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Traveling with Southwest Airlines is even more convenient with our mobile app!
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Book a flight in just a few easy steps
Check in, change or cancel your flights. Plus, add extras like EarlyBird Check-In®.

Super-Fast Shopping & Booking
Book a trip in just a few quick taps. Make it even faster when you use your stored credit cards or PayPal® account.

Everything you need to Travel
Get the information you need right at your fingertips on the home screen – gate information, boarding position, flight status and more.

Boarding Pass on the Go
Get mobile boarding passes for all passengers on your trip 24 hours in advance. Southwest passes have rich color and bold font, which makes seeing your Gate and Boarding Position very clear. Find the details you need quickly: Flight Number, Confirmation Number, Boarding Time, Tier Status, and TSA Pre-Check. Don’t forget to add your Mobile Boarding Passes to Google Pay!

Travel Funds
You can now use Flight Credits, Southwest LUV Vouchers and Gift Cards when changing your flight in the app. Your unused Southwest® Flight Credits show up automatically when you tap ‘View Funds’ within ‘My Account’.

Inflight Entertainment*
Use the app to take you to our Inflight Entertainment Portal where you can watch free live TV1, listen to free music from iHeartRadio1, access free on-demand TV episodes, and view free movies.
*Available only on WiFi-enabled aircraft. Limited time offer. Where available. 1Due to licensing restrictions, on WiFi-enabled international flights Free Live TV and iHeartRadio may not be available for the full duration of flight.

Live Chat
Contact our Customer Representatives through Live Chat by scrolling down to Contact Us in the navigation drawer, and then tap on “Chat”.

Airport Pickup and Drop-off
Thanks to our partnership with Lyft®, you can now use the app to help you request a Lyft®! You’ll know key information like estimated time of arrival and estimated price before booking. More of a rental car person? You can do that in the app, too.

Cars, Hotels, and Vacations
Use our app to quickly book all of your travel needs.

Earn Rewards when you Travel
Sign up for Rapid Rewards® and earn points on your flights. Did you forget to add your Rapid Rewards number during booking? – No worries, you can add it after booking your flight and still earn points. You can then use those points to purchase more flights!


We made improvements and fixed bugs for a smoother ride.


40 comentarios en "Southwest Airlines 2022"

  1. Really poor design for travel. Can’t quickly get to the boarding pass. Have to have the flight number to manually look up each flight, can’t use your confirmation # to check all flight status at once. If you exit the app to look up information in email or whatever it takes you back to the main screen again and you have to start over. No Link to customer service or even a link to the phone number that I could find. No way to change reservations without taking to a person. Horrible

  2. Like everything southwest does, it is clear that the actual user experience was given little to no consideration. There is no way to view digital boarding passes unless you check-in every time you open the app. Boarding pass upgrades that are available at the airport check-in counter are not shown in the app.

  3. The one thing that needs improvement is the check in button being available on the details screen THE INSTANT it is 24 hours away from boarding. I always forget that if I’m IN that screen at the 24 hour mark, I have to back out and go back in to see the check in button. Very frustrating and costs me several positions on the list.

  4. Southwest Loyal! User friendly app, the flight selection & booking process is simple, get 2 free checked bags, and I don’t have to worry about random fees. I almost cheated on Southwest one time. I saw cheap flights with another airline. I tried to book it several times, but when it was time to pay, “This flight does not exist at this price any more”. & I would have to pay for each seat of each individual leg of flight. It wasn’t worth the 2+ hours i spent trying to figure it out. Never again!

  5. I love the accessibility and ease of this app. I see my itinerary immediately and am updated about any changes without having to log in and check up on it constantly. I also love the upgrade to business class and being automatically checked in without having to remember to check in myself 24 hours prior to flight. Will always fly with Southwest given the option

  6. My experience with SW for the last 30 years has been really great. I’ve never had an issue, always been able to change my flight last minute for free or a charge of less than $7. The staff have always been so friendly, nice, and super helpful. I find they are cheaper then other airlines, especially when you get 2 carry ons for free. Can’t beat that. I love to fly Southwest.

  7. App is fairly simple and easy to use but not very user friendly or intuitive. What I mean by that is that it’s not complicated, but they’ve chosen to spend more time and space in the app focused on advertising than what you really need to find such as your boarding pass. It’ll show recent flight searches and check in options but you have to go back through recent search criteria to find your boarding pass rather than it being available front and center. You can easily save the pass to photos

  8. Southwest is my airlinr of choice! Fares are reasonable and I love that I am able to actually use my points. Nothing complicated about booking, changing, or canceling flights on the app – and no fee for doing so. Getting my boarding pass is easy, with multiple ways to save it. I still prefer a paper pass, but sometimes that’s not an option when I’m travelling. Overall I find the app very good and user friendly.

  9. The app is fairly easy to use. However, I still don’t understand the points, companion, and SWA reward / milage program. Usage of points should be allowable in conjunction with partial payment. Points should help to decrease the ticket price. Meaning it would be nice & helpful if we could do half points / half price or a % of your points & the balance in cash. It shouldn’t be all or nothing. We shouldn’t have to pay by either all points or no points. That would be a beneficial loyalty program.

  10. Most of the time a really good app, it rarely crashes and has several functions that are easy to use and convenient. My only complaint is that when checking in for a flight, it doesnt always work. For example, I have had it say “unable to check you in for this flight, see a gate agent” or unable to retrieve reservation. This is extremely frustrating and just cost time because if I go out of the app and back in, it will check me in. I really wish this would be fixed, then I would give it 5 stars.

  11. I love southwest and almost everything about it. I’m an A-list member. But the app is just not a good reflection of the airline. It’s difficult to use in flight. Connecting to wifi on flights is hit and miss and hard to figure out every single time. Sometimes I can’t manage it at all, other times it takes half the flight. Very frustrating. This should be one button push for a-list members to connect and get all the benefits – free drink, wifi, etc. Fix your app, Southwest!!!

  12. I really like this App, not to mention the flexibility SW has for cancelling a flight and being able to use th credit for another flight. Pretty easy to navigate, but if you’re using a travel credit to pay for a flight, it’s not the easiest to figure out how to use the credit. You have to a litle digging. A nice enhancement would be to clearly define at checkout that you have a travel credit, allow the user to select the credit to apply to the new flight & then pay the difference.

  13. The app is convenient and easy to use. However, I would appreciate it if the number of points required on both the outbound and inbound flights were included in the summary. It seems that SWA purposely makes it difficult for customers 2 confirm the number of points spent on a flight after the fact. This is PROBLEMATIC when it is necessary to revise reservations. The app does not allow companion tickets to be booked at the same time. This to is a MAJOR DRAWBACK :0(

  14. It’s a good app fairly easy to navigate and I don’t have a lot of issues with it. The only reoccurring issue is that I will normally have to hit the purchase button twice when booking flights. The first time I hit it, the transaction will inevitably fail. But the second time it always goes through in seconds. I have never been double charged for a flight so at least I know the first transaction is always cancelled.

  15. Booking a flight with this app is very easy to do. Consecutive dates (3) are given to check times and fares for each date which could be lower than the original date selected. I was able to use my payment voucher from a previous cancelation which was very useful. However, I have attempted several times to sign in to this app, several phone calls to customer service, password resets, and I’m still unable to sign in??? Very frustrating…

  16. Sketchy. I use this app all of the time, as I fly every 2 weeks. Beware…if you go through all of the motions to book a flight, then decide to come back later in the day, the price will increase for no other reason than to take advantage of you and charge you more. It JUST happened again. Flight went up $10 in the 30 minutes between me looking it up, then coming back to purchase. Same flights, nothing changed but the price. $10 isn’t a lot, but if it happens every time, I lose $120/year

  17. Convenient way to track your airline points and tickets. However, booking a car appears to be broken. You fill out the screen, select your dates, vehicle type etc. and get “Oops, you missed a spot!” The fact that they can’t even bother to highlight or tell you what is missed is one thing, but the fact that they didn’t bother testing this is another. Hopefully their IT and App developers stay away from the planes. Luckily you can still go to the Southwest website, either on your phone or larger device and book a car and still get your points.

  18. If you opt for the guest login, you will have to enter your confirmation number, first name and last name every time you switch apps/the app is minimized. This is not only annoying but impractical for checking flight info or using mobile boarding pass. Other airline apps don’t seem to suffer from this problem, so it can be fixed. However, I’m not gonna hold my breath.

  19. One of the best commercial apps I use (and i use it frequently). I am able to do everything I have ever needed to do within the app (except it is not convenient to locate old canceled reservations for the purposes of using the funds for travel). It doesn’t crash and is easy to navigate. I am a fan of the fingerprint log in . It would get 5 stars if it bothered to tell you that you will get turned away at the jetway if you have multiple boarding passes on one phone.

  20. Downloaded the app before my flight. Flight information; No problem. Onboard entertainment; problems. No trouble connecting with Southwest portal. No trouble scrolling through movies and TV shows looking for something to watch. No trouble choosing and loading a show. Trying to actually watch – Plenty of trouble. No streaming video; no streaming audio. Only a black screen with subtitles. I could just read a book.

  21. Buggy, logs you out every time you turn around. Fortunately my Southwest Airlines user info is the only user info I need to keep track of, so it’s convenient for me to look up the information on my computer and log back in when I’m rushing through an unfamiliar airport. Unable to download my mobile boarding pass, and about 2/3 of the time can’t find my reservation. So really super that the older and more functional version of the app was tombstoned by Southwest, so they forced me to “upgrade”.

  22. App has been great. Just a few additions to make it even better! Please allow switching between FROM and TO destinations as switching them requires having to go through searches every time. Also, when checked in and boarding pass available, it’d be nice to be able to have the option to automatically add the boarding pass to the Google pay app for ease of use or if a setting to set it to be done automatically would really up the convenience and “smart” factor. Thanks!

  23. The phone app is very convenient and I like about 80% of it. Some of it is not labeled or the titles of what the app is asking for is confusing and I just had to click on a tab and look for what I needed or blackout and start over. Also it needs some refining on the word size formatting. There were times when applied funds were unreadable because of overlapping and possibly the font. It needs to be more refined. As I said it was convenient and for the most part useable.

  24. App is a waste of space. Because the whole family was booked under one account, we can’t view individuals boarding passes, only the owner of the account can view only their boarding pass. Even if others have an account, the app doesn’t allow them to see their own pass. Being logged in also doesn’t add the miles to the account. I like flying Southwest, but the app is horrible.

  25. Generally, I only use SW. With SW, no extra charge for check in baggage; you can cancel up to ten minutes prior to flight takeoff without penalties and you can always get a really good deal. They are transparent and keep their customers informed when appropriate. The app makes it even easier. You can pretty much do most of what is usually done at the airport, which saves time. It’s just convenient. Great app…

  26. Lindsay K dice:

    This app is really annoying. I would like to be able to view my boarding pass after I checked in without checking in again. As someone who does not use Google pay and has no intention of doing so, the save to phone feature is deceptive and frustrating. The least the app could do would be to provide a way to save a confirmation number instead of forcing a user to memorize it or look it up every time. All the other airlines I’ve flown seem to have managed this.

  27. The app makes it very convenient to find the best days/times/pricing available for booking your flight, adding any other options you may want, As well as easy check in, all inflight entertainment/wifi and anything else that you could possibly want/need from Southwest before, during and after your flight. You can make changes to your upcoming flight up to 10 minutes before your scheduled departure time which is great for someone like me who is running late 90% of the time, without any extra fees. I LOVE flying Southwest and their app makes it all just that much easier.

  28. When trying to reset a password there should, or needs to, be an option for assistance if the email doesn’t arrive. I tried 8 (eight!) times with no luck. And to add insult to injury, none of the customer service phone numbers offer technical assistance as an option on the phone tree. I have luv’d Southwest for years and I’m extremely brand-loyal. I expected the process to be easier.

  29. Awful. 24 hours ahead of flight I clicked the Checkin button. Brought me to a page with my flight and the standard baggage info. From what it said , there was still one last step in the Checkin process, but a button to finalize the process was nowhere to be seen. I tapped all over the page, just wasn’t there. I wound up having to go to the website and ended up in a different boarding group because of all that time wasted with the app. App also doesn’t open right to your active reservation – you have to dig thru menus. Then when you do tap Checkin, your active reservation is hidden at bottom of screen instead of easily visible at top, as would make good sense. Worse yet, Checkin screen initially raised error “flight could not be found” when i tapped my reservation. So app looks nice but basic functionality is poor / broken, which of course is what really matters.

  30. Not feelin the LUV with latest update. I could not locate an option to search flexible travel dates…if I changed a date in order to check other fares, it crashed on me. Had to completely close and reopen the app, just to have it happen again. LUV’d the old app (and love Southwest for travel), but this update is falling short of the great customer experience I have been used to. Would gladly rate higher if these issues were addressed. Thanks.

  31. This app has been one of the more stable ones, so I am very satisfied with it. Its UX is relatively self explanatory and easy to use. Theres ALMOST no difference than the desktoo except the ability to utilize available SW credit during purchase. A big game changer would the ability to more easily see current standing in terms of status AND available credit from past flights (like overcharged or “refund credit”).

  32. Southwest has consistently, over a period of over ten years of lots of business and personal travel, having a young kid, making tons of changes and cancellations, and showing up to the airport with no ticket an hour before a flight trying to make it home after a long work stint, come through with smiling, helpful, no bs service. I don’t understand why any other domestic airlines are still in business, their offering is so much worse than swa. Thank you for making travel easy!

  33. So far this app is awful. My flights require a plane change and I can never get a boarding pass for the second flight. The app constantly goes all the way back to the beginning so I have to check in over and over again to keep trying to get my boarding pass. No details of the itinerary- can’t tell how much time for connections. NOT a helpful app.

  34. Why do I have to put in my confirmation number every time considering it’s already on the screen. Go through full log in every time I come back to the page. We can do much better. Connect all connected flights on a trip and let them flow together. Would help when trying to pull up boarding pass while getting on the plane. Become a customer and try your apps.

  35. I have always been happy flying Southwest. No complaints. No hidden fee’s, two bags fly free and customer service has been excellent. Have had to change reservations many times with no problems or additional charges. After many years of reliable great service I no longer even consider flying with a different airline. It doesn’t matter if I want flights, room, or a car, SW is my first and last go to. Very satisfied.

  36. It is a hassel to deal with. Every time I need to go back to my boarding pass, it makes me click “check in” again. Other apps have allowed me to just pull up the app and straight to my boarding pass no need to check in over and over. When I swich apps and come back to it, the same thing happens and I am back to square one. Not a big fan. The app is confusing and when I try to type my confirmation number to look up my flight, it doesn’t have the option to type in letters.Not user friendly.

  37. Great app for travel, handy to have check in right at hand, as well as flight status, alerts, etc. I can’t find a way to link my existing flight to it that was not booked through the app, if it can do it at all. When the time comes to check in (limited to the day before so not usable as a linking method) I will have to enter it manually. It’s the only real fault I have with the app, and I would like to see it added to make a good app a great one.

  38. It’s ease of use is great if you know specific dates and if there are flights available, but it’s very frustrating that you can’t use the low fare finder in the app. I’m often looking to fly back home into Des Moines which doesn’t offer flights every day, so when I complete a search on a day without a flight it just fails. Then I type in a new date, and it fails…new date, fails. Then finally I give up and pull the full website up on my phone and search the low fare calendar. Way easier.

  39. User One dice:

    App forced removal from my Android phone – no explanation – just wont work. We love the airline – top marks in almost everything they do – but to kill an app – which basically now requires us to print boarding passes and check in by computer is not only not smart – but a great way to get me to explore other airline options. Come on team – fix this, or at least provide a quick easy way to transfer the data from a computer to your cell phone for flights.

  40. Bruce P dice:

    Why design an app that eliminates 70% of your customers. I have four Android devices and this app does not work on three of them. Poor decision by the development team. App does work with some glitches on the device that the app is available. Have not been on a single flight where the app does not crash during a movie. Better than nothing, but could be drastically improved.

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