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Unlock extraordinary travel experiences and hotel travel deals with the Marriott Bonvoy™ app: 
Best Rate Guarantee 
Get the best rate on your hotel travel when you book your travel reservations directly through the Marriott Bonvoy app.  
Flexible Cancellations 
Plans change.  That’s why we offer flexible, free cancellation hotel options when booking directly through the Marriott Bonvoy app. Use the app to adjust your travel plans with ease.  
Search Hotels, Book Stays, and Earn Rewards  
Search hotels and hotel packages and book your travel all within the app. Earn and redeem points for your stays booked directly with Marriott and reward yourself with a vacation. 
Our Commitment to Clean 
As we welcome you back to our hotels around the world, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19. Use the app for contactless conveniences.  
Check-In to your Hotel On-The-Go 
Marriott Bonvoy members can check-in from anywhere with Mobile check-in. Just let us know when you’re arriving, and you’ll receive a notification when your room is ready. 
Manage your Marriott Bonvoy™ Account 
Check your point balance, view your stay history, folio, and more. 
Loyalty Offers and Features  
Take advantage of exclusive offers and content for Marriott Bonvoy™ members that you can use right away. 
Marriott Bonvoy™ also offers free WiFi for Bonvoy members at most hotels. Not a Marriott Bonvoy™ member? Download and join, all through the app. 
Order Food and Drinks  
Order ahead while you’re out exploring. Browse and order food and drinks from your hotel’s menu at participating properties, and it will be ready when you return. 
Contactless Access to Hotel Keys and Amenities  
Never worry about losing your key card again. The Marriott Bonvoy™ Mobile Key can be used to open your hotel room and easily access any hotel amenity. 
With Mobile Key, you can get to your room faster. Use it to open your room, parking garage, fitness center, lounge, and pool. 
Convenient Ways to Chat During your Stay 
Mobile Chat lets you talk directly to your hotel. Available just before, during, and even after your stay, ask the front desk for local recommendations, request amenities, and more while on the go. 
Need something? Mobile Requests gives you a list of amenities to choose from to customize your stay, or even ask for something you forgot, like a comb or toothpaste. 
Marriott Bonvoy Hotel Brands  
Use the Marriott Bonvoy™ app to book hotel stays with any of our 30 brands, including AC Hotels by Marriott®, Aloft® Hotels, Autograph Collection® Hotels, Bulgari, Courtyard®, Delta Hotels®, Design HotelsTM, EDITION®, Element®, Fairfield Inn & Suites®, Four Points® by Sheraton, Gaylord Hotels®, JW Marriott®, Le Méridien®, Moxy® Hotels, Marriott Executive Apartments®, Marriott Hotels®, Marriott Vacation Club®, Protea Hotels®, Renaissance® Hotels, Residence Inn®, Sheraton®, SpringHill Suites®, St. Regis®, The Luxury Collection®, The Ritz-Carlton®, TownePlace Suites®, Tribute Portfolio®, W® Hotels, and Westin® Hotels & Resorts 



New Hotel-specific promotions and offers
We now require a device PIN to request a mobile key
Anchored filter placement on the hotel search results screen
Fixed maps “Search this Area” to reflect the current location. Updated the display of the summary of charges
Squashed several bugs, including fixing the “Book Again” button result


40 comentarios en "Marriott Bonvoy™ MOD 2022"

  1. What good is an app if it doesn’t work? This was previously: Ever since the complete renovation of the app, it is less than functional. The ads and attempts to sell me a credit card work just fine but the important data like checking in and digital keys fail to work. It takes so much bandwidth to operate that I must be with a perfect signal or Wi-Fi to function properly. This was my previous review: this is a really simple app to use and provides access to all of the information you might need.

  2. Generally the app works well, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why Marriott can’t get the mobile key part working correctly. It has worked once for me, out of hundreds of properties where I have attempted to use it over the years. They can’t just blame the phone or a corrupt cache because I have tried with three different models of Samsung phone over the last few years (meaning after many reinstalls of the app and across different versions. Get your act together and please test it!

  3. Can’t use the app. Says my device is rooted when it’s not. Automatically shuts down the app. No one is going to factory reset their device to hope that the app might work again. Edit: after uninstalling then reinstalling a couple more times, it now works. It works fine like it did for the first 10 minutes I had the app upon initial download. The review still remains because it shouldn’t take all of this to get it to work.

  4. This app is very glitchy. When it works, it’s great. Too often however it refuses to load….like when I get a blank screen when trying to search and book. Or under my account it tells me nights, points but doesn’t allow me to access past activity. Same blank screen. Pulling up existing reservations is at best hit and miss but mostly miss…I get the “spinning wheel of death”. Please fix the reliability of the app.

  5. App itself works great and allows for quick and easy booking/changes to reservations. This would be 5 stars, but one of the few times I have used it so far, it seems like there was a payment issue on Marriott’s platform(s). I was not able to book when I wanted on either the app or the website; I had to try back the next day.

  6. Too bad zero starts isn’t an option. With the latest update the app is terrible. I can’t log in and when I do my acct is empty of points, nights, history. I’ve emailed twice, called…nothing seems to get anyone at Marriott to help with the issue. It used to be so easy to book on the app, not anymore. And they don’t seem to care! Joke is on me I guess.

  7. Steven S dice:

    I don’t think QA is performed on this app pre-release. Login is failing when fingerprints are used it accepts fingerprint and then just sits there. Searching for location doesn’t auto populate most of the time even with good bandwidth available. Why is that annoying? Because there is no option to “go” when specifying the location manually. Search preferences get dropped when updates occur. Issues with viewing and going back to other properties as well. Booking should be default landing page as

  8. Update is terrible! When looking at dates with flexible dates I can see some nights have a lower rate than others, but when going to book, it seems the most expensive rate becomes the rate for all nights. In order to book the lower rates, you have to book separate reservations. What sense does that make?! It used to have a breakdown of the rates per night, but now is the same high rate each night. Making reservations is much more challenging now. Put it back to how it was!

  9. I have tried booking hotels from the app just to get an “internal error” when clicking on confirm. I end up going on the website where the confirmation works. Other times, availability isn’t accurate on the app, again only to find out when I go the website. I have been a Platinum Elite member for 12 years and this is the worst experience I have ever faced. Please fix these errors on the app. Plus load times for the app have increased 5 fold. It’s starting to be unusable.

  10. Fix it, this used to be good. But the past couple of versions….not so much. At first I thought it was just due to possible server issues. But then I installed the Apple version on my work phone and it works flawless, just like this version USED to. Not sure what changes they made or why they’d release versions that are so terrible, but here we are.

  11. Not certain if it is something I am doing wrong but I find this app to be almost worthless. Cannot tell which features I have turned on and the reservation I just made cannot tell if it went through or not. Update– went to the hotel where I had made the reservation through the app. Did not have any record of my reservation. Lot of options– no more Marriotts for me . Extremely disappointing experience all the way around.

  12. Terrible. I tried adding 2 trips to my profile using confirmation numbers and neither would work. I received an error message stating to call customer service. Now I’m in a 10 minute queue waiting to speak to a person. The Hilton app is far superior. Edit: app is still terrible. Mobile key does not work. When you press “call front desk” in the mobile key error screen you’re connected to a call center – not the hotel front desk. Garbage app

  13. One of my favorite apps, but since the last update or two, I’ve had continuous issues with the app. I’ve tried clearing app cache, app data, and even uninstalling + reboot + reinstalling, but the app will only work well for about a day. The issues that develop are: I can no longer check in, send a chat, search for properties to book, and my past bookings stay on the current bookings list, mobile key thinks I’m at a past property, etc… I’ll change back to 5 stars once resolved.

  14. J P dice:

    This app is an example of when the developers try to make the graphics amazing but forget that people are on mobile devices. Now, thanks to recent updates, the map view is a pain to use which is primary how I search since location location location. Even the list view is now annoying to use. The website isn’t good now either. It’s like, tone down the pictures please so we can actually search for things.

  15. First the app refuses to load several times. Then my digital key disappears and the app doesn’t recognize that I’m currently booked at a hotel. Thanks to that I was locked outside of the side door with an arm full of shopping bags while it was storming outside and I had to walk around to the main entrance to get a physical card. The hotel is nice, but this app is terrible.

  16. C N dice:

    Older app versions were more friendly. Upgrades have been glitchy. The share icon to download hotel bill doesn’t work on Android but works for ios (appears corrected in latest). Also, just because one can use large graphics/pics, doesn’t mean one should. Please consider that you are designing for mobile app users. We don’t need to see large image of the hotel property when we view future, current and past stays. Design for function and not just for prettiness. Please validate updates better.

  17. Joshua N. dice:

    I used to love this app but with the digital key not working it is a huge draw back. I mostly used it for the digital key. The app is nice to book a hotel in but isn’t anything special over just accessing the internet and booking online. It is a little easier to check you account status but if you want to check benefits for a specific level but this is assuming it allows you to even log in. The app seems to be getting worse not better.

  18. Awful, pure awful. Long time member and user. The app used to be extremely easy to use and navigate. Now whoever they put in charge of their app design has set them back 15 years in technology. Very, very frustrating. The response under these reviews and postings from Marriott is completely tone deaf to the massive negative responses to the update. It is obvious that they are unaware of what damage they are done. Please bring back the last version so that we can actual use the app. Dissapointed!

  19. JP Held dice:

    It often fails to load information. Notifications will fire, then the actual app won’t work. On my last trip, it kept informing me that my mobile key was ready, but it never actually loaded the key. I had to check-in at the front desk 🤷🏻. This app is a complete failure, in that regard, and needs to be fixed.

  20. Hit or miss. The app will send me alerts but when I open it to view them…. it doesn’t load. I can go to the main screen but can’t see my account screen. Or I can search for a stay but the results page will not load. Kinda annoying bc I want to be able to use the mobile key but doesn’t look like I’ll be able to

  21. Chris B dice:

    Love the app, just down loaded it for this trip, already booked two different hotels enroute. Great search by city, ability to enter and save preferences. I was able to login with my old credentials (sorry been several years since I have needed a hotel) and it found my points and easy to use points while booking. Also like the check out feature and we don’t have to go by the front desk and tell them!

  22. Booking a room worked, checking in did not. When I booked a room, I got an email confirmation and my reservation also showed in the app. When I went to check in using the app, the progress indicator just doin in circles and never did anything. Exited the app and tried again with the same (non)result. Update: The next day I was able to check in using the app, but then the app never told me my room was ready. Went to the front desk to check, and yes, the room was ready, but the app didn’t know.

  23. Jason dice:

    Most recent version is terrible. It is much slower than it used to be, it takes more menu changes to achieve the same tasks, and has less data immediately visible when you open it. Worst of all the mobile check-in simply does not work anymore and always says service unavailable. The old app worked great and I used to give it a high rating. What on earth possessed you to release an overhauled version that is ten steps backwards??

  24. I really want to like this app because I am loyal to Marriott but it’s just so, so, soooooo bad. The app has always been painfully slow. The latest version doesn’t improve that in any way. I’m trying the flexible date search feature and it’s useless. It’s a shame. The app’s good for managing reservations you already have (hence two stars, not one) but starting from scratch? Use the website — which is also painfully, disgustingly slow, but at least it works most of the time without hanging up.

  25. This app continues to be problematic. Been attempting to enter the booking location and the app does absolutely nothing. Navigating is EXTREMELY slow, makes it absolutely frustrating to use. I am constantly closing the app and reopening hoping to clear its glitches, but nothing works. So I end up using Martiotts website in lieu of app. Loved the older versions, not sure who is responsible for the programming, but they definitely need to go back to square ONE!!!

  26. B. Austin dice:

    I’ve always been happy with the Marriott app, however the most recent update, it constantly gives me internal server error when performing certain functions. Such as checking in online and booking. I have an android phone which appears to be the app issue. My husband has the app on his iPhone with no issues. Please fix! I utilize the app for work and it would be very helpful if it performed properly.

  27. Jeff B dice:

    Recent update is horrible. Not at all user friendly. And when I click to look at rates, it often just gives a blank template with no info! Can’t easily see all the rates by clicking down button and then scrolling up and down on the screen like before. Can’t easily see all upcoming reservations like before. You added pretty pictures of each but that’s not useful-all my reservations fitting us useful. Roll back this update to the previous version. It was simple and easy to use. And worked!

  28. Andrew dice:

    New app made a lot of visual changes, but added a ton of white space. This is an app for mobile phones. You know, a screen that fits in your hand. You really need to condense content and remove whitespace. I can only see a single reservation at a time on my Galaxy phone. I’d want to see at least the next three reservations without scrolling.

  29. Scott Wood dice:

    This new app is pure garbage. How a huge multi- national company allows their IT department to issue something like this is beyond me. It takes too long to do hotel searches. It wants to be too specific on the location. The checkout function simply doesn’t work. You want to request services from the hotel; good luck. It crashes and is glitchy. I am an Ambassador level Bonney member and this app makes it way too difficult to stay at a Marriott property.

  30. With the new update, I can no longer type in my corporate code on the app. I have to use the desktop version for the rates. When I type it in the app, I press enter, and it just spins and spins, never updating. Then I hit apply and it only shows the”Lowest Regular Rate” option. Because of this, it makes the app somewhat useless to me, even as an Ambassador Elite. Unfortunate.

  31. The app is generally solid and the new look is great, but there are a couple basic functionality issues that need to be resolved. Trips -> Past -> Hotel Bill (for any given stay) -> you either get a message saying “Your bill may not be available yet…” even though the trip was over a month ago and was booked through the Bonvoy app, or the bill is accessible but the share button in the top right corner simply doesn’t work. Very frustrating that something so simple is still an issue.

  32. Jim Davis dice:

    Used to be fine, but the new update is terrible. As others have said, too much white space for mobile and the interface is not user friendly. but the worst part is that I CANNOT make ANY reservations on it. Every time I’ve tried, I get a red box that says “This service is unavailable, but we’re on it. Please try back later.” This service being booking a room, which is the whole point of a mobile app for a Hotel chain. Unacceptable.

  33. I echo everyone else who has given a low star review. Very glitchy. Can’t compete check-in on the app without the page timing out, all my future bookings are missing in the app, subs clunky features (i.e. when looking at a specific hotel then pressing the return button you have to scroll all the way through the search results you already browsed to get back to where you left off). Needs another update badly to fix usability.

  34. The new app is horrible since it rolled out at near the beginning of June. I am no longer able to book a room from my mobile app (I have a Samsung S22). You would think in two months you would have got the basic function of booking a room in the app fixed. Bonus points will not post to the account now. I’ve called in six times and it’s still not fixed. It’s total trash. The app now looks like my Hilton app but it sure doesn’t function like it. Marriott you’re better than this. Get it fixed.

  35. Sadly, poor. The Latest ‘upgrade’ was a downgrade IMO. As a Titanium customer and a Hilton Diamond, Hilton has you beat on the app side. Like others, the digital key?? Never had it work, period, despite front desk attempts at assistance. The lack of functionality of the app, compared to the competition, really detracts from the brand.

  36. Mike Davis dice:

    I am a titanium member who is very loyal to marriott and have been for many years. Whatever was done with the app 9ver the last coulle of months broke it. Constantly missing trips that are booked, get errors and screen lockups when I try to book, cannot get into account about 1/4 of the time. Need to fix this. I am bouncing over to Hilton until you all get this fixed.

  37. Steve A dice:

    The app constantly crashes. I have a Google Pixel 6 pro. In general. It seems like the bonvoy app developers never seem to get it. The last app worked better but did not have all of the modern convenience searching that you would get from normal hotel websites. This “updated” app is even worse. I really wanted it to work. I’m only posting this one star so the developers can see it and do something about it. I’m an ambassador elite member of Marriott.

  38. The app made it seem like I could check in using the app. This did not work. I sat in the lobby for a while waiting for my room assignment and key. After about 30 minutes, I waited in line and checked in. 2 hours later, the key started working in the app, but it was inconsistent. Sometimes the key was there. When it was there, sometimes it worked on the door, other times nothing happened. It wasn’t reliable enough for me to avoid carrying any other physical key with me.

  39. Nothing against Marriott itself, which is a fine hotel chain, but I don’t find any value in the app itself. App takes forever to log in. If you briefly lose cell signal (like if you walk into an elevator) the app will take forever to log you back in, rendering any e-keys useless in the interim. You might find yourself waiting outside your room for 5 minutes while the app reconnects.

  40. Update is visually pleasing , but I can’t take the constant red error messages at the bottom of the screen. Also, being Ambassor level and spending $20k+ per year means I book a lot of hotels in advance. Unfortunately the “Trips>Current tab (where current and future bookings are normally shown) is blank. I have contacted the mobile care email listed and have received nothing. Huge disappointment.

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