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The Expedia app is your all-in-one travel companion, making it fast, easy, and convenient to find and save on all your amazing adventures ahead. Dreaming of a beach vacation in Florida? Or a romantic getaway in Paris? Whatever your reason to escape, you’ll find Member Prices to help you get there for a great price. Plus, earn double Expedia Rewards points for every eligible trip booking you make in the Expedia app.

Members get more through the app, including:
– Save an average of 15% or more off thousands of hotels with Member Prices*
– Earn rewards to use on future trips
– In-trip extras as your status rises, like free room upgrades when available

Simply log in, or join for free to begin enjoying your Expedia member benefits.

Get inspired for your next trip by exploring over 500,000+ hotels worldwide, including boutique hotels, luxury hotels, airport hotels, hostels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, and resorts. Plus, enjoy free cancellation on most hotels. Because flexibility matters.*

From trip planning to booking, the Expedia app is designed to enhance your travel experience and keep you one step ahead with real-time travel alerts and the ability to view your trip details anytime, anywhere.

Search for hotels to fit your escape:
– Save 10% or more on thousands of hotels with Member Prices
– Sort by price, free cancellation, deals, or reviews to find a hotel you’ll love
– Read real reviews from verified hotel guests

Find your perfect flight:
– Choose from hundreds of airlines and flights
– Sort by price, no change fees flights, duration, or departure and arrival time
– Book with confidence and get the best deal on your next flight with Expedia’s new Price Tracking and Predictions.
– Book all class types, from economy to first-class seats

Get going as soon as you land:
– Enjoy round-trip car rentals from any airport – with no cancellation fee
– Reserve rental cars up to 30 minutes in advance
– Choose from our selection of standard car rentals, luxury autos, SUVs, and more

Discover and book things to do:
– Browse and book activities for hundreds of destinations worldwide
– Get tickets for tours, shows and theme parks, museums, and more
– Reserve airport shuttles and ground transportation

Book in a flash and get rewarded for your travel:
– Already signed in? Complete your booking in less than 30 seconds
– Earn double Expedia Rewards points on all your app purchases

Your trip companion, no matter the device:
– View upcoming trip details, hotel address information, and get maps for directions
– Receive alerts for flight delays, hotel check-out times, and more
– Share itineraries with family and friends via email or text message
– Browse inspiring travel guides

Download the Expedia App for hotels, flights, cars rentals, activities and bundle deals today!

*These offers are only available to Expedia Rewards members. The discount will be applied to the price of selected hotels (excluding applicable taxes and other fees). Prices displayed include the promotional discount and are per room, per night, based on two people sharing a room. Blackout periods may apply and a minimum hotel stay may be required. Please check individual hotel for details. Offers are subject to limited availability and may be discontinued without notice. Expedia’s usual booking terms and conditions apply. Free cancellation on most hotels. Some hotels require you to cancel at least 24-48 hours before check-in. See property pages on our app for details.

The Expedia app uses information for analytics, personalization, and advertising. By using our app, you agree to our privacy and cookies policies.


Thanks for seeing the world with Expedia, your on-the-go companion. This update contains some bug fixes and performance improvements to make your digital experience as smooth as possible. Bon voyage, traveler!


40 comentarios en "Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car MODDED 2022"

  1. The app used to work well, but now over the past year, when I go to my trips they asked me to sign in even though I clicked profile and it shows me signed in. The app is also struggling and takes an extreme amount of time to recognize the airport I’m trying to go to. It has never been like this in the past, there’s some sort of error that needs to be fixed. I have used the app on three separate phones and have the same issue with all three.

  2. K Lambert dice:

    I have been trying to book a flight using my travel credit for the third time and the flight credit is not reflected at check out. I have called expedia (previously) because of this but to no real resolve. Only to end up being told I’d have to pay $800 plus over the credit. So travel credit only means you’ll be paying even more than your original credit. Especially if flying out of the country.

  3. Elric42 dice:

    This app is terrible. I’ve tried to create an account 3x now, but it never sends the confirmation email. I’ve also tried multiple email accounts, nothing works. It is EXTREMELY frustrating to be standing in line for a rental and not being able to view my reservation. Thanks Expedia!

  4. Kay Tzu dice:

    I would like it if it mirrored the website experience where the user could “heart” or favorite a property that they already looked at. This app forces you to do a new search instead of going direct to the room you already knew you wanted. The photos don’t allow you to zoom in with your two fingers to look at the picture detail. But if you like the website, you won’t like the mobile app. The website is the superior experience. App doesn’t allow you to post reviews for negative hotel experiences.

  5. The flights were hard to find as far as my departure time from Boston to the layover times and getting into San Diego before dark. Renting a car was fairly easy, because on other sites you have to book separately. I got a non-stop coming back at a great price. Paid a lot for the car, but it was convenient. Expedia is a great app! This is the first time I’ve used it. They ran out of cars on Orbitz after I spent hours booking my trip.

  6. iris soh dice:

    I used to love expedia because it offers a very competitive price and it has great app functions. It shows you the full price after tax and fee right up front, great options for filters, and filters out in detail. I loved the app before and booked all my hotels on it. But it has been having major issues lately. At first, it was just trip booked would say I am not signed in and not show the trips. It would work after several reloading attempts, but now it’s not even letting me sign in on the app.

  7. Exceptional for travelingnin finding good deals and organizing your trip from booking a flight, to hotels, to car rentals. This is a very organized app and is generally cheaper than booking elsewhere. They let you know about traveling deals that are docked down a couple hundred dollars, some smaller discounts some much more significant. But overall it makes the process of traveling much more simple and effective to do everything in one place at a good price.

  8. Constant issues booking with expedia. Over the last 2 years there have been 10 mess ups ended up in over a thousand dollars waisted. Customer support has very nice people when you actually get to talk to them but getting a real person on the phone is nearly impossible due to automatic system. Every expedia person I have talked to was friendly but not helpful. Usually they say theirs hands are tied and cannot assist in the matter. Very dumb.

  9. I have been using Expedia for years and even with other up and coming competitor apps, I still love the ease in which I can, search, save, customize, and bundle my trips for a smooth and pleasant planning experience. Unlike other apps where you have to back out of a deep search to go through it all over again with different contingencies. Expedia is literally the best at what it does!

  10. Very convenient at first. Ease to book and confirm my stay but after canceling and setting up my refund, it took a great turn. The number to contact doesn’t let you actually speak to someone and they always have technical difficulties locating my refund. I’ve sent emails with no response. It’s been over 2 months I will definitely not recommend to anyone Edit: Refund policy is a joke. Careful what you select before canceling for any reason.

  11. The app keeps producing an error. Tried emailing Expedia using the email address listed on play store and I got a message back that they retired that email address. Couldn’t find another one to alert them to the issue. I can now see why they have so many bad reviews on play store. They don’t seem to be concerned with correcting these issues. Their chat feature is useless. Automated and can’t get through to anyone. I used to love this service over all others but now it’s useless.

  12. Update 2/10/23: still not working 1/26/23: Literally unable to do ANY task anymore due to sign in bug. Uninstalled as pointless. 1/20/23: have been using this for a year now and am downgrading from 4 star to 2 star. Half the time it becomes unresponsive with loading screens. 90% of the time it will sign you out for no reason as you switch between tabs. Then the sign in button stops responding, even after force close! Aug 2022 Fairly easy to use, but buttons for sign in don’t respond

  13. It keeps saying the fare you have selected is no longer available. I have been trying like 5/6 times to book a flight and hotel through my computer and app but both ways its keeps saying the same thing over and over again. I don’t even know why they have selection of flight if its not available .I even tried different flight but still the same issue.Like its sooooooooo ridiculous. I’m done with this nonsense

  14. Cat dice:

    Would have given a higher rating since its my go-to but right now they’re giving the appearance that they lost 22 reservations because they’re not showing up for me and the greatest advice I got was either to put in a bunch of work for an email to fix the app or to just simply trust that they haven’t actually lost my reservations because she can see them…. $13K in reservations for European vacation and this is what they’re giving. Not cool.

  15. Doug C dice:

    More thorough than ever. I get the next prices, most the time the same as AAA & AARP rates. Often they have a lower non-refundable option as well. I haven’t seen the insure trip option in a while. I don’t know why I would opt for that if the rate is fully refundable. Maybe someone can inform me. I have lots of information regarding the area and options for outings. I don’t do those unless I’m on a cruise. But it’s nice for those who don’t over research the area we will be traveling to.

  16. Expedia is just plain better than all the rest! I checked them all out before booking my package for a trip overseas. PL would be my second choice and after that just forget about it. I even had to call Expedia with questions and got through right away and my questions were answered. The app is the best one and along with getting the best deal I got peace of mind. Five stars from me! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  17. B Carey dice:

    Expedia shows you “exclusive” prices for rental cars when you book a hotel through them, but then cannot actually book the reservation at the advertised price. * In regards to the developer response, I already contacted customer support and they couldn’t resolve the issue. The only advice I continue to receive is “wait 24-72 hours and try again”. Pointless.

  18. I use Expedia to plan trips, but I can’t use the app because of a serious error. I’ve been trying on two different Samsung phones, and get the same issue on both. As soon as I open the app, an error window pops up saying about:blank, message: too many requests. When I close the error window, it comes right back. No matter how many times I close it, it keeps coming right back, even after I exit the app, it continues. I have to restart my phone to make it stop. Never seen this with other app

  19. I always use this app when traveling, or even getting a hotel room close to home. One time I accidentally purchased two sets of plane tickets because I thought the first purchase didn’t go through. I tried to refund the first but they wouldn’t without charging me $75 per ticket. Expedia customer service was kind, courteous, professional and best of all they were understanding. I got my refund within minutes! Now this is the ONLY app I will use to book my travels!

  20. Expedia has really gone downhill lately. Last 2 times I booked I was charged by expedia and the hotel. They both just blame each other and finally you get your money back after a week. They also like to automatically input a date exactly one month ahead of the current date. So if you are just looking for a room for the night and don’t pay close enough attention to the month, it will look like a booking for the night. Then they put all the non refundable hotels first and take your cash, no refund

  21. Not very pleasant to use. Everytime I select “search this area” the app does the exact opposite. It zooms out all the way and shows me ALL the options available everywhere instead of in the area I wanted. When browsing in the map view, there’s no way get rid of the little banner that shows a hotel’s information. I would like to be able to discard that banner/card and look at a full view of the map again if the hotel I clicked on isn’t to my liking.

  22. N Maharaj dice:

    Glitchy, difficult app. Whoever designed it has no idea what users require. It would be logical that bookings be made available offline as users are traveling to countries where they may not have mobile services. The virtual assistant is absolutely useless. Why does one need it to cancel a reservation? Too many clicks to get to your reservation details.

  23. Very good if you know exactly where you want to land. Needs option to look along a route for options outside city limits, but within nearby smaller towns. If you are a frequent user of a hotel, car rental, airline,… expect to use extra effort to get that frequent number put onto the Expedia-made reservation. Some clerks aren’t trained well.

  24. Update- the problem is if you have a child added it will not pull up flights. Reported the issue yesterday and they acted like it was a known issue but it still won’t work. After using Expedia for the past 11 years I am completely unable to book anything. The app gets stuck on “searching for flights” and never finds anything. I completely cleared the data and uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times and still nothing. This has been going on for the past 3 days.

  25. I will never use expedia for another booking!! EVER!! I had a flight that I received credit for from canceling. I tried 4 times, with an expedia agent to rebook. At one time the agent told me to give them 4 business days to get a hold of the airline the credit was with, so they could verify the rules on the credit. They said they would get a hold of me, to book the flight. Turned out they didn’t, plus they never showed the expiration date of the credit until a month after it expired.

  26. Really bad app; it still does not recognises past trips even after many tries with booking numbers etc. Secondly it is not intuitive, or i am stupid; each time i open the app it shows only option to book ‘stays’ while i want tobook flights… Thirdly there is no one available to talk to… it seems it is a company without actual people. Phone numbers ar well hidden away, and when found they warn about long waiting times and you do not get through. I booked my last trip with expedia.

  27. S English dice:

    Don’t use this app or this company, reserve with the airline, car rental, or hotel directly. I am out of 300.00 for a car reservation. I contacted Expedia to make a car reservation, but the price on the app wasn’t Easirents price. After confirming reservation, I was notified that there would be a 500.00 deposit, and I’d have to use my own car insurance. That info was never disclosed. So I contacted Expedia to cancel, but they didn’t. Horrible customer service. Scammers!

  28. Expedia failed to modify my reservation with my hotel to check in a date later than originally planned. The hotel charged me for a no show and the night I actually traveled. They refused to fix it stating I didn’t go by cancelation policy. I never cancelled I changed on the app to check in a day later. It cost me an extra $250.00. Don’t recommend using expedia!!

  29. Very helpful and efficient for booking anything travel related. Nice discounts too! EDIT: Something is wrong with my expedia app! Always signs me out. I never had a problem until over a week ago. Now it never recognizes my password, ao then I have to reset create a new password then it works then the next time I go into my app it wants me to sign in, I sign in and it doesn’t let me sign in..then I have to create a new password. Repeat, repeat. How can this issue be fixed? I need to use it be

  30. My problem isn’t with the app… it’s with the customer service. They tell you one thing… then when you follow their guidance, they backtrack. I was told that I could use my credit for a cancelation as long as I bought the tickets by a certain date. When I tried to purchase another flight, I was told I couldn’t use the credit because I wasn’t going to be taking the flight by the date given. PURE BS!!!!!!!

  31. There have been a couple times when I have booked a room for one date and it comes back confirmed, after paid, for a completely different date. I book a lot of rooms. I never happens on other apps. So I am certain it is me, but there is something less than intuitive or it would not happen. Customer service was good after the face, but I do not like the app at all.

  32. It split my reservation to check in twice to the same hotel for one reservation. Couldn’t get ahold of customer service because of 2 hour wait each time I called or got on the chat. I won’t use Expedia anymore after this weekend. Everyone but me was able to get a refund and paid the same price as me by booking through hotels or directly with the hotel.

  33. As I get ready to book a flight to my dear mom who I haven’t seen in nearly 3 years due to COVID. Booking a flight through Expedia makes everything simple. I can easily modify the dates to find the best bang for my travel dollars, because I’m super flexible in terms of the travel window. Not only it’s easy to do research on the best windows to travel at lower prices, the app proactively reminding me the prices have dropped and asked me to return to completey booking, so I really like this.

  34. I really like the descriptions of each area and the prices are fairly reasonable. The cons for me was trying to pick a particular place I wanted to stay. The location symbols were all so stacked that it was really hard to get to the motel I wanted. It was also confusing to try to find a package in the location I wanted. Expedia keeps taking me to other locations instead of the one I want.

  35. The Expedia app is simply excellent. Made trips to multiple countries and through multiple airlines, and it works perfectly. Also booking for hotels works very well. it’s simple and easy to use. I always get alerts on time and links to do the check-in with the airlines and hotels. Super recommended

  36. Overcharged on hotel. I contacted Expedia and was told a credit would be issued. Been approximately 2 months, and no credit given. UPDATE: Contacted Expedia again on 10/6. Now I can’t get the credit. After another 1 hour and 45 minutes call, and be transferred, they said They’d give me a $100 Expedia credit, rather than the credit they promised. Extremely poor customer service.

  37. I get notices from one of the airlines but not from the other one booked, making it confusing. Notifications are inconsistent, and dont allow forwarding of the itinerary to other parties. When I went to pay it asked for my customer # making it unclear whether payment went through or not. Not the usual comfort in using app as it used to be- I feel like I still need to constantly check and recheck everything . Prices were good, the only thing positive really.

  38. Ive used expedia for several years; personal and business. I’ve been happy with the competitive discounts, reviews, travel and accommodation options. Ive found better deals on the ground only about 5% of the time…but lets face it, we don’t always have that kind of time to research.

  39. NEVER TRUST!! DONT USE!! There are thousands of other options. My first experience was worst. booked international flight and got correct confirmation email but actually my destination was changed and customer service took 6 month and at the end they said it was my fault though I provided screenshots of confirmation email. Very bad experience with expedia. Don’t trust them.

  40. Might as well deal with the actual airline. Prices are not good and the points are not high at all. Spent over one thousand dollars and got four dollars in points. Also, Expedia changed my flight and charged me for wanting it changed again. Definitely avoid the middle man and simply deal with the airline you want. The broker fees are too high.

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