Star Alliance MODDED 2022


Discover the global network of Star Alliance on your Android phone.
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The Star Alliance App is your mobile companion in support of the Star Alliance experience. It provides comprehensive alliance-wide flight information and schedules, worldwide lounge locations and details, as well as airport information.


We update the Star Alliance app regularly to make it efficient and reliable for you. This upgrade contains some bugs fixes and UI improvements.


40 comentarios en "Star Alliance MODDED 2022"

  1. He Pie dice:

    The app wants to open airline or frequent flyer apps, goes to the play store (?), tries to open the , already open, app and stops there, no way to set up biometrics. Absolutely useless.

  2. Quite possibly the worst travel app. Impossible to take passport photo in any lighting at any angle, where I shot it with ease using other travel apps

  3. Henry dice:

    Seems to be broken. Only offers login via 3 apps. I have all 3, but those 3 selections lead to 2 apps. But they only lead to the Play Store. I’m logged into them, but this app doesn’t recognize that. Sooooo the app does nothing/is useless.

  4. Technical error is shamefull to get in such a application. I click on biometrics and nothing happened? Hallo? I already scanned and saved all now missing? Come on…

  5. I was not able to scan my id. The message that it seems is stuck at is that i should try to not have glare on the id while scanning. There was absolutely no glare. Scannig the chip of the id also doesnt seem to be possible, at least at this stage. I think it would be great if there is a bit more information about how to properly scan the document. There are so many people complaining about that. Maybe we are just not doing it right. It seems that some managed to make it work…

  6. Uselessness made an app, totally inaccurate and incapable of doing basic picture capturing.

  7. Great idea with Biometrics. But the process to register is far too experimental… Taking a selfie took about 15 attempts because the app always felt my head moved out of the box (I’d didn’t). Scanning the biometric passport chip didn’t work (checked with the readID app, and it’s not an issue of passport or phone…), and once all is ready (without the chip part), upload just didn’t work despite trying multiple times. Suggest that this app feature goes back into Beta.

  8. Unable to connect with Miles & More or Lufthansa app as keep being forced to open Play Store to download either above apps which are already installed

  9. Not working. Creating new profile let to error during sign in process

  10. The app briefly shows the message “Invalid Airline Response (-113)” and never goes beyond the start screen. Totally useless. I would like to enroll in the biometrics program, but it’s just impossible. Good job.

  11. What a waste of time funded by rich peeps. Dumb and dumber design. – User do not have time to add so much info. Booking ref should be enough. – Miles transfer across partners should be facilitated by app. – no scan of old birding passes. To keep track of miles.

  12. I barely finished the Selfie process after long struggle and finished scanning the Pass and the end it failed to upload the data ! The app has many issues i guess and it can’t save the progress which means you need to go through the struggle again.

  13. Just like everybody else the app is a complete failure from trying to get a selfie to scan in the passport do having a pin that is six digits instead of four like all the other apps then on top of that it took me 30 minutes get all that done and once I did the upload failed even though I had green check marks on every single item these people need to get their act together and figure out how to do software what actually works instead of be smelling something together that is not ready

  14. What a waste of time, already spent more time trying to get this app to work than just scanning passport at airport next 10 trips. Selfie function poor, then crashes every time during “preparation” to take a photo of the passport.

  15. Xavier dice:

    I am unable to use the app and I keep receiving the message: “Invalid airline response (-113)”

  16. Take a selfie… Nothing happens. I guess it doesn’t detect faces with beards. Fail.

  17. It is not possible to scan the passport using this app. Did tens of attempts and none was deemed successful (I did scan my passport recently using other apps).

  18. Is there any way to add feature that allows one to select their home city as a departure point and then just show destinations according to cost without actually selecting a destination? As a Star Alliance member I’ll actually use this app then to keep my air miles or gain more.

  19. Second time I’ve tried installing this and every time it gets hung up on the security questions. Will not let me continue after I enter them.

  20. Missing multi-segment search! If i only wanted round-trip i’d use the airline’s own app. This app’s only purpose is to facilitate flight planning amongst ALL the member airlines availability. Am i wrong?

  21. Doris dice:

    Functionality too limited to be useful. Wanted to book a flight with Star Alliance, but only includes a few of the many member airlines. Useful for member lounges

  22. Jason dice:

    One of the most useless app ever seen. Why would I need this all of i have input all the flight information myself. Any functionality besides a glorified Notebook?

  23. Chilly O dice:

    Support responded and issue has been fixed. Thanks for the quick response and support.

  24. This App dosent offer much compared to what the designated Airline app offers. It just shows the different “members only” lounges that im mot a member of.

  25. Jason Lim dice:

    Disappointed, as does not even provide search options for round the world fare.

  26. Not very useful. You have to add all data manually. Why not fetch it from my relevant Star Alliance partner account?

  27. The app is stuck on the Start Alliance screen. The developers should consider another job as clearly software development is not something they are able to do.

  28. les dorgo dice:

    The lounge search does not give info about entrance requirements. Does not have airport maps.

  29. What a waste. A codeshare group with a bunch of airlines who want your money but don’t want to take responsibility and this app is proof of that. No airline will let me check in, not the airline who sold the ticket, not the airline who is flying the flight, not this app. What in the (explicative) are you people doing?

  30. Iam Stubb dice:

    App freezes on “place phone on passport” prompt. No explanations or errors given

  31. El dice:

    What’s the point, if I can’t choose airports to share data with?

  32. the only reason i download this app was to manage the points. it doesn’t have that facility.

  33. Cat Fox dice:

    This app won’t let me link affiliated Airlines that I’m signed up with or any airports?!

  34. Why can’t you manage your air points/air miles through this app? Frustrating

  35. Not working, it takes awfull a lot of time to process anything

  36. It would be nice if you could book your trip on this app

  37. Doesn’t work on Egyptian passports although they have biometrics needed

  38. Demands location enabled. Uninstalled.

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