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Community driven Toilet Finder! Worldwide. 30K+ Downloads
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The first 100% (cash & ads-free) APP, based on AI (Artificial intelligence) and is a Community Driven. It has an interactive map as well on the web that shows in an interactive way anonymous user activities.

NOTE: Currently, the community has more than 100K toilet locations worldwide, however, there are still many small places and cities where locations are not added yet.

We believe we are stronger together, please feel free to download, use the data from others to find toilets, and also contribute to others so they can find them as well, together we can build a proper runtime interactive toilet app worldwide.


UI Improvements and now you are also able to mark all toilets you like and add them to your favorite list;


40 comentarios en "peeQwiq. Toilet Finder 2022"

  1. Update: Crashing after launch fixed & my last 2 suggestions added. Thanks, however I would also like to have the option of a hybrid map “with the click of a button” on the main screen. 1. Needs a hybrid map to accurately locate and add Toilets 🚻 on the ground. 2. Moving the map to (Search this area) results in endless spinning circle ⭕. (Rating will be adjusted accordingly when the above suggestions have been applied and fixed.) I have added another star. Now, let’s try for a 4th. Dat a boy. 😁

  2. A wonderful and very practical app yet simple and easy to use. Something very useful for our busy life especially when travelling and visiting new places. Good luck!

  3. Pretty good at its task. Would like more ability to edit entries, eg when a toilet is in the wrong place on the map.

  4. I travel a lot for my job, visiting and exploring new cities. The app is great for finding a toilet. Easy to use and you can also contribute and add new locations.

  5. This app has absolutely no information in it regarding the topic it is supposed to be about. It could not locate one public restroom in the area I am in, even though there are dozens within a 10 mile radius. Just a terrible app

  6. The App is pretty useful and has nice functionality and easy to use.Helps a lot especially if you not familiar with the city you are.Highly recommended!

  7. I live in Phoenix, and the three closest toilets to my location, according to the app, were all in Northern Ireland. The app description does not mention its limitations.

  8. I am quite the shy guy and would find it hard to do my job when I need to in the middle of London. This app has saved me so many times and it saves me lots of rushing. Great job and thanks a ton!

  9. This app is okay, if you like looking at a world map. Apparently they’re absolutely no bathrooms in the entire world. Otherwise looking at the world map is easy to do.

  10. Had to travel to Berlin last week, and downloaded the app in advance I am quite happy that were able to find so many toilets while outside with my wife and 4y old child. Thank you!

  11. The description does not indicate what regions are covered. For example, it is useless in my home state of Florida as it shows 0 facilities in my area.

  12. Very simple (just one click needed) and very usefull app which all of us will need sooner or later when we are for the first time in new city.

  13. Really handy to find a toilet! Also nice that you can add more if it is not there. So we help each other in times of need:).

  14. TS Zee dice:

    Having downloaded the new version, my location is automatically set. Happy with the new version

  15. Just great! Very useful and practical. Clean interface and easy to use!

  16. Very useful app for travelling people. Hope more cities will be added soon. 🙂

  17. Pretty good. Shame you can’t decorate the app with different theme colors ect.

  18. Keeps refering to Melbourne toilets not my location and what is it with location and destination window too complicated just needs to show me nearest toilet

  19. Doesn’t have a big enough database. Use one of the other apps with larger listing.

  20. When you need to go… this app is great at finding a near by toilet.

  21. I love how it gives you directions, very useful.

  22. Very useful application with excellent design. 🙂

  23. Great app. I use it everyday in Bulgaria. It is very helpful.

  24. Useful app, easy to find bathrooms almost anywhere

  25. Great features and simple to use.

  26. clean interface and simple to use.

  27. clean interface and simple to use.

  28. Does not seem to allow users to correct inaccurate information.

  29. not sure about that one. It showed 9 in total in whole London

  30. The App works with 90/100 efficiency.

  31. Has a lot of great features and it is free.

  32. Has a lot of great features and it is free.

  33. Very useful and handy. Love it!!

  34. Great app for everyone who travels often!

  35. Nice looking clean app and easy to use 👍

  36. Very useful app for everyone in Europe.

  37. What a great innovation! Who doesn’t need this app? I definitely need it!

  38. Easy to use. Great app ever!!!

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