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Yokee™ is the #1 karaoke app that let you and your friends sing karaoke for free. Sing along to millions of karaoke songs, with music and lyrics, use our special audio and video effects and share what you make with our supportive singers community.

Join over 100 million Karaoke fans already singing their hearts out on our karaoke app.


✪ Sing from an endless selection of karaoke songs from a variety of genres and themes, find songs sung by your favorite artists. Plus, sing in any language, anytime anywhere!

✪ RECORD: Once you’ve chosen a song, record your vocal track as you sing along to the lyrics, add some of our special voice effects like echo and reverb if you like. New! You can now karaoke with video.

✪ SHARE your performance with the world, connect with friends, listen to other singers and like their recordings.


With new songs added daily, you can find almost any of your favorite songs. Choose from a huge catalog of music genres: Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, French, Russian, JPop and more!

Top Trending Songs:
✪ Despacito – Luis Fonsi
✪ Perfect – Ed Sheeran
✪ How far I’ll Go – Moana
✪ Hello – Adele
✪ Love Yourself – Justin Bieber
✪ 7 Years – Luke Graham
✪ Let It Go – Idina Menzel
✪ 24K Magic – Bruno Mars
✪ Heathen – Twenty One Pilots
✪ Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor

Best Karaoke Songs of All Times:
✪ Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
✪ My Way – Frank Sinatra
✪ Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
✪ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
✪ Losing My Religion – R.E.M.
✪ Single Ladies – Beyonce
✪ Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
✪ It’s a Raining Men – The Weather Girls

And we have millions more!


Not sure you can sing in tune to the music and lyrics? No worries! Yokee karaoke app will auto-enhance your voice with echo and a little reverb to help you sound just like a star on the radio. You may also choose to enhance your voice with our special effects like Stage and Hall.

Our karaoke app allows you to easily arrange karaoke or singing party. Simply connect your phone to one of the supported external singing devices and start singing karaoke instantaneously.

With Yokee™, Karaoke has never been so much Fun. We think it’s better than any other karaoke app, but don’t just take our word for it, download the Yokee™ Karaoke app and see for yourself!

Love our karaoke app? Rate us on Google Play. We’re always trying to make Yokee™ better. If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us! [email protected]

Sing your heart out with Yokee Karaoke App, anytime, anywhere!


40 comentarios en "Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs MOD 2022"

  1. Got this app to use with Bluetooth karaoke microphone my daughter got 4 Christmas but apparently it doesn’t work with BT?! when I tapped a song it popped up saying to connect wired headphones. Actually it was impossible to read the entire pop-up cuz a “record” button is right on top of it. I had to sign up with my email (or Facebook) in order to even see the app and it just keeps showing a screen trying to get you to pay for the app.. It was possible to get past having to pay but was a pain.

  2. It’s an overall good app, but it does have its issues. Might just be my device tho. It dosnt have a lot of the songs I like, but I like country music, and no one listens to that anymore, so that’s normal. When I am singing, it runs pretty smoothly, but afterwards, when it shows you the clip, the ate these really loud blips whenever the song gets fast or loud. It also has a bit of echo to it, but I think that’s my device hearing itself.

  3. YOKEE app is not free! It works great on my TV-Box but it has limitations. After a small period of testing time it cuts you off completely! It asks for a monthly fee. And if I was using it frequently I would agree to give a small fee but if you use it once a month or less its not worth paying for. I had to uninstall it from my TV-Box apps.

  4. Decent library of songs but they charge you for every little thing. You can’t save or even listen to anthing you record without paying something. There’s plenty other karaoke style apps out there, With semi decent song libraries, that will let you choose, record, play back and save songs without using tokens, credits, points etc.to do so. You may have to watch an ad, but that’s about it. Don’t waste your time or your money on this app.

  5. amazing pick of songs, and as karaoke is, there are obviously lyrics. Wonderful app! It’s even ad free! Now this is family fun! The only reason why I gave it four stars, is cuz it didn’t have some of the songs that I want. It doesn’t really matter though, cuz it’s an amazing app! Has most of the songs that I do want to!

  6. I am severely disappointed in this app. It used to be fun, but now the whole reason I got this app is behind a 20 buck/month subscription service. The average Joe isn’t making enough awesome covers of these songs to warrant that imo. I understand that people need to get paid, but I wish there was a selection of free to record songs, or some sort of ad reward system maybe for certain songs? I dunno. But this app gets a no from me in its current state.

  7. when I did the first recording, seemed as though my voice lagged with the song. I tried it again, there is a slight echo and it’s not on beat with the music. I’ve recorded 2x, but it wont let me listen to it or send it unless I pay $19.99 or $99.99 for the year. will have to delete and try a different app. I have to sing for my moms wedding, so I wanted to practice and hear how I sound. Seems like more work then it should be. I thought this was free.

  8. Yes, you can pick songs that you like singing, but when you listen to the recording, it isn’t your voice. It is very low and there aren’t any settings (that I’ve come across) to fix this. It is very annoying as I would like the same outcome as others who left reviews. My rating will change when this problem is resolved.

  9. App has a lot of potential but… Is extremely glitchy and closes out on me constantly. I cant even get more than 5 seconds into a song before it closes out. There’s also an add every time I open it up which I can understand some ads but idk I’d rather pay a few dollars one time to never see ads but I guess these apps don’t work like that anymore. Now you have to pay a monthly fee for ad free and hope the app is good enough to last that long. Will reinstall when it’s fixed.

  10. The app was awful for me. The tracks audio sounded off and scratchy almost. When I heard the playback of my audio, it was even worse and wasn’t even audible. For the first song I recorded, a pop-up came up and said I had to either pay, or download an app just so I can hear the playback. Was not great at all.

  11. Uninstalling. After 3 songs I was forced to either pay for premium or download a new yokee app for coin credits to hear the song I just recorded. And you are forced to download apps for each and every song unless you pay for the app. No thanks. I’ll look for a free app. Too bad; good concept if it wasn’t so pushy and irritating.

  12. Joe Lorey dice:

    Sound quality (with headphones) is decent. Music selection for my age group is a bit short unless you are willing to upgrade and pay $$. Do not like the fact that the app apparently isn’t compatible to auto rotate on screen. Makes things difficult when you have other plugs attached to device.

  13. All the restrictions make it a pretty useless app. You can’t even hear a playback of what you just recorded without being redirected to a “free trial” after which they expect you to pay $20/month. As if anyone would. Additionally, it takes up so much storage and memory space, I finally just deleted it.

  14. Search function crashes, frequently crashes on launch; music is poorly sync’d with lyrics, lyrics often go completely out of sync and scroll the entire song in a couple of seconds. Weird selection of songs, at least for the bands we looked up (Metallica is almost all their covers, for example.) Ridiculously expensive for the level of polish. No ads at least?

  15. I kind of like this app, when your doing the singing, sometimes it can get confusing when they are also words in brackets and it can be a little confusing. My main issue is when I listed to my first recording, the timing was off. It was playing my voice like 3 seconds off. That made me a little mad because I’m trying to find a really good app to sing on

  16. There are a lot of free karaoke songs which is nice and you can record you singing along to it. Something I don’t really like is this app reduces the sound quality of whatever is coming out of your speaker or earbuds for some reason. Or maybe it increases the vocal volume levels and decreases instrumental volume. Either way it sounds weird to me. It seems to change it for the entire system until you close the app because I played something from my music library on my phone and it sounded bad.

  17. I agree this app has great features, but everything goes to an extent. In this specific case, the sound recording isn’t specifically the best. When I record myself, the sound is really buggy. Might be just me, or my phone’s microphone. I’m not entirely satisfied with the app, it has minor problems here and there, besides the audio bug. When you search a song it gives the YouTube results, which is dissapointing, as I wished I could find actual Karaoke versions of some songs.

  18. This app is pretty good. It records your voice and all with the music and lyrics but sometimes it doesn’t let you save it without paying, and the only way to exit the page is by deleting the recording. Pretty dissapointed. It also doesn’t let you listen to the recording as well. Pls fix this and the app would be much better.

  19. Was fine, could sing a few songs for free, occasional ad. Then suddenly it wouldn’t let me listen to a song is just recorded unless I took out a subscription or installed another of their apps. I did install the other app but it still didn’t work. Very sneaky marketing ploy to get you to subscribe so I’ve deleted the app. Shame as other than that it was good.

  20. The search needs to improve a lot. There are so many songs here but so hard to find because lack of categories and search functionality. It would also be great to add more bollywood, soca and reggae music. The Google Chrome tv app needs to be improved a lot too and the search on this is completely broken when going back and forth between it. It would also be nice for the 2 of them to sync interchangeably so the experience is smoother when using it for a group. Besides that, this app is amazing!

  21. If I could give this app o stars believe me, I would’ve. I just don’t know if this issue is with my device or modal or whatever. But I haven’t bee able to sing a single song. Whenever I select a song before the karaoke starts there would be an error named playback error and take you back to the homescreen. I tried several (literally several) songs but none of them worked for me. I tried reinstalling the app multiple times but no use. Please fix the bug as soon as possible.

  22. Supposedly the best karaoke app. But I wouldn’t know because it keeps crashing on my phone. Thank goodness I never took you up on the subscription option. I sang one song that crashed immediately after I was done and before I could record. Tried to go back in and it crashed just as I selected a song. Why would anybody pay for an app that doesn’t even work?

  23. Bi Kolar dice:

    I’m unhappy with a few issues. I was charged for a monthly subscription when I attempted to use the app. I uninstalled it the same day as It could only be used with headphones and I was looking for a live room audio so more than one person could sing. As well there is a delay in the recording so vox and music don’t line up all the time. I could not get a refund from Google Play. And contacting the developer isn’t easy. Now I’ve paid for the app but since I tried to cancel it I cannot use it.

  24. I’ve tried to downloaded this app on both my old phone and new but everytime I try to record a song my voice doesn’t come out clear and when I’m recording the backing track doesn’t either but when u list to it after the backing track is fine. I downloaded this app and deleted it in 5 minutes flat. And dont say it’s my ear phones because I have tried to use with with new ones old ones without any and it just doesn’t want to work. And my earphones work perfectly fine with other things.

  25. I loved the overall interface of it…except that some songs are VIP but meh that’s whatever for me. However I tried 4 songs and two perfectly fine headphones and I could not hear the recordings. The only time I could hear myself was when I sang direclty into my phone’s mic. I tried to get help from the app but the instructions were outdated, they told me to adjust the audio and that was not possible. I am writing this review within 20 mins of downloading this and I have already uninstalled it.

  26. This is such a dumb app..when I wear a headphone I can’t hear the background music and when I remove my headphones the background music can be heard but the finalised music comes worst the voices cracks in the final music I suggest do not install this app… I am so frustrated right now… It didn’t even have few songs which I wanted…I am a K-pop stanand it hardly had any k pop songs Please work on it.. I don’t even want to give a single star to this app. I am very disappointed

  27. I can barely hear my voice over the songs even if I scream straight against my mic. I can edit the sound afterwards but this never saves no matter what I do, and you’re not even allowed to save anything you sing unless you pay for it, despite it being “free”. the instructions in the Help guide are also confusing and outdated, overall this app is a cheap, lying cash-grab which is too complicated to use. Completely pointless.

  28. Seemed like a good song selection. I was using Bluetooth earphones and I didn’t hear the music as I was making the recording, only the lyrics. Then when I listened to it, my voice was way to bring the music, I couldn’t even move the timing correction slider far enought back to fix it.

  29. First off, this app is not good because if you look at there images under the app I think it says that they have almost every song , how come two of the songs I PERSONNALY LOVE I Was here and Something just like this you don’t have?!?!? Also the only song I could upload was my first song, as soon as I had done my second one, I tried to send it, nope I tried to save it, nope then I typed to press the x button, NOPE. All that showed up was the VIP option that was RIDICOUSLY EXPENSIVE. In the end I had to delete my recording. DONT BUY IT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  30. Worst experience. First time I downloaded this app and tried singing Arcade by Duncan Laurence, it crashed in-between. Second time, I finished recording Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo. And I was like, ” Okay, hopefully it will be fine.” I wanted to save it but then I was like, ” You need two apps to save one video?!” Terrible app. I want all karaoke apps to be like the ones on YouTube. Very disappointing. Try to improve. I’m saying this to all karaoke app creators.

  31. Not all the songs are there. It’s showing unlimited songs but not. I searched for the song On my way but it shows “no results found”. There are results from YouTube but if we record from YouTube it doesn’t shows our recording. And we can only record 2-3 songs for free but after it shows upgrade to VIP. Atleast there must be 6-7 songs for free record.

  32. Not sure what this app may or may do because it won’t stay open for more than 10 seconds before it forces close. It’s glitchy and you can’t do anything with it. Besides the fact that apparently it won’t work without a wired microphone. Apparently the app developers ignorantly do not know that there are a lot of phones these days that no longer use wired earphones.

  33. I loved the concept, but I couldn’t even listen to my own singing after singing the song. if click the play and it would say to play you must buy vip or install an app. I installed and played a song on the piano went back and it still would not allow me to listen to the song. Tried to save and it still was saying, must buy vip. I have given up and I’m going to uninstall. If you could fix this problem that would be lovely and I will install the app again.

  34. Lita dice:

    This app was okay in my opinion it’s not really good but it’s not really bad either. I had had this app before and it had amazing quality. But now I can only hear the instruments more than I can hear my voice. The app works and there’s no ads in it and all the free songs are good selections so I don’t have to pay, but the thing that bothers me is I can’t hear my voice as well as i can hear the instruments. If this is fixed in the future I would give us the full 5 stars but now it only gets 3

  35. Haven’t played this game in about a year. Still being charged a monthly fee I have not been able to cancel. Websites and emails send you back and forth making it extremely difficult to cancel subscription. Being more transparent with all issues and concerns would be of great help and respect with in app purchases and cancellation

  36. Singer volume too low I can barely hear myself singing and there’s no way to really adjust it. The adjusting singer option is greyed out so I can’t edit it. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m not VIP or what. But I can’t hear myself at all so it’s no point of recording myself singing. I can only hear the background singers.

  37. it was a very nice app except I wanted to save something and it told me to play a song on one of their other paino apps, or buy VIP for $99 dollars (supposedly half off!!!) and then I downloaded the app, played 2 songs, went back to my song and then it told me to download a WHOLE DIFFERENT APP. A guitar app! and it was really funny too. and sometimes I just want to be able to record funny songs without paying a hundred bucks on a little app.

  38. Such an ambarassing experience. It has both free trial and paid version. I went for free trial. I didnt know that i could record only two songs with trial version but thats ok. Then I recorded the 3rd one. It was showing on trial version you can only record 2 songs but you can use credits by installing their other apps. But when i installed then again it is telling that you will need to record the full song. So what does that mean? This much of trouble…

  39. Had the app less than 10 minutes and let me just say it was an awful experience. I tried to simply sing one song and and I only sang a 30 sec. clip before it crashed. And when I did finally get to hear a playback, it sounded like a dirty cassette player. It was awful. Not worth the time it took to install. 0 stars if I could.

  40. Quite good! If I have any recommendation for you guys, I would love to say that you guys can give this app more luxurious design and some 3D clearly amd clarity icons for more impressive. And I think it will be great if we can put some tutorials for the first time touching for new users, it will make them feel impressive with your app! I actually like the symbol of the app ( micro picture ) but if you guys can sync this one with the other buttons inside the app, it will be a perfect one!

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