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Take a ride with the TIER e-scooter sharing app: the future of city mobility
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TIER is reinventing how we travel within our cities by offering shared electric micro-mobility options as an alternative to traditional forms of urban transport. Take a TIER electric scooter and choose a sustainable and emission-free way to get around.

Our safe and affordable scooters, bikes, and mopeds are fully electric and climate-neutral, allowing you to contribute towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable city – all while having fun along the way.

TIER scooters are conveniently placed in your city to make traveling from A to B hassle-free. Simply rent a TIER e-scooter near you on the map, scan the QR code and go!

Why take a TIER?
🌲 No CO2 emissions with TIER e-scooters
👀 Find parking easily
🤛 Beat the traffic
⏱ Save time
🗺 Explore new cities
👍 Rent to live a get-up-and-go lifestyle
🛴 Ride e-scooters with friends
📎 Commute with e-scooters to and from work
💚 Renting = Sharing is caring

To rent rather than to buy is how we take back our cities, and TIER mobility is here to help. Download the app, sign up, and start sharing scooters in seconds. Here’s how to use the TIER app

TIER electric scooters, bikes and mopeds give you the freedom to explore your city and to get where you need to be in a smart, safe, and sustainable way. Simply open the app and rent a ride with a few simple steps.

✅ Download the TIER app, sign up, and add your preferred payment method
✅ Find a TIER scooter near you on the map
✅ Scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock it and start a ride
✅ Push the e-scooter forward to flick the kickstand back
✅ Put one foot on the board and push off with the other
✅ Push down the throttle to gain speed
✅ Let go of the throttle or use the brakes to slow down.
✅ Surf your city and enjoy the ride!

✅ Find a safe place to park the scooter and flick the kickstand down
✅ Open the TIER app and tap ‘End Ride’
✅ Get out there and live your best life!

The TIER mobile app is truly mobile. A sleek design and easy-to-use interface allow you to make the most of your smartphone as a tool for fast and efficient mobility.
✔️ NAVIGATE nearby electric vehicles
✔️ SCAN the QR code on a scooter to unlock it
✔️ RING a scooter if you are having trouble finding it
✔️ VERIFY your license to use e-mopeds (not required for e-scooter use)
✔️ STORE minutes and unlocks in your wallet
✔️ REDEEM free rides with a discount voucher or promo code
✔️ REFER friends for free minutes
✔️ SAVE money with our deals in the shop

Save money with our monthly or daily passes. When you’re on the go, it’s better to pay a flat rate and get the most out of your usage!
• RIDER PLUS skip the unlock fee on every ride + 300 minutes!
• MONTHLY UNLOCKS no unlock fees. Pay only for minutes.
• DAY PASS enjoy up to 45 minutes during each ride for free + no unlock fees

TIER gives you access to sustainable urban travel. With our fleet of shared electric scooters in 100+ cities worldwide, TIER is on a mission to change mobility for good. So whether you’re headed to work, class, or just around the block, let TIER get you to where you’re going on our scooters, bikes or mopeds.


We’ve made some great improvements to our app! Take a look at the changes.
We’ve taken care of some bug fixes and given our whole app a refresh for a smooth experience. Check out some new features in our shop, including limited-time offers and discounted packages. Refer friends to get some free rides!


40 comentarios en "TIER Electric scooters MODDED 2022"

  1. I used the app in Vienna. Everything was fine- I bought a pass, I used it once. But then the map in the app malfunctioned. It shows only a blue screen, and doesn’t show any scooter locations. I cleared cache, data, uninstalled/reinstalled… nothing works. So I can’t use the remainder of my pass. Also, btw, these scooters are way heavier than any of their competitors. If you want to lift it from the street to the sidewalk, forget it.

  2. Jon Hardy dice:

    Over the last 4 weeks (and since taking out a trial subscription) the app itself has become close to unusable, crashing and closing every time I have wanted to make a journey. Despite clearing the cache, as suggested, the app again crashes and closes when I attempt to reopen it. The only solution I have found to this bug, is to uninstall and reinstall it. Unfortunately, this only resolves the issue for one journey, and I am faced with the same problem again the next time I try to use it.

  3. Ricky L dice:

    The app is slow at verification, and the camera is blurry when attempting to take pictures. The automatic timeout is annoying and the automatic capture of the drivers license is terrible. You can not control the outcome of the picture and it’s all closes and goes next step without you confirming. No notifications as to when someone has replied to your chat.

  4. Easy to use, great service. Scooter GPS can bounce around a little causing it to slow down outside of restricted areas if you are passing near by. Otherwise the app works pretty well, some minor issues such as navigation sometimes spins around when orientation of the phone isn’t locked. Easy to navigate through the app, input details and get on the way. One star knocked off due to the GPS issues.

  5. Terrible experience. First the phone holder dropped my phone and smashed my screen. Then the app doesn’t make it at all clear where to park in relation to the destination, so I had to go back on myself loads to find a parking bay. 20 minute journey took an hour and cost a tenner. Not to mention what I now need to spend on repairing my phone. I feel completely ripped off.

  6. App now failing to load. Initially a reinstall fixed it. Today it failed again after walking a mile to the local Tier stop. Reinstalling didn’t work. This is across 2 phones – both One Plus variants. Called support and it’s a 3 day response to a ticket. Have to make other arrangements to travel. That in itself is not a big deal but I kind of need it to work as expected. Right now I do not trust the company or app to work when I need it.

  7. Logging in and getting PayPal set up was very easy and starting a ride was fast as well. The scooter ride itself was great as well, but it was very annoying when I wanted to end the ride. Firstly, It just straight up had connection issues (not on my end) for like 7 minutes, then when it finally worked again, I came to realise that I had to leave it in a parking spot (the parking spot Ps are so tiny that I thought you could park anywhere), why? The last service here picked them up from anywhere.

  8. Raj Nakum dice:

    This is awful. Tier has just come to Colchester today. I’ve been trying to have my license verified since early May in preparation for this switchover from Spin. This app simply does not take a clear photo of my license! It takes a blurry photo, and there is nothing I can do. I called Customer Service and got the standard uninstall and reinstall app advice. So I did that. Now I don’t even get the option to verify my license 🤣 What an absolute nightmare. No CS email address or anything.

  9. Do not use Tier. Tier will slow down your bike and not allow you to park unless you are in the exact right spot, which would be ok but GPD accuracy is low, so you’re never “exactly” on the spot. This makes for a VERY frustrating rode as if you go close to a “no ride” zone you are slowed way down. And parking is also incredibly frustrating as you need to be exactly on the spot which takes forever as GPS accuracy is low.

  10. At the first ride, I faced the issue. The app has frozen on “resuming ride”, and I couldn’t finish the ride until I force stopped the app and started it again. Hopefully, at least, this helped. UPD: I haven’t met such issues any more. And that’s the best scooter deliver in my city.

  11. TIER replaced SPIN in my local town. Unfortunately the service is a downgrade. The scooters aren’t as readily available, and the ones that are available constantly cut out completely for no apparent reason. The cost also went up 50% compared to SPIN. It’s a shame TIER took over from SPIN, but all good things come to an end. I’ll go back to using my bike instead as the e-scooters provided by TIER are more hassle than convenience now.

  12. I use this service often to rent ebikes, which works well enough in inner city Berlin. Horrible customer service though. Agents were unable to answer the most basic questions about pricing, then supposedly “transfered” me to the appropriate team and left me hanging without a warning. No answer yet, 6 days later. That info should be available in an FAQ at the very least, if not given straight from the beginning which would be the professional thing to do.

  13. Ali Leino dice:

    Edit: they refunded me without me even asking. Updating my rating. They closed down service due to bad weather (snow). Okay, that’s fine, but why aren’t subscriptions paused? First I couldn’t use my sub for a week and now they charged me again. They tell you you can use your sub in another city , but have they heard of this small pandemic. Also traveling abroad to use your sub during a pandemic is a pretty ridiculous advice.

  14. Spielix dice:

    I just downloaded and tried to register for the second time. Either their servers are always unreachable or this app is just ridiculously slow. I reached my destination by foot both times without getting a registration done.

  15. Chris Lay dice:

    App is pretty unresponsive, setting up payment (credit card) took 10 minutes always getting the error message, something went wrong and to try again. The error message still showed up, after finally working. I tried bicycle & scooter in Copenhagen, both of them worked well, I can recommend that. Scooter actually was great fun riding. For that you get 2 Stars. Big but: The prices are insane, I drove 23 minutes by Ebike and 2x 13 minutes by scooter and will have to pay over 20 € for that.

  16. This damn app almost made me miss the last bus home by 1 hour 30 minutes. Can’t connect to the server to open the app, and when I open it, the vehicle can’t be found even though it’s next to me. Recent updates make the app slow and often fail to connect. Too ridiculous update. FIX IT!!!!!

  17. It’s been crashing for weeks I thought it was fine again and then as soon as I’m rushing to work it starts crashing again. I thought it was just my one plus phone but now it’s failing on my friends phones as well.

  18. It’s easy to use, scooters are fairly fast and there are lots of cities where I can find the scooter. Also, I really like the option ‘actually I can park here’ because I didn’t obviously had to take scooters to a particular place to park them (other apps do not have this option).

  19. Our area recently changed from Spin to Tier, slower, more expensive and dangerous (surely a breach of Health & Safety) , its only a matter of time till they kill a rider, when they auto break in the wrong place and a car hits you!

  20. I really want this to work as there are two tier pickup spots near me, but every time I open the App, it just crashes. I’ve uninstalled, cleared the cache etc but it still crashes every time. EU S21 5G

  21. the worst / lethal scooter experience I have ever had. I’ve used scooters in various Countries, & also owned my own. I used this on the outskirts of chelmsford on cycle paths and 30mph roads. I spent most of the journey pushing it. On the cycle paths it was very stop start. On road I initially thought was better until it decided to die half way round a roundabout. The round nearby was a 70 but the road I was on was a 30. Lucky the road was dead or me pushing it round a roundabout was dangerous.

  22. Terrible! Do not recommend. My ride should’ve been ~20 min. About 5 min in, it quit working. Idk why. There’s no way to see your trip before going, so if I went through a restricted area,I had no way of knowing that would’ve been a problem before starting. Also, I wasn’t even “rolling” the scooter, but actively had to push against resistance in the tires to make it move. For 45 minutes until I got to a parking spot. I don’t even have a way to request a refund because their chat is broken.

  23. Tier has recently replaced Spin in Chelmsford. Spin worked well but this app is a bit of a shambles. Problems with payment, drivers license approval, and locating scooters. It’s not usable at the moment – recurring problems, not reliable.

  24. The scooters are realy fun but occasionaly it would not work for example lets say you were next ro a scooter and scanned it but when you did it would say somthing like “you are out of range” or ” unavilable but you can only scan them when you are next to them so this out of range message is useless and an anoyance.

  25. Unable to end ride cuz of the picture won’t save or upload, so been wasting a lot of time and have to call customer support every time I use the service… I’m using a pixel 6 pro, please fix this issue..

  26. As a very new user, it may be just me but as the scooters need to be parked in deaignated areas when finished, the map doesnt clearly show where these areas actually are. Or at least, not that i can see. So when i use a scooter i have to go to the neareat shown scooter icon as i will be able to park here, which may or may not be the closest place to my destination.

  27. I urgently need to get to the train station in the early morning, no public transport or taxis were available, so this tier bike was my only option, or running 2 miles. I downloaded the app, but it took really ages to load. It then asked to upload the driving license, but it’s camera was very blurry even though my camera was perfectly clean and working in other apps. Finally it got accepted, but then I had to wait 5 minutes for it to be fully validated. It then crashed and asked me to start over

  28. To finish it the GPS is faulty (more than 100mts error) pointing a no parking area, after moving the bike , the new problem is that the app doesn’t know that the bike is looked ( there is a lock that you have to set), when trying to unlock (to lock it again) it doesn’t let you unlock, I called twice tu support and nobody answered, I indicated in the app that there was a problem with the wheel lock (that didn’t solve the problem), finally I closed the app opened again and it worked. 10 min wasted

  29. Certurk dice:

    It makes no sense that you keep charging 1 minutes’s fee even when I barely pass minute barriers. Like 10mins1sec (11 is charged), 15mins2secs (16 is charged), it is irritating. There should be a minute counter for the total usage, and you should charge based on that. I don’t care about the money, but I just hate the way that you approach. I know it is part of your monetization strategy, but is there really need for dark patterns?

  30. Utd Utd dice:

    Today was the first time I used Tier. Straightforward and simple to use. Great product they have. The only criticism i have is that after you confirm payment, there are too many little information images you have to keep clicking to get to your main App page. This can waste a few minutes if you end up reading it all. A bit annoying but I can live with that. Also the company has great customer services. They pick up the phone very quickly. Whatever goes wrong they will fix it for you. 5 out of 5

  31. Generally very good. Love using the scooters, which are convenient. However, have to lose a star as the app keeps failing to load, unless the phone is restarted. (It was fine until about a month ago).

  32. Sends me into a loop when I try to add payment options, does not keep me logged in and it’s generally unusable, with no way to reach support unless it’s an emergency. They are the only scooters near my university and I’ll really rather take the bus instead of putting up with this app.

  33. Luis dice:

    Unable to use the app: After I installed the app I am unable to sign in. it keeps trying to open a browser, I don’t receive the SMS and if I tap “Not now” I’m unable to sign in. There’s no Sign in with email and password. only SMS. I cannot subscribe to a new account or sign in with my Google account. I’m locked outside of the app. Meanwhile I’m using Lime App and Voi.

  34. J V dice:

    I tried using the app. In Leipzig. The app. says it cannot confirm my phone number, despite auto-populating the field with the correct number, and to call Customer service. When you call Customer service, no one answers, just a continuous loop of a prerecorded message

  35. Reinstalled the app and to recover my account I had to enter my phone number. This worked for me. But in general it is is a very ill advised design choice to tie accounts to phone numbers as they are often the least persistent identifier a person has and are redistributed by phone companies to new customers after just 6 months. That random person could have gotten my ride history, credit card number, e-mail address and name and booked rides at my cost.

  36. Extremely unreliable. Bike is frequently unlockable, randomly stops mid ride despite apparently having battery charge, or physically broken. The restrictive parking spots are significantly less convenient than competitors like Lime and Humanforest that let you park anywhere.

  37. Enjoyed decently, bikes aren’t maybe as common as some competitors, but are always in great state with plenty of battery, till I once in a rush parked it outside of business zone, without a warning for first “offence” instantly got charged 25 euros and now I’m deinstalling it. I’m not saying there isn’t any warning cause in rush I just tapped through all the messages assuming it’s the usual, but that kind of behaviour should have been anticipated Also, navigation in all could be better

  38. If the app worked properly, this would be a quick, easy & enjoyable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our ride but it took us the time again to end the route, so the cost was double of what it should’ve been.

  39. Not always reliable because of many bugs. For example the app responds very slowly and it’s not anymore possible to see the parking spots on the map or even to end the ride!

  40. Terrible, like other reviews i cant get past id verification. Camera suddenly goes back to 2005 when you need to scan your license and its illegible. Never had these issues with spin.

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