Official E-ZPass NY MODDED 2022


The official E-ZPassNY and Tolls By Mail App
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Tolls NY is the only official authorized app for E-ZPass NY and Tolls by Mail customers to easily manage accounts and make payments. Download today.

Manage your E-ZPass account:
• Check your account balance
• Get important account alerts
• View your toll history
• Learn what E-ZPass plan is best for you
• Change payment methods
• Make one-time payments
• Update vehicle information

Find and pay your Tolls by Mail invoices:
• Quickly scan and pay your paper Tolls by Mail invoice
• Search for trips you’ve taken using your license plate
• Plan future trips
• Opt-in to receive Tolls by Mail invoices digitally


Thank you for being an E-ZPass NY or Tolls By Mail customer.
In this release we have included minor fixes and updates for performance


40 comentarios en "Official E-ZPass NY MODDED 2022"

  1. After being prompted to login, the app crashed and has not worked since. 11/5/22 update. App is finally working. Overall it’s as good as the website. But, every time after the first login, it does give an annoying message about the network changing and it forcing a logout, then asking if you want to log in again. Just make it log me out when I close the app. No need to tell me the system logged me out. That’s an expected behavior when you close an app!

  2. I don’t understand how it can be broken like this. After installing it works once. Thereafter there’s some bug that renders only the logo while loading and white view where the UI should be. Deleting the storage to start over doesn’t work. Clearing the cache does not help. It seems uninstalling and reinstalling MIGHT work, but no one is going to do that each time they want to open the app! It should not work like this. It should be fixed.

  3. This app was once really good. This app has a glitch that has existed for the last two years. The software opens in a white blank page whenever I try to add money or check my balance. The program won’t open correctly unless I uninstall it and then reinstall it. The word that best describes this app is HORRIBLE. Unfortunately this is the only app NY EZPASS customer can use.

  4. Much worse than just accessing the website. Not sure why I bothered installing. Hard to sort and filter your tolls. Edit, in light of the below update, I tried it again. Literally no different. You cannot sort tolls, they show in a random order on the same day, and it’s generally less useful than just logging into the website from your phone.

  5. Really wanted to like this app, as I incur a lot of tolls in my daily travels and having quick access to those records would be awesome. It also allows for an alternate, actually logical auto-pay method, which is “charge my card for each toll as I incur them”, rather than “charge a large, non-configurable amount when my balance gets low.” This feature alone would have earned it 5 stars, but the app is completely broken at the moment, and hangs on a black screen upon every launch after the first.

  6. Just needed to check my balance. The app forced me to change my password. However when logging in to the website no such password policy exists. Changed password. After logging in with the new password, the app crashes 3 times in a row. Not a pleasant experience… After recent update app won’t even load… Terrible! Still won’t load after clearing cache and force closing the app. Most unreliable app on my phone… Update: App won’t even load now, just a white screen…useless.

  7. Wesley D dice:

    Aside from the fact that the app lacks functionality that directs me to the EZ Pass website most times I need to do something, it also has a disconcerting habit of opening itself without my tapping on it, and while my screen is locked no less. I’m not usually the kind of person to get bugged out at the idea of the government or Google or whatever listening to me, but the fact that it’s taking up resources on my phone without my say so isn’t something I appreciate.

  8. Mike B dice:

    This app sucks so much. It’s almost impossible to find your bill to pay. I kept searching and couldn’t find it. But I knew I had that $0.25 I owed the state for driving 4 miles on the taxpayer funded road, so I kept trying. The app finally found my bill, but by that time it was almost $30. Welcome to NY. We’re fully behind enemy lines here in NY. Even this app helps the state rip us off by not finding your bill until months later.

  9. I speak for everyone when I say this, E-Z Pass is a Monopoly, and one of the biggest modern scams of this generation! This app, though it’s not perfect, is definitely a long time coming major improvement. To the heavy commuter; Pay-Per-Trip is my favorite only if you’re on top of your tolls, but if not, please I beg you! Just use Manual Reload! The recommended refill and threshold amounts are algorithm based and will take your money when the time is right! Be done with those orange envelopes lol

  10. I like the way the app is set up but after the install when you open it again it says to restart the app and the error message comes up. I have to uninstall it and install it again for it to work. Then the same happens again. Would hope that an update can fix the problem as it is better to have the app always signed in than to go online and sign in all the time.

  11. App is useless. I can’t get past the verification part where it says it is sending me a code by text or email. Nothing shows up. I even logged on the website to make sure they had the correct number and email and they do. It just doesn’t show up. Good thing I rarely have to get on there. I will just use the awful website. Not surprised a government app doesn’t work!

  12. Absolute SCAM. To use and/or setup an E-ZPass is anything but that. Go an pre paid on the go one. Tried to setup up an account, but when you do the require you to choice a plan to make account. Then after you that, you have to register the tag under a different tab if it is the on the go one. Was charged 25 dollars on top of what I paid already. When I was trying to cancel the other tag click on the wrong option got charged $46 for the ny12. That drained the account then was charged another $25.

  13. Errors cause loss of payment. Also is at times the only way to apply money to account and app sometimes does not work leading to a negative balance which reflects on credit standing as it relates to a person’s credit score/rating. Customer service does not respond promptly. Usage tales too long to post to the app. Other than that it is convenient when it works.

  14. Draken X dice:

    Unexpected error occurred. Sorry for the inconvenience (option to restart app). The loop continues if you choose to restart the app. Seems to be a network error on the application. Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with the latest firmware from the manufacturer. As well using the latest security patch as of July 1st, 2022. No August update at the time of this review.

  15. It’s not bad…. When it works!! Not that is a very rare occurrence. It almost never works right!! Now the app won’t open! For days now I get the, UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. RESTART APP. if I try to restart it it comes back to the same error page. I even tried installing the app on my other Android phone, same thing, same error message! This app sucks!

  16. Edwin P dice:

    Great app for checking balance and transactions but needs work on adding additional balance and credit cards to the account. Sometimes there are random server errors they give you no choice but to restart the app. Update 01/01/2021 They fixed the problem with paying through the app. Now I can pay with my credit card and it doesn’t time out. Funds are updated on the app as well. This little fix makes the app functionality a lot better. Update 01/16/21 Unable to sign in to app.

  17. Linda L dice:

    This app doesn’t find my tolls or does the web site. I didn’t have a ez pass. They have my credit card info. As I was charged $1.07 on my credit card. Was sent a text. No password was needed like video said. I never received a bill by mail. Traveled 1000 miles. I will be penalized or worse. I should have just waited for the bill by mail. BS… Making people have to buy a ez-pass. Bridge’s will require one now. No one answers the phone. More of NY stealing money. Heard, $50 penalty.

  18. Two stars because it’s a joke. Unless you leave a permanent payment method on file, the app won’t let you pay. Always thinks you’re putting in more than 500 dollars and won’t allow it. Even though I’m putting 100 on it. I REFUSE to let EZPass have access to my accounts because they take too much. At one point I had a 350 dollar balance and they STILL tried to take another 150. The next.month All for tolls weekly that add up to 37 bucks a week at most.

  19. Getting better. App still stalls now and then, but way better than when it launched. (Update 9/14/22) the (android) biometrics log in will not work. I have deleted and reinstalled the app many times but still no fix. Also sometimes it will not take payments. I have to log into the website to do so. Please fix these issues. Thanks. (12/05/2022) No fix yet on the biometrics for Android yet. (Update 2/6/2023) still no fix on the biometrics readers for Android.

  20. Okay app. There are issues with the tolling agencies and their policies and practices. At least the app lets me keep on top of my toll usage and lets me add smaller amounts to my account (more often) than getting a large amount charged and sitting there for a long time.

  21. It was okay but not convenient anymore it’s best to do it on the computer they removed the easy access of logging in with your fingerprint too much constant logging in every time you set login to remember the fingerprint. Don’t bother downloading this app download the other app that has the title EZ Tolls NY

  22. This was a Good working App when 1st released. Its supposed to keep logged in as per my selected option but i constantly have to re-login everytime i reopen it. Other than that…its been overall good. Used to be 5 Stars. Right now its a solid 3 Star rating until my issue can be resolved.

  23. Just installed. Decent app so far, BUT PLEASE add a feature to notify you when you get a max toll. I didn’t even know that was a possibility, but I’ve gotten several because tha tag didn’t read. Email notification would be helpful as well.

  24. The worst app possible. After putting my card information in it won’t let me delete it or add bank info or change anything. But it keeps deducting hundreds of dollars a month from my account and won’t let me switch to pay only as I use the tolls.

  25. Not only are we getting robbed with tolls in the first place, now this app doesn’t work. Won’t even load. Just another way to rob hard working people and frustrate them while doing it. Edit: I literally have to uninstall and reinstall every single time in order for it to work. Absolute garbage. Edit: this app has been nothing but an absolute problem for me.

  26. patrick - dice:

    Terrible, couldn’t access the app or website the whole month of October, so I had no idea I wasnt being read, and the sticky backs in the transponder kept falling off, so my transponder was sitting on my cup holder, and so now I’m paying 4 bucks a trip every time they randomly go back to find one, it’s such a NY thing to pay 4 bucks a trip 3 months later for a 30 cent toll. I’m currently in the negative by about 13 bucks, yesterday was only a couple bucks. Lackawanna-hamburg, almost $100/1month

  27. After many emails to the developer about a blank white screen, I saw others had the same problem. Something was finally done, but now I get logged out and have trouble logging in when I need to.

  28. I absolutely hate this freaking app and the whole new system for paying tolls. Literally every single time I have to pay a toll it takes well over a month for the toll to actually show up as owed and by the time it does show up it is late and I have to pay late fees for it. I called once to ask about this and the rep said it can take 20-30 days for the toll to show up and to just check frequently till it shows. It is alway way past the due date and I always have fees and it’s infuriating.

  29. EDIT: They finally fixed the white screen login bug. App is back to being functional again. Revised back to 4 stars. Changed review to 1 star. The app hasn’t worked since the last update two and a half weeks ago. Shouldn’t take that long to fix, and also they clearly didn’t test properly before the update was released.

  30. This app is broken, again. This time it says “Please check back later. The backoffice system is unreachable. Please try again in a few minutes. Code: 5255” Of course trying again later yields the same message. Trying again a few days later yields the same message. The kicker here is the Thruway Authority just announced rate hikes. How about spending some money on hiring an app developer who can make an app that functions without breaking every few updates before asking drivers to pay even more?

  31. EDIT : 10/20/2022 The blank screen glitch has been fixed Blank screen when app is opened. This has been present for about a month and the developers have continued to ignore it. I’m surprised by this since you literally can’t even use the app. It would be fine if there was a small glitch and they took their time to fix it but the app has literally been useless for the past month due to a blank screen issue

  32. Constant crashes, works when it wants to and always logs you out and biometrics won’t get you back in

  33. E-ZPass NY is very easy to use with the app. All information is you need is available.

  34. Went to add funds told me that there is an error 604. But yet the funds were still taken out of my account. Clothes and reopened the app and saw that the funds were then added appropriately to my EZ pass so I don’t know why I got an error code when it’s still went through.

  35. Constantly kicks me out. Then it doesn’t remember my login. Then there is a hanging load time.

  36. JEM Ma dice:

    Really wish you didn’t have to search every date, going back months, to try to find tolls you need to pay. Why can’t you just type in plate # and get outstanding tolls? This is how they get a lot of toll violation payments.

  37. The app picks and chooses when it wants to work. When it fails to work, you have to go to the direct website to compete anything. Frustrating

  38. Very easy to use and get the information I need. 12/3/2022 Lately, there has been a lot of glitches. Don’t get much assistance when I called. Very annoying.

  39. Lola Naza dice:

    Very easy and convenient payment system, informative and for now seem somewhat safe.

  40. App always crashes 90% of the time I can’t access the account on the mobile app 😑

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