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The Sesame Place App is your must-have in-park companion for your trip to the nation’s only theme park based entirely on the award winning show Sesame Street. It’s free and easy to use.

Plan your day in the park!

• Discover park amenities including rides, events, and dining
• View today’s schedule so you can plan your next move
• Upgrade your in-park experience with a Magic Queue®, character dining experience, and more
• View park hours for the day

Turn your phone into your ticket!

• Access your Season Passes and barcodes to use your discount in the park
• Access your Pass Member benefits and information
• View your purchases and barcodes for easy redemption
• Purchase in-park add-ons and upgrades to optimize your day

Get to the fun faster!

• Explore our new interactive maps to see your location and nearby attractions
• Find your way in the park with directions to nearby points of interest
• Filter points of interest by type, including rides, dining, and shops
• Locate the closest restroom, including family restrooms
• Search the name of an attraction or point of interest to find exactly what you are looking for


Thanks for all your continued feedback. This release contains the following enhancements:
• Miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Sesame Place FULL"

  1. My family has a Sesame Place tradition where we go once every Christmas season and every year I download the app to use at the park. I was so disappointed during our visit this year when I found a completely different app that really served no purpose. The map wouldn’t load right and no longer has the ability to map you to your destination. Showtimes were hard to find. It lost the ability to find where your favorite characters might be. In short, the app is worthless. Might as well get rid of it completely 🙁

  2. Haven’t actually used it yet at the park but it’s easy to use enough details and seems to have a feature to locate you and help you get to the ride… hopefully it continues to work at the park

  3. I love that I can manage my whole trip from the app. The only criticism is the map…it could be more intuitive.

  4. When we used this Sesame Place app 23 July 2021, we were seeking help for the best use of our time after driving 3 hours with a 3 year old, spending several hundred dollars, and finding too little information on site about what was happening when and where. The app was little help. It seemed to replicate what we found online. The app directed us to find a sign in front of an attraction and scan it for information about showtimes — that simply directed us back to the app. Useless.

  5. I love this theme park and this app for it’s ease of use specially if you have season passes !

  6. Garbage. The whole app is a crappier version of the website to sell tickets and upgrades. Good luck getting it to load the passes you already bought (if you can find it). And dont bother trying to find any perks or reserve anything. Just buy tickets. Can someone please look at the Disney MDE app and have a teenager follow that model instead? Such a bummer you can buy passes and the app does nothing but link you to buy more tickets essentially.

  7. What an awful app! Instead of having the “tickets” section to link to the season passes or tickets you already bought, it’s only there to sell more tickets?? and even finding where your season pass is actually located on the app in order to show the attendant when you get to the park is so difficult!! terrible app!!

  8. Slow. Error filled. Takes forever to load up a map or show schedule. If you no longer give out paper maps, you should make sure that your app is functional!

  9. Family pestering me to find a map on our trip while stressed out. I download this and people are yelling at me that when I try to read the map, it says to download the app to read it…while I’m USING the app I downloaded. THIS IS NOT AN APP THIS IS A BROWSER FOR THIS WEBSITE. Unacceptable.

  10. Easy to navigate, had to learn were things were because of the update, but it’s much easier to use now, doesn’t glitch like it used too

  11. So easy and interactive

  12. Decent app for a kids amusement park

  13. It’s Soo much easier to use now & I can always check the schedule of what’s happening with shows to meet and greets with certain characters!

  14. app is no good…at $75 per person + $23 for parking you can not afford a good operating app with correct showtime? Horrible map…

  15. app crashes and never loads the page. walking around sesame place with no sense of direction.

  16. Sesame Place is a great place for children and their families. I wish there were charging stations around the park so people don’t want to have to use the plugs in the bathrooms.

  17. daughter loved the place but app and site keep crashing. will update next time i go.

  18. App attempted to load a web page on startup, and failed. 0 stars due to being non functional.

  19. Great info. Easy to use app

  20. Worthless. Might as well use the website for a better experience.

  21. App keeps closing out, can’t even use it

  22. very poor, print out a paper map instead

  23. just use the internet site, this is useless for a map.

  24. just a app to guide to you to the website.

  25. It’s just the regular website with a navigation banner on top😒. Pretty
    much pointless to download. You might as well just bookmark the webpage
    onto your home screen- its the same thing. It would be nice if it was an
    actual app and had features not available on the website…for instance a
    park map that shows where u r in the park using GPS. And I’m sure they
    could come up with lots of other fun features.

  26. Was not perfect before, but with the new update all this is just the web
    page in an app format. At least the old design had some exclusive park
    features and made it worthwhile to use. Features don’t work on the app like
    they do on the regular browser too. I guess my question is “What is the
    Point of this App?” As a season pass member I want to enjoy the app, but in
    its current format it adds no value.

  27. Was better before. It is now just the website in an app. I wish it showed
    the restaurant hours or an update on any ride closures. Would be great to
    have while in the park. The only thing this is handy for now is the time of
    a show. Doesn’t even show my season pass or any other tickets I have bought.

  28. Worst app ever. I have season passes but it doesn’t show on the app. The
    app is also slow and takes forever for it to load show times

  29. It sucked doesn’t work period

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