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Record gps tracks of your trips, analyze statistics and share with friends!
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If you are looking for an excellent gps tracker, which can work with Open Street Maps or Google, love outdoor activities or travel – this is the app for you!

Record gps tracks of your trips, analyze statistics and share them with your friends!

Geo Tracker can help:
• Making the way back in an unfamiliar area without getting lost;
• Sharing your route with friends;
• Using someone else’s route from GPX, KML or KMZ file;
• Marking important or interesting points on your way;
• Locating a point on the map, if you know its coordinates;
• Showing off colorful screenshots of your accomplishments in social networks.

You can view the tracks and the surrounding area in the application using scheme from OSM, Google or Yandex, as well as satellite images from Google or Mapbox – this way you will always have the most detailed map of the area anywhere worldwide. The map areas you view are saved to your phone and remain available offline for a while (this works best for OSM maps and Mapbox’s satellite images). To record and calculate track’s statistics only a gps signal is needed – Internet is only required to download map images.

While driving, you can turn on the navigation mode, in which the map automatically rotates in the direction of travel, which greatly simplifies navigation.

The application can record tracks while being in background (on many devices, this requires additional configuration in the system – be careful! The instructions for these settings are available in the application). Power consumption in background mode is greatly optimized – on average, the phone’s charge is enough for a whole day of recording. There’s also an economy mode – you can turn it on in the app settings.

Geo Tracker calculates the following statistics:
• Distance traveled and recording time;
• Max and average speed on the track;
• Time and average speed in motion;
• Min and max altitude on the track, altitude difference;
• Vertical distance, ascent and speed;
• Min, max and average slope.

Also there are detailed charts of speed and elevation data available.

Recorded tracks can be stored as GPX, KML and KMZ files, so they can be used in other well-known applications like Google Earth or Ozi Explorer. Tracks are stored locally on your device and are not transferred to any servers.

The app does not make money from ads or your personal data. To support the development of the project, a voluntary donation can be made in the application.

Useful tips & tricks to solve common GPS issues with your smartphone:
• If you start the tracking please wait with recording your activity until the GPS signal is found.
• Restart your smartphone and make sure that you have “clear view” of the sky before you start (no disturbing objects like high buildings, forest, etc.).
• The reception conditions are permanently changing because they got influenced by the following factors: weather, season, positioning of satellites, areas with bad GPS coverage, high buildings, forest, etc.).
• Go to phone settings, choose “Location” and activate it.
• Go to phone settings, choose “Date & time” and activate the following options: “Automatic date & time” and “Automatic time zone”. It may occur that it takes longer until the GPS signal is found if your smartphone is set to the wrong time zone.
• Deactivate the airplane mode in your phone settings.

If none of these tips & tricks helped to solve your issues, deinstall the app and reinstall it again.
Be aware that Google uses in their Google Maps app not only the GPS data but also additional data of the current location from surrounding WLAN networks and/or mobile networks.

More answers to frequent questions and solutions for popular issues can be found on the website:


- Many performance improvements were made
- Exported file names now contain date. Duplicate files can now be skipped or overwritten while exporting trips to a folder
- Fixed some issues with Tasker integration
- Fixed issue with missing names on screenshots
- Fixed issue with wrong point focus when using Google Maps


40 comentarios en "Geo Tracker – GPS tracker MOD"

  1. My initial review: 5 stars – Awesome! Love it! I use it when I’m walking my dog. It will lay out your track on a satellite image, with the names of the streets and then give you details of exactly how long the walk was, minimum altitude, maximum altitude, rate of climb, it’s great! Update 4/6/19: it stopped working. Keeps track of time only, no GPS functionality, no maps, no distance. I wrote the developer twice, with screen prints, and have had no response.

  2. Brian A. dice:

    Functional & easy-to-use app. Easy to make waypoints & export for use in Google Earth. You can overlay your current tracks on the same map as an earlier recorded one, but unfortunately they all appear in the same color so it’s hard to distinguish the two. The one other issue I found is that if you should loose GPS lock, the phone doesn’t alert you so you could be hiking for a while before you realize that it’s no longer mapping your path. That could be rather dangerous if your depending on it.

  3. If your trying to map trails off road, this app is not for you. I had to pause my ride to record a point, then start recording again. My trip was just straight lines. Could be me as a user not doing something correct. But, I needed something that would let me start tracking. give the track a name, show every little turn, elevations if possible, and give me distance. The only thing accurate about this trial run was my start, pause, start, pause,……and End points.

  4. I use this for work, doing plant surveys. The only con I’ve come across so far, and maybe the function exists and I just haven’t figured it out, is deleting and adjusting waypoints as well as the path. Sometimes I forget to turn off the tracker and go beyond my planned trip. I would like to edit the path and remove that extra distance. Also, sometimes a drop the marker too late so I’d like to be able to adjust the drop spot.

  5. Arie M. dice:

    If you give the app permission to access location data only while running, the app stops recording data as soon as you put it in the background. It’s still running, but doesn’t work. But then when you give it permission to have location data at all times, it randomly looks up location data in the background even when the app is not running. This is shady. Otherwise, the app is a good substitute for My Tracks.

  6. hi Great app but, there is no way to restore your recorded tracks from a back up of the phone. There is the export feature but then you have to manually export and import too many tracks just to back up. There should be a way of restoring all the tracks from a back up to a new phone. Like I have good back and broke my phone and now want to restore months of tracks to new phone and can’t. So all my trips are lost. Very upsetting considering I have good backup.

  7. Tried a few others and for various reasons I didn’t like them. For example, Relive is able to make fancy animated renderings of your route. Problem is you can’t figure out where you’ve been or are going. The map just keeps spinning around. I like the way this one just gives you a two-dimensional map overhead look. This one does everything I like and I’m able to save the route afterwards to pass on to others.

  8. Great app to map your route and track stats for just about any activity, motorized or not. But FYI, there are better apps for skiing or snowboarding that will differentiate between a lift ride and downhill. TIP: if you don’t have cell service, this will still track you but without a satellite background image. Go to Google and download an offline map for the area you will be using this app. Then you are good to go!

  9. I’m very happy with this app. Good replacement for My Tracks. Remember to turn off Power Saving mode when using it. I recommend this app. It’s powerful and easy to use. I wish I could overlay my own map images though, like in Custom Maps. But this app has a good feature set. It’s really fun to track your movements on walks, hikes, rides, drives, flights, etc. I like being able to record waypoints, add photos, combine maps, start/pause/ stop recording, save and name tracks, & view statistics.

  10. Excellent app that does what it’s designed to do, and does it really well. No bells nor whistles, no frills. I’ve been using it for quite some time to track hikes, runs, and nowadays all of my work delivery routes that I do. It allows me to keep a very accurate log for my trips: both mileage as well as date and times. I can export all that info and generate a complete log file from the individual files that Geo Tracker creates. Excellent work. Only small issue is the mislabeling on when the track was created (Today, Yesterday, etc., ) But that’s a MINOR thing.

  11. have had a few issue, but that’s understandable. love all the stats about your ride, including altitude. I really like that your able to exit back to home screen an it will stay recording. would really enjoy seeing a night mode, HUD /w some info like speed, an distance traveled. I love that you can set it up to auto record an app startup. however, one of the very few issues I’ve experienced, has been a couple times it did not start automatically. great app, please keep up the good work.q

  12. Really like this app, perfect for what I need.. problem is that it doesn’t record sometimes. I try to clear the map, close the app (even force stop), start it up again, hit record and I’m lucky if it actually starts recording. Sometimes it’ll work (when I want it to) if I completely restart my phone. Annoying because I want it to work constantly sooo bad! Looking for something else that works properly. Begging you to fix this!

  13. Liz W dice:

    This is a fantastic hiking/biking trail recording app. It tracks, speed, distance, height, etc – I’ve been using it for years and it is amazing. You can use GPS on old phones without a sim card, data or wifi. Works great – download the map ahead of time and you’ve got a really good gps app for locations!!!

  14. I love this app. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use. I like keeping track of some of the statistics it keeps like elevation, walking speed and I use it to drop pins where I set up my trail cam. The ability to retrack a past route is pretty simple. Gentle tip try to stay still for a good thirty seconds to a minute so it gets your bearings straight. Five stars Geo Tracker!

  15. Fantastic app, idk why other reviews say the interface is an issue because apart from being able to easily accidentally end a trip it’s actually really well put together. An option to layer past trips and show hot spots of where you drive a lot would be really cool. But, especially for a free app, it’s pretty good as is

  16. F Stanton dice:

    Like many others, this once great app stopped working a few days ago. Wouldn’t even open. No response from the developer. Finally deinstalled and reinstalled. Guess what? All my tracks are gone! Very bad. Does anyone know how to find the missing files – what folder are they in? Update: I found the folder where the *shared* (and therefore saved) tracks were kept, but it seems that unshared tracks have vanished with the app uninstall. Ugh. Very poor design. Recommend the RideWithGPS app instead!

  17. So happy to see this updated. This is one of the simplest yet well designed gps tracking and waypoint apps for android. Is intuitive and reliable. Still have to use other apps to point/navigate to a specific waypoint but for recording a track and marking waypoints it always works and never lets me down. Great for trips or hikes where you want to be to able to see where you traveled and how to get back there.

  18. Does every I need, with low battery drain. Records, didplays, annotates added points, shares tracks in multiple formats. There are a few minor irritations: the sort order of the list of recorded tracks can’t be modified (by name, date, etc.), awkward when you have more than 100 tracks. The export buttton exports everything, not just highlighted items. Importing should allow navigating to an individual file, rather than all in folder. A new Record undisplays existing track i want to follow. 5*

  19. Works great as my ski tracker! It seems to have a fine max speed register, and a coarse display. If I do a short schuss, it shows a max speed higher than the peaks in the graphical display, suggesting that an averaging filter is used to prepare for display. It runs in the background (nice touch). Recommended.

  20. I use this app for tracking and sharing trails we use for our fun ride and to host other horse rides, Its a little more complicated, but in a good way. if I had to say something to improve, some of the icons look to close to the same as the others, so it seems I have to go through them all to find the one I want, but I prefer this over all others

  21. Installed and used on a Samsung S10e. This is app is a good tracker and has a pleasant interface that’s easy to figure out. The altitude measurement is suspect, but that could be my phone’s problem. The speed graphs are neat, but the scale on the left often doesn’t align with the actual line plot. Overall a nice app that’s useful if you jog or want to record statistics for road trips.

  22. I have used this app for several years now. I think it’s wonderful!! We like to go horseback riding in new areas, and this is great for learning the trails (and finding the truck). The only issue I’ve ever had was having to figure out that my phone could not be in any power saving mode in order to track effectively when the screen was off.

  23. Very frustrating. I used the app a few years ago, somehow it worked. So I’m about to start a significant hike, was able to find a GPX file to download, so I thought I’d use the app again. After the map download, the app started, but apparently it had a mind of its own. I was looking at my previous hike, and was unable to see the map I had just downloaded. It knew it was there, and I could scroll to the region where it should have been, nothing. I used AllTrails app and had a better walk

  24. Was really liking this app until it started having errors. I use it to track my miles for work. Today it would not open while it was in recording state. I tried force close and it would start recording again but could not get app to open. I tried uninstall then re-install. Now all of my files are missing. I had no way to get in the app to export my files.

  25. J. G. dice:

    Was very good, though sometimes lost GPS lock. Since upgrading to Android 10, this app continues to soil itself, even With a GPS locking app running in the background. I’ve set all appropriate Android settings to keep it running in the foreground and it Still craps out 3/4 of the time. I used this app for many years, but I’ve had enough. I’m out. It stinks.

  26. Jason ON dice:

    I’m not sure what’s going on with this app but it doesn’t record tracks very well and hasn’t for a while. At first it was started recording maybe half the route and now it’s barely recording for a few minutes. The other day a friend and I were out walking and we’re both GPSing the route. She had 5.2 miles on her iPhone and I had just over two using this app. Today I turned it on while walking a known route only to have it only record the first 1500 feet of over 4 miles. Useless.

  27. It’s back. Yay! I’m a happy camper. So glad I can track my progress and runs. Changed from 1 star back to 5 stars. Thank you!!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰❤❤ wo days ago the app started getting a message that the app keeps stopping. I’ve been trying to reinstall it because I really like the app. But after installing it, I get the same message that the app keeps stopping. So frustrating. I sent feedback but didn’t get a response.

  28. I’m a swing driver for a trash company and I use this app religiously, it helps me run route and track route and reroute routes. I highly recommend this app, it has saved time and saved from missing stops and I can ping extra work in the morning before route and not forget it through out the day. Only criticism I have it the map doesn’t turn as you to to keep you moving up like google maps does, little hard to adjust to but otherwise good app.

  29. Worked great till I got a new phone.. No good with my Samsung Note 9. Now it counts the TIME but won’t measure distance or course when the screen is blanked. So as long as I hold it in my hand, burning battery life with screen on, it’s just fine. As soon as I blank the screen, it stops measuring course and distance- only the timer/stopwatch continues. Weird. NOT functional.

  30. A marvellous app. The only thing is, since the recent update it’s become harder to stop after a journey. You have to be 100% certain you’ve switched it off properly, otherwise it keeps recording. Equally it can be difficult to start. I just did a walk I haven’t done for years, I got home to look at where I went and I discover it didn’t start, even though I switched it on. FRUSTRATING! The altitudes always seem a bit on the high side.

  31. It’s very good for what it does. I would like to know if it’s possible to pause and then resume a recorded track, or if it’s possible to append one track on to another (i.e. merge two or more files into one)? Further review – still very useful – the ability to pause is welcome and seems to save the battery.

  32. Uschi dice:

    After the demise of my previous app I finally found this one and it is perfect. I use it for horse trail riding and the satellite maps show me exactly where I can go and where I have been, together with lots of statistics about the ride. It is simple to use and does everything that is required, thank you. Now if it could show me where there are fences I can’t get through 😉. Love this app.

  33. Of all the apps out there, this is the only one reliable enough to have stayed on my phone I use it regularly. It is easy to use, well thought out user interface (please don’t change a thing). By using both GPX, KML and KMZ it has simplified data exchanges between other application. Please keep free.

  34. Great app. Does what I want without a lot of fuss. Easy on the battery. I found that when I am not set for precise measurements, I can get a lot of apparent movement when in real life I am sitting still. this is due to small, but noticeable, variations in my calculated position. Over an hour, these variations add up. Measuring on “precise” works fine.

  35. This is the perfect tracking app. Simple, but does exactly what you want. There is just one fundamental flaw: I always forget to turn it off after a walk. When I get home, it has tracked the car drive as well, which messes up all the statistics. I don’t need elaborate track editing, but a simple trim feature to remove the tail of the track would be nice.

  36. Hey, devs, nice job, I would like to give you an idea about a feature that would be highly useful, it’s about gradient mode, it would be nice to add a mode that would allow to see the progress on map…. It’s a very easy to implement feature, since you have implemented the others (I’m a Dev too). Please, contact me for more information, I’d be happy to help you, I’ll offer you this idea for free, just to be able to use the feature.

  37. Fantastic app. Very intuitive. Just great. I’ve had an issue where I’d get a straight grey line instead of proper tracks. Took me 2 days to figure it out. App was not at fault in the end, although it’d be nice if it notified me about the issue. The issue was power saving galaxy S7 feature which shut off gps when screen was off so tracking was interrupted. App was unaware of it (why?) Ive figured it out on my own. Turned off power savings and all is great. Developer replied too.

  38. After complaining also about the erratic behaviour of the app, I have followed the instructions how to circumvent the problem, evidently caused by an update of the Android system. And it works: you don’t need to turn off battery save mode, just include the Geo Tracker app in the list of app’s that should not be put to sleep and this solves the problem! Now it is working perfect again, like it has done for years. Thanks a lot to Ilya for pointing out the cause of the problem.

  39. I think this is one of the best trackers out there. Very light on the battery, accurate, nice statistics. I use it for both walking, biking and skiing. It even has separate statistics for actual moving (in case you don’t press the pause button – yet another great feature) One remark in case the dev reads this: max speed could use some smoothing, it sometimes picks up spikes of sudden movements that aren’t realistic for the trip you are doing. I think a rolling average of a few seconds?

  40. August 2019 Re-Review: A good fitness app that has, mostly, nice functionality including exporting records in KML, KMZ, or GPX formats. One extremely frustrating bug is that your smartphone display/screen must be on, otherwise the app simply stops recording. Other users have complained about this. I have even turned off Android battery saving features and it doesn’t matter. And nobody wants to have to have the phone’s screen stay on full time during exercise jaunts as it not only runs down the battery faster but the phone can get hot as well. Ilya needs to fix this bug so the screen doesn’t need to stay on full time. Importing/exporting is also a mixed bag. I’m now using 2 Android devices so am importing/exporting between the 2 devices and/or to my PC. It doesn’t matter if you only want to import/export 1 file, it simply processes all records every time. Not only that, it’ doesn’t check for existing files and just writes identical copies to the directory. This is nonsense! Finally, Ilya, like I mentioned last time, you should offer a reasonably priced ‘Pro’ version that doesn’t require a [expletive deleted] subscription!

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