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Travel Connected with the Choice Hotels App. Everything Choice Hotels in one place.

Search nearby hotels, manage your stays, and book rooms with ease and at the lowest price, guaranteed. Whether you’re planning a business trip, family vacation—or just need to make a last-minute reservation—the Choice Hotels App for Android makes traveling easier.

Locate hotels by city, address, zip code, airport, popular attractions or your current location.

· Conveniently view search results, hotel photos and street maps.
· Browse hotel information, room details, amenities and 360-degree virtual tours.
· Let your friends know where you’re staying! Easily share properties via text message, email or social media.
· Get immediate access to real user reviews from recent guests.

Enjoy seamless booking at your fingertips.

· Add the hotels you love to your “Favorites” list.
· Save your credit card information for easy checkout.
· See future and past hotel stays.
· Add upcoming stays to your calendar.

· Make the most of your trip with Choice Privileges®, our FREE rewards program.
· Take advantage of members-only savings.
· Redeem points for free nights* and gift cards.
· Manage and redeem Your Extras.
· Book using Points Plus Cash. Members can combine Choice Privileges points and cash to reserve a room.
· Not a Choice Privileges member? Download now and enroll to start earning points towards free hotel room nights, gift cards and other rewards.

Get the Choice Hotels App® for the best booking experience on your mobile device. Enjoy your stay at any of our brands: Comfort Inn®, Comfort Suites®, Quality Inn®, Sleep Inn®, Clarion®, Clarion Pointe®, Cambria® Hotels & Suites, Mainstay Suites®, Suburban Studios®, Econo Lodge®, Rodeway Inn®, and our Ascend Hotel Collection®.

*Free Nights: There are no blackout dates. Restrictions, taxes and fees apply. See Terms and Conditions for details. Amenities vary by location. There are more than 1,500 Choice Hotels with reward nights available at 8,000 points or less. Reward nights at locations worldwide are available from 6,000 to 35,000 points (excluding Australasia, where reward nights required up to 75,000 points). Point requirements may vary based on time of year. Visit for details and redemption level information.

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Our app has a new look! It’s now even easier to find the best deals (including our current holiday promo) and discover nearby hotels. Tell us what you think by leaving a review in the app store. In addition, this update includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.


40 comentarios en "Choice Hotels MOD"

  1. Easy to navigate. Picks up location and hotels instantly. You’re booking with Choice Hotels, so it’s not a site that will take your money if you need to cancel, due to work cancels. I mean, that’s been my experience. When your tired, it’s a plus,you see the ratings before picking a hotel. Also nice in my opinion. Enjoying your services, it makes work/travel life convenient. And the point accumulation is the best part. It’s free money if the boss is paying for your expenses ❤️

  2. Latest version of this app not user friendly. ORIGINAL REVIEW: They have ruined what was an easy way to make a reservation with them while traveling. It won’t let you search for a destination other than your current destination. CORRECTION: I finally found the option to search for other locations, it’s hidden at the very top of the search page. Not easily visable and very confusing to use. Changed rating to three stars. This version not as user friendly.

  3. app was confusing, and frustrating! I would try and enter something, hit something wrong, and it would kick out everything I had put in and I had to start over. it probably did this a dozen or more times. I logged out & called the hotel directly. They could not give me the same rate as on the app so I had to log back in and was finally able to book my reservation. took almost an hour. Very frustrated by the time I got it booked.

  4. Some hotels will say it’s $42. a night that’s all you’ll pay, then charge you $47., but $47. will not show up on your receipt. I don’t understand the “why” to that. I love the big discounts, customer service on the phone is very helpful. The free night is awesome! To get all your points I sometimes have to call, because for some reasons they won’t show up all the time unless you call. Thank you Choice Hotel for the great savings. 😊👍

  5. I don’t think I’ve had one complaint with choice or with the app itself since I very first joined almost a year ago. The app is easy to use and simple to navigate, nothing confusing or extremely complicated. Also, I can honestly only recall once or twice that I had any difficulty with the app loading or connecting. I blame that on the system itself being down perhaps. Whatever the case, I am a very very satisfied customer.

  6. I’m the highest level of reward member with this hotel chain, an Elite Diamond Member because I travel 9 months out of the year for work. For the last few weeks any time I’ve opened the app, as I start to type the city I want to search in, before I can finish the typing, the entire app freezes and I have to restart my phone, or it crashes. Every single time. The app is completely unusable to me, when I book 70+ rooms a year, which is why this version is getting a single star. Fix your app!

  7. Quick, handy, tool for quick trips or multi-leg journeys. On occasion I’d like to have info on stuff near hotel x vs hotel y, but I’m ok with quick bookings of places that are always clean and friendly, now that I think of it. Dunno how they got that right, but it’s been the case for us. The one turnoff I’ve never had: a grumpy front desk person. That’s not much to say about the app, but I wouldn’t open the thing if otherwise.

  8. I rarely download apps because they are often so difficult to use, that I find, I can’t even order a hamburger. This app is so easy, that I never hesitate to open it just to see if there are any deals in the next week. All the info lines up in a logical way & there are check marks to move to the next screen. It offers the choices on a perfect list & allows me to view all the pertinent info for each hotel. I never miss a promotion because they are presented in a way they cannot be missed. GREAT!

  9. About all this app is good for is checking your point balance and finding a hotel at your destination. I’ve tried several times to book stays using the app. Both with redeeming points and paying. Every time it tells me my information doesn’t match what my card holder has on file. I’ve been using the same card with the same info on file for 10 years. And it seems to work fine if I book over the phone. Except then Choice is so inept. They failed to send a confirmation email to myself and the hotel

  10. I love the app! I was afraid that there would be a hastle to use my points to redeem my free nights. I was surprised to find it simple and very user friendly. Just pick a hotel that falls within point range and select days/nights and that was all I had to do. Now if only the customer service/front desk workers at certain hotels could be more pleasant to work with!

  11. It’s a good easy to use app, but can be a bit confusing at times. Trying to figure out the rewards, how they work, etc can be confusing. I still never know how many points I’m earning per stay until after I’ve stayed. It makes it a little hard when trying to earn enough to get a free stay. Otherwise super easy to book a stay and being a member gets you a few perks and a little off your room when booking right through them.

  12. I was a travel agent for 31 years so I know hotels. I’m now retired. When I need a place to stay, I always chose a Choice Hotels! I usually use the suite hotels like Comfort Inn and Suites or the Quality Suites. The rooms are always clean and have refrigerators and microwave ovens. Best of all are those “heavenly comfort beds “!! You won’t want to leave it in the morning!!! Plus by becoming a Choice Privilege member, it’s easy and faster to free night stays. This app is great and easy to use too! Great customer support when you need it. Highly recommended!!

  13. Have not been able to access the app since installing it the other day. Each time I attempt to login, a error message pops up saying it can’t connect to the server. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, powered down my phone and rebooted a couple times only to receive the same error message. Even updated the app with no success of logging in still. I can log in from the web with no issues, it’s just the app with the issues.

  14. Normally great, but as of late, the app is not letting you connect. Keeps giving sorry can’t connect to server error, you have to uninstall app and reinstall app then it works but wolith small issues, like I can’t search an area for a room. It allows you to click the current location button, but it won’t give you anywhere to type a me location. I’ve been using this app for over a year and this issue just started in the last couple of months. Fix these issues and I’d put it at 5 stars.

  15. can’t book hotels except by “nearby”, please fix this, it makes the app unusable. i need to book hotels before i get within gps range. * * Updated: nevermind, you can, but the UI makes the search box look like a header above the search nearby… not an input field. You should make the search box more evident, you can’t tell that’s where you are supposed to click.

  16. It sucks that you’re free night cannot be used if you are saying consecutively at the same location. We had an extended trip and a free nights would have helped. And also make sure that the hotel you’re staying at knows how to apply your points because when you call Choice Hotels you’re on the phone forever waiting on a representative a lot of them don’t speak clear English. Other then that its a good resource.

  17. I like this app it’s simple to use. It’s an easy process for me to book a room with just a couple if swipes on the apps. More importantly for me I love the fact that I can earn rewards points for staying at one if my favorite hotels. Quality Inn. The spring Sale they have going on is a helluva a deal. (Cheapest Rate I’ve seen around town.The one downfall is not knowing whether or not I’m earning points on my stay. It’s kind of confusing.

  18. Horrible decision by choosing choice. We chose Choice Hotels for the rewards program it was very inviting. I was wrong you have to contact customer service to be rewarded and it takes days even weeks to be given points. The app booked us in a room and a town on the other side of the state and would not cancel charged us for no-show and nobody would compensate us for the loss. I would definitely call the hotel direct and book with them instead of using the app

  19. the app is fairly simple but it’s very powerful saved $300 – $400 in one month’s time!! (I stay at hotels full-time) That’s makes it an awesome app; awesome savings … but the best part I like is I can easily and quickly compare reservations for different dates, different hotels, different discount rates and get that done quickly and accurately. I would recommend this app to anybody that stays at hotel, even if only one time a year.

  20. Could use a little tweaking in the search on the map. When I pinched to zoom to a certain part of a map I don’t like that it blows it up and shows me more, if I wanted more I wouldn’t have zoomed in so far. Some sites need up-to-date pictures, pictures seem to be after a fresh remodel and do not depict the actual condition of the hotel. Serious disappointment when walking into some places.

  21. We R X3 dice:

    Accessing room rates are is great. The problem is, it simply won’t let me complete a reservation when using the app. I have to physically go to the hotel. If there is only one room left, then the hotel may be sold out before I get there and it has happened. Why have an app if you can’t complete a reservation? I have shared this issue four different hotels over the past week. This app sucks! It’s a good thing the Wyndham app works okay because it has saved me where the choice app has failed.

  22. I always get an error code when trying to select rewards and what not. Have to sign out, or close the app or delete and reinstall to get it to work correctly. Also (a BIG concern) book for one price on the app get to the hotel and they try to charge MORE and argue about it. Very frustrating. If you do not pay attention (so at check in look VERY closely at what you are being charged huge chance its MORE). I have been charge MORE but have been so exhausted I didn’t notice until later.

  23. The app does not allow you to use points! On phone with customer service for over 3 hours on 4 different occasions, sent emails, on phone with “tech support”, deleted app, reinstalled app, been lied to about upgrading your computer system, used a different browser, used home computer, and have been “transferred” so many times and STILL no one has a clue! The only thing we all know for sure is my address! If i could rate you a “zero”, I would!

  24. On a recent trip I had previously booked reservations in three cities. Unexectedly it was necessary to make ammendments. At first I thought of calling each motel but decided to give the Choice App a try and glad I did. After a few minutes on the app sitting in my motel room I was able to cancel and make the new reservations and a few minutes later received a confirmation email.

  25. Always the best choices for hotels! No overbooks or issues! Cancelation is easy if needed & reward points add up quickly! I have never had a black out date, though I have been to areas (ATL on holiday weekend) where everything was 100%booked, but was able to keep searching for nearest room. I can book from parking lot, sign a form and get my key! Always fast & easy!

  26. J. Bacher dice:

    Choice Hotels has been my preferred home on the road since our first cross country move in 2013. During the past four years, our travel became more frequent. Six trips from Tumwater, Washington to find a new home. Two trips through the southwest, one to Arkansas, and three to the heart of Dixie. We found our home in Alabama. So many stays at Choice Hotels nation wide. Choice Hotels were clean, reliable, accommodations, with some exceptions. I use the Choice app exclusively for all travel.

  27. I have been using Choice Hotels for a long time. Haven’t had any problems really. But I go to use my points yesterday cuz I had sixteen thousand for a free night and all of a sudden the hotel that I usually stay at automatically goes to 20,000 points. And it goes up on price. I am a diamond member, this really turns me against using this app anymore. Because the prices keep going up the points keep going up. And it’s just ridiculous so I strongly suggest you go to a different app.

  28. I have an easy time navigating thru this app and making the reservation that fulfills my plans whether it’s personal or business. I have a high regard as well as expect nothing but the best from choice hotels. I would recommend this Chain to all that love efficiency ,quality, fine hospitality and top customer service! Thank you choice for setting a standard that I can rely on and trust. Keep up the great work.

  29. If i could give it fewer stars than one, i definately would. Poorly designed with constant upgrades, never works on my phone which is less than 8 months old. Always need to reboot and upgrade. Its a real shame too, employees at the places i stay are WONDERFUL! The facilities, not so good. Constant issues with locks and plumbing (to a point where I bring my own plunger…) plus a unknown of when things CAN be addressed. Convienence brings me back and the place is less than 3 years old…

  30. Robert C. dice:

    It’s buggy. I use finger print login but it always asks for my login and password after a successful fingerprint scan. For the longest time, I was stuck in a verification loop. It would send an email verification, I would click on the link in the email and then when I would go to use the app again, it would say I need to verify again. I finally got around this by verifying through the website.

  31. This app and every Choice Hotel falsely promotes this ad of stay two nights get one free. If you are on a one-week vacation, this promotion will not help you at all because it takes 72 hours to post a Stay. This is absolutely ridiculous, they post your payment to a credit card immediately, but not your points for a stay. Extremely disappointed with Choice Hotels.

  32. The app is pretty good . I have not had any problems using points for reservations. I have had constant issues with the way my stays and points are tracked incorrectly . I do not like having to hunt them down. The small incentives for higher member levels such as 2 pm checkout or upgraded rooms should be automatically reflected in the reservation especially when using points for the free reward nights.

  33. I was apprehensive about using the app because I’ve had bad experiences in the past with other similar apps. But the Choice Hotels app is leaps and bounds above all the rest! From ease of use to simple, clear directions to the entire layout, everything about it is on point! Booking a room is done in 3 clicks🤩 I’ve recommended this app to friends, strangers and other people staying at the same hotel I’m at on a regular basis and will continue to do so every chance I get!!!

  34. I just started using this app at the beginning of this month (February 2021) and I have to say that it is very simple to use. You can book your rooms at any of the eligible hotels which they list, it lists all the different types of rooms and their prices (before taxes), it’s so simple and quick to begin earning points and moving up from just a choice member to a diamond member with different rewards! It shows you how many points you are totaling and what you can do with the points and much more

  35. The app allows for quick and easy reservations, a couple of clicks and its done!!! I love it! also when ever i have an issue and call customer service they always get right on it to make sure the problem is solved and go above and beyond to make sure I am happy and satisfied, for as long as the are around i will stick with choice hotels!

  36. I enjoy using this app because it saves me a lot of time when comparing prices from one hotel to the next. It keeps track of all of my past stays,upcoming stays and even the stays that I cancelled. Having this information at my fingertips always allows me to make a point of reference if ever there’s a problem with any of their properties. The employees are very studious and efficient in most cases. My only gripe with the program in itself would be the practices at MOST of the Roadway Inn hotels.

  37. It took a few calls and a lot of frustration but Customer service finally came through and fixed a horrible hotel experience. App is very convenient and seems to work great. You can book, cancel and reschedule a stay easily. You can view point, buy points and much more right on the app. Recommend Choice Hotel

  38. The app is very accurate for location and amenities. However, I had two disappointments on my last trip. On my first night, when I got to the hotel, their office internet was down. Because of this, they couldn’t run my credit card, so I had to pay my bill with cash. I had three bucks leftover, so I had to go to my bank for more cash. Some hotels slip receipts under the door overnight. I never received a receipt. On my second night everything went along very well, except no list of TV channels.

  39. First time using app on a trip to Florida. It worked great. Could see pictures of rooms. The best part is the ability to get a map and check out what hotels are on the road in front of you. As is with technology not always able to get in mountains. I shut app down and reopened. Worked great then.

  40. The app is easily to navigate and understand. Its great to have a company that actually rewards you for loyalty. Will continue to use this app as it is easier to do booking for myself compared to calling and waiting to receive a confirmation email to verify if the reservation is correct because I have a hearing issue and cant always understand the person on the other end. Would recommend this app to anyone who is booking because you can also compare prices to other options in the area.

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