Google Earth MODDED 2022

Find satellite images of any location. Discover cities and mountains with tours.
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Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you’ve created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.


An improved search experience now includes locations, suggested points of interest, data layers, and guided tours in Voyager.


40 comentarios en "Google Earth MODDED 2022"

  1. This app’s always been pretty decent, but the most recent update adds a bug that annoys the hell outta me. I can’t get accurate measurements anymore, ‘cuz the “Measure” tool seems to freeze, even though the actual app’s still running–and by the time it unfreezes, I could be anywhere from .10 of a mile to SEVERAL miles off course. Good thing I don’t have to use that tool for hiking in the wilderness or finding my way back home, if I got lost–I’d be dead by now, if that was the case.

  2. Rudy Toth dice:

    I really enjoy this cool app. But there’s some things that needs improvement in specific areas of the maps. There are some changes that needs addressing like some houses and specific trees that no longer exists in the current time frames of reality. The app once awhile crashes too… when the areas being geographically are too large in the screen than being sky high. This app works best on WiFi than using your cellular data. On WiFi the app works at blazing speed!!! 👍🏻😎

  3. Wish it still had the pin drop feature. It’s become very hard to find out what you are looking at, unless you want to google coordinates all the time. Though the project feature is nice. Really like the detail that it gives, makes it really easy to orient yourself and figure out how to get to were you are trying to go, especially when maps is not giving the proper directions

  4. Satellite imagery and street view work great, but the time lapse thing is just a complete waste to me. Where’s the timeline function I was looking for? I used to be able to view my old hometown in the early and late 90’s, now I have to manually hunt it down on the time lapse from some general area near the town with worse image quality than before. I hope you guys fix those bugs. I want the time travel features I had before.

  5. Y Kruger dice:

    Satellite images are outdated. Need feedback function in menu for user to contribute improvements. The compass moving in circle takes too much time and is a distraction. Should have functioned to have user control compass views. Longitude, latitude and grid lines were helpful for orientation. Helpful if elevation is also listed in 3D function. Stop GREED.

  6. Update on review from 2019. Still doesn’t have topography tools and such like the desk top version in which I don’t own a computer. Still a great app and works well as long as you’re not seeking tools to check you property elevations. I like to build topographic architectural models out of cardstock in my free time and this just doesn’t help especially when the areas are small. I can’t justify buying a computer solely for this purpose.

  7. You finally updated it! I would say you broke it, but it never really worked right to begin with. I can’t use it more than a few minutes in 3D mode before it just up and quits, and this is on a reasonably capable phone! So annoying. Update: App has been updated again, it no longer just up and quits but now it locks up completely and has to be force-stopped to get the phone to work again.

  8. I don’t know what they did but the map no longer displays borders, or labels of any kind, no matter what “map style” is clicked. It also locks up now within 2-3 minutes of opening…which kinda makes it pretty useless. Uninstalling. Hopefully they’ll update it someday. It was pretty neat…once upon a time. Update: Tried it again after 2 months. Still has the exact same problems. Way to go, Google.

  9. Shawna B dice:

    When I started using Google Earth I loved it! It was educational, fun, I could see places that would never physically be able to go. You could “drive” down the street and look around sometimes catching hilarious unplanned situations. There were beautiful photos from people’s journeys. All gone! Now it’s grocery store shelves and restaurant food trays. When you swooped in under the clouds you’d see the rain falling if there was a storm. That’s gone! Harder to navigate. don’t use it much now. Sad.

  10. App was glitchy, and does not work well (i.e. at all) to get or give directions. When opening a .kmz file that was created on a desktop, there is no way to ask for directions to or from this pinned location. If you make the mistake of opening the same pin more than once, that pinned location is shown twice on the map, with no clear way to remove either of them (yes, I attempted to clear the cache.) Summary: lovely satellite images. Not terribly useful unless you’re a student of geography.

  11. Very good but often blacks out. The app works well and is even fun to use, just scrolling around and exploring the world. But the app will black out many times, usually when going to street mode or a photo sphere. The screen will be black but all the buttons will be there. I have to force close the app to fix this. Without this the app would be near perfect.

  12. The images are clear and load quickly. The app does not lag at all. For those complaining of these issues, your galaxy 5 or iPhone 6 is not considered a “reasonably capable device” in 2018. Rating 2 stars for lack of features. You cannot add placemarks or save locations without adding files from your computer based Google earth. This makes the app pointless. Very few people are here to take tours of Paris.

  13. Needs updating! After checking my address and surronding areas, I found out that the maps and street view are over 10 years old. Everything is years out of date. Nothing that I checked was even close to up to date. Best I can tell, it was last updated around 2008. Which is very deceptive if your trying to find what an area or property looks like today. If updated to present day it could be very useful. Please update or list in your description that at least parts of it is over 10 years old.

  14. J M dice:

    Seems to lack most basic features from the regular program (like timelines and image dates, plus Sky and Mars, etc.). Plus most of the other stuff. Not great in comparison. It has proven basically useless for most of the reasons I’ve had for using it on the fly. Desktop version is far superior. But it works smooth and zooming, scrolling, and rotating the camera, as does street view. I’m just surprised this is so lacking by comparison, given the computing capabilities of modern mobile devices.

  15. This app is amazing for analyzing geography, looking for locations, etc. The controls are great and the map itself looks beautiful. HOWEVER it lacks a few key features that the desktop (computer) version has, which leads to it feeling like a downgrade. Lastly the app doesn’t have the much loved maps for Luna (Moon) and Mars. I’m not sure if they’re on desktop still or not, but either way they should be added ASAP. In fact to be honest, the Luna map was why I downloaded it in the first place.

  16. I love this app to explore and find things all over the world. This app is amazing… but the issue is. On my galaxy A11, the app works smoothly when I open the app, then after a few minutes staying on the app it starts to lag. When it gets really bad it either locks up my phone, black screen, and or the app closing out by itself… I want to enjoy the full experience of the app because I love to explore. Thank you.

  17. Was one of the best apps that I use on a regular basis. I would use it for search and rescue, hiking, scouting, fishing and skiing. Since the last update all it does is close upon opening. It’s updated with the latest version and I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled to avail. please fix! Android Galaxy 8+ Finally found the fix on someone else’s post. in summary “Force stop the app, Clear cache and data, Allow contact and location permission, Open”

  18. App is great for a top down view of an area and that’s about it. You would think that there would at least be a simple way to use earth and maps together, but if there is it’s not user friendly at all. In fact trying to interact with any location is that shows up in earth is frustrating at the very least. You find a location, try to open up info, see a button that LOOKS like it will hook you up with directions, but instead just rotates the view slowly…

  19. Great for finding whatever place on Earth you’re looking for! Being able to see how many miles are between the places you want to go is great. Plus the story mode and places of interest that come up randomly are great and keep the experience fresh. You can disable those features if you’re not interested of course. The graphics and animation of the globe is top-notch also.

  20. I’ve been trying to view the California/Oregon damage from forest fires on Google Earth (Android) and I’ve run into a missing feature. Please add the ability to view historical imagery on mobile. (It obviously has the feature already done since it has timelapse, but it’s no option to change the time manually with a slider.) Also a really useful feature would be a wildfire layer in Voyager. Thanks.

  21. Just installed & will uninstall. If I could, I would’ve given it zero stars! Not at all what I expected. The “zoom” is awful…too blurry & can’t make out the simplest things. Plus, the views are old! At least a couple of years! I looked at places I’m very familiar with, i.e., home, & realized the area shown hasn’t looked the way it is on the map for quite some time. Maybe if the zoom is better developed & the maps are updated, this would be more interesting!

  22. Love how the bad reviews are all from people who are trying to use the app in a way it’s not designed for or are having issues related to either their internet connection or older/slower device. That stuff aside it works great. It’s an incredible way to explore or revisit favorite places all over the world. I also enjoy seeing the changes in pics from 20 years ago compared to today.

  23. Livia B dice:

    Google Earth is an amazing app where you can visit places that you might not be able to go to see in person. My brother and I love looking at random places in the world. It is very cool and interesting! Two things though, 1. It can be VERY laggy, so make sure to close all of your tabs. 2. Google Earth says that they update pictures every 3 years. Its been almost 5 years from a picture update. Other than that, it’s a great app to have!

  24. I love looking at this & can spend forever just finding different places around the world to zoom in on. The only flaw I find it suffers from is that after a while of use, it freezes & kicks me off…almost like an over saturation of information the app can’t handle. Other than that its a terrific idea & can cause you to really get lost staring at images of our amazing planet.

  25. Pretty good. I wish they’d just leave areas they don’t have actual footage of as just blurs though. Its somewhat confusing when trees are just cut and pasted to fill in areas where there are very few trees. I can’t complain much because it is free and very cool. I really like the street view feature. I wish you could go more places but I understand why you can’t.

  26. Old versions are better. They had routes and transit lines. Easier to navigate. These new versions don’t have those anymore. I selected the “include everything” option, but they are still not showing up. The old versions had a better map system. I have to download from outside Google play to accommodate. This version is useless for me.

  27. I love this app. It’s very fun to play with. But there are problems. It crashes so many times. Like within 2 minutes of Earth being open, It crashes. Why is that? And also, some cities dont have 3D buildings like Dubai and Shanghai. And the app lags like crazy. Plus I’m pretty sure that the map and buildings are outdated from 5 years ago.

  28. The development team left out one feature, and it’s a deal breaker for me: the ability to save locations within app. Having the option to save and name locations, after dropping a pin, would be ideal. Also, sharing saved locations between Google Maps and Earth products, would lead to a better user experience.

  29. I really do like this app…. but… if a bunch of design engineers decided to figure out the absolute worst place they could have possibly put the Street View tool, they got it exactly right. It is nearly impossible to use this app without going into Street View multiple times and having to back out from it. EXTREMELY annoying. It needs to be on the upper screen.

  30. JedeWin dice:

    I sincerely liked this app cause it helps with navigation. Small problem is that it lags my phone and sometimes even kicks me out. It’s a majorly buggy issue, and every time I turn my phone off with this app running, it does some terrible things, and I can’t even try to restart my phone to stop this most of the time. I think I’ll stick to the website version instead!

  31. Typing in the search box was impossible. Letters were erasing themselves as I was typing. I updated my Gboard. The same thing happened. Letters appeared and disappeared without me touching the keyboard. In the unlikely event that it actually did pull up a location, zooming in took me somewhere else entirely. It also locks up my phone causing me to hard reboot. I had to uninstall.

  32. What happened to Google Earth ? Google Earth was working fine until a couple updates ago. Now, none of the street names are showing up, and the majority of the small icons that told you if it was a bank, restsurant, pharmacy etc…, are gone. I’ve even uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it, to see if that would fix the app/or bug, but it didn’t help. Now, the app is basically useless. Another glitch in the software is that you use to be able to see a map of entire world. That’s gone.

  33. I just downloaded this app for the first time and I love it. But, it does crash, maybe every 5 minutes. Usually when I reopen it it’s where I was before it crashed. No, I’m not clearing the cashe and force stopping, I’ve had the app all of a half hour, I barely have a cashe. I see I should be able to drop pins and name them? Can’t do that. But I’ll keep it in hopes that Google fixes these issues.

  34. Android 8.1.0. Nothing but control buttons and a black screen since the last update, even after numerous reinstalls and restarts. Since many others are having the same issue I’ll assume Google is working on the bug. EDIT: it appears to be fixed. Rating upgraded. EDIT: the app was fine for a while, now it won’t resolve when zooming in and locks up in street view. Sad.

  35. Love this app!!! It is really cool how you can zoom in so far that it’s al ost like your really physically there. Also cool how you can travel around on it almost as if you were really at that location driving in a car or walking. It would just be nicer if it were easier to get it to go in the direction you want it to. Like on street corners, when you want to go down the cross street off the one you began on. I always have a really hard time getting it to do that or I don’t get it to & just quit

  36. Awesome app, just found how to get a picture from it when I want to explore new places to hike, prospect, explore, metal detect & even a ghost town not too far from me. Exploring from space off the beaten path of others is almost as much fun as actually doing it in person. Lots of stuff to find, learn and do, even for the social butterflies out there. Have fun and good luck.

  37. Stacey dice:

    Baby, I love you, but your controls suck. After carefully alligning the picture just the way I want it, the image always swims a little after I take my finger off the screen. Then, when I go to move it, I have to “break” it from its locked position by jarring the image, meaning I then have to resize and reset it. I would prefer the movement controls to work like they do in Maps. There also seems to be no way to save a postcard other than to text yourself and save it thru sms.

  38. Top 5 all time best apps. I can’t believe I wasted so much time going on theoretical trips with Google maps when I could have been using this astonishing tool. I can spend hours investigating, exploring, and checking out the amazing thing that is our spaceship terra. All gratis. I like to daydream what it would be like to go back in time and demonstrate this to someone like Amerigo Vespucci. These are pretty cool daydreams where I am only very rarely burned as a witch.

  39. The newest version of google earth takes too long to focus after going to street view and if you’re zoomed in to a certain area or town and search for something like “churches” “ski areas” or “Roman ruins” it doesn’t show pins on locations anymore. Instead it either takes you back to your physical location (which I have disabled, what’s with that) or makes you choose from a long list not necessarily in the area you are zoomed in on. The older version was way better. And no planets for android🤬

  40. I don’t like the 3D rendering feature very much. It just seems to bog everything down and there seems to be even less ability to focus than before. Also it causes my phone to run very hot any time I open Google earth. When are they going to let us have higher Def resolution? Probably never. I’m tempted to just un-install it for that very reason alone. It sucks now.

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