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Find the best prices, pay for the cheapest gas, and save on every fill up
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Join the 90 million people already saving on fuel! Get the free GasBuddy card and never pay full price at the pump again. See how GasBuddy gives you more ways and more places to save on gas than any other app.

Pay at the pump
Get the free GasBuddy fuel card and pay for gas, when you do you will save on every gallon, at every station. Pay with GasBuddy works at your favorite stations, from Shell to Chevron & Wawa to Speedway, fill up anywhere and save! Quickly and securely link your bank account, swipe, and save up to 25¢ per gallon. Manage your account right in the app. No more hunting for deals.

Find gas
Find the best prices with the station map. Search for any type of fuel, regular, midgrade, premium, diesel, E85, and UNL88. Sort by price, location, and cost, as well as the important stuff like restrooms, convenience stores, restaurants, and more!

Track driving habits
Drive smarter. Use less gas and save more money on fuel. Using background location to log your trips automatically, the in-app Drives program helps you learn how to be more fuel-efficient and waste less gas. You’ll get a Savings Score based on your driving habits. High scores could help you save more on gas and car insurance.

Get gas rewards
Turn your daily purchases into free fuel rewards. Shop in the app and get cashback at your favorite brands. Earn rewards at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, and hundreds more.

Report gas prices
Give fellow drivers a heads up on the latest deals. Report fuel prices at all your favorite stations. And on every fuel type. From regular fuel to diesel, E85, and UNL88. No matter what type of fuel your vehicle takes, GasBuddy has you covered.

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Enjoy 100% Coverage
Unlike other gas and fuel apps, GasBuddy covers all your favorite brands and stations. This includes: Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Speedway, Chevron, Circle K, bp, Wawa, Racetrac, Sheetz, Marathon, Sunoco, Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, CITGO, 7-Eleven, and thousands more. Let’s see your GPS and navigation app do that!

Log your fill-ups
Track your gas usage and export the log for reimbursement and taxes. Use the fuel log to help with budgets and save money.

Stay safe
Be the first to know about important recalls for your car. Keep costs on repairs down by staying on top of your car maintenance. Book car maintenance right in the app.

Win gas
Complete challenges in the app to earn points. Use points to enter the daily prize draw for a $100 gas card. That’s free gas!

GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Gas prices only for the USA and Canada. GasBuddy may use your location in the background to help you find the best nearby gas stations. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. By using this app, you agree to GasBuddy’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contest Rules & Regulation.


This release contains a number of stability improvements for Android, as we continue to focus on performance and stability. This release also finally includes the ability to change your email address (if you have access to both the old and new email addresses - otherwise contact support as usual).


40 comentarios en "GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas 2022"

  1. Newest update is buggy. It is not constant anymore,, but when you view gas prices at stations, good chance the app will crash. There is a dark mode now which is nice. Not all gas prices show on map screen, unless you zoom in to individual stations. The original app showed all prices all the time. Now the map screen is apparently selective and only shows “sponsored” stations prices, you have to zoom in to a specific areas to all the stations pricing.

  2. Bill White dice:

    this new software version is unstable as the screen disappears or blanks out when trying to update. Also, it won’t show Mobil or other independent gas stations that previously and seamlessly were available for updates. The screen has become to busy and very challenging to work with one hand as the “deal” component takes up too much space. Please clean this mess up before you lose regular updaters like me. This app has become highly frustrating to work.

  3. I have used this app for nearly a year and have saved thousands of dollars. However, after the latest update I have noticed a reduction in the loading speed. I have also seen an increase in the bandwith required. Each time I open the app it asks me to link a card, this is very annoying. Furthermore it seems I have to push each button twice before it will perform.

  4. Last update is junk. Location service is worthless. We can be sitting right in front of a station and are being told it is miles away. Have to close and reopen app numerous times for it to locate where we are. Other apps on phone are working correctly so I know it isn’t the phone. Tried using approximate setting on app setting but that doesn’t work at all. Used to be my Go-To app. Now about ready to take off my devices.

  5. It’s pretty good except paying for premium does not get rid of the ads. It gets you extra discounts on fuel, but only the 1st 50 gal, which let’s you break even on the $10/month fee. After that you only get the regular discount the Free Membership users get. Plus you still get the the ads. Might as well skip the hassle and not pay for it. TL;DR: Stay with free version and it’s OK. Premium offers no net advantages whatsoever.

  6. S J dice:

    Ever since the major update this summer / fall 2022 the app is slower, often presents a message that we’d never seen b4 “Serious error has occurred” which it presents an option to Exit or Relaunch. Also it often since the major update doesn’t indicate the correct location. Hopefully these issues will be worked out but the newer & very slow UI will still be an issue leaving us much to prefer the app prior to the major fisrly recent overhaul.

  7. Laura Gray dice:

    Latest change makes this app even worse than before. I click on the lowest price from the list of stations closest to me. And instead of showing me that station, it first asks me if I want breakfast at (one of the advertisers) before bringing up the station. Terrible. If I want to interact with an ad, I will. Don’t force me.

  8. I requested to have my account and banking information deleted from the app and it took almost 2 months after requesting multiple times by email and clicking the delete button in the app for them to finally delete my account. I heard from an agent only 2 times during this email and all they asked is if the issue was resolved. The left hand is not talking to the right hand. They have terrible customer service and a horrible app. Plus it’s hard to navigate with all the ads they have plastered👎🏻

  9. Roq Ocho dice:

    No clue what the people who input the information are on. I used these a couple of times this weekend. Included wrong prices. Another day I was looking for a chevron. It wasn’t one. It was closed. It was more than the listed price. This thing has gone to useless in a few weeks. Always asking for location, even though I gave it permission. Won’t update location afterwards.. Uninstalling.

  10. A few months ago the app was changed so that the favorites lists appear combined into one. In other words, the app no longer allows a favorite list for different cities. Sorting by price is useless when there are lower prices in a city a hundred miles away. No response from customer service regarding this issue. The separate favorites lists are still available on the Gasbuddy website, but not in the app.

  11. App I used all the time, but now that it’s been “updated” it’s virtually useless! Can’t access my favorites, even after logging off and back on as they recommended. All Costco stations disappeared. When I search for a station I get everything but the station I searched for. They couldn’t have screwed it up more if they tried.

  12. From good to bad. Simplest way to put it. Before the update the app worked perfectly fine. Was reliable and was able track your location. The app now following the update crashes constantly. And the developers know it. Hopefully they can fix it soon. If it works leave it alone.

  13. Terrible app. Each version requires more and more bandwidth just to allow the app to function properly. Good luck outside the city. Despite having a flagship device, expect crashes, errors, random episodes of the map moving by itself, having to zoom way too far in just to view prices (if they are even correct). I have even noticed that the discounts are still not always applied when filling up. Even after so much time to perfect the process, it appears there is no cure for incompetence.

  14. Since you now are splitting the screen between the list of stations and the map view, it takes twice as long to report prices because there’s not enough space to identify the location and distance of the specific station. Please bring back the previous rev which is always full screen for every page. Thank you, –Suzzoom (beta tester)

  15. Jim Carey dice:

    How do I roll back to the perfectly fine app of 2 months ago? It’s like you’ve been hacked. Even the way to report bugs described on a pop-up screen is incorrect. There is no such menu to report bugs. The list results shows places that probably pay you to appear at the top, all distant. The map’s horrendous, if I try to zoom out to find the area I’m REALLY at, the screen redraws blank. “Suckery” in the dictionary has a picture of this app. THIS is your response to the new competitor upside?

  16. Ray S. dice:

    I don’t like the app since the update, it is is split screen mode, and I can’t find a way to change it to a single mode,, i liked it better when the map and has prices were separated, and you could switch between them… Maybe add an option for of someone wants to see split screen. And they’re is no option to report a bug issue..

  17. Steve dice:

    The new updated app is horrendous. The map only displays a few stations. The app and map are slow also. The bug reporting feature doesn’t even work as there is no actual link to go to in order to report a bug. The old app was great. I have no idea why you guys did this update, no changes were needed. This new app is almost worthless and totally unusable now. You guys suck! I no longer use the Gas Buddy app now, it is useless.

  18. Everything was working fine. I had attached a bank account to my gas buddy card and was getting all the discounts I was supposed to. Suddenly there’s an update and that doesn’t work anymore. It keeps telling me I need to set up my bank account. I reported it twice and got no response whatsoever. I did all the little hoops they want you to jump through like logging out and back in. Still no good. Very disappointed.

  19. LLG dice:

    This update is a mess. I’ve been using this app for years. The previous version is all that’s needed for local prices. Now I put in my town and get stations too far away that are listed as a couple of miles. I don’t need that map cluttering up the screen. Make that an option. No longer user friendly. Location is way off and map is unnecessary unless needed for travel. I knew where the stations were by address on the previous version. If it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it. I’ll try to find another.

  20. New version of app seems to have less downtime, but there is a VERY frustrating delay/unresponsiveness on every tap. I click on things several times before they work. With every update, the app gets fatter and slower. It also still will not display diesel as an option at a station that has been open three years, no matter how many times I go thru the process to change the amenities.

  21. John Kraft dice:

    Update: Now unusable. Switch to Google Maps results. Forces location even after choosing continue without. Even after temporarily turning on, it doesn’t work. Used to be okay, but now it’s predatory. Now it requires you to turn on sharing with Foursquare. Even if you turn it off in settings, you’re forced to turn it back on next time you use the app.

  22. Update in 2022: latest update made it unusable again, as back in 2019. Heavy app that crashes. And, “Run on startup” remains a problem. It used to be a very useful app. Then, half of the time it could not connect to the server. And then it could not connect at all. Additionally, now, it “runs on startup”. Why?! I do not need every app to run when I restart the phone and all the time while the phone is running, taking up RAM. I need it only when I need it. Stop clogging my phone’s resources!

  23. E Family dice:

    The latest changes ruined it for me. It now requires location services. Whereas before, I could search by city. Most of the time, I see only a gas pump symbol but no station name or price. However, Burger King shows up, which is worthless. Very slow, no station names or prices, requires location services to be on. It went from great to completely useless.

  24. Map view of gas stations does not act as fast or responsive as it used to. Whenever I move the map/zoom, gas station pins in that viewable area disappear. It takes a while for stations to show up, if at all. I am not a user that cares to see the bubbles of food places etc. If the map could function like it did before the update, with stations showing instantly and being very responsive, that would be great. But the app functionality sucks.

  25. This is a great app. The only negative is that when you type a location in, it is there forever. If there actually is a delete function, it is extremely well hidden. Sept 2022 update – it is very difficult to get to work on older versions of Android, 7. If you do not have location turned on, it is almost impossible. If it does appear to load, it will not display stations.

  26. Bill Erwin dice:

    In addition to crashing regularly (which I’m glad the developers acknowledge and are trying to fix), the app now shows me literally everything except gas stations. Meaning it actually shows me zero gas stations, but every hotel, restaurant, etc. Maybe they should call it ad buddy. I have used this app for years with no trouble but now I have to move on. I want to come back and I’ll revise this review if it improves. Devs: I recommend going back to the old version until the new version works.

  27. Lynn Unruh dice:

    Filters need to CHANGE! I have used gasbuddy on the go for years and loved it, but realize with the current needs in a hurricane recovery, things need to change!! We cannot eliminate stations with no gas; we cannot do a search for ANY gas; we cannot filter out stations based on the business hours; the phone #s are not provided to assist calling and checking; and helping friends in need is very difficult because of the location and filter settings (I turned off location and still had issues).

  28. Craig Huff dice:

    Used to be better. “Shake to report” doesn’t work when it crashes. Works after restarting the app when there’s nothing to report. Darn near anything except quitting seems to crash it at one time or another. Definitely DON’T go trying anything in the map mode. It’ll crash. Samsung Galaxy S8.

  29. The latest auto update is terrible. You can’t see all the gas stations properly as before when just scrolling on the map searching along your route. It doesn’t show any of the stations or prices anymore unless you zoom in. But it shows all the burger kings just fine. And then it auto zooms and centers when you click on one of the stations. Please go back to the old version or fix this quickly otherwise I won’t use this app anymore!

  30. Maws92 dice:

    The last two times I filled up at the pump I made sure the deal the activated and even have screenshots or the clocks counting down only to get an email saying I could’ve saved more if I activated the deal. I even force closed the app multiple times just to make sure the clock was counting down to no avail. This needs to be fixed or I will simply stop using the card and delete membership.

  31. Very disappointed with the latest update! -Map auto resizes to super zoom so you can’t see area stations – Most stations show as did rather than prices. – When you click on a black dot for the station, the map recenters on just that station. – Difficult to get directions to initiate from your favorites. Hoping this all gets fixed very quickly. Until then, I will use another app.

  32. Zach Bacon dice:

    This app saves us a lot of money on gas. The only thing I wish were better were the ability, when setting a destination, to allow me to be specific as possible. If I were to put someone’s address as the destination for my route, it would likely not let me. Instead, I have to put in a city or guess a more known nearby location to said person’s house. This doesn’t make sense for big cities. But in general, the app is great. I just hope they improve that feature.

  33. Blathers dice:

    App is complete garbage after the latest update. Nothing works as it used to. Constant crashes when tapping on gas stations on the map. Too many ads and of course they are better at popping up on the map than the actual gas stations. There’s also a new thing where some data feed auto reports unreported station prices and they are always wrong…. To the developers: Please revert back or fix everything because these changes are beyond stupid

  34. Kyle Alan dice:

    Doesn’t work if location disabled. I don’t like to leave my location turned on, as I’m not a fan of apps tracking my every move. This was not a problem until the most recent update. Now, when i search a city, i get “no stations found” unless i turn on my location. Please fix this.

  35. 9/7/22 update Looks like the developers don’t care about the user ratings. Nothing but one star reviews since they updated the app, apparently they don’t get the message. People don’t like the update. Go back to the old version. I do not like the latest update. The screen will no longer rotate horizontal or vertical. I don’t need to see the map all the time. I only want to view the map when and if I need to. It takes up too much valuable screen space when it is not needed.

  36. Jim Scott dice:

    This app is now garbage. You used to have your favorites saved by City. Now they’re just all jumbled together and hard to find without scrolling through everything. This is what happens when you take something that works perfectly fine and upgrade it to the point that you screw it up! Also I don’t need a pop up asking me if I want a card every time I open the app!

  37. Downloaded, installed, logged in, immediately got two advertisements. After “skipping” the 2nd advertisement, the app minimized. I brought it back to the top, and had to login again. After going around 3 times, I decided to rate the app 1 star. Back to the webpage, which isn’t terrible. But first, to uninstall the app.

  38. It was working fine until the most recent update. Now it can’t do landscape. Totally unacceptable for us who have tablets mounted. Anyone have any good alternates? Hauling as much as I do it costs about 4 gallons worth of the savings just to pull over and use the app. Before I could hit one or two buttons and I knew where to fill up. How did this total botch of an upgrade make it past pre-alpha? App was wrecked 2 weeks ago and it is STILL UP. Zero response to bug reports. 🐛

  39. Savings are nice, whenever BUT The app only works aboutv10% of the time at the pump, which makes it impossible to update the current prices & or activate the savings option. There’s still a smaller built-in savings, but none of the extras. I can save just about as much with just using my rewards card from the gas station.

  40. jcd ines dice:

    This app is AWFUL and just got worse. You can’t tap on your favorites. It’s right next to the other ‘find gas’ button and links with that one. Furthermore, they let anyone post whatever price they want and you can’t report it because there’s no where to report. I kept changing a price to the correct price and it kept getting changed to WAY more and there’s nothing I could do. Worthless.

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