KAYAK: Flights, Hotels & Cars MODDED 2022


Find, compare & book flights, hotels and car rental with KAYAK’s travel app.
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KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites at once to find exactly what you need for your trip, from cheap flights to great hotel deals and car rentals. Nonstop flight leaving at 9am? Sure. Pet-friendly vacation rental near the slopes? Yup. SUV rental for under $50/day? We’re on it. Because we’re travelers too and know that every trip is worth planning.

Easily search, filter and sort your options to find the right travel offers for you – whether it’s flights you can change with no fees, hotels, vacation rentals and car rentals with free cancellation, the cheapest deal, or the most comfortable seat.

Get mobile-only rates and Private Deals on the app. Set Price Alerts to find out when prices drop, and use Explore to discover new destinations within your budget.

This is more than just a travel app. Our Trips tool keeps your plans in order. Get alerts for flight and gate changes, access boarding pass on and offline and plan out and share your itinerary, all from one place. Use Guides to create, collect and share daily itineraries, tips and impressions along the way.

• Take the stress out of trip planning. Find flexible flight offers with no change fees.
• Search with flexible dates up to +/- 3 days to see when’s the best time to fly.
• Filter options based on stops, airlines, departure times, cancellation policies, amenities & more.
• Save your preferences to see your favorite airlines and hotels first (and skip ones you don’t like).
• Book at the right time. Price Forecast lets you know whether you should wait or book now.
• We’ll even show you Hacker Fares which pair together two one-way tickets for a round-trip flight (and save you $$).

• Search from over 70,000 locations to find the perfect car rental for your trip.
• Filter your rental car search by vehicle type including hybrids and electric vehicles, offers with unlimited mileage, enhanced cleaning and much more.
• Risk-free booking: Find car rentals with a free cancellation policy so if plans change, you can easily rebook.

• Compare all sorts of accommodation, from five-star resorts to holiday homes and boutique hotels.
• Looking for a staycation? Uncover deals on amazing places to visit right here in the USA.
• Stay flexible by easily filtering for hotel deals and vacation rentals with free cancellation.
• Unlock Private Deals and exclusive mobile-only rates for even more savings.

EXPLORE: Discover new destinations on your budget
• Whether you have $300 or $3,000 to spend, Explore lets you set a budget and shows you where in the world you can go.

TRIPS: All your travel plans in one place.
• Keep all your plans organized in one travel app, regardless of where you booked.
• Forward your booking confirmation emails to [email protected] or sync your Gmail or Outlook account.
• Use our Flight Tracker to stay up-to-date on any flight’s progress, with real-time status updates, gate change & baggage claim notifications.
• Check your Trip Stats to see how far you traveled, your top cities, and how many times you’ve been around the world.
• Your traveler data is safe and secure – meaning you never have to re-enter your booking and credit card info.
• Share your vacation plans with family & friends.
• No signal, no problem. View your itinerary and notes with no internet connection.

• AR measuring tool lets you know if your carry-on bag complies with the policy of the airline you’re flying with.

PRICE ALERTS: Never miss a deal
• Let us do the searching for you. Create a Price Alert and we’ll notify you when the price drops.

Download the KAYAK travel app now and get ready for your next travel adventure!


Our latest update makes it even easier to find your perfect trip


40 comentarios en "KAYAK: Flights, Hotels & Cars MODDED 2022"

  1. Does as well as any other app and better than any I’ve tried, including the over-advertised Trivago. Love the ability to track any flight (even see where it is enroute) and the ability to view all departures and arrivals for ALL flights at any airport. I also like the fly to anywhere feature that will show current best rates all over the country, displayed on a map. It also keeps track of all past trips and total miles travelled. I can’t think of any negatives.

  2. This app exceeds my expectations. I’m a first time traveler and Kayak has helped me stay organized, keep me up to date and everything in one place. Alot less stress on my part. Instead of trying to remember what app I used for what reservation and having to search through troves of emails I can just go to kayak and with a few clicks I have every important piece of information. Absolutely love it and recommend it. Especially for first time travelers who have no experience in this area.

  3. Allyson L dice:

    In the past the app has been pretty accurate with prices. But there’s a huge bug in the saved trips right now, where most of the prices in those lists are not refreshing. I have to click on the flight (if it even lets me, doesn’t always) to go see what the actual price is, but even then I see the old price when I return to the saved trip. This started after this last update.

  4. Dan Stein dice:

    This app is just rip-off garbage! First, it doesn’t show you the final price of a hotel, so what you end up paying could easily be twice what’s shown. Then the hotels this app shows aren’t always there. Often, when you click on a hotel to see the “deal”, the actual cost shown by the hotel is much more. The app doesn’t let you filter, and the sort order is simply “trust us”. This means they shows hotels that have paid a fee higher in the order. I’ve used the Kayak website before, which is why I downloaded and used the app on a recent trip to Florida (what a mistake!). The website is helpful and useful, and I’ll probably continue to use it, but I uninstalled the app while on my trip. My advice – unless you have money falling out of your pockets, don’t use this app.

  5. i really like that you can have an open ended destination. i like to take short jaunts here and there, so it helps me pick where to go. I do wish there was a way to set up email alerts with more specific criteria. instead of staying within a certain radius, i would like to stay outside a radius – in my case, i don’t want anything within 1K miles. but it is an easy app to use and the notifications are actually helpful and not overbearing in frequency.

  6. Great little app that’s always responsive when you need it. I always check for prices here before I purchase a trip, book a hotel or car rental. I have not used the trip activities section but I understand it is very extensive as well. I also love how easy it is to track all my trip related information no matter where I buy it from. Highly recommended.

  7. It used to be really good, but recently it’s just awful. They often direct you to book at shady sites, half the time the price they show isn’t actually available when you try to book (just repeatedly keeps saying “Booking failed” and suggesting trying again, without ever actually updating the prices), it’s incredibly slow, and arguably worst of all, doesn’t show the best deals, even when Skyscanner or the airlines’ own sites do.

  8. Great app, best feature is that it shows total hotel cost including tax and fees that are typically hidden and hard to find. I wish it had the price chart feature and general dest like “Europe” similar to Google flights. What most travel companies dont understand, is that people typically had a target budget but not a specific destination. Imagine an app being able to search: Two week trip, must leave Fri, must be back on Sun, Non-stop flights, Europe, anytime in the next 6 months.

  9. After the break and fix, it’s back to unusable. UPDATE : Kayak must have put a fix in. Works great now, as always. I especially like the explorer function. Normally a great app, but the new update makes the app hang. When it eventually starts, I can’t log in with email. The login with email button spins. Once Il actually put in my user name and password, but “submit” button was grayed out. Literally unusable.

  10. Great overall experience. But I can’t stand that it tracks when you’re looking for a certain flight and then keeps raising the price. It’s very unprofessional to present a certain price and then change it to a higher one when you click it. If that continues I will book my flights elsewhere

  11. Love the app. I use it all the time for researching my next trip. Only thing I wish was different is, I wish I could choose which airport to use the explore search from. It defaults to a local regional airport and the prices are hugely inflated. Other then that ,it’s been good.

  12. The application has declined. The dates on the flight options show only 3 digits, not 4. So, November 21 shows as 11/2 not 11/22. You have to click on the option to know what date is indicated. Also, on the calendar, for various dates, such as +/- 3 days, the calendar shows brackets for only – 3 days. Finally, the application often fails to complete a search. It just “times out.”

  13. I don’t know what’s changed but it’s now bloody useless. I put in my dates with +-3 days and I get the most RIDICULOUS suggestions: Berlin to Larnaca in 2 days for 450 euro, what the hell? If I go on easyJet and check manually I find flights at 1/3 cheaper with the expected travel time. I could have sworn there used to be a feature that tells you when airlines fly to a location and the option to see when in a month is cheap. Basically I’m uninstalling, the app sucks.

  14. Deal are usually with third party wholesalers and not directly with the airlines. I avoid wholesalers simply because if there is a flight itinerary problem you usually spend a fortune on multiple calls to an Indian call center (Expedia ). Kayak is good for researching fares however, if you want security, book flight directly with the airlines.

  15. I’m never booking my flights or hotels through kayak again. Had a horrible experience for booking a hotel room. Absolutely no accountability at all. They haven’t resolved or bothered to solve the issue even though I have been following up since the last five months.

  16. Not all as it seems. Booked flights, lengthy process, Kayak gave cheaper than other quotes for the flight. Then just before I hit ‘book’ it bumped up the price by a thousand dollars. It’s an old con. Be warned. Uninstalled. UPDATE REPLY TO KAYAK: This reply simply isn’t true. I was on the phone with a travel agent when trying to make the booking on Kayak. From the start, the agent told me the flights I was booking on Kayak weren’t available. This was only confirmed at the end of my Kayakbooking.

  17. Veronika dice:

    I like this app, the only thing I don’t like is the fact that no matter what I do, there is an error when trying to link the app to my google account. It keeps saying “Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch” and the description says I cannot link it, because the app does not comply with Google OAuth 2.0 policy. Not sure what to think about that. Also I can’t add my phone number, because there is a very short list of countries, Czechia is not one of them and I can’t get past that.

  18. Easy to use, but flights prices are misleading. The price goes up significantly as soon as you click on it, of course, with a apology message. Disappointing.

  19. Kayak has always been my go to to start searching for deals on flights, cars, and hotels. I’ve had the best experience with them over all the other discount search apps, and I’ve certainly never found any better deals in other places

  20. Gilli dice:

    Watch out for sneaky extra baggage error. The app gives option to choose how much baggage you want to add to your booking and gives prices showing that extra baggage but when forwarded to make your purchase, you get charged the same fer but only 1 hold bag. This is misrepresentation.

  21. DEAR VERY CAREFULLY when using this application and especially if the purchase is made with @SUPERSAVER. If you don’t want to LOSE the money of your ticket and stay in an airport for more than 8 days without receiving ANY response from costumer service because it DOES NOT EXIST. neither via Email nor by phone is a false company. Be careful. Don’t be naive I speak to you from my experience. I bought a Bogota Dubai ticket and they literally stole my money and nobody answered

  22. I had an issue with a car rental booking and I’ve trying to call kayak customer service since 11:30 am till 17:00 but no one is answering as the app and website doesn’t have cancellation option. Worst after sale service ever.

  23. The prices are a ploy to get you to click. Then you are taken to shady third party companies that are often send you on a rat race just to get the deal they advertised. The deal is then much higher and there is ZERO customer support. Never ever ever use the third party snap travel. They are a complete scam. Kayak should be ashamed for doing business with them.

  24. Because Kayak directs you to untrustworthy providers like Budgetair, I will no longer be using Kayak for my travel needs. If kayak sends you to budgetair, do NOT use them. They will scam you. Unfortunately Kayak would not help, so they either don’t care, or support budgetair’s shady practices.

  25. KAYAK IS A SCAM. DO NOT INSTALL. Paid 1200 euro for a flight from Amsterdam to tlv (2 tickets) payment went through edreams and I never got confirmation email even though I paid for this option (yes you have to pay for it) called edreams and they explained to me that kayak published flights that doesn’t exist. Thx to a kind guy that works in edreams I got my money back. DO NOT BOOK WITH KAYAK. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY.

  26. Isaiah dice:

    Good app for checking flights I would give it 5 Stars if not for that the expore opinion gives misleading prices on the map which do not match when you actually click on them. Otherwise this is a great easy to use app.

  27. Not able to change the cost to total cost in the settings. I am alway seeing single flight fees.

  28. mollusc a dice:

    Good but annoying, if searching for package holidays it asked for the same information twice and defaults back to the last search. Also the filers are too sensitive and will tick uf you scroll down.

  29. Suresh M dice:

    Kayak , flight booking are good and faster. But one drawback. For instance for ticket booking from UAE to India flights kayak have linked to 2 or agencies , where the ticket price given are perfect and good. But while selecting additional facility like seats(indian airline will charge aed 15 for selecting a seat whereas to kayak or travelgenio I paid aed 37/- per seat. For 1 person paying aed 37 is fine. But for 4 members , to and fro the total cost around aed Aed 296/-, a loss)

  30. Well I started to use this recently. I saw the packages and I love it. Super awsome. But I am struggling finding the umbrella symbol wich is for the packages. I was there when I went to kayak through Google. But when I signed into my account which I had since time ago but didn’t use it, it wasn’t that alternative until I found it and now its gone again. I left it there while I was in the kitchen and when I came back it wasn’t there. Isn’t in the menu. No anywhere.

  31. Sam Haun dice:

    Seeing actual prices in the date selector similar to Google Flights on a mobile browser, rather than just some color coding, would be a huge improvement.

  32. I love kayak. I ways find a great deal on flights, car rentals and vacations. My family can’t believe the prices and deals I find. Owe it all to kayak.

  33. i used this app alot. i travel frequently and recently the prices seemed too high. i checked the same flight on other people’s phones and the same flight would be significantly lower. kinda feel like they are riping me off since i would use them often and didn’t compare prices

  34. LJ Knuf dice:

    Trash. Click bait pricing. They advertise a hotel price for their partners but when you click on their site, it’s almost twice as expensive. What a scam

  35. Do not buy tickets with DELTA- I was supposed to have a flight to NYC Thurs 6-15 and and now its Saturday, and they keep pushing it. They keep pushing my flight the next day to the next day and so on. I WILL LOSE MY JOB BECAUSE OF TBEM. I dont know how is this legal- I need some help. ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE.

  36. Bad experience I bought a ticket through kayak they steel my money so it’s not trustable app.be careful

  37. I booked flight and after sucessful fund transactions details neither I received email nor ticket… horrible. There is no toll free no. Now what should I do

  38. SLC Punk! dice:

    Could be a little better integrated for a flight/hotel trip or all three but otherwise no major issues. Slow to load but it is checking a lot of places. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. Used to be my favorite travel app. They are slowly destroying it. This latest update may the the last straw for me.

  40. Easy to use and search for deals

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