Wheels – Ride Safe MODDED 2022


Get to where you need to go — the safer and easier way.
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Wheels provides a fleet of electric, shared vehicles throughout your city that can be accessed directly within this easy-to-use app. Ride for your commute, ride to lunch, ride to your daily coffee, ride for fun if you like. Enjoy the ride, but remember – Safety First!

– Download this app, and open up the map to find a Wheels near you. Please note that you will only see bikes within a few miles of your current location.
– Scan or type the QR code on the Wheels device to unlock it, and start riding.
– Enjoy a safe ride to your destination, using a helmet and bike lanes where available
– When finished, park the device responsibly, making sure to avoid blocking any pedestrian paths.

Want to rent a Wheels device long-term? Visit our rental website at shop.takewheels.com for more information.

Wheels is dedicated to bringing safe, low-cost, environmentally-friendly transportation to communities around the world. We’ve reimagined micro-mobility to make it more accessible, safer, and more convenient than ever before. Everything we do is designed to deliver an exceptional experience for riders worldwide.

We require all riders to be at least 18 years old with a valid ID card to ride.

Wheels is more accessible than a standard bike thanks to its electric motor and pedal-less design. With its lower center of gravity and multiple touchpoints, it is safer than accident-prone scooters. Its unparalleled stability is due to a 14-inch wheel, allowing you to navigate uneven surfaces with ease. Additionally, we’ve made numerous safety-first design decisions, including dual disk brakes for better stopping power, automatic lights for high visibility anytime, a padded seat for comfort, and an integrated smart helmet system on select models. All of this makes the Wheels form factor an industry leader for safety and ease of use.

Ride in bike lanes when available. Please do not ride on the sidewalk. You can ride a Wheels bike as far as you want. A fully charged Wheels can ride up to 30 miles.

Please do not take a Wheels bike on other forms of transportation such as cars, buses, trains, etc. Please be sure to also consider the no ride/parking zones before shutting off your bike.

Please park your Wheels with respect for pedestrians and your fellow community members.
We encourage Wheels riders to park near public bike/scooter corrals or accessible public locations that do not cause an obstruction of the sidewalk. Wheels should never be parked in a gated location or compound, in underground parking garages, or other locations that would make it difficult for another user to access them. For the safety of others, Wheels should not be parked where they can block driveways, doors, or other pathways.

Wheels for All is a discount program that provides access to an easy, equitable, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation for qualifying riders. Access to transportation is an everyday necessity. Wheels is committed to promoting equity by providing increased access to transportation to everyone.

To qualify, individuals must be currently enrolled in city, state, or federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, EBT, SNAP, or a discounted utility bill*. Program details may vary by market, but most cities offer:

50% ride discount (including unlock fee)

*Terms subject to change. Approval is at Wheels’ sole discretion.

If you’re interested in bringing Wheels to your organization or municipality, please reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our website takewheels.com/partners.

Download the app, and get riding today!

Visit www.takewheels.com to learn more.


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4 comentarios en "Wheels – Ride Safe MODDED 2022"

  1. Carlos Orozco dice:

    I speed rushed through and the application process and it was smooth all the way through. You can play music through it but I found it too difficult-rushing- to connect given that it didn’t do it automatically through Bluetooth and it asked me to find my Wheels and I didn’t know the name. Just fast enough and safe, even for a ten year old that may or may not have tried it successfully. Had a great time for 15 bucks for 1. Made our day. =)

  2. Joseph Boucher dice:

    It could be great… but there are a few issues that need to be fixed. So the app doesn’t show any of the no-ride zones. It crashes constantly. If you have a subscription with unlimited rides you still get charged for rides. Bikes don’t say battery level before you turn on bike. Customer service could be better and faster too. Other than that, the ride itself is much better, faster, and safer than the scooters. I truly hope they fix these bugs quickly because if not they are done for…

  3. Edward Arquette dice:

    Transporter is fun, but the app is not! I was able to unlock a transporter easily enough, but immediately after unlocking, the app closed itself out to display my phone home screen. I rode it for less than 5 minutes, and the widget display was showing that I was still on a ride, but would not let me cancel the ride. The app itself would not allow me to cancel, nor did it give me the option to. I scanned the same transporter to unlock again so that I could cancel it. This process took 10 minutes

  4. Barry Burchell dice:

    This app has some great potential. However it definitely needs some improvement. My private rental delivery was delayed because they set it up on a day they don’t deliver. I’m getting charged for rides even though I have a subscription. I am constantly having to use a second account because app constantly crashes forcing you to be stuck in a ride you can’t use or end, but get charged for. You can’t tell if a bike is almost dead before you rent it, but still get charged. Customer service is slow.

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