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Create your own Street View imagery or virtually explore the world
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Create, view, and share Street View imagery with the new Street View app from Google. Explore places from around the world, or use your phone to add new images to Street View, with these options:
• Photo Spheres (360° panoramas)
• Photo Paths (a series of connected photos along a street or trail)
• Street View (connected panoramas from a 360° camera)

Now you can show the world new places by recording with Street View and publishing for everyone to see!

With immersive Street View imagery from Google—and now from users like you—it’s easy to virtually travel to nearly every country in the world. Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside places like museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses.

• App requires Android 4.4 (KitKat) or newer
• Photo Paths requires an ARCore-compatible device (


• Create and publish a Photo Path as you travel along a street or trail
• Fresh UI makes it easy to create, organize, and publish imagery to Street View
• Track your contribution progress with the Street View badge
• Several bug fixes and other improvements


40 comentarios en "Google Street View MOD 2022"

  1. The only thing I use this for is to take 360 photos, as Samsung removed all other ways to do this off their phone series. This app works well-enough for that, though it does leave black boxes in the images at times. Other than that, it’s really good. Also, please reconsider geo-tagging sensitive locations and places that probably do not need to be overrun by people.

  2. Difficult to use. I tend to use this to find businesses I can’t remember the name of. The controls are difficult and there doesn’t appear to be anything to indicate which direction you’re currently pointing. When moving down a road, sometimes the camera randomly changes, so you have to really pay attention. Surprisingly poor quality for an app by Google.

  3. I love this app! It was once a function on the regular GOOGLE maps app. I was mad and disappointed one day when I picked up my phone and found that the function was gone. I found it here. My city has more one-way streets than most and this app helps me to recognize my desired location several buildings before my arrival. It has saved me lots of trips around the block after missing driveways. It’s a little tricky to learn, but it’s well worth it.

  4. This app needs a lot of work. I use it for submitting and editing photospheres and I discover a new bug almost every time I open it. Changes will fall to be saved (the save button won’t even show up sometimes). Location markers will fail to load on the map. There is apparently a limit on selecting 25 photos at a time, but it will continue to say all photos are selected. You can’t select a subset to edit, so you get a random group. I have to force kill and delete cache nearly every time. Etc.

  5. I always assumed it was unnecessary since I use Google Maps and Google Earth. I was wrong. Street View is amazing. When you view the photos, 360 photos especially, you feel like you’re really there standing in the spot the photo was taken. I assume that’s where they came up with the name Street View. Very fitting. I enjoy contributing and also creating educational material with this application.

  6. Shawn X. dice:

    the biggest problem of this app is that maps are not in position correctly. All the positions shown on the map are more northwest than they actually are. So every time I upload photos I have to manually change the location. It’s difficult to operate and inaccurate. But everything is correct when I open Google Maps app, so the problem obviously occurred in this app only.

  7. I got this to upload collections of 360 photos to Google Maps. And my experience is that it’s SUPER janky. It’ll often get caught in “processing” for long periods of time, in which case you must hit “cancel.” Some of my photos show as “published,” but never show on Maps. Some of my images show on Maps, but don’t show up on the Street View app. Also, uploads seem to take longer than my experience uploading to Mapillary. 2 stars because it does its job. Barely. I guess.

  8. Absolute garbage of an app. Photo upload limit, connection editing limit, terrible UI, and now the option to do a simple thing like edit photo sphere connections is broken. At the very least, I would have expected Google to be able to create an app for their own OS that isn’t garbage but nope. I downloaded the Street View app for iOS. Works fine. Google should be ashamed.

  9. I can’t pinch to zoom in/out and when I swipe to try to move, it won’t move at all. I’m fixed to one point of the map. the only touch feedback I get is pressing the two icons in the top right in the search bar; the quick zoom out icon and the icon that zooms into my location. can you please fix this? I would like to actually explore the map and do street view stuff.

  10. Toby C dice:

    The app needs work, it’s too glitchy. I batch edit 360 photos, meet all the requirements, I’ve even tested with multiple versions of the exact same photo, but I always have an issue where some of the 360s in the bunch will upload fine, the others get the error that they can’t be uploaded and to check to make sure they meet the requirements. Sometimes going back into the app a day later, it will suddenly accept some of the 360s it rejected the day before, sometimes it won’t. Frustrating.

  11. I’m really impressed with the app. It wasn’t apparent to me exactly what I could do and how much I can steer people towards places that are great and also say why not to visit a certain business. We recently got evacuated from the Monument 🔥 in Big Bar CA. Most people couldn’t find it on any map but I was able to recommend different places in town (Weaverville) to any tourist. I’m very excited about exploring different functions of the app.

  12. This app was working fine and now I see I’m not the only one having it say “No Internet connection, even when I have Wifi and Cellular internet connections. My services work off of being able to show people results and now I can’t even do that! It doesn’t even show any pictures at all! Just “no internet connection”. I’m on a Note 8. like I said before it worked fine before with some bugs but now it doesn’t work at all! Please address this issue because some of us are dependent upon the service!

  13. First off, this should be a website or desktop program not an app. It’s slow and unintuitive. When transfering 360 photos, there is no upload progress and if you upload more than 10 at a time the app will crash. You can’t add multiple photos to a business listing all at once. There is no compass setting to fix picture facing the wrong way. The blur tool is accessed by tapping the screen instead of something normal like a blur tool button. This app is the worst app I have ever had to use.

  14. Can be annoying at times trying to use it… The interface doesn’t always work right… but awesome feature – whether for helping to find places, or eg. checking out houses I used to live in, stalking people😆, help to find a certain address, or whatever.. I appreciate how much work has gone in to making this possible – little cars with cameras mounted on them had to drive down every. single. street. visible on this app. Multiple countries. that’s a lot of driving!

  15. Nigel Sim dice:

    Excellent app. However, I am really disappointed that Google is discontinuing this app as I use it to allow my students to capture photo spheres as part of the VR course. There are no equivalent alternatives at the moment.

  16. Report problem button -> report inappropriate image. They don’t mean the same thing, the ui button is wrong. Touch to move along a road brings up the ui, sometimes. That’s wrong and inconsistent. Overall a street view experience with a underdeveloped interface, that means it’s almost useless.

  17. SI BE dice:

    No fix, I hope it follows Stadia [Update3]new upgrade still no fix, well done Google devs [Update2]5th app update problem still there [Update1]If I try to take a photo sphere using my phone if I stay still and not rotate after 1st photo segment of photo sphere the app will detect rotation and after a few seconds the next point/segment will arrive and take a photo segment of the same phone heading of the 1st photo segment. Reported this issue 6 times even with video proof. No fix or reply.

  18. Trying to use the app on a pixel 6a is impossible because its broken and google offers any sort of support. the upload button doesn’t work because it refuses to pull up the access storage prompt which also can’t be enabled in the settings.

  19. Tamer Pin dice:

    Frustrating and difficult to use. What happened to the arrows. Why cant I just double press on an area at it shows the view. I cant even figure out how to move down an area once I finally get it in view.

  20. Not sure why this app is going away, it’s a simple and easy way to get 360 photos published on Google maps. Just tried doing it through Google maps and my 360 photo did not get published as a photo sphere. Another app Google is pulling the plug on unnecessarily. Shame.

  21. Thought I’d installed malware, dark patterns to bring up ads, a flickering dialog that couldn’t be dismissed. I had to turn phone off. Promptly uninstalled.

  22. In this new version is no longer possible to edit the position and the connections of the uploaded sphere photos. I tried to do this by switching to the previous version but, after a week, the changes are not yet visible on the map and are not visible when I re-open the “Add a connection between two photos” section. I hope that this functionality will be restored soon. I am tracking a mountain path so, due to the possible inaccuracy of the recorded data, it is important for me to fix the position of the single photos and the links between.

  23. Overall, a fairly good app. Theres just 2 problems. The main one being that the majority of the areas I search up, havent had an update view for roughly 10-15 years. Some of the street views are literally that old that some roads are virtually non existent. Another problem is that you can only travel a certain distance in street view. So then you have to search up the next part of the road. Please update the areas (particularly smaller towns) more often!

  24. Really annoying! I don’t know if it’s a feature or the problem of my device, when I am trying to create a photo sphere, previously it didn’t move automatically. It used to show an orange circle and I had to move manually (at my own pace and comfort) to capture the next series of photos. Now I tried many times but the sphere is moving automatically and even if I don’t move, if completes the sphere by capturing same scene repeatedly. It’s really annoying and disgusting.

  25. I am trying to add more photo spheres and connect them manually, but the user interface is very complicated and makes no sense. I have imported the 70 360 photos/ they are for some reason divided into different groups. Why. I want to see all the photos I have uploaded in a list, with file names (so I know how to connect them). Also I have found no solution to connect them before publishing. I am able to publish only group-by-group, and not all at once. In conclusion: the photo sphere contribution feature is very complicated and a total mess UI wise. There should be a desktop solution to make virtual tours because it is very hard on a tablet/phone.

  26. Like with MapMaker in 2016, Google is taking all options away from users that are keen to contribute to make Google Maps a reliable repository of information and data. Not sure what their policy is, but it’s really sad to see this app going.

  27. Good: Free Bad: Unintuitive mess of an interface. Takes many many goes to upload a series of photospheres. Conflicting messages and a lack of progress indication makes it unclear whether a batch of uploads has succeeded, failed or is in the middle of taking place or which ones it has done and which ones it has randomly dropped. The shambolic uploading means that they do not arrive in consecutive order, making it a waste of time to start trying to connect them, and they are imperfectly positioned, which is at least manually adjustable. But this has to be done after they are already on public show. There is no option to publish and link photospheres for testing or private viewing, which is stupid as the first time you try it, and every time it messes up the uploading, your efforts are low-grade public content before you have even had a chance to edit them or improve your technique. The deal you make is that in return for the free app your pictures become content for Google, which is acceptable if free is the highest price you are willing to pay, but at least give us a chance to make the content as good as it can be before going live with it.

  28. I love exploring the world with this app. additional features that would make me happy: 1) ability to bookmark views that I like so that I can revisit, 2) display details of the location (link to wiki perhaps), 3) location labels like on google map (or maybe I’m dumb and dunno how to set this?) 4) a “back” button, because when I accidentally touched the screen, I couldn’t go back to what I was looking at before, and it’s impossible to find it again and I have missed it forever.

  29. JP dice:

    I do really like this app, BUT the main reason I have it is that I want to be able to ‘visit’ locations by viewing VR photos with my VR glasses. This feature used to be available, but now barely any of the images seem to be available in VR; instead, you just get a 360 photo that you can scroll with your finger! It isn’t nearly as immersive. Also, there used to be thousands of VR photos that you could view for any location – now there are barely any! Love the museum exhibitions, though 😀

  30. Useful. But uploading phtotspheres is a coin flip if it works. For example, I uploaded 4 photo spheres, one comes through fine on steeetview and Google maps, 1 does appear of I zoom right in to thw area. But the other 2 don’t appear at all, and even in the app when I finally get them to show up, they arw the same sphere rather than 2 different ones. There isn’t wven an option to re upload or retry a sphere, If it doesn’t upload correctly the first time, that’s it, you don’t have another chance

  31. This app does not work with oneplus devices i create a photosphere and then it doesnt show the result to me whenever i click the photo the closes.

  32. Takes a good 360 picture but crashes every time I attempt to view the image I’ve taken, which makes the app worthless.

  33. Very good app for publishing 360° photos from smartphones 😁 Would be a good idea to improve it 🌟 or have all its functionality absorbed by other Google products before planned discontinuation on 2023-03-21 💀 With Alphabet now laying off 12,000 employees 🙊 to stay in business they need all the voluntary contributors they can get 😬

  34. The fact that you’re discontinuing an app that many people rely on and instead requiring people to buy expensive 360° cameras and upload big video files instead of relatively small photo files is not great.

  35. If you’re going to end this app, can you pls make a dedicated 360 or photosphere app. I really liked this feature from street view.

  36. Only used this app a few times, but I can tell already that it’s useless. The Blue lines are faulty. Some of them are too close to each other and/or overlap, so you end up jumping to a different area continuously. Sometimes you jump to a different area when you haven’t even touched a nearby line. And some lines don’t even show the correct places. For example there’s a line a quarter of a mile away from me which jumps to a street over a mile away when you follow it for a few metres. There’s many more places on the app like that.

  37. It’s one of the best apps for creating your own Street View imagery or virtually exploring the world!

  38. This is really a very excellent app but, there’re many error in it. It doesn’t provide accurate image often.

  39. ‘Processing’ of files takes ages. The mapping engine sometimes associates the imagery with the wrong path, if that path is nearby. Similarly, if two routes are close together, it sometimes prints two parallel trails. It also applies short ‘spurs’ of trails where side roads are. There are no tools for the user to resolve these issues ….being able to delete incorrect map trails and to drag them to the correct path would be helpful. It’s a nice feature. Regularly fails to process uploads.

  40. Google maps could use a little bit of an update on their app but otherwise it’s an all right it’s a chill app so Google Street view is pretty awesome but very out of date

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