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Replace your car trips with the world’s largest shared electric vehicle company.
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You have places to be and people to see. Get there easily and on time with an emissions-free Lime e-bike or e-scooter!

Step 1
Download the app, create an account and accept our terms and conditions
Privacy Notice

Step 2
Find a nearby Lime vehicle on the map (vehicle availability depends on your city and supply)

Step 3
Unlock your vehicle by scanning the QR code, entering the plate number, or by tapping a button on the app.
A safe community starts with riding responsibly. It’s important to remember the rules of the road before every ride. You should always:

– Ride in bike lanes, never on sidewalks
– Wear a helmet when you ride
– Park clear of walkways, driveways and access ramps
– Visit to learn more

Lime is on a mission to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free.

You can read more about Lime’s products and services, including how we calculate our prices in our terms and conditions


We regularly update the app to make your rider experience even better.

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40 comentarios en "Lime – #RideGreen MODDED"

  1. The scooters themselves are OK, but it’s beyond me how they managed to build a team of what must be the absolute worst designers and developers on the planet. Not only does the app often bug out and prevent you from ending a ride for minutes on end despite being in a parking spot (charging more and more as time goes on, of course), but with every release they also make sure to hide the Unlock Helmet button somewhere new and undiscoverable. Pretty sure this time they just removed it altogether.

  2. The app gets janky AF when service is spotty. There is no obvious way to provide specific feedback like “the bell is broken” or “the kick stand doesn’t want to stay up”. The app does not do screen rotation. The app is very slow. Ending rides is difficult and often unreliable. Love the bikes and scooters. The app needs work.

  3. Sign up is easy an the ride is smooth…and very fast! It was fun to ride. My only qualm is the rental fee is a bit high. It doesn’t seem so at first but when you’re being charged by the minute, it adds up fast. I just rode around my block once which took up 10 minutes and ultimately $20 because I rented 2. So imagine if it was being used for errands or a further distance?

  4. Awful, they charged me and the bike never unlocked, never had the option to cancel on the app, I had to walk away and 10 mins later I received a bill. If you want to ride a bike, I’d recommend on lime to be your last option. Poor experience, no help available and they’ll take your money even knowing you never received a service. Perfect example of deception.

  5. One star for the actual scooter. It’s fast easy to use and sturdy. Easy learning curve. Everything else is just horrible. App is so unclear, you have no idea what your paying for nothing is upfront. They have unlimited riding for a set amount of time but u have nothing to compare it to. When I finally did end up riding it was way to much for only a mile ride and I had to turn back just to park it somewhere else I did not want to go. Ended up having to walk just as far anyway, app failure 100%

  6. This is a very handy app and service. Great way to get around town in short to moderate distances. One drawback I’ve found is it requires you to take pictures of the scooters and bikes when you’ve finished using them to help others find them, but I have yet to see where these pictures can be found in the app when trying to locate a vehicle. There have also been rampant incidences of people locking away or even sabotaging scooters so that others can’t take them to use them. Wish more was being done to crack down on this. More payment options would be great too. Right now, it only allows you to top up in increments of $10 – $20 – $50 to an account. This sometimes makes it cheaper and faster to just call an Uber depending on the distance to travel.

  7. Next to worthless for Juicers: 1. You can’t be logged in to two different devices at once, 2. The app constantly crashes when Serving (after I take the picture, my phone starts vibrating and freezes up.) 3. The GPS is often inaccurate. 4. There can be a pretty big discrepancy between the amount of charge on the scooter and what the app says. The QR Code scanner does work really well, though…

  8. Fast & Affordable, but not a replacement for public transportation. I feel that this kind of ride is good for when there is no way home or very late at night. I haven’t used the “pause ride” feature yet, so I don’t know if that adds minutes to your pay. Also, I would love to see more designs, like three wheels, and family rides, shopping carts, hover boards…etc.

  9. YunSeung dice:

    Expensive, low quality, inaccurate. You end up wasting so much time looking for the damn things because they can never pinpoint exactly where these things are. It’s always another 500 feet away or across the street on a busy intersection. On top of that they switched out their better older models with these newer garbage models. The wheels are smaller and they are much slower than usual. Good luck trying to stop because the brakes will make you skid all over the place too.

  10. A nice way to get back quickly after walking all day while out on vacation. The app is fairly straightforward and makes locating scooters fairly easy. When several are parked near each other it can be difficult to guess which one is the fully charged one, but thinking on it, the bell feature could be used to pick it out of the crowd, though that wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

  11. Haven’t been able to use the app for a month. It has every permission enabled, including location, and my GPS is on, but the app just has a greyed out screen that says “Enable location service”. Google maps picks up my location, and I can see my live location under the error message in the Lime app. Reinstallation does nothing. I’ve stopped being able to use the service because of this. Edit: I found the issue. High accuracy GPS mode must be enabled. Device only or battery saver don’t work.

  12. There are a few bugs like with loading the map and camera, but it’s probably the most consistent that I’ve used. It seems like there are more scooters available as well so I tend to use them most frequently. The map find function is OK but not as useful as id like. I wish I could query within a set range more easily and set that as a default view, since one of the hugs is that it loads a bit inconsistently.

  13. Amazing technology great app and service. Would rate 5 stars but there are some issues that could be used fixing. Definately a 4.9 stars if I could rate that! One thing they definately need to fix is the picture function when dropping off a scooter. It freezes the screen once you take a picture and doesnt act as if it recognizes it, so then if you back out it’ll say your ride has not ended and when you try to end it again it asks you to take another picture, at which time I’ve already left the scooter and I’m not going back to take a picture. Also a very small thing and probably not a software fixable but the acceleration to me seems a little to much initially. The ride is usually pretty smooth but that initial boost from 0 just jolts you a little and kinda surprises you. Other than those two issues though so far great app would recommend using if you find these near you.

  14. The app does a poor job of tracking distance. It always uses the ending point of your last trip as the starting point of your next, which is often not true. It also requires taking a photo of where you park and hangs after taking the photo. If this keeps up in switching to Byrd. Now that prepayment is required, they’ve lost a customer.

  15. When it works it works… When I’m able to find a limepod that is not out of order or parked in some paid blocked off parking garage they’re great. Except that’s about 20% of the time. Most of the time in Seattle, the limepod is in someone’s parking garage or somewhere where it’s not accessible. That, or, the apps terrible bugs where the car won’t unlock, car cancels mid pause, or the latest and reason I quit using this app, it won’t except any payment method. Not worth the trouble and hassle.

  16. The app is simple and have only what it needs. The map tracking isn’t perfect, but there could be any number of reasons causing the error. The rides are fun and made it easier to get to locations, especially if roads have bike lines. Gave it four out of five because it still charged for my first ride despite getting a free first ride promo; so be aware promos may not work.

  17. L dice:

    More of a inconvenience than a help. I’ve always seen you scooters around town and decided to give it a try. Horrible experience. Can’t take it anywhere. Turns off going through parks. Speed restrictions are rediculous. Had to back track and haul it a long distance just to park it in a parking zone. Too many rules, too east to get charged extra when it takes time to solve a problem with them. Don’t do it just walk.

  18. Spam Box dice:

    Absolutely awful experience in using this app. I hadn’t used it for a year and then started getting receipts in German (I live in the US). Hopped on the app to see what was up and someone in the Netherlands was using my account. Since the account is tied to your phone number, there is no way to change your password when your account somehow gets compromised. What’s more, you can’t remove payment info either, so my card just kept getting billed as someone kept booking rides. Do not use Lime.

  19. This App is so riddled with bugs and defects that I dont recommend it to my BEST FRIENDS. So, unless you’re familiar with where to locate a lime Car, dont waste your time. I literally walked around downtown Seattle for an hour chasing a car that was listed on the map, but was not in the place the map showed me. The ONLY reason I ended up locating 1 is there was a place that listed 3 vehicles. And then I only saw 2. Really poor use of the app as well.

  20. The few times I’ve actually gotten to ride the lime scooters, I liked the trip. But the last 4 or 5 times I’ve attempted to use them I’ve run into a variety of issues. In some instances they wouldn’t unlock force technical difficulties, one time its speed was uncontrollable and erratic, and another time I unlocked a scooter, paid my start fare, and it started it’s stranger danger beeping anyway, so I locked it and tried unlocking it again and same issue. I eventually got a refund, but id rather have been able to take the ride. I’ve been continually having issues, and at this point I want my money back from my account so I can try Bird, and see if those scooters run better.

  21. App works almost seamlessly. I had to manually enter my payment details, as it didn’t recognize Google Autofill, despite showing the autofilled information. Other than that, the app was clear, easy to use, and enabled me to get home safely after miscalculation and ending up at the bottom of a hill after a long run!

  22. Nice idea, but the app experience as well as general reliability of the service could be significantly improved. For starters I was charged for a zero minute ride in which the bike would not start moving. Importantly, there’s no obvious recourse for disputing a ride apart from the opaque “rating system / feedback” feature. Second the buttons and UI of the app are generally laggy and uninformative. Stars provided for auto unlocking of bike immediately after scanning bar code.

  23. I love this option of transportation. it is so fun and easy to ride. The scooters worked nicely (except one which didn’t work from the beginning). Even the dinghy ones run quite well. I have a hard time finding scooters using the app. It would be great if it came with directions like Google Maps. I’ve spent some time wandering around like an idiot. Also, it would be nice if there were more around the city because they are often reserved.

  24. Extremely disappointed. Somehow this app manged to create 2 separate accounts! One was made through my Facebook and one through my email, which are magically unable to connect with each other even though I’ve only had the one email account for the last 10 years!?!? When the agent from customer service couldn’t help me, there wasn’t someone else available that she could transfer me to who had the ability to remedy the issue. Wether that is the case or not I find it extremely unprofessional -10⭐

  25. Love the concept but the App and Lime as a whole are very unreliable. I’ve ran into so many bugs and issues with the app. – Being unable to ride on a designated riding trail, and the app tells me I’m in an unauthorized area, when it’s actually not. Then having to either lock it up and waste the dollar, or walk it out of the area, all while the time is charging money. – I’ve been in situations where my phone service wasn’t working great, and after I arrive to my destination, i couldn’t end the ride using the app for 10+ minutes, getting charged the whole time. – Walking out of my way to find a bike, only to try and scan it and it tells me it’s unavailable Overall poor, unreliable user experience and it often causes me more hassle than a convenient ride.

  26. easy to download app, create account and start riding. interactive map is accurate. instructions and safety tips included in the app. QR reader embedded with the app making it easier to rent. ringer on the left, throttle button on the right and brakes on both sides. it saved me from a 40 min walk and extra exposure to the sun. I cut my travel time by 1/4 of the time. con: designated parking spots. just like other public forms of transpo, if you are not by the pick-up you will need to walk to

  27. Such a good supplement to a daily commute. Lime is convenient, noncommittal and reliable. I live in a city where traffic is either packed or sparse on the flip of a coin and having the option to bike around is perfect for either situation. The only downside is that there is no way for the app to pick up on if a bike is completely dead. So especially at night, you may see a bike on the street and go to unlock it, only for it to open on the app, but not in real life. Luckily, Lime picks up on this and you aren’t charged. But for areas where bikes are already sparse, this could lead to the user walking around for a while just to find a bike that works. Because this happens mainly at night, this can be pretty dangerous. I think a good implementation would be to let people be discounted for parking bikes in specific locations. This way when bikes are low charged, there are many to choose from and users have a consistent and safe location to find bikes. This said though, absolutely love the app and I intend to use it for a while.

  28. Rides can have issues unlocking, getting a refund (for the $1) is far too complicated, the app is not great. Scooters themselves are very convinient for me to get downtown (although risky business in cities). I enjoyed the bike as well, it was a little more work than I expected and didnt seem as quick as the scooter but the electric assist is nice. Both failed to unlock for me at least once, more embarassing than anything, and each ride unlocked on a second attempt.

  29. The scooters seem to work fine. But when I got a bike, it would never show my actual location. I tried parking it in several designated parking spots and got an error every time. It took two tries through the help/support menu to finally end my ride after 45 minutes of trying. It then asked me to leave a ride review. When I gave one star and selected app issues and clicked submit, nothing happened. So it has horrible service and won’t let me rate it. 👎

  30. Pro. Accurately lists available cars, scooters, or bikes in the area. Unlock a vehicle is quick. Con. Rentals. Ending a rental is a pain in part because when the car is parked (unlocked) you can end a rental, while ending a rental while the car is locked (but still associated with you), doesn’t work. In addition, the steps to end a rental are cumbersome on the app as there are too many prompts. A simple end or keep is all I should see. App. I get both an in-app notification and a notification in the title bar. Please reassign tutorials, offers, and rental status information to their own notification categories. I shouldn’t see a prompt and a notification. Pick one. Lastly, I have (repeat) never used a bike or scooter and yet the calories burned presumes I’ve used one of these. Please update the app to account for when someone uses a two-wheel versus four-wheel vehicle. Fix these concerns and I will upate my rating.

  31. Only use these for long runs or desperate time schedules since it’s $1 charge just to get started plus time. Based on the time piece, running red lights and ignoring common courtesy is encouraged. I will say though, the latest model has great shock absorption, ok grade climbing, overall decent performance. However, there older ones can be rough. scary quality of upkeep at times. Also, the battery gauges on the map are junk. 3 bars for 7&8 minutes which is less than 1/3 capacity.

  32. The bikes are great! But an app like this needs to 1) clearly state what the rates are up front 2) show a real-time “meter” of what you currently owe 3) present you at the end of your ride with a total/receipt. It was not intuitive to do any of these things with the app. I paid about 11 bucks for an hour ride on an e-bike, which seemed a little steep but that’s not the point. Surely if you can show riders how long they’ve been riding and how far they’ve traveled, you can show what they owe…

  33. This app is very glitchy when using the juicer functions. Using on Android platform, the app does not easily go back to the map after harvesting a scooter. I have to close out to see it again. It also does not allow smooth scanning of the QR code when serving. I have to type in the number. Scanning works fine when harvesting. Pls fix.

  34. I had you guys at 5 but I am going to have to start taking stars away. I really do like Lime Scooters especially becasue there was one particular time that I could not end the ride (I think my phone died) and they actually ended the ride for me from the time I stopped. I had the opposite happen with another app and it was the app that froze. I never was able to get in touch with this app or get my money back when I could finally get the app to work. But now I am finding that I am going on wild goose chases after fully charged Limes that show up on my map but are no where in sight.It happen 3 times so far and I tried to call customer service for help and pressed the number that corresponded to the issue and the automation does not transfer the call it just continuously repeats the option. I purchased a pass that waives the start up charge so I am pretty upset about not being able to find Limes where they are saying they are on the map. I go out of my way for fully charged scooters. This is starting to be a bummer.

  35. This app is great. The scooters are awesome. I love the concept. The app is less glitchy now. I used to have trouble ending my ride, because the screen would freeze. After a few updates, I never had the problem again. These scooters are perfect for getting me around town now that it’s too cold to be walking for too long outside.

  36. When it works, it’s convenient and works well. However, I’ve had multiple problems this week. One where I walked 15 minutes out of my way to where two scorers were down on the map one which I reserved. When I arrived, I couldn’t find either scooter and they vanished from the map! Also, reporting an issue has multiple problems, such as my city being nowhere in the giant list of cities you must select, and no clear way to associate your issue with a previous reservation.

  37. Great business and service, reasonable prices,, with a terrible app. It used to be fine but now the app has become so glitchy. It freezes to an unacceptable level. Today I could NEVER get my ride to start both before work and after work, even after I turned closed/reopened the app multiple times and restarted my phone. It’s just really frustrating because the service itself is great, it used to work fine, and suddenly it’s just the app tech that’s a restrictive bottleneck

  38. C dice:

    Very frustrating, inconsistent experiences. When it works, it works, but when it doesn’t, forget about it. Some examples: intermittent CC declines; Lime Cash useless for and prioritized over Ride Passes; can’t use one Ride Pass, then another without ending/restarting ride; the lock doesn’t always unlock; app’s miscalculated balances can end ride and leave you stranded (and even when their system effs up, customer support says “we will not be able to provide a refund”). That kinda says it all.

  39. Loved the app, used it multiple times a week. Suddenly my entire screen is filled with a “enable location service” (which takes me to my location settings that are in fact, already on) and no matter if I turn location off and back on, update app or uninstall and reinstall it will not take me to the map screen. I’m actually standing here right next to a bike that I can’t ride because limebike is convinced my location is off (it’s not.) The idea: great Lime’s execution of it: subpar

  40. limebike is one of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever used. the service sounds so great on the surface, but I never have had a truly great, happy experience with this app. every time I give them another chance, I’m reminded why I vow to never use the app again, which is every time I use it. unreliable is an understatement. from low batteries to hidden bikes to faulty unlocking mechanisms, this service is truly dissapointing.

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