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Share places where it is good to rest. With motorhome, camper van or 4×4 .

With Park4night find and share the places you liked to relax, spend the night, have a picnic or clear your head.

Uncover the hidden places, close to nature that gave you a feeling of freedom. Forests, beautiful views, parks, creeks, beaches, …

Inform the community of possible activities around (Windsurf / Kitesurf, Biking, Hiking) …

If you have suggestions, ideas, please let us know:
– Post a comment.
– Contact us by email ([email protected])

Ideas for future versions:

– All good ideas from users.

Privacy Rules

We collect your email address to validate your user account and send you information about the life of the application.
We collect your email address only by action from you.
You can contact AppMobilEdition to have your data corrected or modified from the “My Account” menu

Access to photos and camera is by action on your behalf and for adding photo to places only.

Access to your GPS location is used to search for places near your location and display information around you.

Access to the phone is only through action on your part to call and reserve locations.


40 comentarios en "park4night – Motorhome camper MODDED 2022"

  1. Very useful app for our vanlife trip, but you can’t trust the services listed for a site. All of the information is added by users though, so please make sure that you update any incorrect information after visiting a site. You can easily edit each entry. So many places are listed as having public toilets and/or drinking water when they do not.

  2. Buggy, and slow. Also looks like most spots are in EU. Finally got some US places to load. There are a few entries but not that many and mostly in touristy higher traffic areas. Pictures don’t load. Only found one place with some pictures but they won’t load and the lost doesn’t scroll even though it appears more than one image was there. 2 stars because (a) no glaring ads everywhere, thank you; and (b) found a potential place to check out for an upcoming trip (not spend the night).

  3. Really saved us in Iceland. We were struggling to find places to camp until we found this. It saved us hundreds of dollars in camping fees by allowing us to find free spots to camp, and locating paid campsites when the weather was too harsh. The map they use really puts it ahead of other camping apps. Other users comments really helped us make our decisions. An improvement could be to click a button to open the coordinates in a maps app rather than having to copy paste them into my maps app.

  4. We just spent a week around northern Italy and it worked just fine. The only issue was, that sometimes the 2nd address with the name of the street was not that accurate. But when you take the coordinates of the 1st address and insert them in your navi, it worked fine. With this app, we didn’t need any other apps and the information about the spots are accurate. Keep up the good work!

  5. Lynne C dice:

    Having initially thought this app was great, I’m now getting no information come up at all when I tap on a place. And earlier i was being told there was an internet problem when I had a full signal! What’s going on here?? It’s not that places aren’t being displayed, the problem is when I try to tap on one to see more info nothing happens!

  6. I used this app a lot during my travels, especially for finding camping grounds and parking spots. They aren’t accepting parking spots anymore. I uploaded myself free parking spots in expensive cities in the past, now I tried to upload places in Serbia where paid parking is difficult and they reject me without explanation. I couldn’t find parking spots on their app and they don’t let me upload new ones to help others. I’ll look for another app. This one doesn’t serve me like in the past.

  7. Having initially given this app a poor review, I have completely changed my mind. Once I understood some of the entries were user generated with no guarantee of accuracy, and one could add comments, I find it very useful. The list of official camp sites is also very comprehensive. Excellent app!!

  8. Marijn B dice:

    Super usefull app! Used it a lot when I travelled together with my girlfriend in our van for a month. I recommend the “staying at the farmer” for really nice experiences it is often for free, quiet and you can often buy local products. Around cities it is very chill that campings, parkings and off-raod locations are recently rated by other travelers. The app itself closes now and then, but thats a bug. Enjoy!

  9. Have been using the app in Germany, Denmark and throughout Norway and its superb. Very helpful to find locations of all types camping, parking, free locations etc. Provides easy reliable access to relevant information, reviews and location. thank you for a very helpful app!

  10. This app is a must for motorhome travellers. The entries are created and constantly reviewed and updated by fellow motorhomers. The maps make finding a stop easy whether near or far. Many give information as to pricing and facilities. We wouldn’t travel without it.

  11. Andy dice:

    Love this app, on a trip from London to London via the whole of western Europe. I would love to see a button added for reputable mechanics. Where we can see the list of languages they speak added by the users and if you feel there services are worthy as our homes are our vehicle. And not every mechanic shop can fit a camper.

  12. Great app for campers. Incredibly useful the premium account, where you will have lots of filters and options to search in any city map. The app is based on community commets and ratings , the comments of the community are usually real and true. I recommend this a lot if you’re travelling with a van or caravan its just great!

  13. Great app, been useful for finding quieter spots to stay overnight. My only reason for 4* instead of 5* is that there are too many entries listed where staying overnight is not permitted. It would be great if there was some way to highlight just the ‘overnight permitted’ entries.

  14. an excellent app for finding spots for motorhoming. Started using another app during this 3 month trip but came back to Park4Night. loads fast, lots of options, just need to check all recent location reviews to make sure that location meets your needs.

  15. Matt F dice:

    Enjoy using but crashing/freezing becomes more frequent and problematic so much I might not pay a subscription while I’m away. Messages pop up saying Park 4 Night is not responding.

  16. does exactly what it says on the tin. Been travelling Europe for the past 2 years and this app has been vital. I use it everyday to find good spots to park. also has comments and warnings incase of trouble . Essential app for my vanlife

  17. Great to find a lovely parking spot, water or other important-for-van-life places. My location never works on the app :/

  18. Gill T dice:

    Handy, good for planning but don’t rely 100% on parking off sites as quite a lot are now “no camping overnight”. You will never be stuck with this on your phone ⭐

  19. Great app, however, I find the background map can be overwhelmed by the parking information making it difficult to read.

  20. Cat dice:

    Really love this app and use it all the time when travelling. It is so handy to have and all the reviews help you know exactly what you will find there. Brilliant app thank you – VannyTravels

  21. Currently traveling Europe and this app is a life saver. Couldn’t recommend enough. Takes a while to get used to using it, but once mastered, amazing!

  22. Rather poor. Very restricted coverage of sites/locations compared to competitors. Inflexible. Difficult to use.

  23. Seems great so far, except for an annoying bug with Android 11 where when you click on the facility icons within a listing, the app crashes. This was happening on my partners phone and not mine, untill I updated to Android 11 and now it’s happening on mine too. Hope that helps you find and fix it 👍

  24. Ashley dice:

    Must have resource for any vanlifer or day van driver looking for day and night spots. Not heavy on ads and isn’t in your face with them either. Only comment would be some of the ui is not always obvious / isn’t like other map apps so can sometimes throw you off. But amazing app and worth getting 100%

  25. Jay dice:

    great app highly recommended. would be nice if you can add pics to your comments in the free version, therefore the admin team can see photos of hight restrictions as well etc

  26. Been using P4N across the UK, Europe and North Africa for years.. Fantastic app for finding low cost and free motorhome stopovers, the best in class.

  27. You have a place on the app that is no parking in Drumnadrochit at the local park and it needs taken down as there is signs not happy that the app is very out off date please update thos app.

  28. We are new to MOHO/RV so find this app very helpful. I use it ever time we go roving around our gorgeous countryside. I’ve yet to add sites of my own but really see the benefit for other users. As a suggestion using the What3words location would add to finding some of the locations.

  29. very useful app but remember to look at most recent comments. don’t know what we’ve have done without it on our travels.

  30. Stopped working after I started paying. Nothing is loading anymore, can’t open account, no menus showing

  31. Will W dice:

    Great Ap. Saved me hundreds of pounds on unneeded camp facilities. Fast backup following re-subscribe glitch.. A slight improvemet would be some method of marking NON-overnight spots. They are a usefull inclusion but not particularly in line with the Ap’s aim.

  32. A great go to app wherever we have been. On the whole really accurate. Really useful & enjoy contributing to help the community grow.

  33. The most important app a camper owner can have. Used it all over the UK and Europe. Never let me down.

  34. Tomek S dice:

    Wonderful app. It really helps with planning the trips. You can also support others contributing back

  35. Fa Am dice:

    Great app for finding parking on your journey. But would love to have the filter option to choose how many comments a place has minimum or when the last comment was made. No point of showing places that haven’t had a comment in close to a year. More time consuming to go through all the places on the app to find a place that is good enough to stop

  36. great for campers and camping! So many options and really easy to use!

  37. Does this app only work when you pay a subscription? Personally I’d like to try it before giving my bank details over. Why can’t non subscription members see any parking?

  38. Very useful in finding wild camping spots. Huge number of user reviews make this app invaluable.

  39. Pat Borek dice:

    Does not showing up information about selected camp sites or parking.

  40. The must have app if you are driving around Europe and want to stay at campsites, find spots for free stays and other info.

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