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Thousands of cars at your fingertips. With SHARE NOW, you’ll always have a car in your city. Just like with car2go and DriveNow, our premium cars free-float around major city centres, making it easy for you to hop into the first one that catches your eye. Car-sharing is a new way of car rental, with no rental offices, no paperwork and no waiting around. Parking and fuelling/charging are free. All the perks of owning your own car – no strings attached. Rent a car the easy way. That’s the SHARE NOW car-sharing app.

SHARE NOW is perfect for:

This is car-sharing as you know it best: super short spontaneous trips for shopping, commuting and getting from A to B in your city. Find, reserve, and unlock SHARE NOW cars in less than two seconds. When you’re done, simply park the car anywhere in the Home Area of your city. It’s as simple as that.

Got plans? You can rent our free-floating cars at hourly rates. We also do medium-length road trips from just a single day to a whole weekend – get out into nature or visit your favourite shopping outlet. You’re in charge.

Car-sharing is also ideal for longer trips of up to 30 days for holiday travel. You can keep a car for yourself for longer (you pay per km) and take the stress of out renting a car. Roam freely outside of the Home Area and adventure beyond the city limits. We also offer pre-booking for longer trips. Tell us when and where you want your car – and we’ll take care of the rest.

Whether you’re catching a flight or have just landed, our cars are available at several major airports in Europe’s top destinations, with dedicated parking at many locations. Car-sharing is cheaper than taxis and you never have to wait in line – just open the SHARE NOW app and reserve a car in a few taps. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Car-sharing offers you a comfortable and cost-effective way to travel for business – with premium cars and convenient corporate invoicing. Manage all your colleagues’ travel expenses in one easy admin dashboard. This is corporate car rental like never before.

Car-sharing is an affordable corporate mobility perk for your company. Offer your teams access to car-sharing and provide a comfortable way for your employees to travel for business. SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance lets you award car-sharing credit to individual employees via a single corporate account.

Earn points just by driving with SHARE NOW Rewards. As you level up, you’ll unlock perks and partner deals such as Bonus Reservation Time and Hourly Rates, VIP Customer Support, a Birthday Voucher and Overnight Reservation. We’ve partnered with like-minded companies to bring you special offers from those who care as much as we do about sharing. SHARE NOW Rewards is completely free to join.

Invite friends by sending them a personal code via messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, or via email or SMS. If they sign up using your promo code, you’ll each earn free driving credits – it’s a win-win!

Enjoy the largest electric car-sharing fleet in Europe with SHARE NOW. Our mission: to grow our electric fleet every year. Join the mobility movement now.

SHARE NOW is available in 16 major cities in 8 countries in Europe including Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Turin, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Copenhagen.


We've made some usability and technical improvements to the app.


40 comentarios en "SHARE NOW (car2go & DriveNow) MODDED 2022"

  1. Not sure if it’s the latest update or the impending shift to Share Now, but the app has been failing to connect to the network to see what cars are available or start a reservation more lately. Stranded a reservation I had, and when I called the support number it has been disconnected. The app and service are usually so reliable, so I’m concerned about the merger and how well things are going to work.

  2. i like the radar function. but overall there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of reliability. also wasnt able to use a car today because it had dent on the side. tried to report it but the functionality seems broken, so the only option was too call a hotline. the hotline had a 9 minute wait. so i had no choice but to walk to another car 10 minutes away in a scetchy neighborhood. thanks …

  3. Latest update broke the app. I’ve used it consistently on a weekly basis and it has worked ok. No frequent problems. Now there is a 10% chance that the car opens. Doesn’t give me any reason, just says service not available now. No error code, that is just bad programming. It is clearly a bug, I spoke to support they had a standard answer, shut down Bluetooth and restart the app. That sometimes works, for now I have to stop using a service that I’ve relied every week.

  4. I’ve used car2go for years. A while back they added a $1 ‘driver protection fee’ to the price of every rental. This fee is not added to the initial rental quote, instead it’s tacked on at the end of trip. So a $6 option will actually cost $7. It’s only one dollar but it still bugs me they don’t tell you. It also sucks they won’t credit me the buck I had to pay to figure this out, especially considering the hundreds of dollars I’ve already spent with them. I now use Zipcar whenever possible.

  5. Great concept. Very glitchy system. It’s been very difficult to get setup and reach support. Zip car is much more streamlined but the cars are not as nice and you have to leave them in the same location you picked them up. Car2go is much better just not as easy. Probably worth the trouble.

  6. Tried signing up with the intention of using it days later for a short trip out of town. The app quotes 1-2 days for license processing. I have a clean driving record, and the agent I spoke to said there was nothing holding up the process on my end. So now it’s the weekend, days later, and I STILL dont have approval. Stick to the other apps, friends. at least they won’t misquote you on a turnaround and wind up ruining your weekend.

  7. WARNING THEY CAN AND WILL CHARGE MORE THAN YOUR QUOTED PRICE!!! Example: If you get the day package for $79 you will be charged for extra mileage(even if you don’t go over the allotted miles), you will be charged an extra fee if you pick a car up from the airport instead of finding one parked on the street and more. Very cool cars but watch your bill your gonna get some unexpected charges

  8. it’s become a nightmare dealing with the app, customer service, and the over all use of the vehicles. the last car I had wouldn’t lock, and the engine would be cut off remotely until the app loaded enough for me to resume my trip. I’ve been over charged, under comped, and left almost stranded, and I’m done with it. I called and was told nothing could he done to help me, so I’m switching to lime.

  9. I love the idea of car sharing, but Car2Go/ShareNow is the worst. Car2Go customer service is awful. I contacted them about an issue I had with a rental over a week ago. I received a confirmation message that I’d hear back in 3-5 business days – that time has passed and I still haven’t heard back despite sending a follow up email. I also tried to reserve 2 separate vehicles today, but neither were in the place displayed on the app.

  10. I love car2go, but the app has turned into a massive piece of garbage since that last couple updates, April 2019. constant crashes, lockups, and loosing gps, ESPECIALLY when trying to actually rent the car. this left me messing with it for 15 minutes in the rain the other day before it finally unlocked the vehicle. No, its not my phone, nothing else is having issues.

  11. I’ve been using Car2Go for years now and have always loved it; it’s always been an extremely valuable way for me to get around. Recently however, Car2go instituted a zoning system. This means that if you pick up a car in one part of a city and drop it off in another part, you get charged an extra $4.99. I live in West Seattle and work downtown. These two neighborhoods are now considered different zones, and every trip I take will cost me and additional $5. I won’t be using Car2Go anymore.

  12. I had gotten this because the prices of Zipcar had gone up and car2go is fair in pricing. It’s a good service for those that know about parking in NYC. I personally don’t because I’m not a car owner. I parked the car in a home area, didn’t see parking meters so I assumed I was good. Well then I get an email that it got a ticket and was towed and on top of that I’m being charged a 150$ processing fee. I also got stuck in traffic upon returning it and there was no way to extend the rental so all and all I practically paid 600$ to rent a car. I’ll never bad mouth Zipcar again, I never understood how good I had it with assigned parking lots. The service is cool but if you’re NYC parking ignorant like me STAY AWAY.

  13. Great experience overall. Using sharenow for quite a while now. Finding, reserving and unlocking the car is quite easy and transparent. Customer service is also helpful each and every time. Two feedback: it would be good to see driven kms in the ongoing trip and it will be helpful if you mention the car cannot be driven outside the mentioned countries in the cross border section.

  14. U H dice:

    “Sorry, we are unable to load all cities” … no, location services are on! no, internet access is granted! All other apps are working fine! (e.g. Google Maps, Signal, Firefox, …) yes, I’ve alreade rebooted the phone cleared the caches etc. – so do NOT point to any ISPs or networks, it’s THIS app which doesn’t work when needed!)

  15. Felix dice:

    As long as you avoid the Fiats and Citroens the experience is quite good and fluid. Not being able to cross all borders, e.g. you cannot go to the Netherlands from Germany is a downside. For the latter Cambio and Miles are good alternatives.

  16. Daria Z dice:

    Was not able to lock the car for a stopover,there was simply no option in the app, used the key lock. The engine was blocked automatically then, so I had to call the service. Same car, ending rental was not possible with the app, showed error that there is no Internet connection, although there was. Waited for 10 min to get the service to lock the car and end rental. Please update the app

  17. Top cars that users probably not always treat the way it should be. Very good support service in terms of available and efficiency. Good rent conditions and easy to use (time frames, payments, keys, parking). In Berlin there are enough cars. Looking forward to having ShareNow in further German cities.

  18. I have booked a car for 4 h to go to a near city, i picked up the car from Frankfurt and when i wanted to end the trip in Weisbaden I couldn’t! I called share now and informed them! And I was so tired I couldn’t drive back and come with train, so they advised me to rent it for a day.. i said oki. I kept the car and used it for the next day but couldn’t find parking for more than half an hour. They charged me per minute. I ended up paying 150€ bc i thought Europcar 85€ too much. Unrecommended

  19. Tried to register card for several times until system accepted it. Got stuck on drivers licence validation. Give up after two tries. Robots are cool, but add a human if system detects “hickups” (as You call them). Took taxi instead. Update: after 3 days charged 9€ for manual licence validation. Are You fing nuts?

  20. Soo Lee dice:

    Not very intuitive. Spent an extra 10 minutes to figure out how to correctly fiddle key in key holder/ glove compartment. Image and instruction in app not helpful at all. Phone cust. service had too long waiting line. Extra fees for parking in marked area, which was not clear beforehand and without warning. In total: too pricey for bad experience.

  21. Awful customer support. I can’t get my drivers licence verified even though I have a licence issued within the EEA. Been trying to contact customer service for 4 working days now… I highly recommend choosing a different car rental service.

  22. Had an awful first experience primarily because the app does not give you any option to change your tariff. So I was on the minute-by-minute tariff, and landed up unexpectedly in an out of service area (the service area sucks). I would have had to leave the car for hours being charged minute by minute, so I had to drive to the nearest service area and then catch a bus back to my location. It would have been so much more sensible of I would have been able to change to a day hire tariff.

  23. Works generally well but sometimes the cars take very long to connect to the network and sometimes don’t connect at all, requiring a call to the service center. When you drive a lot that’s not a problem since past a certain spending point you’ll get preferential treatment, but waiting times for non regulars may be upwards of half an hour.

  24. You have to be lucky to rent a car, it fails most of the times while I’m front of it. Garbage, and the support syas “uninstall the app, reinstall the app and restart your phone”.. fix your app.

  25. Mandatory fiscal code? I have no idea what it is. Probably some local Id. EU citizens from other countries don’t have it. Ok, may be it’s a legal issue, not app, but describe it in the registration form, or FAQ then.

  26. You killed this service by removing Smart cars. It is impossible parking the others, I will probably have to stop using it.

  27. Worst UX ever. Creating an account logs you out, and then you can’t log in again because you don’t get the confirmation message. Want to change the phone number? You need your license number. Which they never asked for during registration. Still don’t know if you can actually rent a car with this app, because it won’t let me log in.

  28. No introduction in the app. The map shown is without any cars. Seems it needs to register first but I wouldn’t do it unless I knew there were cars available in my area and at what cost. The FAQ leads to send an email and that is very funny.

  29. Decided to give this app five stars after seing the multitude of complains. I could register and use the app two times without any problems. For sure there are things to improve, but generally it is a very friendly and convenient service.

  30. It is the second time that I am unable to terminate my rental at the time I try. I had to call share now and their response time is quite slow

  31. Rates are not available and I can’t find the option in the settings to turn it on/off. Also the map is lagging

  32. once was my preferred choice for car sharing, but over the years got hyperexpensive in connection with the worst service ever – saturday evening over 40 min in the waiting queue… no words! plus: app with new in-app fueling, and if it doesnt work there is no backup fuel pay card in the car so you pay by yourself… well, me no more!

  33. You cant ask for 9 Eur when onboarding people and after your service is not used to ask for Mahnvervahren so you end up paying 50 – 100 Eur to nothing utilized. You have not sent anything per post / just Email so what if people change Emails. Very bad customer experience

  34. Total scammers: they sent me a 800 euros bill for a 3 cm dent I made . I don’t know how can they dare ask people 800 euros for repairing a 3/4 cm dent on a Fiat 500. They pretend that the full cost is 1076 euros. Scammers. Never ever again. Shame on you Sharenow Deutschland

  35. Very convient, clean streamlined functionality, cars in good standing

  36. test user dice:

    Face detection does not work, can not validate my drivers license – – > can not use the service…

  37. The app is very user friendly, however, the Dutch help service don’t answer phones.

  38. After the recent update with a lot more filtering options, this app has become very good. But I still don’t like that there is no option to simply unlock the cars without starting the rent, in case someone might accidentally leave something important in a car, when they’re in a hurry. And maybe update the description of this app, as e.g. north US cities are still listed. Otherwise, very nice to use, also very user-friendly. Keep it going, devs!

  39. I stand in front of a car. it was free but the app didn’t show the car. Other cars were visible around me (but too far away), so no internet problem. The app is very slow and it takes ages until I see the cars on the map. Recently I had an emergency… I needed a car quickly and again the same problem. I was in front of the free car and the map didn’t show any cars. I was pissed. DriveNow is better, they still have the plastic card what you can use in case if you have issues with the app.

  40. I can’t speak to Car2Go’s service, because I haven’t been able to use it. I use LastPass to remember strong unique passwords on all my accounts, and the Car2Go app won’t play nicely with LastPass. In fact, it won’t play at all. That means I have to enter a userID and a password manually. Sorry, that doesn’t work for me. I’m really not interested in futzing around with LastPass and the Car2Go app to copy/paste the relevant bits in while I’m standing on a street corner trying to figure out what’s the fastest way to get to where I want to go. Unfortunately for Car2Go, I live in an area that is well served by public transit.

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