD’s and a micro-SD card, and time invested in ripping and naming all the songs. This program allows me to still have control over my music. Thank you very much for developing this app.

  35. Something needs to be fixed, as the app opens and a song starts playing without anything pressed. OTHERWISE, A VERY GOOD APP. 👍🏽

  36. It’s a very app. No annoying ads. It plays all you’re music very clearly.

  37. Nice app ,enjoyed my music bt hw do I download all my search music at once rather than one at a tym

  38. It’s a music player. Does the job. But a warning to all users, DO NOT tap on “New smart playlist.” It will generate a playlist with a random premise, such as “recently played”, but it won’t let you alter the premise and it won’t let you delete said playlist, even though you don’t want that playlist to exist in the first place because you don’t want a playlist of recently played.

  39. Love it thank you! Been trying to find a good music downloader and player forever! My other one’s just constantly pop up ad’s everywhere and worst of all stop playing the song during it! It also doesn’t seem to let me delete them! This one is brilliant,none of that happens with this one,thank you so much for developing a great music app that doesn’t give me a headache! 😀

  40. This is a good music app but for the fact that it tends to store album tracks alphabetically which isn’t a problem for pop music but a lot of albums need to be listened to in a particular track order or it can spoil the album. There doesn’t seem to be any way of changing this in settings and if there is then its not very clear, hence only 3 stars this time.

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