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Discover the great deals, compare hotel prices & save money on your next holiday or trip – get savings when you hotel search with trivago!

Find hotels for your holiday or business trip, discover a last minute city break or a winter sun weekend deal. With more than a million hotels to choose from and hundreds of worldwide booking sites to compare, plan your next trip stress-free with the world’s famous hotel and travel app!

Compare hotels & find your ideal hotel at great price before you book. Discover hotels and great deals with trivago!

Hotel Search and Save Money: Top 5 Reasons to Download trivago:
1. Compare hotels and find rooms from hundreds of bookings sites worldwide.
2. Discover hotels for great prices, find travel discounts, deals & savings from hotels worldwide so you can travel cheaply.
3. Compare hotel prices to find rooms near attractions – search with your budget in mind by setting a trip itinerary for that last minute getaway.
4. Save money on vacation and travel sites so you can book your ideal hotel at your convenience.
5. Hotel search with the trivago Rating Index® – see the combined online ratings of all available hotel review scores so you feel confident before you book.

Find hotels, motels or B&B’s and compare prices across all the top bookings sites including Expedia,, Holidaycheck, ebookers, AlphaRooms, LateRooms, Travelrepublic,,, Priceline, HotelTonight and more.

Find rooms in hotels near well-known sights and set a maximum price. Keep your hotel search within budget and easily compare hotels and search by both location and price. Discover hotels, savings & travel discounts for your cheap last minute trip.

Compare hotel prices & travel discounts, plan your trip with confidence and save money while on vacation. Our massive workforce will always find the great deals on hotel prices to make your next vacation stress-free.

Find hotels with one of the world’s best travel app’s:
– The Guardian lists trivago among the “10 best money-saving apps.”
– Tech Times calls trivago one of the “must have apps for frequent travelers.”
– Lifehacker lists trivago among the “best price-comparison apps you need to download.”

Download trivago to discover hotels and compare prices for great deals. Save money and plan for future holiday bookings while on the go!


Thanks for using the trivago app. We always take our users' reviews into consideration as we make improvements, so be sure to let us know what you think. From now on, you can expect fixed monthly releases based on what we learn from you. Just go to your settings and enable automatic updates.


40 comentarios en "trivago: Compare hotel prices 2022"

  1. This is just an average run of the mill travel site with less tools than most. The last 5 hotels I tried to book I was able to find a better deal elsewhere. There will never be a one size fits all travel site that can function. For example before booking hotel XYZ always check XYZ customer website for deals. My worst experience was I booked a place that was a great deal. I booked my airfare. Found out the technology they use doesn’t prevent overbooking. It happened to me AS I was flying there.

  2. B S dice:

    Can trivago do something similar for daily groceries too? There are so many apps with various deals and price variance, its very difficult to decide on which app should I place an order. Pls help.

  3. I was disappointed with the limited hotel selection. Kind of odd since trivago advertises it has what others don’t. It’s actually the reverse. Uninstalled.

  4. M N dice:

    We are traveling with a dog so pet friendly is a must when we are looking for an accommodation, but this app ignore the filter to gather any vacant hotels by searching. useless.

  5. I love this app it honestly has found me the cheapest room rates and that has been a blessing on my wallet and my budget. Without haven’t to lose on the quality of hotels I can afford. So thank you for that!

  6. Useless app, it shows something else and when you actually go to the app for booking via trivago, it shows something else…..very bad experience, wasted my time.

  7. Well designed interface and easy to navigate page makes this app super easy to use and useful.

  8. Deen dice:

    Not sure what but I always have that scam-ish victim feeling everytime using this app. Most probably because they don’t show the actual final price in my search. Example if I search for 2 rooms and 2 nights, you won’t see the final price. They will flash the chepest rate that doesn’t related to your inquiry. Why do you do that? We are not monkeys that you can use this cheap trick. Straight to the point and tell me what I want. That’s why I prefer Booking more.

  9. I change mobile phone companies regularly, so the mobile phone number on the sim isn’t necessarily my mobile phone number the one that I carry with me when I move networks; therefore the user of trivago should be allowed to add their mobile phone number to their trivago account profile…. just like every other company in the entire world does.

  10. Excellent app, easy to use and appealing to the eyes. 👍… Highly recommend for its information and ease of use.

  11. The best app ever to search for hotels and rooms, the app is very easy to use and I enjoy searching in a very big data from hotels and rooms, suits around the world to travel to my destination with the best hotel price and location

  12. Trivago is great but I would like to see where the hotel is or view the hotel you are advertising on Instagram.

  13. pete t. dice:

    Font size is too small on the app and its not adjustable. 👎 Uninstalling

  14. I don’t know why it’s so hard to select specific requirements, in this case price, and filter the hotels accordingly. It shows me all priced hotels although I specifically selected up to a certain price.

  15. It really worth 5 stars because it help people’s without frauding like other apps so please try this app to get good experience to stay

  16. Pez dice:

    It’s ok, but reviews are obscured by a ghost window which is irritating and pushes me to the opposition.

  17. Easy to use, easy to search and also book on. Comparative prices shown from several sites, and has come in useful many many times.

  18. Even when you put on filters the app just ignores them (despite confirming they are there). After wasting time looking at properties that don’t in any way match our requirements this useless app is being uninstalled

  19. AVOID AVOID AVOID This app is worthless false advertising, rooms are non refundable an they don’t reply to emails.. less then 1 star if I could

  20. Nice app.But app should give customer care numbers, so we can clear our doubts before booking.

  21. Easy to use and I like how you get a clear comparison of different rates offered for same hotel

  22. I selected a hotel on your app. Your site send me on agoda. I booked there and paid the amount. Amount deducted from my account but agoda says your transaction is incomplete and booking cancelled. Please solve the problem.

  23. Enes Zor dice:

    Really bad app. Pagination is not working. I can not order hotels from high prices to low. I think you need to focus main funtionality instead of the unneccesary animations!

  24. Very fast and great price!!!

  25. Great app for looking for accommodation for the best price. However, it would be great if they add some filters to categorize the hotels according to personal preference. For example, hotels that are suitable for couples, business, honeymooners, families, etc. This addition will make it much easier to look for the needed hotels.

  26. Really airline holidays and other apps much cheaper especially in rabat

  27. Very helpful so far. I only have started using multiple accommodation apps. Its the best way to find great deals. Then compare. So far Trivago is winning for me. Allows me to make bookings through the app unlike TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor, I personally noticed is really good for showing ‘what to do’. Whereas Trivago shows prices ect, creates really good deals for all sorts of places around Westeren Austraila (currently looking) and you can add deals as favourites. Will update when I use more

  28. I think if youre new to travelong please check this out this freakn app its awesome and has never let me down honeslty the best… Xx

  29. Can’t blame the app that everything is so expensive but it’s not cheaper than the hotel sites themselves for a 2 night stay in dublins fair city….. 😒€550 we could get a week in lanzarote flights included….. via our local travle agent!

  30. I booked by trivago who gave me good price through loveholidays and although I gave my nationality in booking information and reservation was confirmed accordingly i was requested in the hotel to pay another amount to make the price more than double. I got no support of loveholidays or local agency when I called them and had no other choice to pay or I will lose reservation already paid

  31. Easy to book with discounts!!

  32. Im glad I have this app it’s so convenient for me to use on the go or last minute. I can look up previous hotels I stayed at. Or look for new ones to try out. I love that I can see the pictures of the properties before I stay there. I have planned many personal trips and getaways thru the app. Thank you so very much Trivago for showing me all the prices, destinations to go, ditch the family for some me time etc. I will continue to use this app in the future. Happy Trails……

  33. Although the app itself is really useful for gathering information from other apps, it has some limitations. The main one for me is that I can’t choose the language independently from the currency. That forces you to keep converting prices in your mind.

  34. I need a hotel near to railway station, Coimbatore not only me when an employee going for outstation they generally need hotel nearby bustand or railway station. But your app utterly failed to show such results and also prices are not so cheapest as advertised as there are no coupons, discounts and other such stuff. Not at all helpful either to find cheapest or best hotel. If the situation is like this for big cities, what about small ones. Spend more money on developers than on ads.

  35. Everytime I wanna travel around malaysia I will use this app. Got great hotel with great price with this app. One more thing, Thanks for stay sponsoring Chelsea FC. Good job trivago.

  36. I have started to love travelling across cities because of this app as it lets me compare prices and even get a hotel at very small city which is not much developed. Till now it has been a great experience. So simple but effective.

  37. Easy to use and good choices review

  38. Kat K dice:

    Pet Friendly – Not. Fix your app advising hotels are pet friendly and it turns out they are not. Example, Omni has never allowed pets, never will. This issue has specifically ruined 2 recent trips for us. We now have to separately call ANY reservation made through trivago to make SURE what trivago promised is actually true. We won’t be using again, the $10-20 saved isn’t worth it when I have to do their job vetting a hotel or find a boarder for my dog.

  39. love using this app now that wheelchair accessible is an easy option to choose. The only thing that is missing in my experience is the ability to look further than 10 miles away as I’ve often picked a place that is a 30 minute drive away from a particular destination.

  40. Great app for choosing best acomodation in genuine price…

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