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Pay for fuel, order pizza, food and drinks, earn rewards and get offers
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Welcome to the &Rewards Kummunity!
The Kum & Go app is your one-stop-shop for touchless fueling, fresh food, rewards, and exclusive offers.

Join &Rewards and receive multiple, exclusive rewards at time of registration.

Use Mobile Ordering to simplify your day.
Now it’s even easier to order and pay for your favorite items on the go! We’ll bring it to you while you are fueling up or anywhere on our lot.

Tap. Pump. Go.
Activate the pump, securely pay for fuel, and go. First time users get a .25 cent discount.

Easy-to-Earn Rewards.
We make it super simple to earn points, and reward you early and often.

Offers You Can’t Refuse.
Unlock access to tons of in-store offers. Order your favorite pizza on Fridays and your second one is free. Oh, and don’t forget about $1 slice Wednesdays. Exclusive to &Reward members only.

Follow us on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram (@kumandgo) for the latest &Rewards Kummunity updates and announcements.

Our Customer Service team is always available to help @ (888)-458-6646 or https://www.kumandgo.com/contact-us/


* Thanks for using the Kum & Go app! We're always working hard to improve your experience with usability improvement, performance enhancements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Kum & Go MOD 2022"

  1. The app gives me lots of rewards like free food and beverages and fuel discounts. I like the pay at the pump feature which saves me swiping my card. At times the app had been glitchy, for instance not allowing me to update a debit card’s expiration date, so I was unable to use the features that allowed me to pay through the app.

  2. App has crashed upon trying to open for several weeks now. I just got notice to update the app, and did hoping that was going to solve the issue. Nope, still unable to open the app although it crashing during opening. Hard to use an app that won’t open. *** update *** Same issues still persisting as of May 7, 2022. At least one app update since original review, no sign of improvements. Lowering my rating as a result.

  3. Brett B dice:

    Recently, when trying to fuel up with the app, it just constantly loads over and over. It constantly pops up points I’ve earned over the past month, and when I finally go to try to fuel up, it just loads and stops, on repeat. Lots of bugs it seems. Can’t use my rewards the last three times I’ve used the app

  4. This is perfect for several reason. 1st when it’s cold…self explanatory. 2nd I drive fleet so sometimes the pumps dont give receipts, never fear it gets emailed to you WOW. 3rd the app doesnt take alot of space you can go in and change the settings to what you want, so don’t give me “that’s to many apps” BS. & 4th this one is for the introverts out there you all know who you are…😉 it’s perfect.

  5. Kum & Go rewards app is beneficial and convenient! It allows you to choose your rewards. It also notifies you of special rewards that help you earn fuel and points towards free products! Not only do you save money on fuel; the app also allows you to pay at the gas pump without having to wait in lines. I highly recommend this app!

  6. Very useful, with pretty good deals. I love being able to get gas using my phone (and therefore reduce touching shared surfaces). The rewards program is good, and there’s a good variety of deals on different foods and products.

  7. I’ve only been using this app for 2 or 3 weeks and it has seriously saved me SO much money! The best thing is the self service gas option, hands down. I pull up to the pump, active the pump on the app, automatically apply and fuel discounts and no need to swipe my card. LOVE IT 5 Stars!

  8. The app is a great tool and definitely has perks for using WHEN it works correctly. Don’t expect a fast response to any issues either. I love the store and what it has to offer but the app definitely needs work.

  9. This app could use a little cleaning up to make it more user friendly/intuitive, but I do really like the ability to buy gas straight from my phone. That is awesome!

  10. J R dice:

    Nice clean store,, staff is always super nice. Food is a bit high, but hey, its good food. I would definately recommend to everyone. And get the app, i get discounts on fuel for certain purchase. Love the app, and i pay for fuel thru the app at the pump. Best place yet.

  11. Works… Ok. NEEDS GAS PRICES IN APP. This app needs to include the gas prices when looking at locations. Even if there’s a big warning “prices may change before you arrive”. Pretty useless without showing prices. This is my favorite gas station chain, the ONLY gas station I go into.

  12. Amazing app, only complaint is that 5G on AT&T doesn’t work sometimes in random spots that it should and then j can’t use my fuel rewards. The fuel rewards alone are worth it. I get a drink there and earn 3 cents for each drink. Totally worth it. Love it. ❤️

  13. Great AP… Convenient – just like the store (bum dum tisss) The only thing that is annoying is when a survey request pops up right when you are trying to scan for points at the register.

  14. It’s a perfect app for the people on the go. I don’t have to swipe my card on the reader all I have to do is say which pump I’m using and walla the pump is turned on and I’m ready to fuel up. I absolutely love it. It’s a great convince.

  15. The app isn’t bad overall but please stop it with the “bonus point” popups that never seem to end!! I’m about to delete this damned thing just because of those popups!

  16. Love the fuel better and the rewards. Just wish there were more in store rewards where you didn’t have to buy 4 things to get a dollar discount. Mobile ordering has made it easier and it’s convenient to pay from your car even if you’ve forgotten your purse/wallet. The phone recognizes you’re at the pump and you’re good to go.

  17. I love my app. I put my card information on my app. I use it EVERY time I fill up. It is so easy. I don’t have to stand out in the weather & put multiple cards in. TIME SAVER! The rewards card is already on it which is nice. I just get out & put the nozzle in the tank & when it is full, return it to the cradle. I get my receipt sent to my phone. Thanks Kum & Go!

  18. App has been great the only reason why I rated it a 4 was because I was asked multiple times if I wanted to use my fuel rewards 3 times when I was trying to save and build it. My rewards were used. Was pretty upset

  19. Decent app. I use it regularly. I think I’m spoiled. I get so used to fueling up with the app that I open it even when I pay cash. Only thing I dislike is the point acquisition process. I spend more in gas than I do in the store. It would be nice to get more points for fueling.

  20. Eric Bell dice:

    Great experience! They’re sending me fuel discounts all the time and I can pay at the pump with the app – win/win! App works well with no issues so far!

  21. Love the app. But i hate that you have to click every single point you get. Wish uou cpuld collect all your points in one click instead of clicking every single point.

  22. Makes it so easy to order for me as I am temporarily wheelchair bound It also seems like the rewards are probably that much faster than going inside and buy it myself Everywhere I go I look for K&G to stop for my needs.

  23. Easy, simple, and fast! When you have 2 kids under age 6, taking them in public alone sometimes isn’t as easy as some parents make it look, but when it comes to getting fuel, the K&G app makes life a whole lot simpler!

  24. Pay in the application is easy and fast, no going into the store. See and use your rewards at the pump. Helps you find the nearest location too! Great application!

  25. Cody Case dice:

    I only use this app to fuel up! I dont care about the rewards that you guys spam me with the second I open the app! I dont like closing that stuff a million time every time I open the app! You guys need to fix that!

  26. It shows all the best deals our store has to offer you ca also pay at the pump when you link your bank card to the accunt it is ten times safer than putting your card in the machine at the pump you can also ordee stuff from the app and pick it up at the store as well

  27. Easy to use, Convenient. Recently I can fuel up but I get an invalid loyalty card on the pump screen. And doesn’t give me points or I’m not seeing any.

  28. Used to love the app. Fueling up was so easy. But now it won’t even open. My phone says you’ve got a bug in the app. PLEASE FIX 😭

  29. Great app. Very convenient. Really like I can pay at the pump from my cell. Great rewards program as well. Save some money on that gas.

  30. Every time I open the app it tells me I get 1 bonus point 5 or 6 times in a row before I can do anything. So what?! The funny thing is that the point never gets added to my total.

  31. This app is super easy to use and navigate and I haven’t had glitching issues with it like I have with other apps. Also, I love Kum&Go.

  32. I used to love the app, but now it crashes instantly. I hope they can get this bug fixed soon.

  33. I have recieved 250 pointos of rewards 4 times and never got one single reward. Once i reached 250 it turns 0. To start all over again My gasoline rewards tells me “YOU DO NOT HAVE POINTS YET KEEP PUTING GAS,” Each gas station has an add in front of each pump telling the costumers to claim the rewards

  34. It does what is supposed to…till it doesn’t! System failure inside but still gives points outside! At this time…this is a must! Thanks.

  35. I like the idea of this app. But the location finder is very slow. The worst part is that it does not allow you to change your payment method. It looks like it might but it never allows you to do that. It’s nice looking and it would seem to be a great tool and it is when it works well. I do like the ability to redeem rewards points using the app. They are so close to making this a great app.

  36. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I have to go in-store and use the same card that is connected to the app… I get 2 times the points on the app and 10 cents off a gallon… So I want to use the app for the perks, if I’m not goin to get them I might as well go to QT

  37. I love this app! So much easier to just have it ready, have them scan my phone barcode and bam! Also it’s nice that the rewards that you can select, accumulates and you can spend all the rewards at once if you so wished

  38. App has been very convenient to use and pay for gas, pizza, snacks. Like the layout and all the deals.

  39. Great app! Keep up with specials for discount gas!! Only way a person can afford gas is discounts off what you’re already going to buy, nights as well save while you do it!

  40. Was good now doesn’t ask if you want to use fuel discount at the pump ? You have to walk into the store and usually the tweenies clerk can’t figure it out not good so I just go else we’re not worth the hassle anymore

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