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★★★ Learn Japanese language when visiting Japan ★★★

Simply Learn Japanese Language App is a FREE language app that will assist you to speak Japanese quickly and effectively.
All Japanese phrases and words are presented to you in both phonetic and original Japanese writing.
They are recorded by a native speaker from Japan.
Save your favorite phrases and words to review them without fuss.
Study your vocabulary with flashcards using the spaced repetition technique.
Test your knowledge with fun Japanese language quiz and review your score.

★★★ Survive when travelling in Japan ★★★

Use the Japanese phrasebook to survive in Japan. All important survival phrases are included. For example, let the app speak to the Taxi driver in Japan to show them where you want to go.Search all phrases and words to quickly access what you need.

★★★ Main Features ★★★
✓ 300+ free Japanese phrases and words
✓ Recorded by a native speaker from Japan
✓ High quality audio
✓ Spaced repetition learning system
✓ Japanese quiz to review your skills
✓ Track your learning progress
✓ Save your favorite phrases and words
✓ Quick search function
✓ Copy the phrases to the clipboard (by clicking long on the phrase)
✓ Play the sound more slowly
✓ Adjust the quiz and flashcards settings for Japanese to English, English to Japanese

★★★ Learning Categories ★★★

FREE version: * Numbers * Time&Date * Basic Conversation * Greetings * Directions Phrases * Directions Words * Eating out in Japan * Sightseeing in Japan * Shopping in Japan * Emergency * AccommodationPRO version: * Advanced Conversation * Health * Border Crossing * Questions * Places * Food * Vegetables * Fruits * Colors * Romance I * Romance II * Post Office * Phone & Internet * Banking * Occupations * Business Talk * Hobbies * Feelings * Body * Animals * Family * Countries

★★★ Available Japanese course: ★★★

* Japanese for Afrikaans speakers
* Japanese for Arabic speakers
* Japanese for Bangla speakers
* Japanese for Bulgarian speakers
* Japanese for Burmese speakers
* Japanese for Chinese speakers
* Japanese for Cantonese speakers
* Japanese for Croatian speakers
* Japanese for Czech speakers
* Japanese for Danish speakers
* Japanese for Dutch speakers
* Japanese for English speakers
* Japanese for Estonian speakers
* Japanese for Filipino speakers
* Japanese for Finnish speakers
* Japanese for French speakers
* Japanese for German speakers
* Japanese for Greek speakers
* Japanese for Hebrew speakers
* Japanese for Hindi speakers
* Japanese for Hungarian speakers
* Japanese for Indonesian speakers
* Japanese for Italian speakers
* Japanese for Japanese speakers
* Japanese for Kannada speakers
* Japanese for Khmer speakers
* Japanese for Korean speakers
* Japanese for Lao speakers
* Japanese for Lithuanian speakers
* Japanese for Malay speakers
* Japanese for Mongolian speakers
* Japanese for Nepali speakers
* Japanese for Norwegian speakers
* Japanese for Persian speakers
* Japanese for Polish speakers
* Japanese for Portuguese speakers
* Japanese for Punjabi speakers
* Japanese for Russian speakers
* Japanese for Serbian speakers
* Japanese for Slovak speakers
* Japanese for Spanish speakers
* Japanese for Swahili speakers
* Japanese for Swedish speakers
* Japanese for Tamil speakers
* Japanese for Thai speakers
* Japanese for Turkish speakers
* Japanese for Ukrainian speakers
* Japanese for Urdu speakers
* Japanese for Vietnamese speakers

★★★ Feedback appreciated ★★★

If you like this app, please take a few seconds to give a rating or review. If you have any feedback, suggestions or advise I am more than happy if you let me know.

★★★ About US★★★

Feedback: [email protected]
Have fun learning Japanese!


Updates in this version:
- Improvements in Error Report feature
- UI & UX improvements
If you like Simply Learn, please take a few seconds to rate us on the store. If there is any problem please let us know at [email protected].
Thank you very much!


40 comentarios en "Simply Learn Japanese MODDED 2022"

  1. The translations for even some basic words and phrases was a bit off, but it does have large comprehensive lists of words and phrases. I wasn’t able to disable the romanji, and if you are learning you need to drop that and use kana. The romanji was separated odd in some areas and it would have been faster to just read the Japanese, but as a native English speaker my eyes are naturally drawn to the more familiar letters when the are put one above the other. If you aren’t starting from a very beginner level then you will have to go through and figure out if there is anything in each list that is new. It’s a little slow going.

  2. Paid $10 to go Pro and unlock ‘All Phrases’ for Japanese – most of which is just a long list of single words. Each section still barely has 10-20 phrases, for getting around. Alot of which are not useful. Not worth the price. Definitely want a refund.

  3. I love this app, it actually helps me study! Well, first of all it’s free (almost, there are some things that you can buy, but there’s no need cause everything you need is free.) Second is that there is no adds. Third you can pick difirent language if you want Fourth is that there are a lot ways to study, you can study on your own, you can do quisis and more. Fifth is, it is easy to understand the app.

  4. I have found many wrong in this apps. romaji sentences and sentences which used hiragana/katakana/kanji based on english sentences are not match. I think it will make impact for beginner japanese learner who want to learn japanese for this apps. I hope simple learn japanese team can improve this apps again.

  5. This App has proved very helpful in learning some basic Japanese for polite conversation. I like the way it is set up.

  6. It was fun and you repeat the words and even take test to make sure you learned them.thought it would stop sayingnthe words ataumaticley. THIS IS THE BEST!Easy to learn better and you ok can go at your own pace and swish launges!!wanna learn a launguege?this is uou4

  7. I have try to positively use this application during my Last september trip to Yokohama, Toyama and Osaka, and I could easily move from one point to another and also exchange few words with people. I’m now sure I can learn japanese language with this application

  8. This is a nice app, however you will not be able to speak fluently learning phrases alone. Plus, some of these are not the right translations. It is very embarrassing to say one thing and mean another. I spent money on this app and don’t believe it was worth it.

  9. Just started learning to count from 1 to 10 and its pretty damn chalenging but I love Japan and your language,and I will continue using this app cos I only speak serbian and english,but there arent so many people that know japanese. I dont like being just a number,like the most people of this planet. So the plan is mandarin chinese after I become at least average speaker when I come to Japan. You are the best guys,keep on rocking and all the best wishes from Nenad the guy from Serbia (for now)

  10. EDIT contacted support for a crash report and they helped me very quickly and kindly. Its nice to see good customer support and much appreciated.

  11. Its true that i learned new words😊. BUT my parents do not allow me to buy or pay for any apps so i had a bad experience 😞. I installed this app because I read that this is *FREE* but everything gone upside-down 😖 really disappointed Although this is expensive than Minecraft 😱

  12. This app was great at helping me learn Japanese, but it has no way to change your password since I haven’t used it in so long. Sucks since I paid money to use it.

  13. Suitable for casual tourists but not for serious learners (i.e. those who want to take JLPT because the lessons are not well structured).

  14. Devika c dice:

    It is okay but if you are loking for more basic and little grammer this is not the right app.ofcourse it is useful for those who want to study some sentance .

  15. Easy, simple and very helpful. May not help long term but for short conversations it’s great

  16. tanu 9600 dice:

    It have so many phrases but you have thi purchase pack so 3 stars. I mean how a teenager who’s parents don’t allow payment can purchase this.

  17. Been educative all along, the UI and functions, all good.

  18. This app is really awesome and great I learned a lot of Japanese and i am really good at Japanese and this app let keep going to my dream

  19. Mika Adaf dice:

    I really like this app but there is only one problem. Im trying to learn japanese and some of them are lock. So can you please fix it?

  20. Really help me speaking when traveling in Asia Country Regions. Such helpful app!!! Thanks

  21. Very good app. Great support in learning Japanese alone.

  22. It’s easy to learn but they have to add audio learning

  23. I can’t use the app when i click the begginers then i click the numbers it keeps glitching

  24. Lia Wolf dice:

    Good app and very easy to use Edit: you’re most welcome. Thank you so much for this app

  25. Really good at teaching and easy to use

  26. easy to use and help me a lot to learn japanesse, thanks

  27. Very good, but I want to use Myanmar Unicode.

  28. Very good for beginner learning Japanese

  29. I tinked this is free education app ,but it isn’t . So don’t recommend anyone to install this app

  30. Update: App has 5 tracking sdk/api monitoring you. great app

  31. family easy cutie designed for interesting learning

  32. This was amazing I learned from this app a lot instantly installed on your device

  33. This app makes Japanese so easy ….. I love this app

  34. I just have a little problem of too much stuff being to need payment

  35. I love it but my ex Bruce William Dmytrow (YALE), Jersey City, is orchestrating a large scale intervention involving me to excise “bad men” from his life to qualify for better status in the Corpotate Global LGBT world

  36. Its just realy good i love this app

  37. td lolkit dice:

    I guess it kinda useful 😺

  38. I highly recommend this app!

  39. Would you make a conversation as well?

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