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The famous GyPSy Guide app with driving tours for places like the Road to Hana Maui, Yellowstone, Key West and many more fantastic places.
Download this app for free and then purchase and store tours and do all your trip planning in this one convenient app. You can even transfer your “old” GyPSy Guide” tours into the new app at no cost for all the latest updates and information.

We’ll guide you to the all the best things to see and do, and suggest side-trips and local tips, so you don’t miss a thing.

Listen to fun and informative stories about the history & culture, geology, hikes, animals, local peoples and highlights along the routes.

Commentary plays automatically as you drive, based on your location. You have the freedom to travel at your own pace.

Tour offline with GPS. No need for cell service or WiFi signal while touring. Everything is downloaded to your device for easy, offline use.

Visit our website to see a complete list of tour route maps, sample commentary, more travel tips & suggested itineraries.

Plays automatically as you drive, based on your location
Works offline with GPS, no cellular service, WiFi signal or data required while touring.
Trip Planning
– Suggested Itineraries
– Highlights
– Travel Tips
Listen to commentary before and after you travel
Play your own music in background

TOURS (we add new tours all the time)


Maui including Road to Hana
Big Island, Hawaii

Arches National Park
Big Sur PCH Hwy1
Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park
Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Grand Canyon National Park South Rim
Grand Canyon National Park West Rim – Las Vegas
Grand Teton National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Las Vegas – Grand Canyon West, Hoover Dam & Red Rock Canyon
Miami, Key West & The Florida Keys
Rocky Mountain National Park
Vermont Scenic Byway 100
Yellowstone National Park
Yosemite National Park
Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park


Canadian Rockies National Parks
– Banff, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake & Yoho National Park
– Icefields Parkway
– Jasper
Waterton National Park and Alberta Southwest

Great Ocean Road

Each tour is a one time purchase. No time limits. Use as many times as you like. No monthly subscription.

Using location service GPS increases battery usage – we highly recommend taking DC car charger versus simply plugging into the vehicle’s USB port


Things we've added:
The ability to upgrade from older bundles to new bundles
Refreshed the look of the app in places
Added a new tour for Mesa Verde


40 comentarios en "GyPSy Guide MODDED"

  1. A Wall dice:

    This was great,easy to use. Informative. My only complaint is that the first word or two of every sentence was muted so we didn’t get the full story. It’s like the audio started and stopped at every pause and would take a few words for the volume to come back on. Very strange and frustrating. (Badlands tour)

  2. I do love this app. We used it for Black Hills, Yellowstone and Grand Teton last year and enjoyed itbvery much. That being said, we are planning a few more trips over the next year, and none of the places we are going have a tour. There needs to be more options for the Pacific Northwest (specifically Redwoods and the National Parks in Washington), Virginia (Shenendoah NP) and New England/East Coast. Such a disappointment that there aren’t tours for these areas.

  3. Bob Jones dice:

    This is a phenomenal app with a great “tour guide”. On a recent bucket list trip to Banff National Park, he took us to AMAZING places that weren’t even on our radar (I’m talking to you Takkakaw Falls!). Great information and humorous stories. The hidden gems alone are well worth the price! Note: The use of GPS is a battery killer. Make sure you’re plugged in! One suggestion: It might be a good idea if the narrator would give a heads-up if you’re inadvertently leaving the area.

  4. We used this ap in Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. It was great to watch for animals and sights while the app tells you where to stop and what to see. It also has a lot of info about the area. The only recommendation I have is if you use your phone for a camera I would run the app on another device. I just had problems with accidentally turning the app off while taking pictures.

  5. Purchased this for our road trip in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We loved it! Easy to use, could sync easily in our rental car. Told us a lot we never would have known about. Suggested stops we otherwise would have missed. Appreciated the heads up for upcoming turns, or stops so that we were ready. Pleasant voice, easy to listen to. Only thing we did not like was how fast it drained the phone battery even when the phone was plugged in and the fact that it overheated the phone.

  6. Overall, when open it was a great resource. I had a problem with GPS directions and with the application stating that I needed to login (When no internet was available). Hopefully, these Issues have been resolved with the recent updates. The narration and information is excellent. Lots of information available that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.. Well worth the investment.

  7. The tour guide elements are fantastic. 5 stars. Loved the narration, ease of use, and great info. I downgraded the app because it will not stop opening in the background (android). I won’t need it again for months and don’t want it sucking resources all the time. I’d hate to delete it since I will be using it again, but I haven’t found another option. Will upgrade my rating to 5 when this is fixed.

  8. Jody Ward dice:

    Amazing and fun! Teton/Yellowstone highlights, history, directions, recommendations – all presented in an entertaining way all ages can enjoy. I especially appreciated the thorough descriptions of sites regarding time, effort to get to and what you will see. Made our trip to Yellowstone so much more enjoyable and we saw so much more than planned. We loved the interesting narrative and it was not intrusive at all. Would give 10 stars if I could!

  9. Purchased the Road to Hana and it was absolutely fantastic. Zero issues…never lost issues with the stories and the timing was always spot on. This app instantly made my families vacation adventure on the Road to Hana significantly better im sure. All the stops, recos on what to do vs. What to skip. Love this app. Do not hesitate. I highly recommend it.

  10. 0riginally: Waste of money. At home, was able to log in and buy a tour. At the location, on local wifi where all else works fine, after logging in the app freezes. Android eventually offers to kill the app. Clearing the cache/data did not help. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Now, the app will not log in. Freezes up attempting … Update: Developers responded within an hour of my review with an app update that addressed my issues. Used the app for 2 days without issue. Thanks for the quick response

  11. Levintry dice:

    This app is excellent. I find myself missing the commentary on normal drives. We bought the 4 park loop and really enjoyed it. I feel like there was a route in South Dakota that had identical commentary both directions, but it might have been the fact we had driven the same road multiple times during our stay. Highly recommend!

  12. We’ve used GyPSy Guide for Rocky Mountain National Park and Road to Hana, and loved them both. The guide/narrator is superb. He has such a great, casual, personable style. The content is excellent, with just the right amount of humor. We love the fact that we can get some value (and even a little entertainment) on casual drives, and on top if it, sometimes we’ll hear a suggestion for a place to stop or something to explore. It’s well worth the small fee, and in our opinion, it’s a must-have for any destinations that they cover.

  13. The “Road to Hana” in Maui was great! Im amazed how the speaker was interesting without being annoying. Plus, it was a great bonus to have material on the way back from Hana. However, the app did have some glitches as it kept disconnecting from the car Bluetooth. Perhaps, it was the car.

  14. Sam Clark dice:

    I used this app while on a trip with someone who is excellent at researching places ahead of time to make the most of a journey. The app and my companion were both right in step with each other the entire way, so I was impressed (and if you can keep it a secret, I’ll admit: the app actually was slightly more thorough)

  15. Eddy Gao dice:

    I did the Canadian Rockies National Parks tour. The tour itself was fantastic. Lots of interesting history and trivia to liven up the drive, as well as pointing out amazing stops we would have missed otherwise. My only complaint is that there were a few technical issues. Sometimes the app would fail to identify which direction we are traveling and start narrating the points from the opposite side. Other times the app would get stuck with the “finding location” box open.

  16. I used this app yesterday for my tour of Going-to-the-Sun Road and it… was…. AWESOME! It’s a great compilation of history, environmental awareness, the best stops to make for optimal views, the best selfies, and humor. And honestly, I just loved the narrator’s voice. Seriously… I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. I’ll definitely be using this guide for future trips.

  17. The narration is excellent 5/5 stars. The app, however, kept crashing and would fail to find our location, even though Google maps and other gps apps could find the location accurately and instantly. Restarting the phone and app did not solve these problems, and happened through about half of the trip, but led to a frustrating experience that wasn’t worth the premium price.

  18. New app looks great! Just so happens I’m heading to the Florida keys and just added another tour to my ever growing list. I have used guides in Utah and Montana and they were great. These guides are a great way to learn the area and find things to do. I am loving the new app with the new highlights, tips and tour planning sections! Really takes the stress out of planning a trip.

  19. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We used this app for the whole 3 days in Yellowstone and it e definitely enhanced our experience. The GPS was always dead on, never had any glitches. We got to learn so many interesting things and found out about so many hidden gems along the way. We didn’t go anywhere without this app plugged into the car. The app included history of the land and facts about hydrothermal functions. We are on our way back right now and I’ve already texted a friend and recommended the app.

  20. John Lark dice:

    Great app for its designed for. It was very useful on our recent trip to teton and yellowstone. Critical Review This is Year 2021 1) Does not work with Android Auto. So if you are running on mobile screen ,phone gets very hot. And if your phone is occupied with this app you loose all benefits of Android Auto 2) Does not use Google Maps , since you are charging for app , you can pay for Google Maps. 3) Since its not on google maps , directions can be easily missed at times. 4) Yellowstone is a very big park and you will end up driving on the same route multiple times , it would be good to have different stories for the same point and not the same content. We drove 3 times from West Yellowstone in and out and it became way too repetitive , may be fine for other parks with a single pass. OR provide setting to turn OFF points once its been read out to the user. 5) Again its 2021 and app can be made much more personalized based on user pattern and behavior , right now its a GPS enabled dumb app , fantastic for Year 2012 or so but not acceptable in 2021. Invest in future.

  21. I love this app! The guides make the trip so enjoyable and captivating rather than driving around listening to throwback music constantly. Will always use this! Old Issue (8/12/21): One ANNOYING bug though. When I disconnect the phone from Android Auto or leave the app for a considerable amount of time, going back to the app gives a hung message of “Finding your location” and it never goes away. I have to close the app and open it again and start the tour again for it to register my location.

  22. I’m so frustrated. I made sure to download the app, buy the tour for going to the sun road. We were so excited to use this! After I completed downloading the tour we went into the park and lost cell service as expected. However, when trying to start the tour it just kept saying “failed to load map data”. Why?!? I made extra sure to download the tour before we left. What a waste of money!!!

  23. I believe everyone who wants to call the experience driving through the areas this app covers should part with their money. The narrator reminds very informative information on what’s coming up, when to turn & alternatives. His voice is very easy to listen to & we love his sense of humor. It kept us looking forward to hearing what he was going to say next. We’re looking forward to his expanding the areas covered. Our first purchase was the Black Hills & Badlands. Would like more nearby towns/roa

  24. Tom Texas dice:

    We used Gypsy Guide in Hawaii several years ago and it was great – a joy. Recently installed the latest version and bought the bundle for Yellowstone/Tetons/Badlands etc. This recent version is scary buggy and the commentary is pretty much the same as you get on the signs at the overlooks. Sometimes verbatim. The app would frequently freeze between POIs and would miss them. We learned to watch for the message about updating location, upon which we would hit cancel and re-start the tour, which required us to skip the sound check instructions. It didn’t remember that we’d already done this. We didn’t bother to use the app @ Mount Rushmore or Badlands because it’s almost a full time job to keep the app running. And the jokes. Please. We’re not here for your silly humor.

  25. Absolutely wonderful app with engaging narration. It gave us a whole extra itinerary of things to do on days we had nothing planned. Only gripes are the occasionally in longer drives the marker may meander off the side of the road causing you to miss a couple audio markers (happened once or twice on the Road to Hana and on the Big Island in Hawaii). Only other thing is that I wish there were more tours available! American East is quite sparse..

  26. Our own personal tour guide (for Yellowstone) I would have given this 10 stars if the narrator left his verbal “BEENG BOONGH” as the cue for must see sites instead of the digital bell! Aside from using a digital bell, the app was superb, well narrated, timed wonderfully, and incredibly educational. We got so much more out of our trip with this guide and we know we would have missed out on so much without it. It’s worth every penny. Just get it. Trust me. Download it. Do it. You won’t regret it.

  27. Purchased the Yellowstone/Grand Tetons tour. I knew there was NO data access in Yellowstone so I downloaded it for offline availability. I went to use it and it didn’t show up. UPDATE: Within a data signal, the Y&GT was in my list of tours. I opened the app up going into Yellowstone, started guidance, & it worked nicely. Stopping at a site, it went into a loop “not finding position” several times. To try to get it to work, I finally restarted the phone. TOUR GONE FROM THE LIST.

  28. Absolutely phenomenal app and guide. My girlfriend downloaded this for a recent trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. We had completed tons of research prior but this app guided us to all the best locations, plus some hidden gems, and helped us make all of our time as useful as possible. We had 4 days to split between the two parks and really felt like we saw every major highlight, off the beaten path places, learned some new facts and had tons of fun traveling with the guide. 1000% recommend!!!

  29. Danny S dice:

    Used it for Maui trip and it was an excellent personal tour guide. The kids were entertained by the guide too and it helped avoid the “are we there yet?” question. This doesn’t need an active internet connection if you download the entire guide before you start the trip and so it was way more useful than the map apps in the phone. The Hawaii history talk on the way back from road to Hana was entertaining. Overall, one of the best apps and a good use of GPS in an app. Will definitely purchase the guides for other tours too.

  30. The new app is unusable without data connection. Try this: 1. Turn off data 2. Start app You won’t see the tours you bought in the app. Made my Rocky Mountain National Park guide unusable on my last vacation. Previous apps did not have this issue. Please fix this. Outside of that: 1. Sometimes GPS doesn’t track 2. Sometimes GPS tracks / audio plays in the wrong direction (plays audio for coming back when going into the park) 3. Sometimes audio doesn’t start playing when passing through the POI in the app Overall this is a major step back from prior apps. Until the bugs are fixed, I’m not buying any more apps. I’ll try requesting my money back.

  31. Love love love this app! It makes road trips 10x better. I had some issues when I downloaded the app (no problem with the app. It ended up being an issue with my phone) and the support team was so incredibly helpful and friendly. I chose to drive a 3 hour loop over rock climbing because I wanted to hear the GyPSy guide!

  32. Would have paid well over $100 for this knowing how awesome it is! Takes all the pressure off you/the driver when traveling. So cool that you can download it and use it when you have zero service in the parks! We learned so much and saw cool things we would have totally missed! I can’t recommend this enough, it’s life changing for vacationers! Do not hesitate to buy this, the attention to detail and timing is remarkable!

  33. If you have a future trip, we highly recommend downloading the Gypsy Guide app. The app is GPS enabled and tells you educational information about the spot where you are and gives you recommendations of where you would want to stop. The narration is delivered in a very entertaining way! We called our guide “Lewis” 😊. This is a must-have guide for our future trips. We purchased the Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park and LOVED it!!

  34. Perfect!! Helpful guide through Road to Hana. A total must! Felt like we had a local friend helping us experience the Road To Hana in the most easy, fun, and educational way possible. Such a lovely tone and tips as well. All I had to do was download it, and hit start driving on my tour purchase (& have a charger handy). I hope more locations continue to be added. Beyond satisfied. Perfect price as well. Thank you so much for this pairing to our unforgettable experience here in Maui.

  35. We used gyspyguide for Teton, Yellowstone, and Black Hills/Mt. Rushmore. It was very beneficial, informative, and entertaining. We were able to see things we would not have seen. It was fantastic to be able to relax and learn at the same time. We were told enough ahead of time to make the best choices for our situation. We highly reccommend gyspyguide.

  36. Must have for travellers. This app is like having a local guide along with you. Everything from the standard points of interest to driving tips, parking spots, how much time each stop will roughly take. And sections of drive between spots there are great historical or other interesting stories to pass the time. This app is beautifully designed, is very intuitive and a pleasure to use. You don’t feel like a tourist using it. The confidence This app gives you while on vacation is worth every penny

  37. We have used Gypsy Guide in the past and loved it ! Just got back from a trip to Florida…used it from Miami all the way down the Keys to Key West and back !! You learn alot along the way…great to see things . Very informative! Highly recommend!

  38. Roxie V dice:

    A friend of ours highly recommended this for our road trip. It is Such a great way to take a driving tour. So far We’ve done the Yellowstone, Badlands and Rocky mountain tours using GyPSy. We loved them all. So interesting and informative without being annoying with too many unnecessary details. Love it!

  39. Road to Hana Tour was spectacular!! From the engaging stories, to the interesting facts and history, there was never a dull moment. It was as if there was a guide right in the vehicle with us the entire trip. Cannot recommend this enough!!

  40. Great Tour! Lots of info and very user friendly. Not quite sure I saw the app Tracking me properly on the map but the audio matched my location and helped me get oriented.

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