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Unique RV Camping at 6000+ Wineries, Farms, Golf Courses, and Private Properties
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Are you looking for new opportunities to explore and enjoy the RVing lifestyle?

With Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome memberships, you can access unique RV camping spots at 6000+ wineries, farms, breweries, golf courses, unique attractions, and private properties that invite RVers to visit and stay overnight with no camping fees.

Instead of a big box store parking lot, make memories with a unique RV experience!

A Harvest Hosts membership is a special opportunity to meet amazing entrepreneurs, enjoy delicious wine tastings, peek inside working farms, and behold awesome museum exhibits.

A Boondockers Welcome membership is a great chance to meet new friends, share your stories, and get a good night’s rest, all while saving money on campgrounds.

You can join Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome together as one membership or separately as different individual memberships.

To join Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome, you’ll need to meet the self-contained RV requirements for each membership before your membership is approved.


Push notifications and notification preferences are here!

With push notifications, you receive instant alerts on your mobile devices about stay requests, messages, reviews & photos. Plus with notification preferences, configuring the notifications you want to receive through email, SMS, and push only takes a few taps.

And for our Hosts? - View and manage your Hosting availability at a quick glance with the new Host calendar!


40 comentarios en "Harvest Hosts MOD 2022"

  1. This is our 1st year and so far stayed with one host and enjoyed it! We prefer not going to a private campground, for they r busy, noisy, and no privacy! This was the perfect way to use our camper as a halfway point in our weekend travel! Location was perfect and get to sight see at the same time! Love the concept!

  2. I love the concept and have had amazing experiences with both HH and BW, but this app is SO bad. I plan to continue using the program, but please fix the glitches with the app!! I get no notifications when messages are received, and I can’t even click on the “messages” part of the home screen. So I have to go a backwards way to get to any new messages and just keep checking the app or website constantly in fear of missing one. I tried to submit a complaint, but that didn’t function either.

  3. This app is frustrating to use. When you’re searching thru hosts in an area you will be visiting thru the map search there is no way of knowing which hosts you have already looked at and eliminated. Even when you ‘like’ or ‘save’ a host to favorites they don’t show up on the map as a saved favorite. This app waists a lot of time when searching. Is there a way for the app creators to somehow indicate which hosts profiles have been looked at and ones that have been saved as favorites on the map?

  4. I’ve only used Harvest Host once and loved it. The App is terrible. I can’t figure out how to limit my options enough geographically. Also, when I get my filters set for the length of my RV and the distance I will travel from the route, it keeps changing back to no filters. I have to change it back after every property. Please improve this app. I think I love Harvest Host but finding a location is too cumbersome.

  5. Terrible app. Harvest hosts is great the app is absolute GARBAGE! I could give it less than one star I would. It is conatantly buggy no matter how many times you say do not show this again it shows it again. It is slow. It does not let you easily move around the map. It freezes everytime EVERYTIME I use it. It has always been this way and I cannot belive a company that has enough money to buy branded RVs and pay for as much marketing as they do CANNOT seem to fix this app! It makes no sense

  6. The program is great and we have used it 7 or 8 times on this trip. The app itself works badly on my cell phone and much better on a computer. So tired of putting a state name or host name in the search bar and seeing the swirling dots which never seem to settle on anything. It will work on a computer, or using the map to focus in on an area. We love the HH program and had so many great experiences we otherwise would have missed without it. But the cell phone app needs improvement. To reviewer who gave it one star but admits he didn’t join the program I think you should remove your rating since by your admission you didn’t use it so you have no idea of it’s value.

  7. So far I have used it twice. The places have been great! But the GPS on the site when you tap it to get there both times it turned me on the wrong turn to get there. The 1st time I figured it out before I turned cause I saw the other campers. The second one was worse totally missed the place by 2 blocks turned me down a dirt road that I had to the guy who lived there to help me get turned around. After I got stuck there another camper going to the same place got stuck too😱

  8. Not terribly useful outside of merely locating Harvest Hosts. Can’t edit the Favorites list to remove multiple instances of the same host (in other words – can only add, not delete). Can no longer figure out how to add or remove items to/from my saved trips. Trips should start at HOME not at the first HH along the route, and end somewhere besides at the HH. Better integration with Google Maps would help. The ability to export an itinerary would be great. I’m going to quit using the app mostly.

  9. App needs some improvement. currently staying at a host and it does not show in the list of nearby hosts. If I type in the name the search brings me to the location but no marker appears. I also had some favorites saved on the website but they did not show up here. That may be an issue on the site though because my favorites had disappeared before. would also like to see routing added like the website so I can see who is along my route.

  10. Ed Smith dice:

    The icons on the map are way too big making it hard to select a location. The icons are not resized when zooming on the map! The app does not support landscape device orientation. You can get directions on a map, but you can’t just open a map of the location, you have to copy and paste the address into your map app. Frustrating!

  11. I love the idea of having an app but can’t figure out how to search without already knowing the name of the host which defeats the purpose. I also can’t search along a route. then, when I went to the website to try it that way on my phone I was automatically redirected to the app without an option to stay on the browser site. Recommendations: fix search on the app and on the website give mobile users the option to open in the app like most other sites rather than forcing a redirect.

  12. Love harvest Host, hate the app. The program is great and I love traveling this way, but the app stinks. The interface with the maps on the android platform are slow and chunky. It takes time to load whether on wifi or data, and the back function makes the app go back to the begining and you have to start a search all over again.

  13. Love Harvest Hosts, but the app needs work. Pros:. Easy to find, review and contact hosts. The ability to press a button and send the location to whatever nav app you use is great! Host hours and information makes determining your next stop super easy. Cons: Trips, lists and saved hosts that are created under your account on the website are not accessible on the app, and stared hosts on the app do not carry over to the website. In fact, all started hosts were deleted with the last update.

  14. Anne Pace dice:

    ***Update*** It has been two months. If anything the app integration for BW has gotten worse. Requests disappear, hosts are never notified, no way to call or message a host directly and they are not notified of app messages. Ugh. The BW integration is awful. The old app showed availability calendars and allowed a filter by date option. Now many hosts say to just message them for availability, but there is no option to do so.

  15. Harvest host is a good option for finding places to stay. I have issues with the application run on mobile devices. When you try to view Harvest hosts on the map, the icons are so large you can’t see the map. They should take an example from Boondocks welcome and have smaller icons.

  16. App is pretty good. Doesn’t always want to work. Example, I just pushed leave review and it locked up. I had to close and reopen. I wish when I am typing to a host, the box I’m typing in could scroll up so I can see what I typed. You can only see the two lines visible in the box currently, no scrolling up. Like this box has no spell check. This box gets larger as you type. The other one doesn’t. Little things like that make it easier.

  17. The HH program itself is wonderful! We were able to get out on our first visit last month and had a great time. Based on our visit I have one App bug fix and one modification recommendation. First, I found that the App does not display the membership card details when opened in the profile. And second, we were tracking a wildland grass fire in the area so I had to call to make our reservation and was unable to later record our visit in the App.

  18. Every time I select search, the app dies. Samsung S21, Android 12 UI 4.1. Like the concept of HH, and have had great experiences staying at different places, but the app is frustrating!!

  19. Gonzo Kat dice:

    Great concept, not so great in reality. This is my 1st year trying BW & probably won’t renew or recommend. So far, we have had one successful stay at a BW. We have wanted to stay at BW over ten times with only the one success. The all too common issues are: hosts shown on map but zero availability EVER, shows availability & host never replies, shows availability & host then says they aren’t available. Looking for a place to stay takes time & I’ve wasted more time on BW then deserved.

  20. App does not accept my Gmail account as valid email address. Since the update worse than ever. This app is an insult. Forces you to enter pictures but does not accept the pictures. The servers are not available. It is not worth the star… I will definitely not extend my membership as I an unable to use it.

  21. A great quite night on a busy Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. The host were very accommodating and offered multiple areas to park. The wine ….excellent. Had a flight of 4 and left with Nonno’s Cellar which we enjoyed with a nice pasta dinner, as the sun set over the vineyard and horizon. We will definitely be back again over the coming months.

  22. I love HH an use it often. Just Uninstaller app wasn’t working. Kept telling me to restart. After reinstalling, it wouldn’t let me sign on. I can get in online with no problem.

  23. Beyond finding a place to overnight (besides a Wal-Mart parking lot), the app has helped us discover new places to enjoy and learn about that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Learn about alpacas, discover craft beer and regional wines, pottery, etc. All of our hosts over the years have been phenomenal!!

  24. Bill Kuch dice:

    Had the guided tour by Luke. He was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. This HH is a destination stay as it’s a ways from any highway, but if you have the chance, do visit. BTW, there is no cell service, which we enjoyed. We played card games in the evening.

  25. We love Harvest Hosts. When traveling which is 3/4 of the year, we look forward to finding places to stay. We enjoy meeting the people who run the establishments and their employees. Now having Boondockers Welcome added there are even more places to be able to stay, to rest.

  26. While I love the app, is there a way we can put in our specific filters and not have it reset every time we open the app? For example I have a 36 ft RV but I have to reset that every time.

  27. Jason O. dice:

    Harvest Hosts bought another service called Boondockers Welcome. I had credits on Boondockerswelcome that I had earned by hosting people for free, and HH promised to honor those credits when they bought BW out. But as soon as I paid for the HH side of the website, I got a message that I would have to pay more to “upgrade” in order to restore my access to BW which I had already paid for with credits I earned. Many attempts to contact customer service, never any response.

  28. We are new to Harvest Hosts but after our first time using our membership we have no regrets. The app works great to plan your trips and choose your destinations. We look forward to many more Harvest Hosts destinations!

  29. I’m stuck at the sign up screen with no way to baxk out and exit the app. Also you can’t see any information AT ALL unless you pay first.

  30. A great app to navigate a diversity of cool hosting sites. A very valuable resource for vacationing, extended adventuring, and life on the road.

  31. Two suggestions. Change the icon to another color after it’s been viewed and allow the option to hide hosts you are not interested in. Both will save users time.

  32. Find it very hard to navigate. Can’t get a route planned in order to find hosts. App does not work for me. Very disappointed. Will be requesting a refund

  33. Great place to boondock. Wonderful beer choices, pizza and other fare. We reserved through Harvest Hosts in advance. One camper site only. Clear with a cool wind allowed us to sleep well. Nestled close to Coker University. Downtown Main St “feels” on the way in.

  34. Dr. Death dice:

    Map view is great for planning longer trips or just a short jaunt. Each Host’s page gives you all the info to make a decision and forma of contact the host prefers.

  35. I love the ease of finding and requesting a stay at any of what used to be 3 separate outfits right from my phone. great app!

  36. I love Harvest Hosts! It saved us so much money, and we got to see some awesome new places we never would have seen otherwise.

  37. Try to enter location or route and an error message pops up saying to restart the app.. which doesn’t solve the problem.

  38. We love staying at Harvest Hosts! We’ve had so many unique experiences that we would have missed by staying at campgrounds.

  39. I upgraded Harvest Host to include golf sites & Boondockers Welcome. Obviously museums and golf courses would be with Harvest Hosts. But how do I distinguish private hosts in an area with more than 1 night stay, For example Creation Museum/Ark in Kentucky? Are they all mixed onto one app/program or are they color coded? I suppose you just click on each one in the area you’re visiting, time consuming task. There must be a listing somewhere with specific information about each.

  40. Wonderful place and hosts. very peaceful. our dog loved the open space. and fishing was a bonus.

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