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Real-time GPS navigation & local suggestions for food, events, & activities
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Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go – no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Get there faster with real-time updates
• Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
• Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
• Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures

Discover places and explore like a local
• Discover local restaurant, events, and activities that matter to you
• Know what’s trending and new places that are opening in the areas you care about
• Decide more confidently with “Your match,” a number on how likely you are to like a place
• Group planning made easy. Share a shortlist of options and vote in real-time
• Create lists of your favorite places and share with friends
• Follow must-try places recommended by local experts, Google, and publishers
• Review places you’ve visited. Add photos, missing roads and places.

More experiences on Google Maps
• Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums

* Some features not available in all countries

* Also available for Wear OS

* Navigation isn’t intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles


Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them.

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40 comentarios en "Google Maps MODDED 2022"

  1. Jon AK dice:

    I used to be able to clear the top and bottom interfaces on Maps by simply tapping the screen. As of today (2/01/23), tapping the screen gives me a new pin with its own obtrusive interfaces. In other words, I can no longer view Maps in full-screen, which becomes a real problem on a smartphone. UPDATE (2/02): Thanks for the quick response. Clearing the cache & uninstalling updates did the trick. I can still drop a pin with a long tap and the experience is much more pleasant and clutter-free.

  2. Full screen navigation never has been available, *and* meanwhile, single tap on map does nothing; they could solve one with the other, and kill two birds with one stone, but the crack team of experts has yet to figure it out. Full screen Maps used to take a single tap; simple, intuitive. That’s been taken away, so now if you want full screen Maps, you must do the world’s goofiest up-swipe, only on the uppermost 10% of the screen, on the little search bar, and it works about 10% of the time.

  3. Google Maps is my “Go-to” app for live, or even saved off-line directions and estimated arrival times for travel. Only thing I don’t care for is when it displays there’s a slow-down on your route. The only option it gives you is, “Dismiss”. There’s no option to select an alternate route, it doesn’t display any alternate options, except to dismiss the message. If Maps knows there’s an accident or other problems that’ll affect my arrival time, then it should give viable suggestions to avoid it.

  4. I recommend closing the app when not in use, so to prevent any external signal interference. The navigation system is top-notch! The graphics are crystal clear! The app allows for Bluetooth connection, so the audio output comes from the vehicle’s speakers. There is a volume bar to adjust audio preference. The artificial intelligence announces pivotal points of direction; for example, when making a turn, getting on or off ramp. Google Maps navigation system is accurate!

  5. Kevin McD dice:

    This used to be one of my favorite apps, but not anymore. The updated timeline layout it’s completely confusing. Now, for whatever reason, when you tap the map to go fullscreen, it drops a pin instead. I hope this is just a glitch and NOT a prominent new “feature” because, if it is a new feature, they’ve completely ruined the experience, which is somewhat expected since Google just has the talent for ruining perfectly fine apps and programs. Oh … and I never get ETA’s for churches. 🤔

  6. I used to love this app. Now it’s beyond frustrating, especially if you need everything to work FAST. It no longer allows me to select route options, it shows them but won’t let me select the route I want. I have to force the app by driving the “wrong” direction. When searching for something, instead of showing results closest to me, it shows results that are across town every time. Google maps has become trash. I would complain more, but I only get 500 characters to make a point.

  7. David dice:

    Been using Google maps for years. Love it, but recently there has been some kind of change to it. I usually press on a large body of water on the map to make the search bar and the options on the bottom of the screen disappear but now it pins the place where I press on the screen instead of the search bar going away. I hope this previous feature comes back.

  8. I would like to make a couple of suggestions. On a computer you are able to make edits to the suggested routes, bypassing city’s, or maybe you just want to drive a different road than the suggested one which is great, however you send that map to your phone and Maps defaults back to the suggested routes and your edits are gone. Please fix it. Also, I’m begging you to put a pause button/icon for when you go off the route to get gas or get a bite to eat. Shut up lady,I don’t want to do a u-turn!

  9. The new updates are invasive. I want a map with directions and traffic and the ability to save and easily find locations. I don’t want a social media app. If I remove web data access for Google maps I can no longer access my preset locations. Google, you have a significant competitive advantage when it comes to maps. Please don’t abuse it.

  10. Kevin dice:

    The last update was terrible! Totally ruined it. Want to uninstall the update…. I can’t stand the fact I can’t get rid of the top and bottom menu while looking at an area. Used to just tap the screen and they would go away. Now, it just drops a pin, instead of a long press. Also, having the quick view of the street is pretty useless. Last update is terrible.

  11. Maps feels very dangerous to use while you’re driving now. The addition of Amazon audible and other apps button is very distracting while you’re trying to drive. Especially when you spring it on me for the first time while I’m driving. I didn’t update the app. I didn’t ask for these changes. Please bring back the standard 3 Android buttons at the bottom of the maps app like it used to be. It feels very dangerous and distracting every time I use the app now.

  12. Jimmy H dice:

    *1* Can no longer tap the map to clear the top & bottom graphics in order to view map full-screen. Instead, a point is chosen on the map. Not enough screenspace to see where you are compared to the surrounding area nor to see an overview of an area. Especially stupid in landscape orientation because then the graphics take up the entire freaking screen. *2* Maps refuses to use GPS only. Other apps do just fine in that mode. Maps is invasive. A lot of bad design in the recent updates!

  13. Update 2/2/23: App turns off the navigation every time I go to another app screen, and any time if I don’t have my screen actively on. I don’t want to leave my screen on and drain battery for no reason. I have gone from loving this app a few years ago, to absolutely hating it. It’s been like this for years now, and I’m done. 5/5/19: Samsung responded and asked me to Reset the App Preferences. It worked! . _* 4/11: Maps keeps canceling my route while driving. This app is completely unusable.

  14. After *years* of giving feedback about wanting a dark mode that works outside navigation mode, you’ve *finally* given me that. Thank you. You may have five stars now. Otherwise I’ve always been fairly impressed with Google Maps. I rely on its features to a point where I don’t like anything else. The Waze absorbtion was good for me; while Waze had some truly impressive features, the core of the app didn’t function as seamlessly as Maps, and bringing those features into Maps has been incredible.

  15. Jaime A dice:

    The app randomly closes when it’s running in the background. I have to keep my screen on and if I want to use another app while maps is running in the background I have to keep the small map up. Never did this up until recently. I’m not the one driving in these scenarios but it’s still dangerous when we get to a confusing area and I swipe down only to find the green triangle disappeared and then have try and bring the directions up fast.

  16. Philip dice:

    For a long while, the Android Auto’s Google Maps had a bug that allowed you to see the entire trip while driving and would scale and resize to the remaining distance. That was a much needed feature as the normal view doesn’t let you monitor traffic and fails to provide adequate information when suggesting new routes. The zoom in/out buttons are useless as they don’t maintain a centered view of the trip. Either make the zoom buttons actually useful or bring back the bug.

  17. Aryn dice:

    1. when turning, says “either turn lane” even when you have to immediately turn again, so if you pick wrong you have to cross several lanes of traffic in a split second to make next turn 2. displays restaurants or other locations that are inside other stores the same way as standalone ones 3. they got rid of the ability to double tap to maximize the map window. now you tap it, then WHILE DRIVING find a tiny set of arrows to maximize 4. can’t find your GPS direction when starting navigation

  18. Tommy L dice:

    If I don’t choose its fastest route, it repeatedly (as often as every 10-15 minutes) tries to force me onto its route, giving me barely 6-8 seconds even in heavy traffic at 60-70mph to choose “no.” I even have “prefer fuel-efficient” routes selected. I’ve reported this more than a year ago through support & feedback, and it’s still an issue. 1-star for how dangerous repeatedly forcing someone to interact with their phone to keep their navigation is.

  19. Tracy W dice:

    It’s ok but it can be great…. The map is too cluttered. If I wanted to see every coffee shop or art gallery I would’ve asked, showing all that makes it hard to see street names… The voice directions are helpfull; however, theres times when it’ll say “in 100ft turn right” – by the time it’s done being said I’ve already passed it. A little more advanced notice would help… Your detour routes need to be evaluated. The ones I’ve been directed to were dangerous on the edge of the mountain side.

  20. I use it for driving in Northern Japan and the US and getting around Tokyo. It does pretty well with driving. It mostly does well with trains in Tokyo, but DO NOT trust it with Keikyu Main Line trains. To say it is horrible is a huge understatement. It is also very poor when transitioning from trains to walking. It is extremely difficult to figure out what direction you need to go to start. Once you get on the corrct path it works well enough.

  21. Chris A dice:

    Google maps used to be good. Now it’s consistently giving me issues. My route to work hasn’t changed in 5 years. The toll road on this route has been here the entire time. Within the last few months, the app will force my route to include the toll road, even with no tolls selected. The only fix is to restart navigation. The app also repeatedly asks if I want to change to a faster route, the toll road, even with no tolls selected. Very frustrating.

  22. This is a great app, but it has major problems. It’s not fully hands-free. Please integrate more voice controls such as saying “no thanks” to unwanted reroute suggestions instead of having to hit the button in time WHILE DRIVING. It still sometimes reroutes after declining it. Please allow us to suggest address and route changes from the app, such as staying on roads sometimes includes turns that the app doesn’t announce. I want to turn off speed trap notifications, and there’s no way to do it.

  23. The only negative comment I have regarding the last update was that the temperature display was not added to the update. I found it very useful as it provided additional overall functionality for Google maps. Update 13FEB23 – Through online research of other users, the weather indicator feature was included with the Coolwalk update. However, it is only viewable in portrait view and not landscape for you. Most of the time I drive with Google map in full landscape mode.

  24. Closes by itself in background. useless “change vehicle icon” pop-up when I just click on the map to change routes! Incredibly annoying and dangerous. Also keeps flipping my direction orientation around when I’m not moving, especially in city. Very confusing. So many roads have no Street view for no obvious reason, when all others around are covered. Very unhelpful for ambulance and fire, not to be able to prepare for what is at that address.

  25. This is my number one app that I use for directions and maps. I have a Google phone but even before I had it I still used Google maps as my number one app for directions and I’ve always found it very easy to use and never had problems with the directions it gave me. I also like that it will show you when there’s construction, speed traps, other issues on the road, etc. It seems like they definitely always try to keep as up to date as possible with what’s going on road wise.

  26. Overall I used to enjoy Google maps. I use it daily. However with this new update, Timeline’s new interface will show you all previous trips in one scroll down. I absolutely hate it and would love to get the previous interface back where you scroll down on the selected date and it’ll stop and not continue on to older days. At least bring it back as an option in settings. It’s very hard to tell when certain days end and start with this new scroll down.

  27. Maps is great, except it is missing a feature that ALL car navigation systems have built in to them…2D Heading Up Navigation. Why is this not available as an option? Since you already have 2D North Up, it should not be difficult to add 2D Heading Up. As more car models get Android Automotive built-in, this is going to be a desired feature that needs to be added. I will happily update my rating once this feature is added. Thanks. Edit: Any update on this?????

  28. They seriously need to fix that zoom issue. I have no idea they think it makes sense that when you search for something near where you are currently looking at the results for something like a hotel, it decides to zoom out and show you the entire country. Like I look up the hotel I’m staying at in Disney world and then while I’m still looking at those results, I search for massage, it zooms out and shows the entire United States. How does that make any sense?

  29. My experience with Google maps has really gone downhill. I used to use this for everything. Ever since a few months ago, it has become extremely slow and takes forever to load any search result. I have switched to waze since it actually works and is not frustrating. Maybe there was some update that made this app slow. UPDATE: I have tried clearing cache and uninstalling updates…no improvements.

  30. Jon 12563 dice:

    Sometimes I see the + button to add items like speed traps and disabled vehicles, but most times I don’t. It seems Google only allows it in certain jurisdictions. Maps loves sending you to tolls. I joke with friends that Google is getting a kick back for each car they send to a toll. All in all, I love maps. I have traveled all across this great country and it has never failed me.

  31. My biggest nitpick right now is I used to be able to easily tap anywhere to hide the UI and view the map full screen. Now I can’t do this under Explore. It’s been a problem for a long time when I view a map under Saved. Clearing cache and uninstalling updates fixed nothing. That aside, I don’t use this map for navigation but I do use it for location sharing and for getting details about businesses. I wish the former worked a bit more reliably, but generally for these two purposes, I’m satisfied.

  32. No option to turn off international travel. Extremely frustrating. App gives several route options, but if any route other than the first one suggested by Google is selected, once underway the app will revert to the route first route suggested by Google. Also exceptionally frustrating. Especially, for example, when I select a route that will not take me through Canada (as I don’t want to cross the border) but I discover that I have been rerouted to a route that will take me through Canada.

  33. It always does a good job getting me to my destination but my biggest complaint is that when it finds a better route or suggest a faster route, it forcibly makes you choose it unless you hit no thanks. We should have to pick up our phones to tap no thanks in the middle of our route, it should keep the route and we should hit yes if we’d like to change the route to that. If I am going this route its probably for a reason, the GPS will change my route if I don’t hear it ping. Very Irritating!

  34. Google maps can’t even search along a route. It locked in on one place almost 100 miles away. There is no way to search for anything. Incompetent developers who only live in a city? Old: Google Maps can’t handle GPS anymore. They are getting worse every year.☹️ Old: We were looking for a Zaxby’s on the long drive home. Google Maps only showed the one nearby. I tried tons of ideas but that was the only one popping up which was impossible. Google Maps is often useless.

  35. Hemu Goel dice:

    When the navigation leads to the wrong entrance or somehow to the back of a building but one street over, and you select 🙁 with “wrong entrance”, and it asks you to use the pin to select the right entrance, it puts you on a zoomed out map showing the entire state and doesn’t even show current location, so you have no idea how to get the real entrance unless you can zoom back in and find where you are.

  36. The Kman dice:

    The Google Maps app tries to do to much and the end result is that it does not do anything well. At the moment GM cuts off the verbal navigation instructions when I am connected via Bluetooth and the first part of the instructions are cut off can’t be heard. This is a well reported problem but fixing it does not seem to be within Google’s capacity.

  37. Full screen option is broken – short tap drops a pin instead of clearing the bar and buttons. Uninstalled and updated, and got a pop-up when I reopened that I needed to swipe up on the search bar to view full screen. This isn’t working either, it just opens the search prompt and I really don’t think my dexterity is the issue. Bring back full screen! Also I checked the forum and help posts, no solution has been provided to this. The problem is a recent update clearly. Change it back!

  38. This is for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Just got the phone the other day and whenever I have a route in progress and minimize the app to where it’s still running in the background, it exits itself out of the route after a minute for some reason, even if phone is still in use. Caused me to miss an exit on the highway because I didn’t realize that it turned itself off. Only stays on when phone screen and app are open.

  39. while bicycling home from a place that wasn’t well known I became lost. having kept Maps from being enabled because of privacy and rarely leave home. app didn’t help much but enough to find way. during trip, a large stick (unseen/dark) caused a crash that resulted in a purchase being left where I attempted to repair the bike. (woods adjacent to the crash) now 5 hours later with the realization that I was missing a purchase and having gotten nearby to retrace my steps Maps is useless @ timeline

  40. With everyone else, use to love it and through updates it just keeps getting worse. Shared locations just freeze and sit and think about updating. Doesn’t update unless the other person opens up the app and clicks on their gps to refresh it. Getting much more frustrating trying to look up places in an area without it bouncing you around the map. Again freezes a lot now. Not near as quick. Lately it’s been with every update it just gets worse.

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