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Fever helps you discover what to do in your city, where to go and what to visit. Find exclusive events, secret places, and trendy pop-ups where you can enjoy new experiences. Our app recognizes your tastes and suggests the best personalised leisure offers.

Available in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego…

Main benefits and features:

– Personalized recommendations based on your interests.
– Search or filter by topic and you will see nearby experiences and upcoming events.
– Save your favorite plans, pay safely in two clicks and get your mobile tickets.
– 24/7 support via chat, phone or email.

Use the application to book and reserve tickets at the best price for all types of events.

– Food places: restaurants, brunch, gourmet, dining, coffees and food drink fests
– Theater (Broadway), comedy, circus cabaret
– Local gigs, concerts and festivals
– Nightlife, DJ and yacht parties
– AMC movie showtimes
– Sport activities
– Fashion, wellness and spas
– Culture tours, group activities and games

Discover for more at https://feverup.com/
24/7 support via chat, phone or email at [email protected]


- We have optimized our recommendation system to allow you to see events that are a better fit for you and your preferences.

- We have also solved some small errors, you may not even notice them, but they are fixed!


40 comentarios en "Fever: Local Events & Tickets MODDED 2022"

  1. I never leave a review for an app. This app is so terrible. Had to transfer my tickets to a different date only to be charged again for a child ticket. I reached out both via email & phone no one was helpful. Had to email 3 different times & call 3 different people. Finally had someone remotely helpful & I use the term lightly, I asked for a full refund only to be told it will take an hour. 3 hours later I call back, they stated event was postponed. Just give me a refund & I’ll never use again.

  2. Hidden fees & mandatory app… The prices didn’t add up to the total. Only after buying my tickets did I learn that I can only access them through the app. In the app, I could price details where a ticketing fee was added to the ticket price. Why not just price the ticket honestly and not nickel and dime customers? I hope I enjoy the event, but I will delete the app afterwards and not use fever again in the future.

  3. Austin dice:

    Terrible app, can’t change date of tickets without working with someone. Got bad directions on how to process the change, a cancel and issue credit type thing. Ended up buying a second set of tickets. Tried working with customer service to cancel all tickets and wasted more time. Frustrated, I went through my credit card to dispute the the transactions, seems like Fever is disputing the dispute. Will this saga ever end?

  4. I’ve used it for one event and seems to work fine for that. However, BE AWARE that it uses A LOT of background data. For what, I don’t know. but my phone shows that it used 4GB of my data only halfway through the month. The web browser that I am on all the time was just 1GB of data, for comparison. I had not even opened the Fever app and it used all that data? Turn off the ability for it to use background data if you can.

  5. Limited attractions. I got the app for an event and so far there is no problem The app gave me a voucher. And I would like to use it, But the attractions I know of, and I ‘d like to go do, are not found in the search for them. A bit of a disconnect when it comes to things people know about, such a nine inch nails concert, or a exhibit at the botanical garden. Some of the events they have posted are sketchy,and have no location. It could be a great app the potential is for sure here.

  6. Good and bad. Good that it is showing me the unorthodox hidden gems of things to do in Miami that aren’t conventional like clubs and bars. where I am annoyed is I purchased tickets for something and put a specific time and when I paid for it the time changed. I went through the steps to change it and it ended up charging me an extra $10 because that time slot for filled and that pissed me off. Otherwise it has potential to be my favorite app but if I have purchasing issues again I’m dropping it

  7. So, my booked experience was moved to a different date, and I was told to reschedule the event at “no extra cost.” Just follow the instructions in the email they sent, and I’d be set. I went to reschedule, and long story short, three tries, cancelations, and service tickets later I ended up paying an extra $30+ to get my tickets that I’d ALREADY paid for. That’s more than “service fees,” which is how they brushed it off. If your event moves, you’re screwed. Avoid this company if possible.

  8. Brian Paz dice:

    the Fever team would not correct a purchasing error made through the app. Their customer service is awful, and they kept pointing to their policy without actually reviewing the circumstances of the situation. As a result, I paid double for an experience that I attended, and they refuse to make it right. This is so disappointing, as I would have used this service for future experiences, but not anymore.

  9. Possibly the best app ever, but I doubt it. Was forced to install it to retrieve tickets we purchased. Very disappointing. Had I known I would have had to install an app I would have found some other way to buy tickets or would not have attended the event. Just email or text the tickets. I get it that you want to do more advertising – which popped up after the app was installed – but just no. You were able to text and email me (which happened) so the forcing to install the app was just wrong.

  10. ZERO Σ dice:

    Customer service is terrible. Purchased the wrong ticket time. Rather than refund through my bank, which sadly may have been a faster process. They took more than a week to issue a voucher and only reached out when I threatened to refund. By the time they finally reached out the tickets for the event were sold out. For something as simple a switching dates. Absolutely disappointed…

  11. Cher Hung dice:

    Bait and switch then a uphill battle to get a refund – buyer beware! Bought a concert ticket that was changed to an outdoor event. I did not agree. I asked for a refund and was stonewalled citing their policies. They offered a lame voucher towards a future event but with a catch – must be used within 60 days and any difference in value under what was originally paid ($104!!) Is forfeit. They only agreed to a refund when I threatened a credit card charge back! Still waiting for my money now.

  12. D Pham dice:

    Had a horrible time with this app. Wish I can rate it zero star! For an app that offer services for certain dates, you would think that they would strive to be timely in their resolutions for problems. However that was not the case for me, and I had to miss out on an event that I wanted to go to. They keep offering repetitive suggestions that do not work, and when told so, they become a silent on further resolution. Don’t waste your time here. You will only get your hopes up to have it be dashed

  13. Bought tickets for a virtual experience that came with a cocktail package that was to be mailed to me. Tried several times to get a tracking number for the package, was told it would be sent to me via email. Because they do everything via email even though they have “support” through the app. I never received the package. I was never able to log into the event. I have emailed five times regarding a refund and I keep getting brushed off. This company is garbage, this app is useless. Don’t use!!!

  14. I’ve never had a problem with this app before and all of a sudden their payment system stopped working. I did everything they suggested. There’s no problem with my credit, PayPal, or debit cards and there’s more than enough money available. Each customer service representative had different answers and tried to blame it on me. Only one finally said there’s an issue with their app. I used to like this app but based on this recent experience, I would not recommend this app to anyone anymore.

  15. Purchased tickets to the Van Gogh Exhibit in Seattle back in April. Seems I have lost the confirmation email & was relying on the app to keep a record of my purchase. The most recent update has caused the app to no longer function. Now I cannot view my tickets or even get past the splash screen. Requiring an app to access tickets is already frustrating in the first place but this is absolutely unacceptable & I will be pursuing a refund through my credit card company if the app isn’t fixed soon.

  16. After purchasing 2 tickets, the website said I could view and manage them in the Fever app, which I did not have but immediately downloaded. They were not there; so I attempted to send a help request through the Chat feature, but the Submit button didn’t work. Scrolling back through my message details I discovered the app had deleted all the header info; so I filled it all out again; but the Submit button still didn’t work. LATER: The Submit feature was working and App team responded quickly.

  17. I purchased a ticket for an event months in advance & when the time came closer the time slot I had chosen did not work best compared to other available times. I contacted customer support and inquired about changing the time slot. They stated that they would issue me a voucher which sounded like a great option. My voucher did not end up covering the entire ticket amount although it did for my friend who purchased the same voucher for the same price. No adjustments were made to accommodate me.

  18. Non specific options so you go through different screens most of which are just advertisement venues. Very cumbersome app with a lot of glitzy items, many without purpose. No access to remedial items if you wish to make changes to your purchase. Be prepared for hidden fees, expensive fees that show up as last minute items. Contact with humans for problem resolution or info practically nonexistent. This app will damage this entertainment venue with its sheer annoyance factor to all but a few

  19. It is almost impossible to select all tickets for you party in a single session. I was trying to re-scheduled tickets for an event that was cancelled. I was also told on an email that my tickets had been upgraded to VIP for the inconvenience. We’ll it turns out that the instructions are harder than calculus, because you have to jump through hoops to apply their “vouchers.” I’m technical savvy and honestly if I’d would get my money back at this point I would, but I can’t.

  20. I booked a couple of tickets off a website for a particular date and it redirected me to this app. No big deal, every site goes through an app now, but in the switch the date got changed to the next available. Not the date I wanted. Their customer service was impeccable and expedient and the issue was taken care of. Highly recommend and extremely satisfied.

  21. Not user friendly. I purchased the wrong ticket by accident and customer service was slow to contact me for a refund, which they don’t guarantee. They state all sales are final. Their care team can’t find your inquiry easily even if you provide the ticket info. I would use another app or service if I were you. I’m super disappointed with this whole experience.

  22. Inna G dice:

    For the love of all that’s holy don’t use this app! Terrible! I bought a dining experience as a gift to my friend. The tickets never showed up in the app. I reached out THREE times the week of the event and support told me to just show the confirmation email. We got to the event and were told the date was canceled in APRIL and fever knew about it! Fever then emailed 30 minutes before the start of the event saying they cancelled our tickets without an explanation. Edit 8/14: still not resolved.

  23. Austin dice:

    Some unforeseen circumstances made it so I won’t be in the area for an event. Went to cancel/refund my tickets only to find out thats not an option through the app. Sent a customer service request, then did some googling to see if I just didn’t see it in some hidden menu only to find out thats a common problem and probably by design considering the company has been repeatedly reported to the Better Business Bureau. I’m starting to understand their rating now that it’s been 7days without a reply

  24. STOLE MY MONEY – DO NOT USE!!!!! I advance purchased 2 tickets. The event was cancelled without notifying me and I was not refunded the money. When challenging them and asking for a refund I was given the run around, then told I’d be refunded – I wasn’t. Instead they gave me 1 (1!) ticket at a standard rate ($16) and a $10 credit when I’d spent nearly $100 on 2 VIP tickets. A sham app, terrible CS, lies about refunds and altogether not trustworthy. Better to go somewhere else!

  25. Evita 02 dice:

    It was a wonderful evening. My family and I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved the feel of the space- intimate/personal. Everyone in the quartet was charismatic and very talented. The explanation prior to playing the sets was interesting- learned a few things. Thanks FEVER & the metropolis string quartet for making lovely memories happen. I would definitely recommend this event.

  26. Name Here dice:

    Horrible customer service. Banksy exhibit was 95% unlicensed reproductions and many of the pieces were duplicated two and three times, none of which was stated on the event details. I wanted a refund – they only allowed a credit – ok fine. The credit is only for the same exhibit! Why would I want more tickets to an event that was falsely advertised in the first place?! Horrible

  27. Takes forever to download. Is slow to update purchases. Doesn’t allow you to purchase tickets in 2 price/age categories in same transaction. Doesn’t send you time and date info in the email purchase confirmations, forcing you to go to the app to confirm what your email confirmation should have. Wastes your time with “We’re not ready yet. Check again later” screens. Plus, if you’ve made an error, there’s a “no cancellation” policy! Took an hour to buy & check 3 tickets for same event date & time!

  28. Sandy D dice:

    If i could I would give -1star. I had to do couple transactions to buy tickets to my family (1adult, 1 military, 1 student). But that wasn’t it. I just had PayPal as option to pay. Once I paid, I was “obligated ” to download this Fever App. Once I’ve done it had to enter my phone number to be able to see my ticket. Then, they sent me a text message with a code to enter and, finally, see MY ticket. Well, I had to do the same steps to be able to retrieve the other two tickets. This is insane!

  29. Betty Kui dice:

    Would not recommend. I purchased tickets to a nyc event prior to it being rescheduled for the following year due to covid. I’ve explained that even if the event is rescheduled I would not be able to attend as I live far out of state. Never receive any follow ups, constantly have to contact customer service myself only to hear mixed responses as to why they are unable to issue a refund.

  30. Amy Self dice:

    Annoying app that requires you to have the app just to see the tickets you already bought. You can’t send them to my email??? My elderly coworker needed my help buying tickets because she couldn’t figure out how to work the app itself so I ended up printing the barcode out for her… Hopefully that even works. Super annoyed with the interface, will delete as soon as my event is over. Will not attend anything that is fever exclusive again.

  31. It would have been nice to be informed of requirements beyond purchase of tickets. Convoluted, frustrating, confusing user-experience. I’ll not restate other’s observations in their reviews. I intend to uninstall the Fever App once we enter the exhibition. After contacting the Fever Team, our questions were answered through their assistance, but a little information up front would have negated much of the problem. I rate as 3 – average of a zero for user experience and +5 for Fever Team’s assistance to sort things out.

  32. I had 2 tix to this experience and had an issue with the date afterwards. I contacted customer service and without any hesitation, they issued me a voucher and I was able to secure tix for another day. The emails were quick and very friendly. You certainly have a satisfied customer with me and I will certainly refer to many people to use Fever!!!

  33. Allen S dice:

    Just wow! Never heard of Fever until a friend wanted to gift some tickets she couldn’t use. Installed the app and have an issue receiving the tickets. Completely pilot-error as the tickets were safely in a link in an email, waiting to be transferred to my account. I reached out to customer service and a REAL PERSON responded very promptly. Greatly appreciated the ease of the install, the security of the ticket transfer and the promptness of the support team. Thank you!

  34. I, too, had an event cancelled without notification. I only found out because I needed to find out the event location, which had never been “divulged.” Supposedly the purchase price is in my “account” somewhere but there is no profile I can fill out, no way to get to the supposed vouchers. I’m trying to get help in live chat and through the contact us link. I would really like to hear a voice to assist. I won’t ever use Fever again.

  35. Using the app was easy and even though we had to cancel because of Covid issues Fever still issued us a refund. I will use this app to book entertainment for our next trip once it is safe to do so. Our difficulties were not with the venue set by Fever but dealing with air travel and hotels and crowds. The on-line agents were very polite and communications wee quick and to the point. Appreciate the professionalism.

  36. The app is good but what cought my attention is customer service. I had a problem with my tickets (another event is being held at the same time) and the team was very helpful, attentive, and responded quickly to my inquiries. My tickets were cancelled and the money paid was put in a voucher that I used later! Great experience!

  37. Bob Fyke dice:

    Warning! The purchase and payment process on this app is confusing and can result in inaccurate or unwanted purchases. Proceed with caution. I am currently trying to get them to straighten out a screw-up (unwanted charges) that occured when i was trying to pay. There needs to be a purchase review step before you actually charge your credit card. Its too easy to make a mistake.

  38. Lauri dice:

    Just badly designed. You cannot buy more than one category of ticket in a single purchase. (Ie, adult and senior). And the interface resets the ticket time. So if you buy thru them make double sure you are buying for the stage time slot. They will offer a voucher that you can ONLY use on the app and not your computer. They will not refund you the service fee. (What service? I did all the work) Avoid if you can. I hate that I am going to ask event where this is my sole option for purchase. Boo

  39. Originally gave a 1 star review because I can no longer get on the app, but bumped it to three stars because of timely customer service. I cannot get past the initial loading screen, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times. Very frustrating because you are not sent email confirmations for your purchased tickets. After reaching out to Fever, they quickly sent me a confirmation of my ticket for the event I paid for. Will make this a 5 star review if the bugs are fixed.

  40. DATA HOG. Used it to go to the Stranger Things Drive Through event. I had the app open so they could scan my barcode to get me in. At the end of the event, used it to browse through the merch store before leaving. That was it, my entire usage of the app in January was a couple of hours on one night. AND IT USED OVER 1GB OF MY DATA PLAN. I’m on Mint Mobile, don’t use a lot of mobile data, but this puts a huge inconvenience on me for the next 2 weeks until my plan renews. No idea why it ate so much data but I will probably never use this app again.

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