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Save on your next trip with the app! Find great hotel or apartment deals and book in just a few minutes. You can also book flights, rental cars, and more through the app.

– Book your whole trip in one app (accommodations, flights, car rentals, taxis and more)
– Stay flexible with free cancellation (available at most properties)
– 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages
– No booking or credit card fees
– Chat directly with your property in the app
– Enjoy mobile-only discounts
– Use filters to easily find the perfect place out of millions of available accommodations (hotels, apartments, homes, villas, ryokai and more)
– Get paperless confirmation of your reservation — no printing required
– Manage your bookings on the go, making changes whenever and wherever you want
– Discover local attractions and make the most of your trip
– Share your experience and get local advice on our Travel Communities forums

Access millions of accommodations
From cozy country homes to funky city apartments, find the perfect place out of millions of available accommodations. Our app offers hotels, apartments, hostels, vacation rentals, resorts, motels, guest houses, and bed and breakfasts.

Quickly find the perfect place to stay
Filter hotels by price, review score, WiFi quality, and other things important to you. Search cheap hotels by city, attraction, landmark, or hotel name. Special requests? Pet-friendly hotels? We have filters for everything. You can also compare your favorite accommodation options side by side to ensure you get the best price and quality.

Deals for any budget
Discover daily accommodation deals and save on your next hotel, apartment, or villa booking.
Get exclusive mobile-only discounts of 10% or more on select properties when you book in the app. Savings available on motels and hostels, B&Bs and resorts, and luxury hotels, inns, homes, houses, apartments and vacation rentals. Find your ideal accommodation at an ideal price.

Stay flexible with free cancellation
Change of plans? Not a problem. You can cancel for free at most hotels, apartments and other properties on And the app makes things even easier — it only takes a few taps to cancel, and you’re free to find a place that better suits your needs.

Last-minute travel
Heading somewhere in a hurry? With the app, you can quickly book hotels at the last minute (as well as far in advance). Finding a place in short order has never been easier. Our app allows you to search for properties nearby, fill in a few details, and secure your reservation. You can also change, cancel, or make additional reservations on the go.

Jet off with the perfect flight
Book domestic or international flights on the go with ease. The app allows you to search thousands of airfare deals per day. Plane tickets available for all major airlines and destinations.

Hit the road with car rentals
Car hire has recently been added to the app. Whether you just need a ride to explore your destination, or you’re going on an epic road trip, the app can help. Rent a car from all the major companies and hit the road!

Reserve taxis with ease
Book in advance for a seamless connection from the airport to your destination. You can also book taxis to and from other pick-up points, such as hotels and local attractions.

Find and book a great experience
Whether you’re looking for attraction or museum tickets, boat tours, or walking tours, you can book experiences online in minutes, with free cancellation on many options.

Get and share tips with other travelers
Connect with fellow travelers, share your experiences, and get local advice on the best accommodations, attractions, and more. Discover new experiences with our app, the perfect trip planner.


We added some important info about our properties. Our listings now include details on each accommodation's cleaning practices, social distancing measures, and other health and safety policies.


47 comentarios en " Hotels and more MODDED 2022"

  1. The app charges you cancellation fees even when the airline or hotel would not charge you a cancellation fee had you booked directly with them. Customer service is unhelpful. I had no problems until I had to cancel a trip due to work and they were very unhelpful. Would not recommend. Not only did they charge me cancellation fees they also had me contact the airline directly to cancel my flight. Overall it was an unpleasant enough experience that I’ll never use booking again.

  2. It’s good for last minute searching, could use a little more options. Overall though it’s a good go to. Some people just want particular things while traveling to sort through, laundry facilities wasn’t a selectable option unless I missed it, but I’m also road worn and can easily miss such a option. Last time I used Booking it missed the details I specifically was looking for. I see many more options now and hopefully it’s on point this time.

  3. OPN dice:

    I have been using this app for a long time. However, this is the last. As I was Booking a flights, the app kept glitching so much so that I did not notice it changed the dates from March 20th to February 20th. Now I have to rebook and put in more money that I should not have due to your system. I called the booking customer service and they themselves said they couldn’t do anything because the app’s glitching. They asked if I could wait for someone to reach back to me. Not the first time!!!

  4. Really bad service. They never updated the change of my flight. The time on the app was totally diferent from the email the airline sent me to check in. Everytime I was checking the departure time on the app was totally wrong. I called to cancel my flight and customer service was just awful. Unhelpful. I’m still waiting for a refund. Never use this app again

  5. This app makes it very easy to book hotels for your entire trip. You can filter by free cancelation which is a must. I also recommend filtering by 8+ star reviews. It’s easy to message the properties with questions and I’ve found the prices are often the same or very close to other sites that don’t offer free cancelation. I’ve booked a flight through here as well even though best practice is to always book directly from the airline. But I’ve never had any issues and I’ve booked 8 hotels so far.

  6. JWA dice:

    I use this app on the road, during international overland travel, because the booking process is simple and total costs can be determined from the info given. The selection of accommodation options is usually adequate to very good. Only on occasion do I have to use an alternative company. I would recommend that bookings insist on annually updated photos of the accommodation. The pictures shown do not always match the reality of the rooms in a given hostel/hotel.

  7. Cos dice:

    Very good search features. Unfortunately, some serious problems. A) False, misleading prices; you only get to see the real full price when you’re about to confirm a reservation, and it’s always higher than what showed while searching and comparing. This should be illegal! B) Extremely spammy. If you book through this app you’ll be pounded with unwanted emails. C) Customer service completely inaccessible except when you have a confirmed booking. At other times, they won’t talk to you at all.

  8. This is a helpful app for locating a place to stay on short notice when traveling. It also works to plan vacations. The app can separate properties that require money in advance or the ones that don’t require a down-payment and has free cancelation. I do hope there will be a time when the filters work better. There isn’t an option to select how many bedrooms I’m looking for. If I use the filter to narrow my choices by the number of bathrooms I need for a family trip, it shows 1 bedroom apts.

  9. Elli Rush dice:

    Definitely useful, great having everything in the same place! Just a few little annoyances and upgrades needed, eg. Being able to quickly change the # of people and dates to see different options, rather than going back to the beginning. You should also be able to choose the number of beds to search for, not just # of rooms (ie. It assumes couples/bed sharing). I also earnt the 10% discount but wasnt able to apply it to existing bookings, even one over a month in advance

  10. Kevin Bos dice:

    I have enjoyed using the app to book hotels. My only concern is that when you want to search the address of the hotel, 1) you cannot use the map to get directions from point A to the hotel, say, a bus terminal for example, and 2) you cannot copy and paste the address at all from underneath the map into Google Maps. Your app does not allow this at all. Both of these make it very difficult to organise any sort of transport to get from your point of arrival to the hotel.

  11. After the last update on the 30th the room facilities filters are not working properly (or at all). For all the filters under this category the app shows the same number of properties available and even when selected, the app does not filter for that criteria. Also, adding a filter for number of bedrooms and baths would be helpful. Besides this, the app usually works great.

  12. Ian W dice:

    It’s my go to app for hotel reservations and with Genius Levels, it brings a nice discount and extra benefits. The app is easy to use, once you’re familiar with it and the list of hotels and apartments is good. The only time I would not use this service, is if I’m booking with certain chains like Premier Inn, but 95% of the time I use it. Two particular things I like about the app, is that you can choose your room type and see the pictures of the room you’re choosing. Altogether a great app!

  13. Worst experience with a travel/booking app. Had to pay extra for flexible ticket where it says only fare difference is paid if date is changed before 24 hrs. But when I went to change dates for a second time. They charged as much as a regular ticket. What’s the point to pay extra for a “flexible” ticket then. Worst customer support also, clearly not help. Better of booking through the airline . Also for hotel, the price they show on the website is at least 10 percent more than the price at hotel

  14. Pe dice:

    The app was working really great until recently when the background became pale/white and the shrift seems to be written with grey, so one cannot see what’s in the search results any more. I tried adjusting this via settings but didn’t find a way. Also, I didn’t change anything, one day the content simply became unreadable. Please fix this, as the app is unusable now.

  15. The app seems to have lots of bugs lately. I have not been able to submit any reviews via the mobile app for a few months now. I had an airport transfer booking and there were 3 different booking reference numbers for that booking. When I tried to chat with customer service, the link does not exist.

  16. duncan h dice:

    Been using this app for years and spent thousands of pounds through it. Recently discovered that using my phone, my wife’s phone and a tablet we are quoted 3 different ‘mobile only’ prices! All are samsung android and all signed in to same a account. Nearly 10% difference between highest and lowest price. Had several attempts to sort it out with ‘customer service’ but they are either incredibly stupid and don’t understand the issue or, more likely, they cannot provide an explanation.

  17. The app charged me for two separate attempts to reserve rooms but both attempts were “unsuccessful”. Now I’m stuck waiting 24 hours for a refund and I still don’t have a place to sleep tonight. Will be advising against this app. **Update: I went to the hotel’s website and set up the reservation through them directly – their direct price was better than the “deal” Booking was offering.

  18. They are great until they aren’t. I got a message 2 and a half hours before my flight to inform me that my hotel had cancelled the booking, some spurious reason about water issues. They offered an alternative hotel that was 40 minutes by taxi or 2 hours by walking from the original hotel. I had booked an airport taxi through them also, but because it was less than 24 hours until the pick up it wasn’t possible to change the taxi.

  19. KS XX dice:

    As we usually travel with our dog, the app and website are Invaluable for booking and checking out each hotel individually. If they teamed up with 3 Little words for locations, it would remove the difficulties involved in putting Lat and Long info into a satnav, where postcodes are not very accurate. On the whole though, it’s a great improvement.

  20. Have been a frequent booker during many years, but the Helpdesk service has been bad since a long time and is still a disaster. Am still waiting for reimbursement of a timely cancellation 3 years ago, and for a recent Hotel booking which went wrong the support is Zero! A pity, because the available choices of lodgings are plenty and the booking process is simple

  21. Usually very happy with the app but it has now stopped moving bookings from the Active to the Past tab, on long term travel this is quite annoying to have to scroll past month old bookings to find my latest. Also seems the developer contact email provided here is no longer monitored and there is no other way to contact with app issues.

  22. John Doe dice:

    I used to love the app which was very intuitive and made booking accommodation very easy but unfortunately I can’t use any filters to narrow down the search results to my liking. No matter what I pick it shows the same results. What a shame! I hope this will be resolved quickly.

  23. Never had an issue with this app before, however it is now impossible to cancel a booking. I have tried this several times, works fine until the final step, then I’m greeted with a there is a problem message. It is a problem as I don’t want to owe money for cancelling.

  24. Very poor customer service. I found and purchased a flight on this site. A short time later, the booking was cancelled for no reason. When I called customer service they told me I had not been charged and that I should check with my bank. I obviously had already checked this, and since I used PayPal, the payment had not been rejected as they suggested. I suspect that the flight I had found was listed at the wrong price and that once they realised this they cancelled the booking.

  25. Be Aware, if you need an itemized receipt, you will going to have a loooooot of troubles and Booking customer support is awful, the guy that answer my call 3 times (same guy all 3) he just speaks enough English to tell you that they can support you through app text msg, so they can send automated response, I already call like 20 times and still not able to get it because they need the credit card info, what the app use a different credit card to pay so I can’t get it.

  26. Terrible customer service. We tried 4 times to book a flight to London to Manila. Each time was cancelled for unknown reasons. The funds were available and taken out of the bank account, then cancelled and refunded. Phoned customer service to ask what was happening and they said it was a problem with the bank. Bank had no problems as the transaction needed and was authorised each time. Phoned again and service rep was dismissive and didn’t seem bothered about it.

  27. Nice but tired. While our reservation was last minute, our allocated room was messed up when we arrived. The issue was easy fixed and staff very friendly/helpful. Rooms were missing key components (like a kettle). Everything was JUST ok. The view is stunning but accommodation fitout and cleaaning standards did not match – what a shame.

  28. Xiao Mi dice:

    Booking com is never helpful. They just drop your calls when you call and ask for any kind of support, especially critical ones . And they never call you back . Hateful people and personnel working at booking com. It was noted and testimonied physical agression and property invasion by hotel staff in the hotel I booked, and I called support many times, but booking com just rudely dropped my calls and never called me back, so this so called company directly assist the crimes.

  29. Gord dice:

    Good: does what it’s supposed to most of the time. Bothersome: each day on my travels the currency resets to “local currency” from what I actually set to (my country’s currency). Additionally in some countries in SE Asia it displays 3 hour stays (for when you find that special someone, wink wink). While this isn’t bad for some, there’s no way to filter these out and it messes with price filtering which is a pain. I’m looking for 3 nights stay, not 3 hours…

  30. I noticed that when I go to reserve a room that offers a mobile only discount it takes away that discount on the next screen. Right after reserving it. Ex. 6Night stay at a place was going to be $472, hit reserve, price goes to normal $547, and then the screen after that applies your tax coming out to +$600. Yeah I know I’m cheap and broke but the only thing more cheap and broke than me is an app that can’t keep it’s discount promise.

  31. Terrible customer service app duplicated a reservation and it didn’t appear anywhere, long story short hotelbbelieveed we were coming and not only successfully charged pre book fee but also unsuccessfully charged for the whole stay. Booking said they were at fault but hotel didn’t want to refund the money so they couldn’t do anything EDIT: in response to the developer comment. I have already called in excessive of 10 times, at first you said you were at fault, then my fault, then hotel won’t pay

  32. I made a booking through the app and I received a message from the accommodation that during my stay there will be Jackhammering in the building, I asked Booking to cancel my booking and refund my money and they did nothing and asked me to contact accommodation directly. So why we need to book using them??!! If they can’t guarantee quality, you can book directly with any accommodation and you will get better prices and you will save commission in your pocket.

  33. Very easy overall for booking accommodations. Booking transportation is a little more complicated and confusing but works well once you get the hang of it. If you’re traveling out of country, the company who manages the transportation may be centered in a different country than your destination so your bank may block the transaction. Be sure to check where they are headquartered and allow transactions for that country to save yourself some inconvenience.

  34. Never disappointed with my bookings. It’s the individual Hotels that give flakey info. We’ve only had 1 bad experience in Texas. Oyo Hotel. We travel with a Dog. He’s in the filters. They were confused about pets whether they did or didn’t accept. Fee or No fees 🤔🤣. I called from the road continuously nobody got back to us. We arrived. Noticed a doggie area but there was still confusion. Finally We paid the $10 a day fees $30.00. & kept it going.

  35. Straight liars and thieves. Tried booking a trip to Japan last October. Borders were shut down to a covid outbreak. Buddy tried to get our money back (because it’s under his name) and they refused. They have a policy on their website that you will get a full refund (I have screenshots) stating they will in such an event. They wouldn’t even let us reschedule the flights for another time. Do NOT use. They are incompetent and flatly lie. Over $2400 was stolen. Thanks for nothing!

  36. The app has improved, had it before and left it. Now it prompted me using easy to understand sequencing and daily English. Each step is accurately indicated. The hotel reception was ready 15 minutes later. Wow!

  37. It’s my first option when looking for accomodations. The genius benefits are also a good initiative to grant discounts to customers. It is also good because of all budget options and complete information.

  38. This app makes all my trips easier. I enjoy the confirmation emails and notifications as sometimes I don’t remember when my stay is exactly. I like the idea of genius level too and discounts that come with it. I like the ease of cancelling and the ease of changing anything needed. And the fact that it shows me free cancellation and breakfast included and excluded options.

  39. BrandGSX dice:

    App is a pain then to top it off they deem the ability to take a screenshot of your confirmation too dangerous and block the ability. Also their prices are only average compared to other options. I currently have a hotel booked through them so I have the app. After the trip is over the app is getting deleted.

  40. Sharon V dice:

    So easy to use. Instant feedback. So easy to make changes to reservations. Much easier than trying to get hold of individual hotels. Information clearly set out. Pictures great.

  41. The booking I made with apps and the booking data received by the hotel was different (booked a family room and deluxe room, get two deluxe room instead). What a disaster in a middle of night. Long trip and late check in, you just want to rest and sleep. Almost an hour got wasted trying to figure it out and waiting with your 1 year old child throwing tantrum so late in the night.. I thought the apps run with automated system linked with the hotel so the data should be the same.

  42. Definitely needs improvement for ease of access to information about your booking post booking. It’s really difficult to get to where you can see pictures of the place you have booked. There’s just too much text with unnecessary information. Can be made precise to what the user is looking for.

  43. Booked a stay at yosemite thru this app and wanted to cancel my reservation. I contacted them and was told that it was past the deadline for a refund. I asked the if i could rebook it for another date and i was told that that wasn’t possible either. So basically they just keep the money. I will never use a third party booking app again in my life. It is just so much better to book directly with the actual company.

  44. Miguel M dice:

    Doesn’t support dark mode of the phone, so you are forced to change it to use the app. Prices vary from incognito to country to web or app and even when you sort by price or valoration, the hotels are not properly sorted for example with lower valued properties before higher valorated ones after I sort by valoration highest first.

  45. I had a bad experience while booking using the Dubai attractions pass. The booking was cancelled immediately by the supplier. I had received an email saying that the amount used for the booking would be returned to my bank account. However, it has been over 11 days and I did not receive the amount debited from my account.

  46. Chris Ne dice:

    Everything works great. If you could add an option where it indicates if the resort/Hotel/guest house has backup power, that would be great. This is a very important factor when I’m considering my stay.

  47. Use it only as a search engine. Then go and book directly with the property, as you’ll get much better prices and a reasonable cancelation policy. After the booking was made in error for the wrong dates (Not a shore term booking) they refused to refund or help with anything. The venue was happy to refund and cancel, but they said the refund would go to Expedia, which didn’t want to hear about my booking via this app. Customer service is not interested in helping

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