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Umo is your travel companion, an all-in-one transit app that lets you buy contactless transit passes with a tap, get directions, use map navigation, find your next bus or train schedule in real-time, and move seamlessly wherever life takes you. Umo gets you where you need to go, displaying transportation closest to you so that you can easily explore, pay and go.

Download Umo and get started today!

* Easy Payment – Use your Umo Wallet to buy passes and add or reload cash balances.

* Contactless Boarding – Tap “Show Code” in your Umo Wallet to use a code for contactless trip validation.

* Real-Time Information – Umo uses real-time data that provides timely and highly accurate bus tracker, train tracker or trip planning and guidance for both transit and other mobility providers, such as bike-share, car-share, micro-mobility, etc.

* Trip Planning – Get directions anywhere, at any time, and with your own preferences, such as arrival time, departure time, least transfers, less walking—and more.

* Accessibility – Every screen on the Umo app is optimized for VoiceOver and TalkBack technologies. Simply focus on an element (a button or a label), and VoiceOver / TalkBack reads the selected text aloud.

* Favorites – Select your favorite station or stop and opt in to next-stop alerts—so you’re always on-time.

* Localization – Umo supports over 40 languages. Simply adjust your Settings to your preferred language.

* Notifications – Umo lets you customize your explore, pay and go travel preferences. Receive instant service alerts via push notifications for transit-service changes, pass-expiration details, etc.


Thanks for riding with Umo! We've made a number of app improvements including continued performance and stability enhancements.

We also want to welcome WisGo (MCTS) riders!


40 comentarios en "Umo Mobility 2022"

  1. Oscar dice:

    This bus app barely works. The times are always off (bus is always really early or late from the time displayed on the app). And it also doesn’t always take into account all routes available when travelling. Overall 2 out of 5 because it’s “something”. (Although I end up using the GPmetro PDF map more often then not for more accurate bus arrival times).

  2. Im sorry but this app really sucks compared to the app we had before this one. It doesnt show my bus moving on the app just how many minutes it is away and thats not accurate at times. Then you cant buy passes ahead of time and keep them in case of an emergency you have to use it right away when you buy it. Then it doesnt show all the route options I could use when Im searching. Its really not as easy as an app to navigate as the other one Milwaukee use to use either. Never should have changed.

  3. Shemaia dice:

    Got a notification that TouchPass is being discontinued and that I had to download Umo. Not only does Umo not serve my metropolitan area, it doesn’t even serve my state. So in addition to this being an app that does not track buses in real time, for many of us, it is completely useless. Disinstalling.

  4. Just a horrible experience for catching (or missing) your bus because of how difficult it is to use. It is extraordinarily bulky and hard to navigate for me and I wish I could keep using the old app before the transition (Ride MCTS app) because it was simple, fast, and effective. A downgrade in every sense of the word.

  5. So, this app has replaced the previous one and while it has many more features then the original, the only thing I use it for is as a bus pass, which can only be opened/ accessed if you have a wifi or data connection. I work 12 hours days, sometimes longer and occasionally have to travel through the countryside, where both bus wifi and data are spotty at best and battery life is shortened significantly. All things considered I am very disappointment with the downgrade in accessibly.

  6. Just constantly having issues. About once every 2 weeks or so it will forget that i have money on my account (which i will usually find out just as my bus shows up) and it’s an ordeal to try and get it back. Unspoken bonus (which is the most charitable way to put it) is that when it malfunctions or the bus’s QR reader is broken, you get free rides.

  7. This has advertisements for Uber and Lyft which I do not use and I cannot remove from the app. Please provide an app that does not have advertisements in it. In the app: settings-> trip plan-> transit type filters > allow me to turn off Uber and Lyft. I do not use those and do not wish to see them cluttering up the interface. I also think it is unfair to have those forced into my attention in competition with the public transit service.

  8. There used to be ride MCTS app where the UI is very user friendly. I could track the buses in real time. That helps a lot in planning trips. This new app is a maze to find way around. The home page is a big ad for uber/lyft. There is no realtime tracking of bus location. And the time estimates are always wrong.

  9. Kristine dice:

    Really miss the old app my city used. This app will NOT work offline, so if you’re out and suddenly lose your signal, you’re SOL. Also not a huge fan of how the ticket starts IMMEDIETLY upon purchase so you can’t buy it ahead of time and activate later. There is also not a timer or counter for your “ticket” so you will to remember exactly when you purchased it. Not a great system.

  10. Horrible App. Highly inaccurate. With NextBus I was able to tell where the bus was so that I could be there on time. This application shows the bus being 6 to 7 stops before when it is already in front of me. Or shows I already missed it based on the time while I can still see it 3 blocks away from my location. The Favorites, It saves a generic route. Not a specific one. This is a horrible application for the people in Virginia. We are NOT Beta testers.

  11. Public transportation in my city changed app from NextBus to Umo, and it is horrible. The functionality is not user friendly. The screens cannot refresh. Have to close the app and start it back up again if I want to see new information. It is not intuitive. It doesn’t provide all nearby options (no filters are selected). A horrible switch. Definitely a downgrade from what was.

  12. (SHOULD BE NO STARS) This is a terrible app. I travel a lot by bus, and most of my travel is relatively unplanned. The thing I need most is a complete listing of nearby bus lines, with direction and times. That way, I know if I’m waiting for the 240 in 10 minutes, the 150 in 8 minutes, or going across the street for the 750 in 5 minutes. This app doesn’t have anything like that, which basically makes it useless for me. PS– The previous app, NextBus, was aptly named. It was very useful.

  13. Angelica dice:

    I don’t recommend. I went to add to my wallet for one transit and it added the money to another. I thought it was my mistake so I made sure I clicked the right one a second time? Loaded it to the wrong one. I only have so much a week I can put towards transportation costs. This is a rip off and I’ll be uninstalling and never using again. If you have an alternate option do that. I don’t even see a customer service option in the app either to try and fix it. Disappointed.

  14. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate it more, it gets worse. The directions bar is now gone so I can no longer get directions. I live in SF when I go to look for a line it gives me ALL of the public transit lines for the Bay to scroll through. I can’t narrow my options to SF only. When I put in a destination I get options for places 50 miles away instead of the one 2 miles away. I wish MUNI hadn’t abandoned the other app. Anyone know of a better one to use?

  15. Most dysfunctional and unreliable app ever. Would avoid it if I could – unfortunately, there is no other system in place for riding the bus in Eugene. 9 out of 10 times, I can’t log in. Half of the time, passes I previously purchased are simply “gone”. Got me stranded late at night more than once, because it malfunctioned and I couldn’t board the bus.

  16. Nextbus was working fine then we’re now forced into using Umo which sucks. I just want to open the app and see which buses is nearby. Umo makes you look for nearby stations, click that station which may or may not show a bus showing up. When at a new location Umo shows old location then you have to restart app for current location. Umo crashes sometimes. I don’t want to walk around with my phone in my face looking for a station and looking for a time of arrival. It should only take a few seconds

  17. This app does not include all the nearby lines. NextBus gives you the options to catch a nearby lines by listing them all at once. In this app, you have to search for those other lines individually. Not helpful. And the nearby stations are way off. They gave me one that is three miles away.

  18. So far this app is terrible. Finding a specific bus is difficult. I am trying to set it up how I had nextbus with all my preferred lines and directions, but it only gives me 1 direction for the routes. The favorite line/ stop is confusing and too much hassle. Andbit does nothing to help when it doesn’t show all busses servicing a stop. This is probably the most half-assed app on the Google market.

  19. I haven’t had any issues using UMO which is surprising since the other comments mentioned so many underlying issues. Maybe due to having such an old phone? Lol. This app is great for what I use it for, getting to work using the bus. The only thing I’d ask for is more information regarding bus travel. I’m never sure if the bus is coming soon or not at a glance. I can of course check my routes and find the exact times, but I wish I knew exactly when the bus was going to arrive at my location.

  20. Worked for a while, then just randomly stopped. Now a I get are blank screens. UI sucks too, I have to click a few tabs to get to my favorites and go to the specific line to see the estimated times. The predicted times dont show up half the time, and only show one prediction (vs 3 predicted times at once). The home page shows you uber/lyft, but thats not what Im here for. Just show me the buses.

  21. This app is so frustrating. It gives you routes that are impossible. For example- tells me the fastest way is to take the light rail which is leaving in 7 mins but it takes 15 mins to walk to the station, why not just tell me the next possible train I can take so I can take a different route if it’s quicker??? This happens everytime I use this app.

  22. The app crashes almost every time I click the “search route” button which makes the app essentially unusable. Since Umo doesn’t seem to let you search for routes on the website, this makes it almost impossible to find a bus route when the app won’t work (which is most of the time). I have a galaxy S20 FE (snapdragon 865).

  23. Absolutely hate it. Maybe sometimes it’ll have the estimated arrival of a bus, if it feels like showing me that line, most of the time if I try to choose a station (you can’t choose a line) it just shows me directions on how to get to the station, which is almost worse than useless. Let me go back to Nextbus, which wasn’t always accurate but at least it was useful most of the time. If you’re working on getting the data WE NEED in the next 60 days you shouldn’t be “replacing” Nextbus until you do

  24. The bus arrival times are consistently inaccurate. I repeatedly miss buses as a result, and have no way of knowing when the next bus will arrive because this app is always wrong. This was supposed to replace NextBus, but it doesn’t do even a fraction of the job that app did. It was reliable. This one isn’t.

  25. The interface is awful and cumbersome. I can’t bookmark or jump to my local bus service or favorite lines and stops. And it doesn’t easily show me when the next few busses are arriving. The map is also very small. I wish Quicky was still being updated. It was great.

  26. I was skeptical after reading some reviews, but the UI seems intuitive, and it worked well for me. It’s definitely helpful for trip planning and paying for bus fare. It would be helpful if a user could plan a round trip and/or a trip with multiple stops

  27. Garbage. I got this because my city changed apps, and I couldn’t even add money because the app claimed my card details were incorrect. The in-app browser doesn’t even work properly half the times, it won’t let me ask questions without a password (which the phone number log-in option doesn’t give you), and even on my phone browser, the website breaks when I try to change or create a new password. The only reason I can see that my city would switch to a worse app is that it cost them less money.

  28. I use this app daily, and it’s really irritating that the times are often inaccurate. Also the flipping to ealier and later times of the line you’re looking at almost never works, and that’s a feature that would be incredibly helpful if it actually functioned. Please fix these issues!

  29. Bring back real time info, that was so helpful. Had to switch to umo from touchpass, was told passes would convert over to app it did not, contacted developer about this. Majority of the time map times don’t work.

  30. Doesn’t work like it should. Have been trying to add cash to the app and get the same error message “Something went wrong. Please try again later. Try again and stii the same thing. Makes me feel like no one is listening to the complaints. Fix these issues so the app works!!!!!

  31. I suggest you add icons of the current bus locations to the map so riders can see where their bus actually is instead of just an arrival time. You already have GPS data on buses so this wouldn’t be difficult. I’m genuinely surprised you don’t already do this. Most other transit and rideshare apps have this functionality, even unofficial apps. Edit: This reply doesn’t make sense. How would calling my local agency add a feature to YOUR app?

  32. I miss the old mcts app, it was easier to use, i dont like this new replacement app. It starts right away when you buy a ticket, doesnt have counter so you cant tell how much time you left till you have to get another one, doesnt really tell you how you can add more people to get a ticket. Just overall not a great app. Also you need wifi or data to start it which not everyone has.

  33. famine dice:

    Previously had an issue where the account content including passes and account balances just don’t show up. Current issue is that the QR Code just will not validate at the bus terminal, so you ended up paying 7 dollars for a fare if the driver doesn’t believe you. I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting. It’s just busted.

  34. This app is littered with features that are useless to me or don’t work. It insists my location is across the county & won’t accept my real location when I try to change it. I can’t use it to buy a reduced fare day pass. Using a single-purpose bus tracker & the MCTS website is easier, faster, & much less hassle.

  35. This app is very user unfriendly. You can’t find where the trolley and bus stops are. The directions to your bus stop often day things like, “walk down unknown street, to the left of unknown location”, I’ve also had it send to trolley stops that the app claims are inside closed down Kmart buildings. Yes, the app thinks that buses drive into old Kmart buildings to pick you up.

  36. Milwaukee County Transit system: Every time I buy a ticket, day pass or 105 minute pass, it always shows the buy a pass at the bottom, and I’ve had several bus drivers tell me “You’re not supposed to have the buy a pass at the bottom” Well I can’t do anything about that. So if you could fix this, because it keeps confusing the bus drivers. But also, please tell us How long is the bus pass active, until it expires basically, a timer. Like it was on the old app.

  37. Horrible app. On my first purchase, I had my money stolen. When you buy a 105 minute pass, it tells you that it won’t activate until you scan it on the bus, but then it just activated right after I bought it. I’m not planning to take the bus for another 2 hours, so the pass will expire by then. $2 completely wasted. Thieves.

  38. If I click it to make sure there is a bus pass available it activates the bus pass. Which is inconvenient because I buy them in advance so my teenager can get to school on my work days. I have bought 2 now that have just been activated because I clicked to make sure it was there. With the old bus app. They were color coded for time period and you could make sure they were there without activating them.

  39. Mel Wolf dice:

    Can’t even use it because it keeps flagging my card as incorrect when I try to pay for passes. I’ve checked, re-checked, and even had other people make sure I put the info in right and it still doesn’t work. Clearly not reliable from the start.

  40. This app is terrible. Cant save passes, and the system they use to track the buses is more complicated than just going to the site to look. I’d give negative stars if I could.

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