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Travel light with our easy-to-use mobile app, the perfect flying companion.
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Explore options, book trips, check in, and move easily through airports. Find all the flight information that matters to you, when it matters.

With our app you can book a flight, select a seat, or change your seats before you depart. We will get you through the airport faster with mobile check-in up to 24 hours before your flight. You can also save time by using our app as your boarding pass, no more kiosks or lines, just use your phone to get through the security check point at the airport.

Keep track of your flight information including flight schedule, boarding time, and airport gate changes. Share your travel itinerary with friends and family via email. Receive information about flight delays and more with push notifications.

When you’re at the airport you can keep an eye on First Class and Standby wait lists. You can change your plans to get on an earlier or later flight. We will also send you a notification, telling you if there’s an earlier flight available for you once you’ve arrived at the airport.

We also offer calendar integration for smartphones, so that you can add your travel information to your calendar. You can track your Mileage Plan™ balance and then use those miles towards flights you can buy on the app, including Award travel.

Lastly, we are always interested in what you have to say about your Alaska travel experience. Please give us your feedback with Alaska Listens, our customer satisfaction survey. Like all of these features, you can find it in our app.

You can find additional information about the Alaska Airlines travel app by visiting

Thanks for sending us feedback at [email protected]. We are listening and welcome your suggestions.


Now you can add special service requests directly on the Alaska app.
Thanks as always for flying with us, and thanks for your feedback. Please keep sending us suggestions—we're listening.


40 comentarios en "Alaska Airlines – Travel MOD 2022"

  1. Has always worked when using for reservations, boarding passes and even booking cars and hotels. Sometimes it doesn’t let me pre-order food and wish there was an option in the app to buy a first class seat if I decide to upgrade from the main cabin. Otherwise, it is a great app that works well on my Samsung Galaxy 10e

  2. My daughter and i both use the app quite a bit. It seems to work well for me, but hers crashes a LOT! Force-stopping the app, rebooting the phone, clearing the cache… nothing makes it work correctly. It has happened several times and seems to correspond to her flight that is happening that day – when the app is crucially needed! It is incredibly frustrating!!!

  3. Great app, really helpful, especially when flying and it gives you all the updates and your boarding pass right there! One of the glitches I’ve noticed is that you cant go back and edit the search terms (like date of travel or whether or not to use miles) without starting completely over. Kind of annoying, but the actual travel, booking, and the rest of the app are pretty seamless!

  4. A clean and effective app for managing all of my flight check-ins. Only minor improvements needed. (1) Once checked in and on multi legs the app doesn’t seem to know you’ve already done it. It shouldn’t keep asking if I want to check in when the check-in is complete. (2) It can be a bit slow waiting for the pinwheel to stop processing. Sometimes you wonder if it got stuck.

  5. It could use a few more features and the SWA app would be a good place to start. I do like being able to pre-order food which on busy Alaska flights can be in short supply. Being able to “share” boarding passes would be nice as we usually fly as a family of four. Having to screenshot and text each boarding pass isn’t difficult but it would be nice to have a 1-click sharing option.

  6. I like this app – pros and cons. I like the ease of use. Appreciate being able to order food ahead of time and checking in makes it easy to see other options, which is key for when you travel so much for work. My biggest complaint is that I have to find my reservation when booked outside of the app instead of it autopopulating like the other major carrier’s apps.

  7. I’m a frequent flyer (Gold 75k) and have been using the Alaska app for years. This latest major release of is in my opinion significantly less intuitive than the previous version. Well I have used it numerous times, Its difficult to remember where to find the various things that I need like check in, order food and especially navigatung to The boardroom verification. I can eventually get there, but I am not a big fan of the current layout.

  8. I rely on this app for most all of my travel (since Alaska has so many flights out of PDX – Portland, Oregon)…that I’m flying Alaska almost exclusively. It makes the check in and TSA so much nicer (with digital boarding passes and so much more that integrates with your mobile device… For example, you can easily add the flight info to your calendar, check – in and change seats, make flight changes when necessary, etc.). I think they’ve done a good job with the app.

  9. great for checking in and managing flight. Not as good for exploring flight options, searching fares, comparing options, and purchasing. Sometimes I’m bored and just want to explore where I could adventure off to – surprised they don’t make this experience better for when I’m on a flight and could be booking my next adventure with them right from my phone. 🙂

  10. Outstanding ability to book, view flight ststus/changes, make changes, get a seat, change a seat and check in – all from the comfort of your easy-chair. Only down side – quite minor actually – is the frequency of the apps failure to “clear the flight line” resulting in having to re-input the trip details etc. Other than that, it performs adequately.

  11. I’ve used this app now for about a year. It’s a great tool for keeping track of my childs flight status. I use Alaskan Air for all my flights throughout the year. What would give this app 5 stars? One feature would be highly beneficial and shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate. Flight #. It would be more beneficial than what I believe is the plane number. Something to consider.

  12. Mika Mack dice:

    Wonderful Application, mileage tracking, booking and finding flights. Hotel and car rentals, check-in and your boarding pass; all on your phone. check on your flight schedule and updates, can be abit late sometimes, especially in Seattle. The gates jump around, the application helps. Would have five stars, the application isn’t real time updates & in the Lower 48 is kinda glitchy. We were in Pittsburgh, and it asked to arrive two hours early and no attendants until one hour before boarding.

  13. Picky in that you must have ALL your flight information and a little confusing the first time or two. But once you’ve used it it’s worth every single moment of frustration because it let’s you keep checking up on the status of the flight before you leave, change your seat if one opens up, upgrade your seat, order a snack plate, expensive but worth it. I get the cheese and fruit one. I always use this flying delta.

  14. App doesn’t sync up with trips scheduled under your Mileage Plan Number. So, not only do you have to login, but then manually add a reservation through the confirmation code??? Sometimes people develop apps just to say they have an app, this is one if those cases. Make it easy to use but most importantly make it useful.

  15. It’s nice using your phone as a ticket. It’s not perfect though. The prompts don’t match reality. I’ve sprinted from the restroom a couple times now when the app says the plane is boarding only to find the last load of passengers are still deplaning or the plane is being cleaned. Maybe the app or maybe the ground crew trying to make their on time numbers look good? When reservations change it with still prompt you for the old reservations which can cause a mild cardiac event on occasion.

  16. Solid and reliable app. Easy to book with credit or miles. Could search a bit faster and have faster faster transitions between screens but a fair exchange for reliability. One word of caution. Boarding passes in Google wallet are static so I would not recommend them unless you are only sharing with a traveling companion.

  17. It’s really good for one leg flights, if you have more than one, you better know the rules, ie baggage, departure times, and seats because it wants to charge you at every turn. if you’re looking for a boarding pass that’s easy, you’ve found it. I love Alaska airlines, so it’s hard to hate:)

  18. Missing some key features such as being able to reschedule or change my flight details. There are some other UX issues such as when I’ve checked in and have my boarding pass I still see a button to ‘Check In’. It makes me nervous my check in wasn’t successful. It works to check in with and to use as a boarding pass but there isn’t much else you can do with the app. I’d really like to be able to change my flights from the app. At the very least give me a link to the website where I can do that.

  19. So far the only issue i see that is confusing is that it dosnt update your check in status. So i am left wondering if I’m checked in or not. Also, nothing saying that my new accout will not or cannot be added to the initial reservation immediately. When i tried to add my new ID number, as required to set up, it wont take to the account online, although the app seems to have it, but when i check in, it still asks for it, and when i C/P i get an error. But the app works fast and seems smooth.

  20. I love this app. It’s simple and intuitive, has all the features I want and need, and works great for me all the time. There’s only been 1 time where my boarding pass wouldn’t populate, but the gate attendant hooked me right up within 30 seconds so it was a non-issue. Great app for all-around.

  21. Loyal Alaskan Airlines traveler for many years. The customer service from initial check-in, inflight and all the way through to baggage claim is outstanding. Online or telephonic problem solving has always been easy and resulted in very satisfisfactory accommodations. I like the app and its easy to use. I am impressed by the steps taken to insure cleanliness and the safety of passengers and crew. Way to go Alaska!

  22. Friendly – accommodating – and seems to be going where we want to go – most of the time !!! Missions trips – of distant lands – we need other lines of travel !!! We have been with you – for some time Now !!! Like the app- thought the earlier one was fine!!! It’s helpful and usually quick to navigate !!! Thanks !!!

  23. It’s great when it works properly. It continues to show me available seats. After entering all my information, it says the seat is no longer available. When I go back to select another seat, once again, I have to enter ALL my info, select a seat that is “available” according to the app, just to find out it’s not available. it happens again continuing to show the seats are available when they aren’t. For convenience, it’s NOT that convenient. Very frustrating and disappointing.

  24. Update: Downgrading to 1 star. Issue has not been resolved. Horrible experience. It’s great until you need to purchase the ticket. Every single time I pick my ticket and attempt to purchase the app asks me log into my Mileage plan. I’m already logged in, why do you ask me again?! Especially annoying when you don’t remember your login details!

  25. Despite having my known traveler number in my profile, this app consistently gives me a boarding pass without TSA pre status. This requires a trip to the counter to correct, or the non pre check line, two bad options that slow your travel. I feel for the employees at the gate that have to deal with the unhappy customers created by this junk app. Been like this for years now.

  26. I logged into my Alaska Airlines account. It had my flight already listed. When it was time to check-in it took less than 2 minutes (which was slow only because I was double checking all the details and looking at the information). As of right now for minimalist traveler, it was easy and smooth.

  27. I can’t live without this app! I book all my flights through this app, check in with it and get up to date flight notices. I also get to see my status on waitlists and use it as my boarding pass instead of a printed one. It also keeps track of my miles and miles remaining to next mvp level. I love it and its made my travel experience much easier.

  28. The app is pretty basic. Not very sophisticated. Missing key functions that pther airline apps have. Ex: it knows I have a ticket. It shows up on front page of app. It sends me a push notification to check in. But still I need to input my reservation # and airport. Just one example. Its as if its in beta version still.

  29. The Best airline app. I like when it’s first opened, All your current and future flights are right there on the landing page. Booking the next flight from the app easy. The interface and layout is intuitive. It’s easy for anyone to navigate. I highly recommend this App ! ✈ 😎BL

  30. Ray T dice:

    This app is great for booking flights and checking flight status. Unfortunately, there is no access to historical information – at least I can’t find any way to do it. If problems or disputes come up, you have to sift through dozens of emails to find the proper information. I can’t imagine it would be difficult to do considering they provide all the less important information.

  31. Surprisingly useful and stable. I really was expecting something totally useless that crashed all the time, like most extra apps for every company. This just lets me access my boarding pass and flight info easily and lets me share and save the bearding pass however I want.

  32. I just started flying a couple years ago and have now flown with several different companies but must say that Alaska Airlines is definitely a great experience and now I choose to fly with them if at all possible. Thanks for making my flying experience easier and more comfortable. The app has really helped me booking and takes the stress out of this process for me.

  33. Great app that does what it should: lets me book a flight easily with either cash or miles, notifies me when I can preorder food, and notifies me to check in. I use this app as my boarding pass as well and have never had any issues. Also, it’s saved both mine and my husband’s information so it’s seamless to say who is flying – no more entering in repeated information! It’s highly reliable. Definitely recommend!

  34. Eli Kranz dice:

    It’s a nice looking app full of options, but I just think there should be a check in button right where your trip shows, so you wouldn’t have to go to another menu and retype the airport and reservation code, it’s should be right there at the trip itself.

  35. This app is where I solely book all my flight travel. The app has provided important information when flights have changed, been cancelled, on time etc.. I depend on the app to check in, claim baggage, order food, and to communicate with an Alaska representative directly. The app is easy to navigate and convenient.

  36. When there is a 3 – 4 hour wait for getting a real person at customer service, Alaska Airlines is blessed to have an app that works. Even old people like me are able to navigate most parts of the app to get a ride on a plane.

  37. In general, I like this app. One thing that is annoying is that it is basically impossible to evaluate paying for a flight versus using airline miles. Once you’ve selected one, I have not found a way to go back and look at the other option. This should be a simple toggle button, but it’s not.

  38. Nice clean site but a little difficult to find what you need quickly. It took 3 tries to find a way to pay for my bags after accidentally selecting “Pay at Airport” in error. It wouldn’t produce Boarding passes w/o paying for the bags but it doesn’t tell you that.

  39. I’ve had a lovely time using the Alaska App. It’s user friendly. It’s pretty quick to update any changes. It works with everything aside from access to companion fares & discount codes which I book on the full site. I love Alaska.

  40. Convenient, straightforward, easy to use! Has all the info and choices like seating and food. Check in reminders as well… don’t wait on checking in though… I was 25 min after the reminder and I’m in boarding group D.

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