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Earn cash back & fuel rewards | Gas station discount, grocery and food coupons
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Make every day more rewarding.

Download Upside to earn cash back rewards on what you need, so you spend on what you love.

Earn cash back, get discounts & save money in grocery stores, gas stations & restaurants. Scan receipts to get gas & fuel rewards, food coupons and see gas prices near you.

Upside is a rewards app that lets you shop as usual and earn cash back rewards & discounts, but in a way that makes sure businesses earn too. Save money by claiming offers and get the most value on gas, groceries, food, and restaurants. There’s no limit to how much you can earn, and you can even use it with other coupons, discounts, gift cards and loyalty programs.

We’re not your average cash back app. This is a win-win for you AND the store you’re buying from. So buy what you need and feel good about it. When we’re all better off, communities thrive.

– Gas stations: See gas prices & earn up to 25¢/gal cash back on gas at 25,000+ gas stations across the U.S. (including all the big brands like Shell, Valero, BP, Phillips 66, Circle K, Speedway, 76, Racetrac, Conoco, Mobil, and Exxon).
– Restaurants: Scan receipts & get up to 45% cash back at 17,000+ restaurants, cafes, fast food joints, and more.
– Grocery stores: Get food rewards & earn up to 30% cash back on food & groceries in select cities like Minneapolis, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, and Raleigh.

Download the app to see locations near you.

(1) Claim your offer through the app
(2) Pay as usual with any credit or debit card
(3) Either Check In, or scan receipts
(4) Cash out whenever you want!

It’s really that easy. Buy anything you need and earn real cash & save money every time you shop. You can cash out whenever you want via PayPal, e-gift card, or bank transfer.

We partner with local businesses (gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants nearby) who want to win your business. See gas prices at gas stations near you. We partner with big brands like Shell, Valero, BP, Phillips 66, Circle K, Speedway, 76, Racetrac, Conoco, Mobil, and Exxon).

With Upside, you earn cash back & rewards on what you need so you can spend on what you love. Upside users earn 2 to 3 times more cash back & save more money compared to any other app out there, and merchants are earning more profit than ever before. When shoppers get more value and businesses earn more profit, communities grow stronger.

Too good to be true? Download and see for yourself.


What’s better than cash back on your everyday routine? Nothing — but an even smoother app experience comes close! We’re always improving the Upside app, check it out!


40 comentarios en "Upside: Cash Back – Gas & Food MODDED 2022"

  1. Upside is one of the best apps to save/make money from! Especially if you’re a van-lifer like me! I’ve made almost $22 so far and that’s only since 4 months ago! I’d like to see more options for restaurants and stores. The only problem I’ve had is when I had to upload a reciept from a restaurant, the reciept didn’t have enough info so I didn’t get the Cashback. I feel that when UPSIDE connects with a place, they should verify that the regular reciept is good enough for them. Otherwise I LOVE IT!

  2. Paulo D dice:

    I like the concept and it can be simple to use but I have 2 main issues. 1, it’s unreliable. Half the time the map loads up my location then it just hangs loading up offers before eventually giving a network unavailable error even when all my other apps are working fine and I kill it and reopen it multiple times. 2, I live just outside a big metro area and there are like 2 gas stations on there and that’s it. Hope they can fix their network issues and get more places signed up.

  3. I am tired of “missing proof of purchase” showing up on nearly all of my transactions. You can see in my history exactly when they switched to supposedly no receipt required. It actually means no cash back for you. I used to love the app and highly recommend it. Now I wish I could find a replacement that is more like it used to be.

  4. It’s pretty simple to use. Have some savings after just a couple of times, however, my phone is really dragging and when I tried to find out what is taking up all my storage, Upside is more than 6.5 gigs of storage! That is UN believable. I may have to un install. I just can’t deal with the lag on my device.

  5. Money accumulated quickly into my account after about a year of claiming gas offers. I did have a few instances where the app responded that the receipt I uploaded “wasn’t a receipt”. I didn’t receive the funds for those offers since there wasn’t an option to re-upload. Overall I’m very pleased. I’ve earned almost $380.00 in the three or so years I’ve used it. Why not, it’s free money!

  6. I like upside, I appreciate being able to save a little bit of money here and there. It took a little bit over six months to save $30 My only real frustration is that the app loads really really slow sometimes. While I’ve had a couple of issues where the transaction didn’t complete, the service department quickly fixed the issues when I show them the receipt, so I definitely appreciate that.

  7. Changing from 5 stars to 1 because of the huge increase in repeated failed submissions from stations I have used for awhile without issues. Removing the need to upload receipts was nice, but it makes it harder to deal with “Missing proof of purchase” several days later. It is definitely not the app it used to be. Temper your expectations if you use it, and take photos of receipts for the failed transactions.

  8. Wendi H dice:

    I’ve had this app for several months and had a balance of almost $35 without my most recent 10 or so transactions. Like other reviewers, the app started acting weird, doubling up on my cards and endlessly processing transactions. Now I can’t log in, can’t get a password reset email sent. My savings are gone, and all I got was a noggin ache.

  9. Overall the App does what it says. I wasn’t going to ding it because of a few flaws after using it for 60 days. If the developers make improvements I will give it 5 stars. 1. This is critical. If I am using the map feature to find ⛽️, I can’t see the car. It’s basically a blue dot and if your phone is on dash, forget it. Make the dot bigger, it’s a hazard to driver’s trying to navigate. I don’t need to see the list, make it swipe able like maps’ ‘directions.’ Fill the screen with the map.

  10. I enjoy using the app. I find often that I can get a competitive price on gas against local stations wherever I go. I use it as often as I can for gasoline purchases. The only improvement to the app I would suggest is in the mapping. When traveling on an interstate, it will identify gas stations within a designated distance from you. Often they are stations that are in the opposite direction from your course of travel. You need to look carefully at the map before you select the station.

  11. Edit, a year later: Really enjoing the app. Cashout process is so easy. Always looking for more added gas stations, as they are still somewhat limited. Great app, though. Still a few bugs in the program idea itself, but for the most part, the app is great! Not real user-friendly when trying to find deals when driving, however. The cash-out process is easy, but the fee isn’t very nice, Upside folks! And as always, keep adding those restaurant offers. They are great when traveling!

  12. Fairly easy to use. There are annoying nag screens that repeat everytime you open the app. The app also tends to direct the user to food places rather than gas stations. It would be nicer if the user could set those preferences, would reduce the time looking for just the item(s) you want. Cashing out the rewards is so easy, even an old guy can do it.

  13. Before the changes, this was a decent app. Now it won’t let me choose the card so I have to keep deleting cards so it goes to the right one. I’ve easily missed out on $20 worth of savings due to app not letting me select the correct card. I do a lot of driving and this was a good way to save some coins. Now I have lots of pending visits that time out and no savings. So this is the down side of the upside.🙃

  14. Usually pretty good. Lately, I’ve had issues with customer service getting back to my messages. I’ve lost several credits because customer service wouldn’t get back to me before the credits expired… answer: What’s the point? The offers expired and l didn’t save the receipts because they were “check in” offers. My real issue is that l contacted “support” after about a week because l didn’t want them to expire, and nobody ever got back to me so they just expired.

  15. Sorry for the poor review in the past. I was sore at the whole world at that time. The app does do what it says it’s going to do. Just the offers are not as intriguing as they were at the start, by no fault of OfferUp, I’m told. But little is better than nothing. I do give 5 STARS to customer support and questions answered. Would still like to see the ability to nickname your credit cards. All our fleet cards have the same last 4 digits with just a one digit change in the other numbers. Jim

  16. Well worth the small effort of uploading receipts, but after a time or two, you don’t have to do even that. I’ve earned More than the commercial says. Like free money, couple dollars here, 5 or 20 there, pretty soon cashing out 100…straight to your bank or tons of gift cards to choose from. My experience has been really good. Had trouble one time and they corrected problem immediately. I definitely recommend this app!

  17. The app has completely stopped working with the grocery store that that I switched to because of the offers. It tells me ” missing proof of purchase” every time I use it. When I submit a help request they repeat the same thing. It worked for a while but hasn’t worked for at least 6 weeks. I’ve sent an email to the merchant and they redirect me back to upside. Looks like I’ll be cashing out and deleting the app.

  18. I have had this app for about 6 months now, and it is very convenient as well as rewarding. I have earned cash back on fuel mostly. The only inconvenience or problem I have ran into is when they tell you to refer a friend to earn cash back. I have referred 2 friends so far and I was supposed to be credited $7.00 per referral. Once my friends accepted the referral there was not any option for them to accept this referral option…. Otherwise a great app and well worth using!

  19. It was a great app at first first month and a half amazing didn’t take much to get money back got good amounts. Lately though it’s taking a super long time and they’re constantly finding issues when a perfect photo of a receipt is submitted. Super frustrating when almost all of my recent receipts have been rejected when it shows everything that they require.

  20. App is great for gasoline. But don’t bother trying to redeem anything at a restaurant. Every time you submit for food purchase, they will find fault with it. Even though you did it, exactly as instructed. If I claim and offer on a certain date, and I eat there that date, then I obviously was there. But, to try an split hairs within minutes of a certain time frame is ridiculous. All the restaurant has to do, is set the time back, an hour on the credit card printer, and they never have to pay. 🙁

  21. 100% would recommend! Everyone needs to buy gas, might was well get some cash back while your at it. The app is super easy to use, has a good amount of gas station partners, and offers tons of ways to redeem rewards, from a credit to your bank account to an Amazon card. Love this app. The only criticism would be the I wish more stations participated, but still easy to find one that does.

  22. Super easy to use, if you like earning money with having to do nothing this is how to do it. I like that you can open up the app and it shows where the nearest gas station that is linked with Upside and even directs you to it so you don’t have to change apps. Really neat feature. I did wish it gave a few or different options to cash out with but linking your bank was also easy too.

  23. Upside has been great since I got it. If I need gas I check to see if there is an upside gas station in the area and I will go there if the price is better overall and it usually is. A little disappointed that the grocery part of upside sent an email this past weekend for 7% back and then bluntly canceled the ability to use upside at that grocery store. It’s not a lot of money back but a little bit over time adds up pretty quickly.a good strong app to use to put a little more money back.

  24. Love this app & cash back. Wanted to “cash out” to my bank account, but my bank was not an option. Tried to cash out to my Chase credit card but was unable to do that either. I had to settle for an alternative instead of my bank account like their commercial advertises. Disappointed with the false advertisement in their commercial that you can cash out to your bank account. But love this app & will continue to use it! Thanks Upside!

  25. I’m only giving this app 3 stars because the network connectivity is super inconsistent. It used to be fine when this app first launched, but now I can barely claim any cash back deals on gas purchases because I almost never connect to your networks. I’ve tried the troubleshooting steps on your own website (clearing cache, uninstall and reinstall) and I still come across the connection issues. This needs to be fixed. On the plus side when the network is stable, it’s seamless and smooth to use.

  26. For the most part this app is fantastic. However, scanning large receipts is difficult-the developers need to work on a more user friendly scanner such as the one for the Fetch app. For large grocery receipts it is incredibly difficult to focus the image enough on the 2nd and subsequent photos to be sure the required overlap is present. It takes MANY tries and is very frustrating.

  27. Growing everyday. I’ve cashed out over $300 since I started using this app. The gas prices aren’t always correct, but they fluctuate almost daily these days. Sometimes the cashback is different from the posted amount. I’ve had to call customer service on a few occasions to her credit for my purchases. It’s not perfect, but a really good app and the agents are very nice and can usually solve the issue. I highly recommend.

  28. App works okay(ish). The map feature is incredibly frustrating. When I open the map on my location, it brings me to another location. When I go to search my area, it searches another area nearby. The only way I can see deal within my general location is to rely on the mini map at the home screen. Or scroll down and search the list.

  29. DeWitt dice:

    It hasn’t worked since September. Even before that, I only got about $20 of the $50 I should have. It always says they couldn’t match it to a sale. I just recently got an update saying you no longer have to claim offers, but that’s exactly what I had to today. They change the rules all the time, probably to confuse the user and ensure plausible deniability over missing rewards. The money they offer keeps getting lower. Update: only worked 8/18 times. 6 fails in a row. Giving up.

  30. I’ve had this app for at least two years. I’ve made about $80 back so far. So it does work. You can slowly grow the funds. But I’m giving them 2 starts because they can’t seem to keep the few places I liked to go on the app.. I live further up north from the cities so I already have fewer options as is. Then 3 of the main places I would go are no longer available idk why but the less options to choose from the more useless this app becomes. How bout bringing back cub foods.

  31. Update: the first 4 transactions I did I never got credited for. But after Upside did an update some transactions have gone through. Updating from 1 star to 2 star. It says that it usually takes 2 to 4 days to process and give credit. I’ve been using the app for over two weeks now, made about a dozen transactions. None have gone through yet, every one is marked processing. As far as I can tell it’s just a worthless app that’s probably tracking my transactions.

  32. This was a really cool app when it first came out a couple years ago. The reimbursement was around $20 a month. But within the past year I’ve had complications being credited for my purchases, even after I upload the receipt. Customer service isn’t available. No number to call and the chat help offered in the app never responds. You can email but it takes several days to be acknowledged. All that being said, I still use the app sometimes.

  33. I started Upside in the summer of 2022. For the first two months I did not get rewards 6 of 8 purchases. I was using the digital method and no one seemed to understand how that worked. It was hit and miss for weeks before somebody understood my frustration and addressed the problem. Now that the process doesn’t require uploading receipts I am having more success and feeling better about the process. Hopefully my success will continue and my opinion will continue to become more positive.

  34. It’s not as lucrative as the commercials make it seem, After several months and I’ve made about 30 bucks. (I fill up 1/wk) It’s still nice to get cash back at all so I keep using it and have shared it with my friends 🙂 It’s also very user friendly. I’ve never been confused (And that’s saying a lot). Take that back, I did get confused at first because when you cash out it takes a few days, however that’s not printed anywhere so I just thought I was being screwed over.

  35. I appreciate Upside – it does what it says it will do. I just have two ways in which it could be improved. First, there really don’t seem to be a lot of options in my area at which Upside can be used (and of course I realize this isn’t necessarily Upside’s fault). Another criticism is that when I was on a long trip, where I was very unfamiliar with the towns along the way, using Upside for the nearest deal on gasoline often caused Upside to get me to backtrack on my route.

  36. MsBarbara dice:

    I’ve been using this app since May, and it was working great! Then recently it duplicated all of the cards I had in my wallet. I tried several times to delete them, but they just kept showing up again. Then at the same time, several transactions just sat on processing… After a while they said that they could not be found. I’ve never had this problem before! I’m not sure what has changed, but I definitely liked the app better the way it was before all of these new problems started.

  37. It’s okay. Saved more per trip on average using a brand specific app. This app gives a cash back, which is cool. But when comparing to using the brand specific, I was saving .25/gal no matter what. I just found the least expensive stations along my route and stopped there. On a fill-up, I would average 4.25 saved. On this app, I’m averaging about 2.00+ a fill-up. Only the first time I used the app, when I happened to find a station offering .71/gal off was I able to really see a difference.

  38. Editing comments, but still a 2. Now that they seem to have improved the ability to click app when making purchase, you can no longer load a receipt if needed. There are times when one isn’t always able to do it from the phone right away, so the ability to add a receipt should be available. With technology as advanced as it is, you should be able to do both.

  39. Upside is legit, the minimum payout is $15. My only complaints are that I wish there were more stores participating, though I have a strong feeling that’s not fully on the apps end. I also wish there was a better way to get the reward than uploading a receipt. Overall, I do recommend the app and have saved money using it, which is vital for some families during these times of inflation.

  40. Travis dice:

    Outstanding app, one that actually helps save the common folk some cash! Only down side is I’m finding more and more that the cash back price shown on map and when claiming offer is not the price this app credits you back.. very frustrating when I specifically chose the stations that give back more, but then after processing the claim for sometimes several days it finally spits it back at the lower rate per gallon. It’ll go from 12.0$ to 2.50$ !? Or worst of all when it says missing receipt??

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