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Say hello to our redesigned United app.

With our ever-changing environment and the need more than ever to empower our customers with more ability to self-serve and stay informed, we’ve worked to enhance our United app to deliver information more consistently, timelier and easier than before for all users – all while keeping many of the same features you know and love.

The app is your all-in-one travel partner
– Our redesigned app will now deliver information you need more consistently than ever before with improved navigation for a more seamless experience. The design updates also serve as a complement to our enhanced accessibility support for screen readers.
– During your trip, our app home screen gives you quick access to important details by opening to the most useful and relevant information, for all users whether you’re signed in or not. When it’s time to travel, check in for your flights on the home screen and view real-time updates. See what amenities are on your flights and your position on the upgrade and standby lists. While at the airport, explore interactive airport maps to find a United Club location near you and stay up to date on your flight status through our push notifications delivered directly to your inbox.
Manage your MileagePlus® account
– Enroll in MileagePlus and check out our newly envisioned “My account” experience. You can also earn miles with MileagePlus programs and use these miles to book award travel on the app, too.
Search for flights and book travel
– Look for flights across our global network. When you find one that’s right, book it on the app using money, award miles or even your electronic travel certificates.
Easily manage your reservations on the app
– View and change your seat assignments, or enhance your trips by adding Economy Plus® seating, Premier Access®, United Club℠ passes, travel bundles and more. You can also change, cancel or rebook your flights right on the app, all through the “My trips” section.
Continue using the app in the air
– With United Private Screening on select flights, watch TV shows and movies on your own device. Plus, track the status of your checked bags and see which gate you’ll arrive to once you land.
Have questions?
– Message our contact center directly through the Contact Us section in the app.


In this release, we’ve made updates within the Travel-Ready Center to allow for additional document upload options for customers traveling from China to the U.S. In addition, we continue to make minor enhancements to increase the ease of use and provide more consistency throughout the app.


40 comentarios en "United Airlines 2022"

  1. J. C. dice:

    App closes too much. Trying to get both boarding passes is a pain in the butt. One barely showsnon screen. I pull it up, the app wants access to my photos (you don’t need that). I take a screenshot of the pass and the app closes. Have to log back in as it closes after every damn thing I do. I shouldn’t even have to “check in” if the app required for this action is such trash.

  2. Terribly designed app. Along with the userface not being intuitive, and it being difficult the go back and forth between pages, the biggest issue is probably the in flight media. United removed all the screens and movie players from their planes because people can watch whatever they want “for free” through the app. But there is no way to download movies to watch offline before you finish boarding, so if you actually want to watch one of these “complementary” movies, you have to pay for wifi

  3. Great app if you have a simple flight. If you don’t or need to use their chat services, it’s very aggravating. The employees on the other end are slow to reply. You can’t send pictures (like a screenshot of what you’re trying to book), can’t copy and paste flight info to send to the employee to look up (everything has to be typed out), going back and forth from messages to your cart is also a nightmare. I gave up on the chat(at it for 2 1/2 hours) as a phone call would have been faster

  4. Terrible app. Passport scan is virtually impossible to use. United also has a way of forgetting every reservation you’ve entered 17 times. And more dysfunction – trying to change seats results in “can’t do it for another airline”, but somehow that means I can’t do it for the second leg of my flight, which is United. I can’t believe they ever tested this app.

  5. Mr. T dice:

    When connected to Wi-Fi this app works and is great. One glitch I have noticed with this app: One flight I was on had to turn around and go back to our airport of origin due to weather. As we were in the air I attempted to log into the app to figure out how I could get to my airport destination once we reached our origin airport as we had been turned around. The app would not connect to the ailplane WIFI as (according to the app) my flight had ended. United staff were also unable to connect

  6. If signed in as a guest and making changes due to a cancellation, several options stop working, including checking-in for rescheduled flights. This is a basic function that the app must have. I had to remove it and use the website to get to my flight. Downgraded from 2 to 1 star because, if you miss a connection it will list you as arrived so you can’t check in to your new connection or get digital boarding passes. App is entirely useless when you need it most.

  7. Brian B dice:

    Easy to use and navigate. Booking is a breeze. Flight changes are a breeze. Upgrades are a breeze. When my flight is delayed or canceled, it’s easy to see what my options are. I love the “where is my plane coming from?” feature, and the push notifications allow me plenty of time to finish my beer at the bar and head over to the gate. Best airline app out there!

  8. This app would be rad if it ever worked. Constant crashes and white screens prevent you from doing anything useful. One really cool feature I uncovered is most times you try to change a reservation using the app, it messes up your reservation, allowing you to spend more fun time in the airport trying to get it fixed instead of being able to get home. This is awesome after a long week of work… Garage

  9. I have used this app for years and its still very useful. HOWEVER, what’s up with the extra screens before you can do anything useful? The photo of the airplane is one thing (maybe thats shown whilst the app loads?) But now there’s an EXTRA screen that seems to be for offers and such. WHY? If I’m in the queue and about to scan my boarding pass, I don’t need to wait another 10 seconds for no reason. This is a hugely regressive step.

  10. The app is ok; it gets the job done. It’s not nearly as smooth or aesthetically pleasing as the AA app. Is hard to find things. It crashes often. It’s not intuitive or efficient. For example, if I’m opening the app and i have upcoming flights, that’s probably what I’m opening it for so those should be accessible from the very first screen. If i want to get details on my status i shouldn’t have to bounce to an embedded web page and log in again. It’s a patchwork that doesn’t feel user tested.

  11. My favorite app ever. Sadly in the last 2 weeks it’s been laggy, and freezes every I have to open/close it 2-3 times to get it to work. Once it opens its also a bit lagging in the touch command. Such as reversing the route. it takes like 2-3 finger taps to get it to switch. I have a brand new top of the line phone with over 300gb of memory. It is definitely not on user end. I don’t have these issues with any other app. Cleared the memory, cache, Uninstalled, reboot (X3). Still no change.

  12. horrific latency moving screen to screen, and it’s impossible to find things like how to buy a wifi pass, even though they advertise it via email. when you enter the app you are entering a user experience nightmare where nothing is where it should be, and it takes 15 minutes to find even the simplest of information. partly because there is a 5 second wait every time you try and switch screens

  13. Heather dice:

    I cannot change any of my flights within the United app. Every time I click on “change flight” it brings me to a blank white screen. I’ve tried a dozen times with different stipulations (e.g., Wi-Fi vs 5G data) but it’s always the same result. Please fix this. Additionally, I am unable to book a flight with travel credit I have from changing a previous flight. Just says the ‘code I’ve inputted is invalid/not connected to any previous flight.’ UGH.

  14. For many things it works well. At least it did when I was flying in the before times. Now that I am flying again, it has problems. I could not upload my passport scan. Repeated attempts all failed. Tried to contact support, but that fails, too. Not really surprising, given how screwed up their website is. And now it won’t update, and won’t work if you don’t. so completely worthless for my tablet.

  15. Poor. Navigating to view your flight itineraries is cumbersome. The app doesn’t update properly (after checking into a flight at the airport, the app continued to tell me to check into my flight). If a portion of your journey is with a partner airline, the app often doesn’t show the full itinerary. The “travel ready center” is a farcical loop of doom. Could be vastly more user friendly instead of attempting to be a revenue generator. But then, that could apply to most aspects of airline travel.

  16. Eris Mo dice:

    constantly getting error messages and every 10 seconds I have to hit “wait”. The app is up to date. Or else it’s stuck loading forever, whether on wifi or cellular. Literally can take 5 minutes to load the map, if it loads at all. You can’t count on it when you’re in the airport: always screen grab your boarding passes

  17. Pointless… I don’t want my husband’s boarding pass in my app and when I swipe to get my pass, your stupid app switches back to his pass. If I try to pin my boarding pass, it pins his instead. He is grown and has his own phone. I don’t want his pass on my app. Did you hear that? I also need airport maps easy to find and use. AA does this perfectly, you do not. Your app forces endless menu choices where you are not sure where these menus will lead to.

  18. your app is disgustingly bad and needs an accessibility overhaul and user experience overhaul. Still holds true. Trying to purchase a ticket on your app/site is like an unexpected trip to the dentist. I’d rather walk than to book via your tech. You have options to add a bunch of add ONS at the last minute but no way to quickly review the trip details. Y’all focus is solely on money and it shows. I hope y’all are apart of the next recession that grounds this money grab of an org. Best wishes.

  19. I’ve used this for 2 trips and I am sold. it was very easy to check in & pick out my seat, everything went smooth. The reminders and updates of how your flight was going and where you needed to be we’re not intrusive, but nicely timed. it also has an interactive map to help you get to the baggage or exit or rental car options.

  20. Madhu dice:

    Used to love this app, was reliable with great functionality. With Android 13 it crashes constantly. Takes a long time to load and can’t do some things (like changing flights) which I could previously do in the app. Seriously, with all the profits that United makes, they should be able to hire some decent software engineers.

  21. For me this was a very frustrating app. It crashed my phone a few times, It doesn’t show your confirmation number in a logical place. It would not allow boarding passes w/o checked bags. Not intuitive. Will delete for sure. Not a satisfying user experience.

  22. Very poorly designed app. Would not play any video while in-flight. Kept giving me the error that the selected video was not available, but for every video. I tried several troibleshootsteps such as clearing the cache and restarting my phone, but no joy. Thanks for making a 6 hour flight feel even longer, United…

  23. I used the app to look up costs of a rewards flight. While the search is loading, there’s a message that states, “Fares are the total price for the entire trip, per person, and include taxes and fees.” I found the flight I wanted valued at 18,000 points, so I transferred them over from my credit card rewards program. However, the app would not let me proceed with purchasing a ticket. I tried the website, but the message is very different, “Fares are one way, per person…” Very misleading.

  24. Have used this app for several years and had issues, but could normally get it to work. In the last few months, it won’t work at all for personal entertainment. Just gives me an error on my tablet. I have the latest app and the latest software update on my tablet. Finally got it to work on my phone, with several tries, but wanted to watch it on my bigger screen. The app does seem to work ok for flight updates, but so do the texts I get.

  25. App runs very slow. When selecting an option from a menu, there’s no confirmation feedback (like immediately highlighting the selected option). Because the app is so slow, you don’t know if the app is processing, or just waiting for you to select an option. Another problem is that the fingerprint reader integration doesn’t work at all. You’re prompted to enable fingerprint sign-in, but after enabling, there’s no opportunity to use it when logging in the next time. (It works on my other apps).

  26. The international check-in experience, which can only be completed via app, is quite frustrating. One particular bit of cruel UX design is placing the “retry” button on both sides of confirmation modals. On one page, it’s on the left. On the very next page, it’s on the right. The passport instructional animation made no sense to me and the entire photo experience seemed to lack clear CTAs. I just tapped the bottom of the screen and hoped for the best.

  27. Total disaster. The GUI is impossible to navigate. The instructions tell you to press buttons that don’t exist. The help has one advice – upgrade to the latest versions. No movies can be played. so, basically, if you want in flight entertainment, don’t fly United. Ah, and don’t count on United personnel to help you, they think that the solution is to turn your phone to the “flight mode”, which as they assured me is the mode for entertainment.

  28. Passport scanning does not work and gives no error messages or feedback. Terrible UX… very frustrating. The rest of the app is pretty good, but this is a pretty important feature. I have a newer generation passport. I called customer support and they suggested using a computer and checking in that way, but I tried that and there is no such option. The only options are via the app or in person at the airport.

  29. Downloaded this before our flight because it was supposed to be faster to check-in and have free movies and TV. After checking in three times in the app and not being able to pull up the boarding passes, I used Chrome and just went to the website and it worked fine. Was never able to watch anything on the app either. Every time I clicked on something to watch, it just pushed me to a different place of the app and did nothing. This was an incredibly frustrating waste of time.

  30. I’ve used every other airline’s app, and they’re all pretty similar for how easy it is to pull up your boarding pass. The United app is in another league for how unnecessarily complicated it is. There’s nothing to guide you. you’re just given a bunch of options, and opening the menu gives you this ridiculous list of things you probably want nothing to do with. People just want their boarding pass, man. Make that your priority with your UX design.

  31. Clunky and crashes. Before every flight there’s this mad dash to get “the most current version”. Even if there’s no update available, the safe bet is to reinstall because for some reason, at least in my experience, it’s dicey. Why does it need the absolute latest to play a movie or get flight status? Who knows. When the version issue os sorted out, it may crash. Ugh! Also, while the UI has improved over early versions, it needs streamlining . Can’t quickly find what you need right now.

  32. As a frequent flyer, I absolutely love it! Very easy to navigate and get flight status, connection gate info, change flights, check in and choose seats as I please. Plus, inflight WIFI to keep me connected with text messaging and more, even on international flights. People who complain about it? I don’t share in their experience at all. Thanks UNITED!

  33. Has been a great app in the past, but in the last month or two, an update has caused this app to now run SOOOO SLOW or crash!!!! Every time I use it, it takes at least one minute to load, then every time you click a option, it takes about another minute or it crashes the app, making it impossible to use to either book a flight, or to use for ticketing purposes. I have a Moto Z3 on Android Version 9, which is a relatively fast/new phone. The app works fine, with no delays on my company iPad 🤷‍♂️

  34. Marginal at best. I travel for business, so this isn’t my first experience with flight apps. I downloaded this app to be able to have my boarding pass and flight information on my phone. The app does an okay job doing that. It doesn’t update flight delays even if manually refreshed or restarted. I did give it two stars since it does get you your boarding pass. Beware, it is slower than other flight apps. I did try to use it for inflight entertainment after reading other reviews. It is horrid.

  35. The scan function for a passport doesn’t work at all. There is a message which appears when one selects Scan Passport. This message disappeared almost immediately, so one can’t read the message! When the Scan document page comes up, the text at the bottom is “Scan Passport Front” When tried to view the front of my passport, nothing happened! “Place your document within the frame until it is captured automatically” There are several frames, a large one with 2 frames within it. One is smaller and clear; the other is whitish. Automatic capture never happens with any frame! Also, if one taps within a frame, one gets a full screen frame in which the magnification increases! Again, no autocapture! There should be a HELP function, to tell people what they should be doing! I am using the Android version of the app. Also, passport pages are super glossy, which makes it difficult to even take a good picture!

  36. This used to be a great app. A recent upgrade has made it impossible to filter. It will say no flights match the criteria even though you can plainly see them mixed in with everything else you’re not interested in. This makes finding the best flight extremely time consuming and tedious. They also changed the viewing format which also makes it more difficult to quickly view flight options. Before this upgrade, it was a 5 star app, but they’ve broken it.

  37. Becky L dice:

    Have a backup form of entertainment. I see other Android users are having the same problem. I tried to use the app to watch an inflight movie, but all I got was a blue circle that went around and around for a good 5 mins before I gave up. The app however is great for looking up my flights, seeing if there were delays, finding where my gates are and not having to mess with a paper boarding pass! It also sends you an notifcation when your flight is about to board.

  38. To be honest, the redesign of the app is meh. The right sidebar is gone, which was very useful for getting a quick list of my flights and confirmation numbers. Now that information is on a screen that has too much whitespace, and the information isn’t easily viewable at a glance Now there are just more ads for things I don’t care about in the app. I utilize mileageplus X all the time, but I don’t need it advertised to me in the app. The Mile Play thing is just ridiculous, not even worth it.

  39. This app is very slow with updating status, which can cause you to go to the wrong gate if you don’t double-check the monitors or with agents. International check-in and pre-flight documentation entry features are horrible. It is very non-intuitive to find information about your specific flight, like types of meals, chargers, etc. If you have a connection, it’s cumbersome to get to second the boarding pass, even after the first flight has concluded.

  40. Useful for flight information, but I wanted to use it only for the inflight entertainment portion. It has a hell of a time loading the list of TV shows and constantly timed out. There’s no search functionality and it’s hard to find specific shiws. When I was finally able to get to the select the show I wanted, it errored out several times while playing in the background. At one point it also said my device was incompatible even though I was well within the specs recorded.

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