Cross Border Xpress MODDED 2022


Make your crossing from San Diego to the Tijuana Airport faster and easier.
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Make your crossing through CBX a touchless experience with this travel App. Purchase CBX tickets, reserve parking, add complimentary services, link your boarding pass, search for flight status, get exclusive offers, locate what you need using the interactive map and manage your travel checklist all from one place.
Cross Border Xpress is the Tijuana International Airport terminal located in San Diego, California. A 390 feet long enclosed bridge that connects the San Diego terminal with the Tijuana International Airport making traveling between the U.S. and Mexico convenient and fast. Travelers from the U.S. can reach more than 35 destinations in Mexico flying out of Tijuana at lower rates compared to flying out of other SoCal airports.


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20 comentarios en "Cross Border Xpress MODDED 2022"

  1. Took over an hour on my smartphone to buy my ticket. Finally found the desktop mode button, that helped. When I tried to click on the “accept terms” box, the pop-up box had too much text, wouldn’t scroll, never displayed the ‘continue’ button. And now, I still have nothing that will scan. So I’ll likely have to wait in a massively long line and show the email receipt to get through.

  2. Price on using the bridge it’s getting somewhat expensive.

  3. Exceptional and Safe to travel. Been using the app on an older Samsung phone and works perfectly fine. Great app!!!

  4. It works for the most part, but sometimes when trying to purchase tickets, it errors out but it doesn’t tell you why, it just tells you to try again later.

  5. Made an account. Tried to buy a ticket. As soon as I went to change the date, it crashed. This is how new customers are being greeted 🤦 S21 ultra running Android 12

  6. Won’t allow me to select date. It just closes every time. I used the website instead.

  7. The Mexican patrol was the more unpleasant person a knows on the world, so nusty guy and actually his education was the most inappropriate. Never ever forget this unappreciated personal. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  8. j Alvarez dice:

    Horrible keep kicking me out. Wait of time and data.

  9. Wouldn’t take my payment

  10. mtimbone dice:

    Makes things easier when crossing.

  11. Easy and convenient 👌

  12. carii 626 dice:

    Keeps kicking me out!!!

  13. Tiene acceso del aeropuerto de San Diego a el CBX border

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