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The official Metrolink App is like having a ticket machine in your pocket. Your device is your ticket! Buy a ticket anywhere, anytime – in seconds.

With the Metrolink App, you can securely purchase Metrolink One-Way, Round-Trip tickets, 7-Day, Monthly and Weekend Day Passes in seconds. Purchasing a ticket is easy: select your trip & ticket type, enter your payment card information, activate your ticket prior to boarding and your device is your ticket.

Never lose your ticket again! Once you purchase your ticket, it will always be in your ticket wallet. Need to replace your phone? No problem – you can easily transfer any purchased ticket to a new device.

Riders who use the Corporate Quick Card and riders who transfer to Metro Rail should continue to use paper tickets from Metrolink’s Ticket Vending Machines. Metrolink will be implementing a variety of enhancements to enable these users to use mobile ticketing in the future.

We are making the app better every day! Visit for more information.

● Secure ticket purchasing with your credit or debit card
● Your device is your ticket
● Easy to select your origin and destination to purchase
● Never lose your ticket – tickets can be easily transferred if your phone is lost or stolen


This app update provides faster load times and modernizes the appearance. Along with bug fixes, we’ve made improvements to accessibility features, including greater support for screen readers.


40 comentarios en "Metrolink MODDED"

  1. OK. But, you have to buy a ticket to save a card, so, unless you want sit by the train with your card out, fiddling around with it, you have to buy a ticket that expires before you can use it. Essentially a $2 fee for the convenience of saving your card ahead of time. Very disappointing introduction to the app ☹️

  2. This app is great. No question about that. However the metrolink police need a serious attitude adjustment. I have had several metrolink officers disrespectful on ask for a ticket while exiting the subways and when declining to show my ticket I was cursed out by the officer. Especially in LA exiting Pershing Square. I have called to complain on the numbers provided and emailed with no response to my email. Calling into there help line there seems to be no official department to file.

  3. 许Wenyan dice:

    They said they provide $15 weekday pass which was exclusively on the APP. However, you will never find it as what they told you.

  4. Ok to look at schedules, no good for buying tickets.

  5. Edit: This issue is fixed now! WOO! The QR code doesn’t render properly on the Google Pixel. The top edge of the QR code does not have enough spacing to allow the turnstile scanners to consistently read it. It always takes several tries to get it to work. All that has to happen is for the QR code to be a little lower on the screen.

  6. I tried to use the app to buy a ticket for a trip I was taking the following morning. The app doesn’t tell you the time only the route. After you buy the ticket it tells you it expires on 8 hours. So this cost me the price of the ticket to find out and made me never want to use metro link again.

  7. 17 and younger free! On my first trip I bought a ticket for my daughter and I thinking a youth ticket is needed come to find out that 17 and younger is free. Sucks for the ladies that came in on the same car as us that had 6 kids in their group. The conductor said we might lot get a refund but we can try. That info would be nice before you purchase especially with multiple kids riding. Otherwise the experience was great. My daughter loved the experience of the Metrolink.

  8. able to use the app to pay and purchase the train ticket but the train real live tracking doesn’t seem to be working. Also when there is a delay or train break down, we don’t get any alert from the app. Wish the metrolink consider making this two essential features for the riders.

  9. Good for ticket management, bad for service alerts. I would give this app 5 stars if they could fix the “Where’s my train” and “Next train” option. As it is, I have to go to Metrolink’s website via a separate web browser app to use these functions. For as long as I’ve used the app, (about two years) these portions of the app have the eternal spinning wheel on my Galaxy S8 (and previously on my S5). A full service app would receive full stars. Plus points too for Amtrak schedule or R2R section.

  10. I downloaded the app to my phone. All that came up was information about the scanning procedure. I could not get further than that. I could not buy tickets, check schedules, times or anything, but , the scanning procedure. Very frustrating!

  11. Why can’t we purchase tickets in advance? What is the point of the ticket wallet if I must use the ticket the same day? Very few would need more than two tickets. I have to key in the cc code every time, what is the point of having this in an app if I have to pull out my credit card. Also can not add a credit card unless I am doing the purchase in that moment. This app feels very antiquated.

  12. Be very careful before you purchase any ticket with this app. Make sure to read and reread everything before you hit accept to make a purchase. There is no Advance ticket sales on this app you are purchasing for the day that you are on this app. They must get a lot of free money from first-time users who are just rushing through to get a ticket for it tomorrow morning like I was. I am now out $11.50 for a round trip ticket that I needed for tomorrow at 4 45 in the morning but the ticket I purchase expired at 3 a.m. because I was rushing so shame on me for that but shame on Metrolink for not making this more user-friendly. I guess they have to make their way somehow and having first time users make mistakes and then having a no-refund policy is the easiest way to Swindle people out of their money.

  13. The app is great for train schedules and purchasing tickets. However, on my android, the “where’s my train” function does not work. Also, Metrolink does a better job updating Facebook about advisories than it does on the app.

  14. I tried to buy tickets for me and my wife. I go to the app and I select buy tickets, choose the route, choose to buy multiple tickets, select 2 tickets with the +/- buttons and the upper and lower screen goes white. No continue button. I only have the ability to buy one ticket. I did not enter my credit card number for fear of having a single ticket for two riders. I pictured Indiana Jones throwing me off the train saying NO TICKET. So I guess I will use the ticket machine at the train station.

  15. you can save card info, book a ticket in a rusb/as you’re boarding, and the app is simple and uncluttered. also notable over Amtrak is that if you’re getti g a specialty ticket (ie a disabled price) you can do that from the app – its equal and accessible.

  16. b c dice:

    Poor wording of terms on one way pass. The term “Same day use only” may also mean that you can only use the one way pass for one day. The other term “No advance tickets available” may also imply they are out of stock of advance tickets. The only item in bold is “THIS TICKET IS NOT REFUNDABLE”. If you are as unfortunate as I was to buy a ticket ahead of time you are screwed. If you open a case they tell you “No refunds” and cite same day use only & no advance tickets. Worst customer service ever!

  17. This is just a multi-page ad for Scan & Go, which I could not get out of using my Moto G5 Plus. I don’t know if there’s any kind of ticketing or mapping function under that ad because there’s no way to get to leave the ad.

  18. Just very helpful aside from the fact that it would be helpful if you could link up the kiosk at physical locations within the app as screen mirroring or linking them together to enabke for payments or chances to decide how to pay cause of the possibility of kiosk touch screens being damaged from constant forbiden use just a thought

  19. My personal limousine service leave the driving to Metrolink safe and effective it’s nothing wrong with public transportation just requires patience security team at the Depot everybody’s on point cleanliness in regards to the trains coach

  20. Highly unreliable. only good for purchasing tickets. Schedule is not accurate. Customer service is terrible and dishonest. If there are changes to the lines your not going to be able to know until its too late.

  21. Great app, however it would be nice for the virtual ticket to have a printed date on the bottom of the station pairs. Connecting transit services like Metro Rail or buses need to see the date quickly.

  22. Metrolink is superbad, first experience, from LA to Fullerton, they stopped train for 3hrs no reason and took us back to LA no ticket refund or issued another ticket when asked. Second time I foolishly bought ticket seeing schedule in the app but there is no train at that time. There is no train from Santa ana to LA at 8:28AM am in the station with ticket foolishly waiting for their train. wow these guys are amazing

  23. App will default to the buy page but that page does not contain service alerts. This means you can buy tickets for a line that isnt running that day. With their no refund policy they should make their app at least show service alerts before you buy a ticket.

  24. It says tickets cannot be bought in ‘advance’ but only says AFTER you buy them how long they are valid for, like until 3 am the day after purchase. Not at all clear and not first time user friendly, especially since there are no refunds.

  25. Need to allow refunds. Why is there no room for error or change of plans? Just withhold charging payment until after the pass has been activated.

  26. This is sheer scam! Beware of this app if this is your first time. App was designed to rip you off! You can only buy a ticket 3 hrs before you board a train! Otherwise you money will be confiscated! Worse app for purchasing any kind of transportation tickets! This app should be removed from the app store for fraud!!

  27. This app doesn’t let me get past the opening screen of images. It won’t allow a press of the “done” button. What a piece of excrement.

  28. Real time train map does not work. Train got delayed and I couldn’t see my train or the transfer train. Very frustrating that the most important part of the app aside from buying tickets doesn’t work!!!

  29. Only app I have used that allows use on 1 device and limits switching devices 3 times. they have some lame security explanation for this limitation. IMHO it’s just an excuse for a poorly coded app. Banks… Airlines.. Google Pay.. They’ve figured it out.

  30. The metro train are clean and have a wonderful staff to help you in your travels, I will gladly book passages again and again, I’m severely handicap and the staff made sure that all my needs were met an they checked in with me 15 times ,brought me drinks and water for my dog 🐕 😀 it was a happy trip .

  31. The new scan and go intro blocks access to the So and renders it unusable. Very disappointing I cannot buy a ticket. Ugh

  32. Does basic functionality that mirrors Metrolink’s current website but it could be significanlty optimized for a better user interface.

  33. Works great except that you can’t use it for subway even though it’s included in the price it never scans at the station turnstile

  34. Easy to use. Wish station search was easier but otherwise never have used a ticket machine since getting the app.

  35. I bought the ticket 2 weeks in advance and the ticket is only valid for a day after purchase. The wording is incredibly ambiguous. Waste of my money.

  36. Love this app, quick easy access to purchase my tickets. Just wish you could set a default location when coating times

  37. Careful, after declining my payment, it charged my bank 4 times while not issuing me the ticket. Probably better off buying tickets at the station.

  38. Not even working. Just says has a new scan and go feature but doesn’t even perform that. Won’t even leave that screen.

  39. There was nothing to click on to buy a ticket or even see a menu. All I saw were a few pages promoting this app but there is no way to use it for anything.

  40. Tourists are not able to purchase tickets, all of our credit card got declined because the billing details (foreign zip code is shorter than the US format)

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