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Turn your road trip into an adventure. Roadtrippers is the #1 road trip planning tool, with more than 25 million trips planned to date covering more than 16.9 billion miles. Whether you’re looking for an RV trip planner app or just planning your next summer road trip, build your route in Roadtrippers and then use our turn-by-turn navigation to lead the way.

Discover millions of places, like local diners and quirky roadside attractions, or scenic points, national parks, and hotels. Get inspiration from our pre-made trip guides of some of the most interesting and once-in-a-lifetime routes you need to see at least once. You’re always five minutes away from something awesome!

You can use Roadtrippers for free to find these great places and come up with some big ideas. Start plotting your route with up to seven waypoints. When you’re ready to go beyond seven, you can upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus, which gives you up to 150 waypoints per trip and a ton more including collaborating with friends, exclusive deals, custom map styles, and offline maps.

Any trips you’ve saved or places you love will sync automatically across devices.

Note: Content currently USA-, Canada-, Australia-, and New Zealand-focused only. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.


Ope! Just swatting bugs like they’re sitting on a porch during a midwestern heat wave — one more reason to get back on the road!
Happy travels!


40 comentarios en "Roadtrippers – Trip Planner MODDED 2022"

  1. Flo Crain dice:

    I started planning my trips with this app a couple of years ago. I started out by planning my days so I would not have to pay but l finally decided if I was going to continue traveling that this would be worth Roadtrippers Plus. Not only does it help with stops along the way but I can look back and see where and when for photo books. Thanks for the memories!

  2. I’m paying for a subscription, so why am I seeing an endless barrage of Yelp restaurant ads that are unrelated to what I’m searching for? In response to the reply: I don’t see that option anywhere in the app. I want to be able to turn off the hotel, campground, and restaurant listings (let’s face it: they’re ads in a paid service) that appear regardless of what I’m searching for.

  3. Michele dice:

    This app use to be amazing but now it doesn’t show much that you can’t already find on Google maps. Way too many food places and all the unique places are gone. We use this a few years ago and loved going to all of the quirky places we found. Now it is just the big tourist stuff and you can’t even customize it, just shows stuff on along your planned route. Disappointed

  4. I like the ability to add stops and also the suggestions for things to see. The GPS is not 100% for whatever reason. Sometimes we are just not there on the map for a while then we come back. You should also add an ability to keep the screen on while navigating. Having to reboot and sign in every few minutes is annoying.

  5. This app is incredible!! If I could dream up a app this is it. Its something I always wanted plus some. For it to organize the best route for multiple locations plus give additional ideas on where to go. I have well over 1000 places saved on Google maps on places I want to go and have been to. Once you put your destination in on Google all my flags disappear and it only does the order you tell it. So that being said this is amazing!! Probably thinking how can someone be so excited about a app.

  6. Jeff S dice:

    The app is ok. But I would like to see more settings, like an hour or mileage limit per day so you can plan hotel stops and better understand how long your trip is going to take. Just because people can drive 24 hours straight doesn’t mean they want to. For attractions it’s good but the logistics sux.

  7. If I could give this less than one star I would. I planned an entire trip for the eastern and Pennsylvania. It included a stop at a campground which was going to be our home base for 4 days. It mapped out fine, looked good. However the campground I selected which was located on the road Tripper map in the Eastern end of Pennsylvania, and for which I made reservations, is actually in the western end of Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh. the app took me 6 hours away from where I needed to be.

  8. Not really happy with my purchase. For me its a fail. Good for sending relatives your route but thst is it. I can not see any setting to allow me to download app info so it works when outside of cell wifi range. Stuck in Yellowstone with all of my planned stops not available. Luckily I downloaded google maps offline for this area and used that and my memory to get by. Also planning multi day trips is awkward.

  9. I really like the app and the ability to locate scenic things to do in a new area. Also love being able to book a room for many (but not all) hotels that show up along the route when traveling. I wish it was easier to add a stop to the trip directly from the map while navigating. Also, it would be really nice to have trip progress visible from the map (not the navigation) view of the guide, or to be able to log gas prices that could inform other drivers like on Gas Buddy.

  10. I enjoy this app immensely. It gives me places to visit that would take days to research on my own. I love that it gives me suggestions for dining, gas stations and places to sleep. It is easy to change your stops on the way when you’re traveling. It shows others reviews and allows you to review sites. It was an essential part of planning my trip from California to Louisiana and back again.

  11. It doesn’t simplify trip planning because links all bring up error messages so there’s added time and steps to go outside of app to look up additional info on hotels, restaurants, ect. I found myself jumping right back onto Google maps after a few minutes. The added info isn’t in depth to supplement planning, it’s brief articles that may mention your route if you’re going somewhere popular. “Scenic Route” setting was disappointing. I attempted to submit feedback and got an error message…

  12. Tom Moss dice:

    This app is lacking a lot compared to MyMap (Google) which is free. Constructing long routes of waypoints is tedious as the app sequences additions itself and then you must drag them in the routeline to resequence. Everthing added to the route is a waypoint, cant add points of interest. Search is very limited. No navigation. Pin drops are useless. I cant recommend given the cost.

  13. Very disappointed in this app. I started to plan my trip and at first it seemed really great so I paid for the premium version. Once I started doing more research on the places I had added I found out a lot of them were closed permanently. And lots of places were missing too. Very very outdated.

  14. Chris C dice:

    I really like the ability to plan and save trips on a desktop and be able to pull them up on your mobile device. Where the program really fails is trying to use the app on a tablet. Between the search bars, icons, and other useless or obtrusive info on the screen, starting with vertical inches on a tablet screen, you are left with a narrow 1.5″ band across the screen for the map itself. Also, it seemed to be so busy trying to load ads in the background that it was difficult to scroll the map. There appears to be a beta feature for turn-by-turn navigation but I couldn’t get it to work correctly.

  15. Great service, app is awful. If used from a computer it’s great to plan trips, then you can check the app as you’re driving to see what you already saved. The app is garbage and when you click on a point of interest it doesn’t load and the app freezes, forcing you to close out and start all over. So it defeats the whole purpose of an app to be used while you’re driving and want to spontaneously stop somewhere.

  16. App has some handy information, but it is the least intuitive app I’ve ever tried to use. The 5-screen “tutorial” is more of a list of features, and there appears to be zero flexibility to either (1) create your own trip using the places on the map or (2) adapt a pre-loaded trip to where you are, or are going to be. Would also be nice if there was a way to submit ideas or even submit a road trip.

  17. I hate the way you can’t context shift between this and other apps—if you need to go to another app to look up a date or name, you have to start all over again. You also can’t modify planned trips easily, and the search results are mediocre—I’m usually looking for hiking trails along road trips, and many results don’t actually have hiking trails, and half the time that’s only apparent when you get there. I hope this app and site improve eventually, or that something better comes along.

  18. This app has been KEY in helping me plan my 3 month road trip around the west coast. I dont know how I would have done it without this app. It has all sorts of features that let you add notes to your destinations, explore recommended areas in every state, and easy planning. It even calculates gas costs and miles travelled! My only problem with it has been that it tends to lag quite a bit and the software sometimes re-arranges some of your destinations. Hasnt bothered me too much however!

  19. In order to fully plan a trip (more than 5 stops), I had to buy the year subscription for $30 – and while it’s a nice app, $30 is steep! I will say, it’s nice to have the drive times calculated, but it would be great to have some option where you can determine when to start your day in order to get to the next place at a certain time (departure + arrival times feature in Google maps?). There’s also not a lot of data about campsites – I ended up having to Google map search for several areas.

  20. I used to love this app, it let you actually plan out roadtrips when Google Maps limited you to 10 destinations. Now they updated it and you can only put six stops in unless you pay $30 a year. No thank you, not interested in spending more money to do something you used to let us do for free. MAYBE I would pay $2 or $3 for the app if it was ad free and let me put in as many stops as I wanted and download for offline use, and gave me full access through a web browser also, but I’m not subscribing for $30/year for it.

  21. Use to be a pretty decent app. It at times could be finicky about things when used on a cell phone. But I traveled to 15 states and saw lots of great things because of it. Now I am planning a new trip and it wants to charge me for more than 7 stops. It’s hard to browse options and plan if you can only put in 7. I will not be buying the full version. Disappointing 😔

  22. This is the only app I found that helps you map your road trip and then lets you zoom in along the route and check out hotels, restaurants, attractions, scenery, etc., to add to your trip. Unfortunately, you have to pay to add more than 7 stops. I would have totally paid the $ for the year if I went on more road trips. But I will only be using it for my one epic road trip this summer! Highly recommend this app.

  23. I used this app a few years ago to plan a trip and was never asked to pay in order to create a full trip. Im disappointed to see that they are charging for it now. I guess if I traveled more, I could justify $30 per year… I’d honestly rather deal with ads and have a free account and let anyone who doesn’t want to deal with ads pay for the plus account and maybe with more features. But I cant even use the app for its purpose with only 8 waypoints… i doubt ill be using it very much now…

  24. The app itself is great, but they reduced the number of supported waypoints to 5 unless you want to pay them $30/yr for a “plus” subscription. The rest of the value-added features of “plus” look decent, but for those of us who only wanted to map out waypoints while planning an itinerary there isn’t much reason to spend $30/yr on this when you can get most of the way there for free using the “your places” function on Google Maps. I would have been more inclined to purchase the “plus” subscription if the waypoint limit hadn’t been put in place.

  25. Great app, but could be better. If you pay for premium, its a great app and has a lot of cool things you can do with it. The map navigation is nowhere near Google maps and doesn’t really always give you the best route. The best part of it is the simplicity compared to other roadtripping apps. I think these guys have the ability to make a great app, but sadly there seems to be no motivation due to lack of competition.

  26. I used this app for a roadtrip last year and I loved it. I used other resources to look into places to go as well, but I logged it all on third app to keep track of everything. I’d started to plan this year’s trip before the payment option started. Now this app is nearly useless to me. I’d be happy to pay a smaller amount because it is a useful concept. But $30 seems like a bit much… it’s not like it actually plans the trip for you.

  27. Amanda L. dice:

    I use the free version. With that You can have up to 5 points per trip guide. I really enjoy the attractions that are on here. I like being able to select what I looking for such as points of interest, camping, things to do, good and drink, night life amusement, and outdoors. There are sub categories in each as well to narrow down what you would like to do. I have not used it for navigation but just to rout and see what’s along the way we are traveling. It’s great for short and long trips

  28. Literally everything you need all in one. You can set your destinations and see the route and what other stops you’d like to make along the way or discover a new place you’d like to see. Shows hotels and food and attractions with reviews and photos. Shows distance approx. cost of gas based on your cars mileage. Only thing that I would change is being able to change roads easier to avoid say a closure or adjust to a differ t route without adding a new destination to guide you there. But it’s easy enough to work around as is. Great app!

  29. It’s a cool idea, but it’s frustrating. I tell it what I’m interested in along my route which is historic stuff. It still shows me hotels even though I didn’t select them they overpopulate the map. Even more frustrating is that it won’t let me click places of interest. When I try it shows it for a second then jumps to another one that I didn’t select. I can’t view the ones I want.

  30. Great overall, but the web version and mobile version doesn’t coordinate. There is not a way to sort your profile trips by name (only newest first), the uploaded banner image for the web version does not display, but on mobile it is correct. Doesn’t use Google maps, (uses OpenStreetMaps) so not as up to date with hotels, and other points of interest. Interface is really good and even better having both the web and mobile version.

  31. Does what I need. I would recommend it. I really like its map functionality, search capabilities, the waypoint details layout, waypoint user reviews. I haven’t found another app yet that does this well. I need a way to change waypoint numbers while on the map. The reroute function is a joke, had to update manually. There is no budgeting setup, would be great to add a cost to a waypoint. There is no duration for a waypoint only a set day. Need a better way to set lodging # of nights.

  32. This app has been very helpful in planning our first multi-state camping trip. I’ve found planning such a big trip for the first time to be stressful, but the app had madder it easier to plan everything out ahead of time. The only issue I’ve had, is that sometimes the external website links don’t go to the correct site or direct me you an error page.

  33. Rachel H dice:

    Used to love, i made some great trips with this app, and i was able to share them with roadtrip and safety buddies easily. I especially liked the oddities categories. I wouldn’t have minded playing a little for the app, or paying a few dollars per trip planned, but a yearly subscription is not a good pay model for service. I also had trouble figuring out how to search for guides via keyword or location on the app.

  34. I’ve been using this app off and on for a few months to plan a major road trip this summer. I re-downloaded it and discovered the new stop limit on the free account. While I can certainly understand limiting some features seven is so small as to be useless. I can still access the trip I was working on as it currently is but I will be recreating it somewhere else

  35. So far impossible. Not an intuitive app at all. It has potential. It should be simple to change your route from one highway to another, but it was virtually impossible on either the iPad or on an Android phone. I only managed to reroute it to the desired Highway by making a stop sort of near the intersections of those highways and even then it was taking me off on these weird little curved routes that actually added more miles than I wanted. Come on you got to do better than this.

  36. I have been using Roadtrippers for a few years, wouldn’t plan without it. Directions are great, it has many options for how you want to view your map. I like to have everything on paper, you can print every detail of your trip. One reason I love it- I start with a basic plan & it helps me find all the fun along the way. Also all the hotels & food. I need every detail planned & this is perfect. I’ve recommended to many friends, they all love it. I love it, I even have Roadtrippers Plus.

  37. Sean Rice dice:

    It’s a good app for planning road trips. Helped us discover a lot of different things to do on our way. I wish it was just a little easier to get to my saved trips (as opposed to the community ones) on the homepage. Also, I wish it could sync up with Google maps or waze or otherwise do navigation, but it’s nice to have on the trip regardless

  38. This app mostly just tells you where hotels and restaurants are. Not much in terms of interesting things along the way. Even when it does tell you something is near, there is very little information, reviews, or pictures. Seems that there are not enough users to compile good information. Used it travelling through 3 states, and didn’t find anything useful.

  39. Sadly–This used to be a decent route planning app because you could add endless way points (unlike Google maps). It mostly just needed better location recognition in the search feature. So I held onto it for years waiting for better updates. Now it’s so packed full of everything other than route planning tools, laggy and crashing, and generally non functional, I don’t find it usable any longer. Maybe I’ll load up the 2017 version…

  40. This app would’ve been a 5 if not for all the changes made. They updated a couple weeks ago which caused the app to crash numerous times. Saw there was an update thought great they will have that fixed only to find a new even bigger issue. The free version now only allows for 5 stops between destinations used to be 35. So they want you to pay for a yearly subscription which doesn’t offer enough in my opinion. At this point why offer a free version there isn’t enough differentiation.

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