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Voice guided navigation for Google Maps Go, optimized for low-memory phones.
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Navigation for Google Maps Go provides GPS turn-by-turn voice guided navigation and is optimized for performance on low-memory phones. Download this companion app to get real-time navigation for Google Maps Go. Begin by searching for directions in Google Maps Go and then tap on the Navigation button.

Provides real-time, turn-by-turn navigation when used with Google Maps Go

Experience the navigation quality of the original Google Maps but designed to perform better on phones with limited memory

Get navigation for driving, walking, bicycling and motorcycles, where available

Stores your route so that you get continuous navigation, even if you lose network connectivity

Hear voice-guided navigation in more than 50 languages

Navigation for Google Maps Go cannot be used as a separate, standalone app and must be launched after searching for directions in Google Maps Go


Voice guided navigation for Google Maps Go, optimized for low-memory phones.


40 comentarios en "Navigation for Google Maps Go FULL"

  1. n8_vel dice:

    App just crashes the first time I just used it. I’ve already had a problem with offline maps in the original Google maps not showing the blue direction marker even after downloading the directions. I don’t understand how something that’s been around for the longest time smartphones have been out can’t just work properly and smoothly. It’s like the biggest companies make the worst stuff.

  2. In the last few updates, voice recognition much more frequently misconstrued (minterpretred) what I said. It was much better in previous ones. Frustrating. Also, when I want to temporarily suspended navigation by going back to the previous screen (to save battery use), it continues to give me instructions unlike previous versions. And, what happened to speed trap notifications? Did you switch providers? There are several other differences that do not appear to be improvements.

  3. When I downloaded this and tried it the first time in my house, it worked fine. But the two times I tried it when I was out on the road, the Navigate in App was not even showing in Maps Go even though the Google Play Store was showing that it was installed on my smartphone! So Maps Go, to me, is worthless if I can’t hear the audio giving me directions because I don’t like having to continually look down at my smartphone when I am driving.

  4. The app sometimes freezes as your driving. The car icon continues to move along, down the route like everything is fine. Until u realize that it froze and is no longer giving u step by directions. Very frustrating when you have to turn around and back track. This happened a while back on one of the updates I’ve tried uninstalling the update and now it’s been like 3 updates since it started and it still does it to me once in a while. Please give me insight on how to fix this…

  5. I’ve always had great experiences with Google Maps, until now! When I touch on the “Maps Icon” on my home screen, the screen flashes as if I took a screen shot! Then my home screen becomes frozen. I have to pull up my open tabs which is the only button that works when this happens and close out the app then I can use my phone but I haven’t been able to access maps in a few weeks now I guess I’m just going to attempt to use Waze that’s the only other one I really know! What’s going on here?

  6. People don’t seem to understand the purpose of this app, Navigation for Google Maps Go is NOT a replacement for Google Maps or Waze. This app is intended to be a lightweight navigation experience for Android Go devices and older phones. The app performs admirably and provides a sufficient, lightweight experience. Certain features, such as satellite view, take up larger amounts of space and have been cut from the app to allow a smaller impact on storage. If your phone is relatively new and runs well, use the standard Google Maps or Waze. If your phone is older or you’re using an Android Go device, this app will get you going where you need to go with a simple interface and quick navigation.

  7. M. W. dice:

    I hate this app, it never works. I have to go through the secure log in at least 3 times every time I try to use maps and then it will never load the map or list the directions. Extremely frustrating….It can’t manage to show me a map but it sure manages to track every move I make otherwise. NOTHING BUT JUNK AND SPYWARE!! What a waste of time, almost makes me late whenever I try to use it because it WONT EVER LOAD wifi or cell, either way. I always end up having to find directions elsewhere.

  8. SG21 version does not have voice look up. It does not allow you to add navigation alerts like crashes. It does not allow you to search along current route. Maybe these features exist and I do not know how to turn them on, but previous versions did not require activation if this is the case. At best this would make it a less intuitive design, but I am fairly sure they are missing all together. Sadly I have two choices, use another app like Waze or Hotspot my SG9 just to run maps.

  9. Wish this would stop coming pre-installed on phones. WORST. APP. IN EXISTENCE. I have been using this app for a little over a year and I can easily say it needs a COMPLETE overhaul. My husband has the IOS version of this while I use the android version and we have both agreed, this app has lost its shine. Whenever we go to hit “get directions” from any browser it will launch the play store and never allow the app to start its navigation. It actually hasn’t worked properly in almost 3 years.

  10. Update: The app works on Android Pie devices. So, I’m updating my rating. However, if this app is supposed to be for low-memory phones, it might not be hard to imagine that the phone is not running on the latest version of Android, and thus should ensure it runs on older OS’s. The app is not working on my Android Marshmallow device. When I launch this app via the MapsGo app, I get an message that simply says, ‘Something went wrong’, with options of ‘Retry’ (which, didn’t work) or exit. Please fix.

  11. I’ve been using this lite version of Google Maps for a while, without any problem. Today, I had the same issue that previous users have been complaining about. Every time I try to “Navigate in the app”, instead of showing me the route, it takes me to the download page in Google Play Store, which, of course, shows that the app is already installed! Then I thought it was because my original pre installed Google Maps was not updated, which I did, and restarted my phone. But the behavior was the same. So it’s a general problem and it’s still there.

  12. I’m currently on a cross country drive. Your app keeps prompting me for a “faster route”. After telling it “No” once, it has proceeded to continue to update. Used to, when you ignored the prompt – it would go away. Now if you ignore it, it automatically assumes I want to take the new route. Its incredibly dangerous for me to keep reaching down just to try and continue on the route I chose. Im not going to kill myself because you want me to take the “faster route”. Will be finding a new app.

  13. I find a business in Firefox and click on directions. Instead of offering Maps or start, it only offers ‘Navigate in APP’. Clicking on. It ONLY AND ALWAYS takes me to the play store where it shows me it is installed. The app never starts. I must copy the address out of Firefox and paste to Maps to get anywhere. This is worse than useless and horrible.

  14. This App does not launch. It brings you back to an install app for “Navigation for Google Maps Go” The only prompt is that it is available multiple devices. If I choose that, the app hangs. Rebooting did not resolve. This app is worse than useless. It was a total waste of my time and has caused a missed bike route for the day. Minus zero stars!

  15. For some reason on Google play store it shows that navigation is installed yet the app does not show on my phone. I thought I might be able to access it through maps go, however there’s no option to start navigation. This wasn’t the case before so it might be an issue with my phone and not the app itself but please try to fix it. I find this app very useful but I don’t have access to it.

  16. The app is a junk. Was forced to install it by Google maps since it kept bringing Navigate option instead of directions. However after installing the app, it never worked and kept giving message something went wrong without giving specific details. Tried to follow some debugging steps like installing google maps go to sort out the issue. However that never fixed. Finally, I m uninstalling this app – a useless piece of junk

  17. Can’t disable voice navigation so it screams over music playing. Seriously? Better yet, if you cancel via the back button to close the app, you can’t leave navigation. It will scream at you while driving every opportunity to turn until you reboot your phone. This is embarrassing for the company that maintains the OS the app is interacting with. How can you leave such a blatant bug in one of the most used apps in your ecosystem?

  18. The app never works, says it is installed on my Galaxy note9 but is not there and does not run. Not worth the time it takes to try to make it work. I really expected better from. Google, maybe instead of nap time at the campus, they could actually work on a map app that could actually navigate to a destination.

  19. Absolutely horrible now. Google just updated maps and now when I try to navigate I can only the voice guidance because the map freezes. I tried rebooting phone which worked for about a minute. To bad I can’t uninstall the update. There’s no option for it. Maybe concentrate a little bit more on customers and technology instead of political censoring.

  20. Drives me nuts (no punn intended). I hate that when I need to use my GPS it’s when I’m about to be driving somewhere usually in a hurry, or am already en route & need it to catch up to me, even just trying to turn the app on seems to take forever, never mind typing or telling it your destination, but oh my God, hitting “start” isn’t as easy as it seems, esp when it moves around slightly so that you hit it repeatedly and suddenly find you accidentally hit the wrong button b/c of the slow nature.

  21. I wish I could give this app zero stars. Whoever decided to separate the Navigate option from the Google Maps app should be fired on the spot. Why on earth would I want a maps app that can not navigate? Not to mention the Navigate app NEVER works (it just kicks me back to the play store where it tells me its already installed) which is really helpful when I’m lost and in my car in an unfamiliar area.

  22. The Compass is too small(and stays Toooo small-not resizable by option or otherwise, and when I hit the Arrow it turns, and it dissapears(It doesn’t help because it doesn’t stay, and is tooooo small to easily see, and the Map doesn’t continue to orient per my phone’s positioning. What good is a Compass that doesn’t show the way? Please add the Compass back to the maps, and and make it also that the user can move the display when needed to another place on the map, and also hide when needed.

  23. There’s NO way to turn OFF the voice. Hate that. That’s a deal-breaker. I NEVER want voice navigation. There is no dark mode – night mode either. These features are a no-brainer and would not increase the size of the app, so why leave them out? Removing voice would actually make it lighter, duh, and night mode saves your eyes and Battery. Double duh Uninstalling now. LAME

  24. I UNINSTALLED THIS APP IT SUCKS! I installed this be cause I thought it would make the Google maps application better. It does not! the “navigation” arrow appears where the “start” arrow used to be. Once the “navigation” start, it does not give any assistance to driving or directions. Now, granted I did not read how it is supposed to work, but i shouldn’t have to read on how it works. it just should “navigate” me to my destination. Just like it used to do. I uninstalled this app. It sucks

  25. Excellent software, excellent directions, even gives me short cuts when I switch mode to terrain. Aside from terrain, there are routes for cars, motorcycles estimated time of arrival. I’ve recently moved to cape town, so I knew nothing as far as locations were concerned. I depended solely on Google maps go for everywhere I went. And I’m happy to say it has never let me down, I have never gotten lost or arrive late for a job interview. Keep it up. I highly recommend anyone to use this app.

  26. Horrible!! When I select a business location and select the directions, it brings me to this option. And to download it. After one year of trial and five times later oh, the map never opens up and keeps bring me back to the setting where I need to install it! You think that after a year the problem would be solved. As soon as I get this problem I go to Google maps I never have an issue! I’ve never encountered such a terrible app on my cell phone!!! I’ve read other people having the same identical problems as myself

  27. It’s great but I am facing issues with Google maps giving directions when Bluetooth is on. I have tried many ways but it won’t work when Bluetooth on, if i switch it off then it works fine. I did try to uninstall Google Maps several times and it only works once before it stops again. Other people seems to be experiencing this issue too so please look into it to find a solution. Thanks

  28. Alan H dice:

    This seriously needs a user interface expert to redesign the app, lots of counter intuitive things about it, it seems to pin just one route. It needs a go button once selecting routes to get to route/map. The back button usually means go back to the previous page. Needs a home button. Why not have a feature to save routes. Allow for map downloads to use offline. Print would be nice.

  29. The visual interface is very clean and crisp, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn off voice prompts. It even overrides turning the phone to silent and do not disturb. Searching for this issue on Google brings back a zillion results for Google Maps, but nothing for Google Maps Go, because the name of the app is too similar.

  30. Love Maps. Only problem that in the car I lose the sound because my GPS in the car takes over the phone. Personally I wish I could just use my phone for everything and delete the car’s stuff. Making a call, answering a call and having it read a text message was great when the vehicle was new but after a few years the maps are out of date, the directions are no good and after going to 3 dealerships non of them would update the card. (Toyota, Rave 4, 2017.)

  31. Downloaded software. However, when try to navigate a trip, I am directed back to the download site (again) to select my cellphone, which is shows as unavailable. So I cannot use the software. Bummer.

  32. Really fast and easy accurate step by step instructions to get you to your destination in the fastest way possible. It’s incredible because I have a phone that’s low .in available memory and this app was created for phones that have only a small amount of memory,. so it works great and gets you to your destination accurately, and quickly, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time guessing and spending time reading addresses to find the place that you are looking for. Excellent job guys!!

  33. Google maps was fine. When responding to emergencies this apps pop up ads when stopped and interference with the function of normal maps when underway by a partner or co-driver is unbelievably distracting & frustrating.

  34. Does a rather good job. Used it on my car head unit. It loads faster than the standard GMaps. It functions the same way as GMaps too but with a certain letdown: no road names announced. I’m also unable to use Google assistant to input a destination by voice. It’s also quite odd how Go visibly activates the Chrome browser to input the route then forwards the URL to this app. Seems messy. Nevertheless, this works essentially the same as the default Google navigation app once loaded.

  35. This app has caused me so much grief and I cannot even get rid of it. If I go to a simple search screen from my phone and ask for directions, google map appears and gives me a choose or two. Then on the bottom of the screen it says “navigate in app” where I used to only say navigate. When I select this one and only option, it takes me to the Google play store (this page) where it says I already have the app installed. In other words, I cannot navigate with this app as it won’t open.

  36. Absolute Rubbish, when download & installed, it doesn’t show up in apps, every time I click on a Bitly link for google maps, it opens map to go, then click Start to navigate & it sends you to play store which tell you it is installed on phone, this app is just badly broken. Before the Bitly link would open Google map but not now. Doesn’t seem any fix. Just another app that use to be good but now useless.

  37. This was a great app really. In the past, the navigation results were very quick but now I have to wait alot to see the route directions. And Sometimes it doesn’t load the directions only. I have a good internet connection but still this problem. Really annoying and dissapointing. Don’t wanna move to another app. PLEASE PLEASE resolve this issue ASAP.

  38. mark Nova dice:

    App just gives directions without checking traffic problem, accidents, construction etc. This app will put you right in the middle of traffic jam. You can choose to navigate in another app, which I had to install. Why? Why do I have to do it twice. Waste of time. I started using Waze. PS Hey Google! What don’t you have location of traffic cameras? Or notifications of speed traps.

  39. Love it helps get me to my destination using the most efficient route according to distance and real time traffic. (Almost always)There is one thing that I don’t like. When you take a wrong turn it would be nice to know that it is rerouting. Sometimes instead of just telling you to make a uturn it will reroute and take you a really ridiculous long crazy way.

  40. No longer gives a reasonable map. Just photos from space full of too much info to follow when driving. It’s more of a money making app for Google. Why when it’s supposed to be a navigation app. It jus has too much info to use.

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