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“Catch up with your favorite Travel Channel shows anytime, anywhere with the all-new Travel Channel GO app – and now get access to up to 14 additional networks including TLC, ID, Discovery, Science Channel and more – all in one app. It’s FREE with your pay TV subscription.

Link your pay TV provider (cable, satellite, telco, live TV streaming service) to access Travel Channel favorites like Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, Paranormal Caught on Camera, Mountain Monsters, Kindred Spirits, Portals to Hell and many more – plus top shows from other networks including Strange Evidence (Science Channel), Expedition Unknown (Discovery Channel), Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network), Evil Lives Here (ID) and more. New episodes are available the same day as they premiere on TV.

With Travel Channel GO You Can:
• Stream Travel Channel and more networks LIVE anytime, anywhere on all your favorite devices
• Find shows to watch with the live schedule guide
• Access thousands of episodes on demand – from current hits to classic favorites
• See new episodes of shows on the app the same day and time they premiere on TV
• Binge your favorite Travel Channel series and specials including Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, Paranormal Caught on Camera, Mountain Monsters, Kindred Spirits, Portals to Hell – and many more!
• Get unlimited access to everything the Discovery family of networks has to offer – free with your pay TV subscription.

• Stream live TV when you link your pay TV provider
• Watch select episodes and entire seasons of your favorite shows from up to 15 networks!
• Browse by genre – from Natural History, Science and Tech to Food, Home and more – to find your favorite shows and discover new ones
• Continue watching episodes where you left off across all of your devices
• Save shows and episodes to watch later with My List
• Compatible with Chromecast
• Closed-captioning support

• Available in the U.S. only
• Wi-Fi connection recommended

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• Now streaming content from up to 15 networks from the Discovery family, including TLC, ID, Discovery, Science Channel and more • Bug fixes and performance enhancements Love the app? Let us know! Have a question? Visit us at


40 comentarios en "Travel Channel GO FULL"

  1. This app is always glitchy, episodes randomly are blank/missing in the season lists that takes clicking to another season and back several times to see them (sometimes other episodes go missing then), and to top it off after the most recent update it won’t even boot up past the initial app opening screen. This is hands down the worst streaming app I’ve used. Too bad because there is great content. 2022-still a buggy mess

  2. This app needs to be fixed! It would be a much better app without the constant freezing after every commercial break. Enough people experience it that the developers should address the issue. It has a good selection of shows and some episodes are unlocked for people who don’t have a Discovery+subscription, which is nice because you don’t have to buy the subscription before you know if you like the shows. Please fix the freezing of the app so I can rate it higher.

  3. Player 1 dice:

    I get that there are many ads to make this app free, but it is very stressful and makes the whole experience very unpleasant. Also, it constantly locks my unlocked content by xfinity and I have to uninstall/reinstall every time or sign out and sign in and even that doesn’t work most of the time. Pretty frustrating, if I didn’t love my show soo much I definitely would not even bother for this app. But hey its free right? 🙄🤕

  4. Erin dice:

    App used to work great and now doesn’t connect to my Chromecast anymore. Contacted customer support, did all the advised system resets and it still didn’t work and the response I got from them was pretty much “Oh well, if we ever solve it we’ll contact you.” This was a month ago and nothing has changed. Great work *slow clap*. 👍

  5. While I greatly enjoy the shows, the app constantly freezes during the ads, especially towards the end of a show then I have to disconnect from Chromecast then reconnect, but when I do that it just skips to the last 5 seconds of the show and refuses to let me watch the last 5 minutes that were missed. Extremely frustrating.

  6. If you cast, it starts what you are watching over at the start and you can not skip forward. Also if casting it will randomly stop and disconnect so back to the start again. Do not cast with this app. Also it won’t go to the next episode unless you go back and search for it manually. I have these issues on all 3 of my devices so it’s not my device.

  7. This app is unbelievably awful. I’ve had this app installed previously and it was fine…….NOTHING like it is now. Thankfully, I didn’t have the same issues as others I’m seeing with signing in to my Xfinity account. However, once I did I quickly found that it freezes up constantly and everyone I finish a show I get a message stating that the app has stopped and I end up having to close it and reopen to watch another show. Y’all need to tighten up on this app or a lot of people will be uninstalling it, if they haven’t already. I will definitely be one of them.

  8. Love the ability to see all seasons and episodes of shows. But the app itself is very cumbersome and not user friendly. Almost every time you start the app up you have to login to your TV provider again. Sometimes there is no way to get the video feed to pause as the pause button doesn’t do anything. The only way you can get the show to stop is to completely close the app and restart it. Can’t accurately fast forward or rewind. Overall, not very many basic streaming functions work very well.

  9. Shannon S dice:

    I loved this app. I don’t have cable, having cut the cord. It allows me the freedom to binge my shows when I have the time, energy, and inclination. Unfortunately, I’ve had to rerate the app now that Discovery+ has launched. Episodes to the shows I watch aren’t being added because they’re now on Discovery+. I would switch over but apparently the shows available to watch there are on a rotation to keep things “fresh.” Either way I’m bit disappointed.

  10. The app itself is great, easy to view shows and plenty to choose from. Main thing holding this app back from 5/5 stars is that to have a subscription you have to have a full cable service provider obligation and there’s less and less reason to do that and it really bums me out that travel channel can foresee the value of having their own app but not also their own subscription. I’m sure that would make the corporation a lot more valuable as well.

  11. App is flat out not loading after the Galaxy s10+ update. And no, clearing the cache does not fix it. Things that also do not fix it: uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting the phone, etc. This is disappointing considering Travel Channel is awesome, but I guess I’ll just have to go outside and experience life beyond my phone. Please don’t make me do that. I’d rather watch it through this app. Just fix it. Thank you.

  12. What is wrong with this app? I enjoy watching my favorite show on there but the app is always freezing up my phone. Plus, I get some sort of message (more than once) telling me that it can’t continue to play, retry it. However, it doesn’t work. I either have to restart the app or my phone, just so it can run properly. Please, fix this issue ASAP!

  13. The only complaint I have is that there’s not a pause/play button in the middle of watching a video. Nor a skip 5 second feature. This is great to have when I accidentally lost my place while watching an episode. Oh! A swipe feature when you click to see the episode description would be great too. Thank you for having this app!

  14. Not Great. this would be a great app if it weren’t for the fact that the commercial breaks are stupidly long and WAYYYY too frequent. Trying to actually watch a whole program is totally aggravating. Great shows but the Travel Channel is extremely greedy and determined to take up most of the time you are on it with ads. It also has a tendency to close in the middle of an episode. I only use it if I miss a show episode I really want to see, or I can’t get it any other way. It’s my last resort.

  15. Everything is great other than a few networks I wish you partnered with to access all episodes. Or that paying for full access was through the travel channel somehow. Also the other issue for me is that every so often my episode will freeze and I have to shut down the app and open it again. Then once I had to reset my phone from the crashing. I absolutely love the content. It’s all I watch. It’s all I care to watch 😂

  16. I love the app because it allows me to watch ghost adventures and all the other shows I love. But I’m having an issue with have to u install and reinstall every few weeks because it stops working and says that it’s not included with my xfinity account when I know it is and it works fine before that. I dont know if it’s some kind of glitch that happens but its annoying.

  17. It’s like watching the actual Show that appears on TV. After all, it is a Mobile TV Channel that you can use. All you need is a good connection to get that HD Audio and Visual experience. The app is also very easy to use. I can look up a show that is featured on the Travel Channel Channel by the title by the alphabet. I am satisfied with my download and it is everything I would expected it to be. Its easy to use and Best of all, the App is free.

  18. I really love the travel channel & all their shows, however I’m really having an issue when I switch from watching a show on live t.v. on my cable box then go to watch it on my fire stick live and it’s a different show that I was watching. That’s really disappointing to me. I called spectrum & the gentleman did everything he could by making sure it was set at the right time, then I seen it was set at the wrong zip code & changed it to the right one….but still the problem was not fixed. 😥😵

  19. This has been my favorite app for over a year, and now it won’t run on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. I’ve done everything, clear all cache on my device and on the app, and uninstall and reinstall – still not working. Sounds like this has been a problem for weeks, so I can’t believe there hasn’t been an update with a fix. This is disappointing.

  20. Nurse Kim dice:

    COMMERCIALS! No way to FF or rewind with any type of control or accuracy; you have to blindly drag the progress bar, and if you accidentally go back too far, you have to watch the entire commercial break (3-5 mins) again before you can resume the show. No other channel on TV (or app) has as many commercials. It’s really not worth watching.

  21. So far my favorite of the “Go” apps for 1 simple reason.. Less ads!!! The ads on travel go are 1-2 mins max (so far) while discovery go or animal planet go have 3:30 ads every 4 mins. It was so unbearable I had to delete the apps. I almost didn’t even try the travel channel go app bc I thought it would be like the others. But so far I have been pleasantly surprised with just 1 or 2 min ads about every 7-10 mins. That is far more bearable and realistic to actual tv ads. Keep up the good work!

  22. Ease of use. Favorites makes use easier. You are welcome! A welcome addition would be a schedule. Another improvement, that might make the app better, would be if when you’re viewing the list of videos for aired shows, if you could also present the dates when future episodes will air, rather than the person having to simply wait until they either get a notification if they’re enabled (I personally don’t keep them turned on), or have to look on an external TV schedule to figure out when the next episode will air.

  23. I have nothing wrong with the app. I’m just annoyed that all my favorite shows are no longer available. I’m a big fan of ghost adventures and dead files which I’ve watched for years. I feel this is a rip off. When I’m already paying my cable provider a lot of money why should I also now have to pay a extortion fee to discovery +. It’s not fair to remove shows that people have been watching for years. At this rate the content on travel channel isn’t worth the time to watch.

  24. During episodes, it freezes causing you to have to exit the episode and reenter, which is annoying because it doesn’t take you back to where you left off. So when you try to find the spot where you left off you have the frustration of dealing with shitloads of adds just to get to the same spot. TOO MANY ADDS that glitch up the whole dang thing. Gets annoying to deal with.

  25. The app is working very well so far. I have a slightly older chromecast (2016 release) and I use a tablet to mirror to my tv and it mirrors to my tv without issues. There is just a slight barely noticeable lag. It doesn’t really interrupt the feed but it is slightly noticeable. I haven’t experienced any annoying long buffering. I recently cut my cable and I’m very happy with the Travel go app as I’m addicted to Ghost Adventures.

  26. Was so excited to watch my shows, but only the first three episodes of season 1 were available, had to login to get the rest, and the stupid login feature doesn’t work. Really annoyed. Updated: got in touch with tech support, they gave me some options to fix my issue and it worked. People were really nice and helpful.

  27. g8ur dice:

    Enjoy access to viewing on my time schedule. The Dead Files is only one of my favorite Trvl channel shows. Very disapointed that Discovery+ is interfering with programing updates. I pay for internet and cable, I’m not interested in another subscription fee. (Don’t those long commercials generate enough revenue?) Anyway, I will choose one or the other, not both! Maybe its time to turn it all off and go to the library!

  28. Been using this app on Xbox one for some time now, overall happy with the app since gliches were fixed after last update. However, we are suddenly locked out of newer content with the error message “Unauthorized. Your Xfinity settings do not include this content.” Xfinity says it’s not on their end, it’s something with the app! Please give us our programming back so we can watch our favorite shows!

  29. Would love to give this ap five stars but it crashes sooooo much! I love the content and having all these different shows, but a lot of the time using the app isn’t worth it….. It constantly signs me out so I have to go through so many steps to sign in, it never remembers what I watch so I also have to constantly look to find my show then episode, it’s extremely slow… Like extremely slow, and if I move to fast for the ap it crashes, and the commercials and to long and way to frequent.

  30. Love this app and all the shows. Not too many adds which is a plus! Update. This was one of my favorite apps. But for the past few weeks it’s requiring me to sign into my cable provider DAILY! That is really annoying, especially when i watch this when I’m away from home. At least have me sign in weekly but NOT DAILY!

  31. The app was working perfectly up until one day it froze up on me and now it won’t even get past the loading screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the app still doesn’t work. Please fix this Editing to add: the app no longer freezes. However I’m signed in with my tv provider but I’m not allowed access to watch any shows that should be unlocked.

  32. @Travel Channel, I tried to put in a request so you can troubleshoot, but it asks me to log in, when I do, even though I’m already logged in, it takes me back to the log in page. So, it is impossible for me to submit a request. I love all the shows, but It is constantly buffering every few minuets. No matter what platform I watch it on or where I watch it, also when I’m casting it, it’s just constant buffering. No other streaming app I have does this. Other than that I really enjoy this app.

  33. This app makes you think that you can just download the app and watch the movie or the show and you can’t! I think that’s false advertisement and misleading the public! Nowhere on the app does it tell you that you have to have a connection to some form of a television service or cable network service in order to watch programs available. Uninstalling ASAP!

  34. I only downloaded the App for Ghost Adventures and was super stoked to binge all of it but was super bummed out when i saw you had to pay for half the seasons. The add made it seem like it was free, and when it wasnt i was a little upset but im still glad to watch everything they have. Overall a great app, the only other thing is the ads are a little excessive and dont really change your basically watching like 2 maybe 3 adds twice within the 2-3 minutes they reserve for adds.

  35. Love it! Very easy to use. You do need to have a cable provider in order not to pay for it, but if your like me and your kids hog the television, its a great way to be able to watch your shows on your phone or computer. Just plug in your cable company sign in credentials and boom… all the shows are right there for you to chose from. Clarity is great, few commercials, no lag. Absolutely no problems thus far!

  36. Dead Files is my FAVORITE show. I got this app to cast it to my TV so I could watch whenever I wanted. It plays on my phone just fine, but does NOT pick up my TV for casting. When I first downloaded the app, it picked up my TV right away and I watched several episodes. I went to the store, came back and now it no longer recognizes my TV. YouTube, Pluto, MovieBox ect have no issues. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app several times, as well as different casting apps. No change.

  37. I love the Travel Channel, but for this app if you want to watch anything new, you must be paying a provider to see it. Some of us got sick and tired of paying someone else to watch channels that are then cancelled, or the provider does a price hike. I personally just got tired of paying more for less and unplugged from them all. I can’t afford less for more, as I’m now disabled, with other health issues I have to pay for, so I resorted back to an antenna that’s free.

  38. I have only had this app about two weeks but for the past week, I cannot open it, when it tries, it says this app is not responding, close it, wait, or send feedback….. i try to wait, it closes itself then you get, reopen app or send feedback, the send feedback choice gets froze, you cannot send it or close it!!! then its open until i shutdown laptop!!! This sux! and this is my favorite tv station!!! And I have already cleared cache and data!!

  39. I am rating this app a 3 even though I love the programs. The app I do not love. It constantly crashes and gives me messages that I am not authorized to view shows when I Am authorized. I have to log out and log back in to get past that message. It is annoying but I love the shows so I’m prepared to deal with it a bit longer but whose to say How long I will last. Please fix this Thank You

  40. I have not been able to use the app for about 2 weeks now. I thought it was due to the update that my phone, Samsung Galaxy S10, did an update but every other tv app(netflix, hulu, disney+, etc…) work just fine along with everything else. Judging by all of the reviews I’m seeing here, it looks like the problem is the app itself. I have cleared all of the system cache, the app cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and it still does not work. I have also already submitted a help request as well. Since other people are having the very same issue with the app, why not just say ‘we are looking into the problem’ or ‘we are aware there may be a problem and are trying to pin point the issue’

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