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Find the best prices, pay for the cheapest gas, and save on every fill up
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Join the 90 million people already saving on fuel! Get the free GasBuddy card and never pay full price at the pump again. See how GasBuddy gives you more ways and more places to save on gas than any other app.

Pay at the pump
Get the free GasBuddy fuel card and pay for gas, when you do you will save on every gallon, at every station. Pay with GasBuddy works at your favorite stations, from Shell to Chevron & Wawa to Speedway, fill up anywhere and save! Quickly and securely link your bank account, swipe, and save up to 25¢ per gallon. Manage your account right in the app. No more hunting for deals.

Find gas
Find the best prices with the station map. Search for any type of fuel, regular, midgrade, premium, diesel, E85, and UNL88. Sort by price, location, and cost, as well as the important stuff like restrooms, convenience stores, restaurants, and more!

Track driving habits
Drive smarter. Use less gas and save more money on fuel. Using background location to log your trips automatically, the in-app Drives program helps you learn how to be more fuel-efficient and waste less gas. You’ll get a Savings Score based on your driving habits. High scores could help you save more on gas and car insurance.

Get gas rewards
Turn your daily purchases into free fuel rewards. Shop in the app and get cashback at your favorite brands. Earn rewards at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, and hundreds more.

Report gas prices
Give fellow drivers a heads up on the latest deals. Report fuel prices at all your favorite stations. And on every fuel type. From regular fuel to diesel, E85, and UNL88. No matter what type of fuel your vehicle takes, GasBuddy has you covered.

Enjoy 100% Coverage
Unlike other gas and fuel apps, GasBuddy covers all your favorite brands and stations. This includes: Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Speedway, Chevron, Circle K, bp, Wawa, Racetrac, Sheetz, Marathon, Sunoco, Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, CITGO, 7-Eleven, and thousands more. Let’s see your GPS and navigation app do that!

Log your fill-ups
Track your gas usage and export the log for reimbursement and taxes. Use the fuel log to help with budgets and save money.

Stay safe
Be the first to know about important recalls for your car. Keep costs on repairs down by staying on top of your car maintenance. Book car maintenance right in the app.

Win gas
Complete challenges in the app to earn points. Use points to enter the daily prize draw for a $100 gas card. That’s free gas!

GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Gas prices only for the USA and Canada. GasBuddy may use your location in the background to help you find the best nearby gas stations. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. By using this app, you agree to GasBuddy’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contest Rules & Regulation.


Improvements to the new price reporting screen and a fix for address validation during enrollment.


40 comentarios en "GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas MOD 2022"

  1. Edward dice:

    Have been using the GasBuddy app for about 2 years. It used to work well until around July of 2022 when the map was changed, now it just crashes all the time. They messed up a good app with the changes. As of Feb. 2023 Gas Buddy still not near as good as it was before the map was changed in 2022. App crashes a lot of the time. There needs to be a way to turn on / turn off the map and only have a list of stations visible.

  2. This is a pretty garbage app. You’d be better off saving yourself the time and hassle and just using a credit card that has cash back. The reported prices rarely match with the price at the station and their cash back amount tends to be pathetically low. Support is a joke. I submitted a help ticket 4 months ago about getting the wrong cash back and after repeated emails from me asking whether anyone had looked into the issue, they’re just now asking for a receipt and screenshot of the offer 🙄

  3. Customer service through the app is awful. I requested a new card sent to me on 3 different occasions. They stopped using the old card and my new one was never sent. They require you to attach a bank account to the card, so who knows if this one was sent to my old address or what happened? In the past couple months the app has directed me to stations and the prices are incorrect. Poor customer service, app doesn’t work, and can’t receive the services as advertised.

  4. I’ve been using this app for more than 7 years and to be honest, it just isn’t good. Trying to find prices is like outting your hand into the bag to draw more scrabble tiles – you know you’ll get something but you have to sort through the ads, promoted results, random prices that push through, results you didn’t ask for, filters that don’t work, and not being able to see prices at all. You can view the station but once you zoom out even a little, the station vanishes from the results.

  5. This app used to be good. It changes your settings automatically from whatever you have it set to to pay with gasbuddy. If I wanted it set to that I would have done it. If the prices are right for all it should give you credit for all when you press the price is right button instead of just the grade you have it set for. Updates have made the app extremely slow especially the location finder. Also to many ads. The developers should make a one time pay version for those who don’t want to see ads

  6. Eric F. dice:

    It used to be pretty good, not perfect, but it did what I wanted it to do. Now it’s just a big promotion & advertising tool & location tracker. I understand using location to find nearest fuel. But I know where I am and which stations I wish to check. So it asks for location, I say no, over & over & over & over about 20 times, locks up or crashes, restart, same thing. Can’t block permissions for when you need location. U.I. is more clumbsy than before. Gonna roll back to previous version.

  7. Before it was a 5, since the update I can only give it a 2. Before you could click on the map and see prices in the area now you can’t. Just a list of stations is no good since I can no longer reference where they are from my location. At this time I will no longer be recommending this app to nobody. Everyone I recommended the app to that is the feature they liked best about it.

  8. LLG dice:

    This update is a mess. I’ve been using this app for years. The previous version is all that’s needed for local prices. Now I put in my town and get stations too far away that are listed as a couple of miles. I don’t need that map cluttering up the screen. Make that an option. No longer user friendly. Location is way off and map is unnecessary unless needed for travel. I knew where the stations were by address on the previous version. If it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it. I’ll try to find another.

  9. Terrible app. Each version requires more and more bandwidth just to allow the app to function properly. Good luck outside the city. Despite having a flagship device, expect crashes, errors, random episodes of the map moving by itself, having to zoom way too far in just to view prices (if they are even correct). I have even noticed that the discounts are still not always applied when filling up. Even after so much time to perfect the process, it appears there is no cure for incompetence.

  10. Since you now are splitting the screen between the list of stations and the map view, it takes twice as long to report prices because there’s not enough space to identify the location and distance of the specific station. Please bring back the previous rev which is always full screen for every page. Thank you, –Suzzoom (beta tester)

  11. Jim Carey dice:

    How do I roll back to the perfectly fine app of 2 months ago? It’s like you’ve been hacked. Even the way to report bugs described on a pop-up screen is incorrect. There is no such menu to report bugs. The list results shows places that probably pay you to appear at the top, all distant. The map’s horrendous, if I try to zoom out to find the area I’m REALLY at, the screen redraws blank. “Suckery” in the dictionary has a picture of this app. THIS is your response to the new competitor upside?

  12. The latest update for Android (early Oct. 2022) took a great little program and basically destroyed it. It is very buggy and lags when confirming prices. When achieving daily goals you have to manually close each goal rather than hitting the back button. It’s not unusual to receive an error message when performing routine tasks. The option to show a specific brand of gas station has been removed for some crazy and illogical reason. Please take us back to the previous version!

  13. Ray S. dice:

    I don’t like the app since the update, it is is split screen mode, and I can’t find a way to change it to a single mode,, i liked it better when the map and has prices were separated, and you could switch between them… Maybe add an option for of someone wants to see split screen. And they’re is no option to report a bug issue..

  14. This is a great app. The only negative is that when you type a location in, it is there forever. If there actually is a delete function, it is extremely well hidden. Sept 2022 update – it is very difficult to get to work on older versions of Android, 7. If you do not have location turned on, it is almost impossible. If it does appear to load, it will not display stations.

  15. The performance of the app on Android is horrible. It is so larded down with useless “features” that you will never use it consumes an enormous amount of memory and overhead and runs so slow it is useless. Takes forever to load, makes forever to do anything. It really needs to be streamlined to be able to run on devices that are not high end. It’s basically a sluggish piece of bloatware that occupies drive space and is literally painful to use.

  16. In addition to crashing regularly (which I’m glad the developers acknowledge and are trying to fix), the app now shows me literally everything except gas stations. Meaning it actually shows me zero gas stations, but every hotel, restaurant, etc. Maybe they should call it ad buddy. I have used this app for years with no trouble but now I have to move on. I want to come back and I’ll revise this review if it improves. Devs: I recommend going back to the old version until the new version works.

  17. I have used this app for nearly a year and have saved thousands of dollars. However, after the latest update I have noticed a reduction in the loading speed. I have also seen an increase in the bandwith required. Each time I open the app it asks me to link a card, this is very annoying. Furthermore it seems I have to push each button twice before it will perform.

  18. Problematic as often as not. Help screens do not exist and are broken. It’s not worth all the aggravation for a few cents when it is complicated and error prone. Sometimes you do not get the deal discounts after you go out of your way to drive to the recommended station. Often prices are wrong. The idea is good, the execution terrible.

  19. this new software version is unstable as the screen disappears or blanks out when trying to update. Also, it won’t show Mobil or other independent gas stations that previously and seamlessly were available for updates. The screen has become to busy and very challenging to work with one hand as the “deal” component takes up too much space. Please clean this mess up before you lose regular updaters like me. This app has become highly frustrating to work.

  20. Amy Evon dice:

    The app is okay. You do save money. However, if you’re not on home Wifi and are expecting to find deals, don’t bother: the app refuses to load nearby gas stations on a connection that isn’t lightning fast. It will, however, taunt you with notifications saying that you could have saved more money if the app had bothered to load. Also, customer service is horrible – God help you if you ever have to contact them.

  21. Dan Doak dice:

    After the app was updated sometime ago, my Favorites with multiple locations by name disappeared. Use to be able to create a favorite with a name & include gas station in the named favorite. Since I travel to different location far away, I like to know prices before traveling. If there’s a way to create a favorite by name it would be helpful Frustrating they’ve taken that away. Maybe it’s available, but haven’t figured it out. App keeps getting worst.

  22. Now have to say NO to linking financial info every time I start this app. And some ads are now full screen. Time to stop trying to report prices and probably time to just uninstall !! Bad a while ago; now almost useless. Older Review: Bad on smaller screens – too many ads to see station prices !! Price comparisons are much harder to do recently because of all the ads taking up screen space.

  23. Latest change makes this app even worse than before. I click on the lowest price from the list of stations closest to me. And instead of showing me that station, it first asks me if I want breakfast at (one of the advertisers) before bringing up the station. Terrible. If I want to interact with an ad, I will. Don’t force me.

  24. It’s pretty good except paying for premium does not get rid of the ads. It gets you extra discounts on fuel, but only the 1st 50 gal, which let’s you break even on the $10/month fee. After that you only get the regular discount the Free Membership users get. Plus you still get the the ads. Might as well skip the hassle and not pay for it. TL;DR: Stay with free version and it’s OK. Premium offers no net advantages whatsoever.

  25. I will update if subsequent versions improve, but the Oct 2022 version is extremely disappointing. It is slow, loaded with irrelevant features, and frequently stops working. I suspect most people open the app at the last minute to find gas quickly, and that was a strength of the previous version. Now, plan ahead because the app is likely to crash, freeze, or not refresh. Hopefully, GasBuddy will take these negative reviews to heart and restore the app back to its former excellence.

  26. Maws92 dice:

    The last two times I filled up at the pump I made sure the deal the activated and even have screenshots or the clocks counting down only to get an email saying I could’ve saved more if I activated the deal. I even force closed the app multiple times just to make sure the clock was counting down to no avail. This needs to be fixed or I will simply stop using the card and delete membership.

  27. Roq Ocho dice:

    No clue what the people who input the information are on. I used these a couple of times this weekend. Included wrong prices. Another day I was looking for a chevron. It wasn’t one. It was closed. It was more than the listed price. This thing has gone to useless in a few weeks. Always asking for location, even though I gave it permission. Won’t update location afterwards.. Uninstalling.

  28. I requested to have my account and banking information deleted from the app and it took almost 2 months after requesting multiple times by email and clicking the delete button in the app for them to finally delete my account. I heard from an agent only 2 times during this email and all they asked is if the issue was resolved. The left hand is not talking to the right hand. They have terrible customer service and a horrible app. Plus it’s hard to navigate with all the ads they have plastered👎🏻

  29. A few months ago the app was changed so that the favorites lists appear combined into one. In other words, the app no longer allows a favorite list for different cities. Sorting by price is useless when there are lower prices in a city a hundred miles away. No response from customer service regarding this issue. The separate favorites lists are still available on the Gasbuddy website, but not in the app.

  30. For the last couple of months, it hasn’t been showing the correct prices. I work in a gas station and will post our prices. When I have looked later in the day, one or more of the grades have gone back to an old price. Same thing with the gas stations by my house. They keep showing the prices from over a month ago for the midgrade and premium. I have sat at the pump after filling up and got on the app to put the prices in and a few hours later the old prices are back on the app.

  31. The app is terrible since update it constantly crashes. Its very frustrating, u cant view the map for gas prices without it crashing several times & u have to start all over again. Also issues since day one, u have to follow up on every one of your transactions. If the stations address does not perfectly match what gasbuddy has, u dont get the deal. U then have to submit the missing gasback. LOL @guy who says it says shake on error screen to provide feedback, but he cant find the error screen😂

  32. S J dice:

    Ever since the major update this summer / fall 2022 the app is slower, often presents a message that we’d never seen b4 “Serious error has occurred” which it presents an option to Exit or Relaunch. Also it often since the major update doesn’t indicate the correct location. Hopefully these issues will be worked out but the newer & very slow UI will still be an issue leaving us much to prefer the app prior to the major fisrly recent overhaul.

  33. Jackson dice:

    Very disappointed in the App lately. It even says to shake your device from error screen. I can’t find error screen! Also current locations list stations 12 miles away, but not the one that’s only a tenth of one mile away! Even putting in my small town location, doesn’t list all the stations in town, but it has stations 14 miles away!

  34. Not always works. Sometimes really have trouble signing in. Really like APP though. Will not sign up for gas card because security protocol has not been explained clearly. Have to know how my personal info is being protected. Need help in this issue. Note: GasBuddy is ineffective and lacks function. Some local users are playing it like a game. This is beginning to be an APP that can’t quite get there. It needs to great. Great service when functioning correctly.

  35. Oct 2022 update is horrible. You no longer can select different cities to see your favorite gas stations you saved in that City. I messaged the company through the app and there has been no reply back from them. Before the update the app was working just fine but now it seems like they screwed it up and there is no communication with their customer service.

  36. Jim Scott dice:

    This app is now garbage. You used to have your favorites saved by City. Now they’re just all jumbled together and hard to find without scrolling through everything. This is what happens when you take something that works perfectly fine and upgrade it to the point that you screw it up! Also I don’t need a pop up asking me if I want a card every time I open the app!

  37. This update version is slow unresponsive and no longer allows your favorite stations so you must struggle your way thru remote stations. Wrong prices by poster is rampant making app useless. Very close to deleting it and only using favorite stations website for current prices. This has not improved. It is still unstable, slow and accuracy of price post is very unreliable. Not recommended.

  38. A R dice:

    8/28/22 – Updated app is broken. Can no longer display gas stations by area on map. Also requiring you to turn on location now. I don’t use location services. 9/24/22 – The latest, app is now throwing java null pointer exceptions and crashing intermittently. Happens when viewing the map. Also, after the “oops” window, the Relaunch button quits the app, and the Quit button relaunches the app! 10/16/22 – Despite a recent update, the app still crashes with java NullPointerException errors.

  39. App I used all the time, but now that it’s been “updated” it’s virtually useless! Can’t access my favorites, even after logging off and back on as they recommended. All Costco stations disappeared. When I search for a station I get everything but the station I searched for. They couldn’t have screwed it up more if they tried.

  40. From good to bad. Simplest way to put it. Before the update the app worked perfectly fine. Was reliable and was able track your location. The app now following the update crashes constantly. And the developers know it. Hopefully they can fix it soon. If it works leave it alone.

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