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The fun way to get to your destination
Head to work, run a few errands, or just go for a weekend ride. With the Bird app, get from point A to B safely and with style.

Our mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage and lowering carbon emissions.
Every ride with Bird makes you a part of that mission.


–Get free rides
Share your code with a friend and you both get a free ride.

—Travel together
Riding with friends? The “”group rides”” feature lets you sign up for multiple e-vehicles through just one phone.

—More rides for less money
From daily to monthly rates, Bird has Ride Pass pricing plans that make sense for every rider.

Do your part to keep your community running smoothly. Wear a helmet, use bike lanes, and make sure to park neatly and keep sidewalks clear.

Download now and ride electric.


40 comentarios en "Bird — Ride Electric MODDED 2022"

  1. When it’s good it’s good but when it’s wrong it’s terrible. multiple times I’ve been over charged for problems the app itself creates. mostly errors in parking ex: I’m trying to end a trip and it says I’m in a no parking zone (the GPS is correct) while being a an authorized parking zone. several times for several minutes has easily turned what would’ve been an inexpensive ride to something that would’ve cost less in an Uber. The best you’ll get is a simple apology with no action behind it.

  2. Absolutely terrible. No way to tell if a bike/scooter has any battery before you rent it except for the map which is practically impossible to tell which vehicle is which on. Prices change without any notice and don’t even show up until after you rent. App takes a lot of battery and a long time to lock/unlock, all of which is added to your bill. If you rent a bike you had better be good at a moving dismount because the brakes are useless.

  3. Dan dice:

    COMPLETE SCAM – Makes you pay to try to unlock one, but 2 out of 3 don’t work and your money is gone. Utterly ridiculous. Constantly thinks you’re in a pedestrian area and stops working. Also doesn’t warn you when you’re leaving the service area. It just starts randomly beeping, the same as the pedestrian warning. No message or anything. Terrible system, total scam.

  4. Terrible experience. Agree with previous reviewer this is a scam – $5.37 for 0 miles. I spent about 15 minute downloading the app, setting up a new account, scanning the barcode to check out a scouter, and following the instructions only to find out it’s out of battery. After all of this trouble, I was charged $5.37 without even riding it. I don’t recommend using this service. Also there is no way to disable auto-reload and payment method in the app after it has been setup.

  5. Bad location tracking. Bad service. Went on a ride to a place I’ve parked before, only to get an out of service area error and unable to end the ride. Returned all the way back to exactly where I picked up the scooter from a rack of others. Same error. There was no indication in either area that I was out of service on the map. Took me 20 minutes to find a customer service number, and an additional ten or so to talk to someone. Resolved successfully, but I’m not risking this again. Deleted.

  6. Useful for when the Antwerp (Belgium) transport system fails. However, the payment is a scam. The last one I suffered was the commuter pass, which gives you two rides for up to 30 minutes in 24 horas for 3.99 euros. The pass was still active for 30 minutes when I used my second ride the next day. I travelled to work, but with the time I took closing the Bird app, I went slightly over half an hour and had to pay 11 euros. I paid for a pass for nothing… and will 11 euros I could have taken a tax

  7. More expensive than the other options, but I wanted to try it out because I wanted to compare the experience with the other options. Unlocking it took me a couple minutes, which really didn’t help with my first impression of Bird. And paying was worse, had to pay $10 right from the start. I avoided Bird for so long, finally gave it a chance, but I’ll stick to Lime and Jump.

  8. The sign up process is laborious, and many parts of it don’t work. I’m currently locked out of using the app because my camera sucks and it can’t take a good picture of my license with the automatic sizing and lack of a lighting option. None of the automatic scan features built into the app seem to work, either. It’s a very good idea, but the ease of use needs tons of work.

  9. Still looking forward to my first ride. Was unable to use the first time. Had an out of state license that the app was unable to scan. Manual entry did not function on my phone because i could not fill in the last field (DOB) on the form. I hope to try later. Looks like a great way to go see clients downtown (Boise). Keep working on it!

  10. Jacob N dice:

    Be warned. Very expensive for what you get. The GPS is prone to error. For example, you are parking/returning in the same exact location you picked up, yet it says you cannot park there. Meanwhile, the charges keep rolling in. Filing for a refund for the few dollars spent waiting for GPS to work would be far more troubling than its worth. Also, a very bumpy ride on a generally smooth surface. I won’t be using service again.

  11. So far the app itself is okay to navigate. Some things I wish I could do in terms of features: I like to plan rides ahead of time to know how much it’ll cost/where I’ll be able to park the bird when I’m done. Would be nice to view no parking zones as a filter option when going into the map, even if I’m not riding. I’d like this because I ride in a part of the city with a lot of no parking areas so planning trips is difficult sometimes.

  12. The idea is awesome and love the product but this is a review for the app. The app is garbage. The camera auto takes the photo and takes low quality photos that end up denying the license due to blurry image. App is slow and really weird, sometimes I cant tell if I’m being charged yet or if it’s running and the customer service takes a very long time to respond (hours) to the point that u just uber cus they havent responded. I fully support the scooter movement and its a great way to connect with the city and very fun but the app is trash.

  13. The UI needs a lot of help. Buttons are in difficult places. The map resets back to your location every time you change to a different app then switch back. So you have to rescroll and zoom back to where you were searching, which is the MOST ANNOYING issue in my opinion. Also makes a weird notification sound for no reason every time I open the app. Also have to close and reopen app if I want to refresh the map or battery percentages while charging. That’s not everything either… Lots of improvements needed….

  14. I installed the Lime app and the Bird app. Lime works fine. Bird, after putting in my email, shows the app for a brief moment then goes to a blank screen that says ‘Rental Agreement’. I can’t get out of that screen, nothing i can do. I will try to reinstall it. Update: After emailing Bird support, I learned there was an issue with the release I installed. They fixed it on Feb 1. Glad they were responsive in email. Issue fixed with version 4.21.09, seems to be working now.

  15. As a rider, the app is fine, probably 4 stars. As a charger, it’s horrible! Poor GPS, making you place a scooter in a bad area blocking pedestrian traffic, then having to carry it to the correct spot. And the release button is hidden under “More Details”. I would never have thought of looking under “More Details” for that button; a button is not a “detail”. Plus, nests disappear and reappear for no apparent reason.

  16. DO NOT USE I was scammed and I cannot contact them!! EDIT: I had a problem with the billing but it was solved by customer service. However, the app needs work. It’s ID verification method is slow and showed that it had failed, the passes were over complicated and after purchase they would often disappear. Overall dissatisfied but I believe there is potential.

  17. I’m a charger and every time I open the app, it opens in Charger mode, but the map has no outline and doesn’t show the “no riding” zones. I always have to change the mode to Rider then back to Charger to get the info on the map fully loaded. The more options feature is not intuitive that you have to swipe up to see all the features. I have the latest Android version and am on a Samsung Note 9.

  18. No “Birds” have been located in the areas shown on the map, or if when in charger mode they’re available to pick up, they still are not at the location. I spent 2 hours the other night trying to find “Birds” to charge and only found “one” in the wild to capture that was not even showing available on the map, very disappointed. Not sure how the problem can be fixed, but it needs to be as soon as possible so the “charger people” don’t waste gas.

  19. The rides are super fun and convenient but it’s way too expensive for my developing country, it’s basically same as or more expensive than a taxi here. At least not having the “starting fee” would be nice. Also the app charges you for an extra minute even if you’re over last minute by a second, and the app takes 10s of seconds to end the ride (even though my network connection is good), which are included in the ride duration.

  20. Broken. Took $20 from my credit card when I clicked only $5. Then, when I try to turn off auto-reload, it doesn’t let me. Contacted customer service about the issue, got ne help – sent multiple emails with no help. Eventually they just told me to “restart the app,” which of course didn’t work. I asked them to change it on their end and said they can’t. Terrible app, terrible customer service, terrible company.

  21. The app is slow and buggy, I had issues starting rides and being charged when I shouldn’t have been. To their credit, customer service through the “help” portion of the app was excellent and they refunded me within 10 minutes of sending them a message. I think I’ll be trying a different service but I would use Bird again if the need arises.

  22. Took 5 minutes for map to load with parking spots annotated. Then when I got there, another 5 minutes to recognize that it was there. I had to walk around in circles for it to register I was in a designated parking spot. Then, when I tried to leave feedback, they saw it was one star and then rejected it. A very poor app experience punctuated what would have otherwise been a good ride. Very very frustrating.

  23. Erin W dice:

    1st, the app had too many steps to get started. 2nd, you have to select automatic reload payments to begin instead of being charged as you go/ when your ride ends. The app says you can disable auto payments at any time but you cannot. There is a help article that says you may need to reach $0 balance before you can turn off the auto reload, but once you reach a $0 balance the app automatically reloads. There are too many other ride options with the same rates to deal with this hassle

  24. Every time I’ve tried this app it has failed. This is the third time I’ve been late for work because of it. The GPS tells you one is there and it has never been there, or it’s “unavailable for use.” I tried to get passed the annoyance of seeing them everywhere on the street by trying it, and I have yet to be able to. Update the settings. If one is unavailable, or charging off the street, then SAY THAT. Don’t tell the user its there

  25. This app needs an OVERHAUL. It’s clunky and unintuitive. I’m referring to the map for CHARGER mode. When you click on a bird to gather more info the UI is terrible. And you can’t just “un-select” the bird where the app tried to show you it’s direction. It’s embarrassing that this app hasn’t gotten the needed update to fix these issues.

  26. Been a fan for a long time, but the new “Slow Zone” and “Parking Zone” features are awful. There is no indication when you open the app or when you unlock a scooter that you may have your speed suddenly decreased without your knowledge, or that you may not be able to end the ride when you arrive at your final destination. I had to call customer service to get the ride I was just on ended; I will be following up about a refund and will probably not use Bird again until this awful UX is fixed.

  27. The app loses connection a lot, which can be a way to overcharge sometimes when you try to end a ride because the time keeps going. Recently, I used a scooter for 4 minutes. The scooter locked, but the time kept going. I thought it was a glitch so I kept closing the app and opening it, hoping it would go away. I uninstalled the app and installed it again, but still kept going until it said 25 minutes, then the ride finally ended. I E-Mailed them, but no one has responded back.

  28. Decently-designed app but with a couple major issues. On the ride/scan screen the app said the rate would be $0.15/min but myself and two friends were billed at $0.27/min for my 50 minute ride. The ride history screen doesn’t even show the calculation of how the total is calculated, apparently so they can sneak one past you more easily. I’m still dealing with customer service to get us credits and hopefully refunds for the extra $10 that was charged for an unnecessary refill.

  29. Downloaded the app and prompts state permissions to access phone and turn on my location services. Both allowed and on, but app reverts to telling me to turn on my location services, even though it’s on. Reinstalled with location services on. Links to verify email “not found” on either my PC or my phone. This is your typical poorly designed gig economy app for android with crappy instructions and no support.

  30. Absolute garbage. Forces you to ‘add money’ and subscribe to automatic refills before you can ride, claiming you can turn it off any time. However, if you try to turn auto refills off… You can’t. Clicking the toggle in the ‘payments’ section just prompts you to give them more money. They clearly have little respect for their customers, or they wouldn’t have chosen such an obviously exploitative payment scheme. Do not use.

  31. Zoey Rad dice:

    It’s fun to ride, but we aren’t allowed to ride on the sidewalks in my city, which is ok most of the time, except for when you hit a random awful slow zone streets that is super busy for cars, but the scooter makes it terrifying because you aren’t allowed in the side walk, but cars are zoom past you. Not to mention if you enter a slow zone it doesn’t seem to reduce your speed cap it just seems to turn off resulting in you having to kick with your legs constantly to keep moving.

  32. cool concept terrible execution. Whenever I’m looking for a bird there are either none in my area. And I am in a very populated area. A college campus in a city period or when I do happen to find one it’s about a 30% chance that that thing will work how it should.and about a 50% chance of it actually being there. Do not rely on this app. It is fun if you out hours the waist and can look for a bird and not be disappointed after not finding one over and over again. But if you ever need it to travel somewhere to get to work using it or relying on it to get home after an event. Do not! This thing is not reliable

  33. I finished a ride and the app froze on me. But something is still working because I’m getting a notice that my ride is still active. I still can’t open the app even after I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Who knows if I’m still getting charged… The help line will hangup on you as soon as you get through the prompts. Classic situation of a company not ready to scale up…

  34. By far one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Non stop buggy, connectivity issues(even though I have perfectly working 4g lte on all other apps), would say I’m in a slow speed zone but not have it on the map, which also lagged severally. The scooters also have no way of holding a cell phone so you can actually see the map, so your forced to hold your phone and ride at the same time(very unsafe). 0/10, will recommend people to never use them, worst use of my money to current date

  35. The app overall is good, and the scooters are awesome. The biggest problem I’m having is that even with 4G and 3+ bars, the app says I have no internet connection CONSTANTLY, and it won’t let me do anything on it. My phone is working correctly as other apps will load just fine, but this one won’t. I was in a hurry and tried for a full 5 minutes to unlock a scooter, yet I “didn’t have an internet connection” when I really did, and it wouldn’t work.

  36. New birds are better…smoother pushing them and a lot less problems with alarms randomly going off…much less stressful…THANK YOU. Since the update i can’t roll birds back to my apartment to charge them with the alarm continuously beeping. I have had to cancel the task on so many birds i captured…i can’t tell you how much time i wasted the last 4 night’s. And not one single response from the “support” to the several messages i sent.

  37. This app doesn’t work well on Android phones. It constantly has issues with loading when you open it. Always saying you’re not connected to the internet when you are. It also has issues unlocking and locking Birds scooters. The alarm feature to find a Bird, doesn’t work either. It will say it did but no alarm is ever set off, even when standing next to a scooter. Please update the android app to function properly. I’d love to give this app a better review.

  38. Terrible experience. Can’t leave it where I found it. App and location is slow. Lock is slow. Very few parking spots. Couldn’t end my ride. Couldn’t rent multiple for my party. They still got there before me because I couldn’t park it. Feel like I just got conned out of some money. Definitely not inclined to use these again.

  39. The Scooters, I have no problems with; it’s the App that sucks! Honestly, that’s the only reason I give bird 3 stars. If they were to fix the app so that it’s not so buggy. I mean, after opening the app, you have 30 seconds or three screen taps, and the app freezes. It does not improve if you force close the app and clear the cache. Please, Bird, for the life of me, fix this problem!

  40. As a Charger, special tasks capture has not worked in months, and support gives you the runaround instead of help. You must supply photos, screenshots else support seems brain dead, even then you are not helped much. Told me to install a version not released, and never responded on when the updated version would be in the store. Poor service on software issues, and there appears to be no software quality control or testing or coordination with support.

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