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Book stays at 8,900+ hotels in 80+ countries across 22 trusted brands—all at your fingertips.

With our app, you’ll have access to streamlined booking, convenient in-stay features, and Wyndham Rewards member extras like managing your account, tracking your points, and discovering exclusive offers.

· Need a room for tonight? Find a great hotel in just a few taps with Lightning Book®.
· Plan the perfect itinerary and book multiple hotels at once with our Road Trip Planner.
· Sign in to save your favorite hotels and booking preferences, so planning your next trip is easier than ever.
· With both map and list views, you can quickly compare hotels to pick the perfect one for your stay.

· Check in and out from your phone at select hotels.
· Text the front desk any questions or special requests at select hotels, and get local activity recommendations for your stay.

· Earn “stamps” for stays, in-app achievements, and much more. See if you can collect them all!

· Track your points, stays, and activity—plus, enjoy exclusive member offers and discounts.
· For every qualified stay, earn 10 points per dollar or 1,000 points—whichever is more.
· Choose how you want to redeem your points with three simple free and discounted night tiers at thousands of hotels, vacation club resorts, and vacation rentals around the world.

Not a Wyndham Rewards member? Join for free using the app to earn and redeem points at our participating hotel brands:

AmericInn®, Baymont®, Days Inn®, Dazzler Hotels®, Dolce Hotels and Resorts®, Esplendor Hotels®, Hawthorn Suites®, Howard Johnson®, La Quinta®, Microtel®, Ramada®, Registry Collection Hotels, Super 8®, Trademark Collection®, Travelodge®, TRYP®, Wingate®, Wyndham, Wyndham Alltra, Wyndham Garden®, Wyndham Grand®, and select Caesars Entertainment properties.


In this release, we have added some minor enhancements and bug fixes. We hope you enjoy using the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts app – and look forward to welcoming you!


40 comentarios en "Wyndham Hotels & Resorts MODDED 2022"

  1. Convenient and easy navigation. I use this hotel quite often whenever I need to book I just go through the app and I’m good to go within minutes if I ever have any problems with my points or any questions I just contact them personally and they’ve always help me Update review: the app has been crashing a lot lately, not letting me book and even not letting me log in at one point. Fix these issues please

  2. I work an hour and a half away from home so I stay at the Wyndham hotel just a couple minutes from my office on the weeks I go in. The app is usually great, and I just finally got the credit card, but twice now I’ve gotten an issue where the app stops working. It says “an error occurred” when I try to book, says “access denied” on the account screen. I have to uninstall and reinstall to fix it.

  3. Dean D dice:

    Had to reinstall, since my account didn’t have a userid and it errored when i tried to update. Prev:Unusable! “Invalid token” when accessing profile, errors when trying to do anything specific with my account. I have previously been able to look at all of my information and book hotels with my points. It will no longer show my information. Previously rated higher with following note: A little bit of a learning curve to find the go-fast hotels, but once you figure it out, very nice.

  4. This app makes booking super easy. I can see the hotels that are closest to me, whether they have vacancies, and their nightly rates. Its fast and easy to use, and I have my confirmation information at hand, just in case I need it. Earning points towards my next stay is the icing on the cake, I love using my gofast points for trips, and having a point system with that flexibility is super useful for a “last minute” traveler like me. Best booking app ever!

  5. David dice:

    I’ve been using Wyndham Rewards and the app for several years, rarely have had any issues, and never had any issues that couldn’t be reasonably resolved. After making a reservation, I’ve noticed that ‘Add To Calendar’ doesn’t seem to work for me since the last major app revision, but it’s a very minor inconvenience since the confirmation email is automatically populated to my calendar. Otherwise, I’m very satisfied with the interface and overall convenience of the app itself.

  6. I have used the app several times. I am a loyal customer. I truly love how easy the reservation process is on the app. I recommend this to anyone needing to look at options. Also it keeps track of your points and will offer different stays by using some points. Edit to add. I wish when I select truck parking and a hotel comes up that it would accurately depict the hotels with truck parking. More than half on the app that say they have truck parking do not.

  7. Knowing there is a Wyndham app to make booking quick and easy is the biggest benefit of all! It makes planning ahead super easy. I was able to book and then cancel 10 rooms for graduation 2020 in just a matter of minutes. The app is super reliable when traveling without knowing exactly how far you will get. We’ve booked rooms within minutes of pulling in to the parking lot and check-in was just as smooth as if we’d booked the room weeks ago. Love this app!

  8. Jerry G dice:

    The app so far has offered a lot of functionality and is straightforward and consistent in it’s UI. However, I’ve experienced two problems: (1) It’s either not possible to cancel a reservation through the app, or that option is well-hidden. (2) There seems to be a lack of coordination between the app and the website reservation system. (A reservation cancelled on the website appears active in the app for a time, and the app doesn’t send an email confirmation as does the website.) Disconcerting.

  9. I have been using Wyndham Rewards for years. Great point system and super easy to search and book stays. However, I am disappointed to find you can no longer search by Trip Advisor rating. This was the only way I would categorize my search, it was very helpful with my search! Will give 5 stars if they bring that feature back.

  10. This morning I gave the app a 1 star rating. Looking to book a hotel and app said there was NO availability anywhere, anytime. This afternoon, the app was working well and I was able to book my reservation. Just a temporary glitch, I guess. Update: great product with earner credit card. Racking up the points and free nights. Better rates than I could have found anywhere else.

  11. Its a good app to book a hotel. Fast and easy and you can earn points for a free night. It seems the prices are the same for all these websites as getting a free night after u stay 10 nights you get the 11th night free, but you have to wait for the points which can take up to 5 days and when your traveling it can get a little frustrating trying to save money when your points come in slowly to add up for your free night.

  12. I will rate higher once it is fixed. At first I had no issues but lately it’s given me a world of issues. It constantly says “no results found” and only after going out and back in about 20 times does it finally bring up the hotels. It also boots me off alot and then when I try to log back in, it let’s me but tells me “access denied” and the only way to fix that is to Uninstall and reinstall the app. I originally rated a 5 but have since had to give it a 2 rating. It’s very annoying. Please fix.

  13. Absolute trash. the only time I need app to look up address for my booking – it doesn’t work. Tried to reset password multiple times, but the message “something went wrong” keeps on popping up. Here I am during a busy day try to get my computer going to reset the password there. Success! It is changed, but as soon as I log into my account and I can see my reward balance it just logs me out. I can not log into my app still. I will avoid Wyndham in the future. I do not need this happening again

  14. I only stay at Wyndham properties because of the point program. Some properties are great and others not so…to be expected. As far as your app, it would be helpful to be able to copy and paste the hotel addresses directly from the app. However, here’s the BIG SUGGESTION… it would be AMAZING if I could put in a destination and be able to search for hotels along the way. I deliver vehicles for a living and this feature would be of great benefit to plan my Wyndham stays across the country.

  15. Ive been staying here a lot while I going to clinical. They have been fantastic. Complimentary fountain drinks and popcorn with a decent breakfast. Price is really good for the level of cleanliness and service received. I began using Wyndham because of a really bad experience with Expedia. Long story short, you can’t change the date with Expedia (even if its for only one day). Whereas, if I make a mistake with Wydham, they can fix it quickly. Great place to stay!

  16. Tammi V dice:

    Super easy to use and super conveinant! Everything you need at your fingertips and super friendly and legit caring customer service people. A little tight on the comps though for anything that didnt meet your standards and sometimes you do run into that as with any hotel so not uncommon. My only real complaint is what is considered a tier 1, 2, or 3 hotel…some 2s should definately be on the lowest tier!!

  17. S. dice:

    I like the app. But it doesn’t want to always offer the most economical. When you search by the map… it offers the higher point offerings b or doesn’t show the hotel you want. And you are sitting in the parking lot. But it is offered in the banner at the bottom. It’s a good app. But that’s shady

  18. I tried using the app to book a reservation while traveling and all I kept getting was an error 600 “Something went wrong…” I deleted and reinstalled the app and had the same problem. I ended up having to call in the reservation which took a lot longer in order to find the rate I get from my job. I was glad the rep got the booking done right but had the app worked right it would have saved a lot of time and frustration.

  19. The app has been redone which has been beneficial but you still can’t scroll on the map to find available hotels. Also needed is a way to type a message to the hotel when booking. Those are two much needed changes, and soon. Other than that the app is very clean and easy to use!

  20. Quick and easy to use. A bit of common sense is required when using the app. Once you’re comfortable with the functionality, the speed and effectiveness is reliable. I literally booked a room at the gas station eating an ice cream sandwich. I walked to the Wyndham-family hotel (in this case, LA Quinta) where a lovely lady checking me in already had my reservation waiting upon my arrival. A fifteen minute ordeal… Excellent!

  21. I used to love this app. Now EVERYTIME I log in, it refuses to recognize me. If you can use the app, there are deals. I’ve reset, uninstalled and reinstalled, talked to tech support, all to no avail. I have to telephone every time. Now they tell me that I have points expiring, except the office isn’t open, so I can’t find out! Very, very frustrating. Why isn’t there a fingerprint login like some of the other apps?

  22. Usually works fine but sometimes will not allow access to booking deals if you look at them and then back up to look at or compare offers. Sometimes will not allow date changes only allows current day. Very frustrating. There was a “call now” option for booking assistance but not anymore. It seems to have been made more complicated instead of easier for us dinosaurs.

  23. The app is very useful if you happen to frequent hotels a lot. However the app itself crashes excessively on my LG Stylo 6 – oddly seems to happen more often when my recent series of actions included going in to examine room pics full screen and then backing out to the previous screen. Doing this consecutively a few times locks the app and forces a manual restart of the app. You are welcome.

  24. i am happy wyndam got all the glitches ironed out with the merge. I appreciate the reviews and there honesty and like that making a reservation is super easy even when your using your points. I would like being able to do an actual check in and check out through the app I know that’s asking a lot but a person that travels all of the time appreciates being able to slide right in and slide right out, being able to retrieve your finalized receipts threw the app would be fantastic 👍

  25. Update: They must be fixing some of the issues because it has been working smoothly since. Make reservations anywhere and anytime. Update: I still love this ap, but it has been stopping in the beginning of a search. It will glitch and stop and have to close it and reopen just to continue. Love the ap! I don’t have to go to the website anymore. So easy and convenient. If you’re booking way in advance or need a room today you can do it easily from the ap.

  26. App is very clear and precise in maneuvering around to selecting your reservation. Customer service very supportive. Points given for each stay and depending how many points you have you can either use partial points for a discounted rate or if you have enough points your stay is free. Cancel 24 hours prior to reservation and no charge to your credit card; and if you used points they are refunded to your account within a day or two. Great app. Never had a problem.

  27. UPDATE: It would be nice if the Add To Calendar feature worked (I tap it and nothing happens). Nice app, but I wish it didn’t reset filters back to defaults when I re-activate the app while searching. It’s somewhat of a hassle to remember to set all the options again, if I get a call or text that interrupts.

  28. Terrible app. Can’t book a person in my fleet!! I can only edit my name with there’s and its always a 30 minute process calling the motel and doing a credit card authorization form to get it charged to my card for a differentperson to sta!!. Really a disaster!! Not user friendly at all like it used to be and look at my stays compared to the last couple years!

  29. Simple, generally easy to use, but some flaws. Multiple times I have had the app error out when confirming a room, saying it is unable to confirm the reservation, but the reservation is actually made, leading to duplicate reservations. Also it has been unable to cancel reservations, also with an error message.

  30. I’ve been a member sense 2012 and never have problems with the app. I do wish rewards would post instantly after checkout or at least within 24 hours after checkout. It would also be nice if you could use points or points and money to book any room available at a hotel even if it requires more points especially when some people book more expensive or specialty rooms. I’ve been to a few hotels that do…I have booked a hot tub suite with some money and points but most don’t give that option

  31. I love the discounts that the app provides, but the app does have a glitch. It shuts down occasionally. A few other issues are that some of the front desk attendees don’t know how to do the upgrades, and some places want to charge you for early check-in. Also, I’ve never received a complimentary snack or beverage.

  32. I was able to do what I need to with this app. I like having the points. I don’t think it’s the most user friendly. If they had a more clear usage button, when trying to redeem points it would be helpful. The company altogether has a massive spread of hotels to meet my demands. I would recommend always getting rewards for stays.

  33. I have enjoyed using the app on many occasions. It’s great for getting info on new promos, and for searching hotels I’ve never been to. However, I often book late and if I’m booking right around midnight it has proven to be of no value. I can’t use my points at 1210am to book a room for that same night, reservations only are allowed for the following night. It would be great to be able to ‘book late’, and have some sort of option available to accommodate travelers who book late night for Now’

  34. I have been using this app for a few months- I love it takes the guess work finding a place as a professional driver. I like the accessibility and the ease of paying. I really like having to just show ID- really no need to pay in person keeps it to few interactions with strange ppl. Great description of the properties. I would recommend to anyone traveling esp driving

  35. Sasha Ray dice:

    Has a glitch that could have been EXPENSIVE. I booked a room on the app at a Days Inn and got no confirmation email, so I checked my booking on the app. It had double booked the same room. No, I didn’t hit the payment button twice. To make matters worse, the only reason I didn’t have to pay for the extra booking is because I selected the free cancelation option (based on the fact the reservation agent verified the cancelation rule before canceling one of the reservations).

  36. Had some trouble at first setting up the account once all the problems were resolved it works perfectly. The customer support staff was very responsive and getting the issue resolved. Word of advice set up your account through the website before you download and start using the app. Do not set up your account with the app.

  37. Candice C dice:

    I regularly use this app for hotel travels, whether it be a staycation or out of state travel. It’s very convenient and easy to navigate. Love the flexible dates option which allows price comparison. There’s usually bonuses available to snag. This is my go-to travel app for sure.

  38. Best hotel/resort chain app on the market! Easy to use interface and great selection of options. Wyndham has by far the best collection of properties from budget friendly to high tier. This app provides everything you need to book a room, check awards points and cancel unneeded reservations.

  39. All good – does what it should. Easy to use and intuitive. Only little improvement proposal – would be nice if in the hotel search the last locations would be shown.

  40. Worked great was happy for several months. Then i needed to cancel a reservation as i booked the wrong town. Got email confirmation my reservation was canceled. Then was billed anyway because the app only canceled 1 room out of 3. Wyndam’s customer service is atrocious. They must have a contest to see who can make Americans curse the fastest. Absolutely zero effort to resolve anything. Gonna book the busiest hotel with the points i earned and never step foot in another Wyndam hotel again.

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