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Choose from unique homes—near or far—in many countries around the world. Find everything from getaways near national parks to apartments in the heart of big cities and book right in the app.

Easily explore the world of Airbnb—and discover homes that you wouldn’t have known to look for—with a new way to search designed around Airbnb Categories. These curated collections of homes are chosen for their style, location, or nearby activities, whether you want a design marvel, a stay somewhere tropical, or a place near incredible surfing.

Split Stays is an innovative new feature that intelligently splits one trip across two homes. Split Stays automatically appear in search results of trips a week or longer—so guests can find more available homes and experience more on their trip.

AirCover is the most comprehensive free protection in travel, giving guests the confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong, we have their backs.

Feel at home, no matter where you are. The Airbnb app lets you chat with your Host, receive up-to-the-minute information about your booking, and make the most of your trip by getting the best info on everything local that only expert Hosts would know. A redesigned Trips tab puts all your must-have travel details in one place. Here you’ll also find check-in details that make it easy to get there, get inside, and get connected to wifi.

Know that every accessibility feature a home has goes through an accessibility review process confirmed by our team of specialists. Easily sort by 13 accessibility search filters, including step-free bedroom access and accessible parking spot.

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Get out and explore with a local expert as your guide—or immerse yourself in a new place right from your couch. Go solo, book a private group event, or join a group and meet someone new. Check out Experiences for any age or interest and book, save, or share your favorite ones—all with the Airbnb app.

Turn your space into extra income on Airbnb. List it directly from the Airbnb app, then receive the support and guidance you need to get started with hosting. It’s a great way to fund your dreams and inspire someone else’s next big adventure.

AirCover for Hosts is top-to-bottom protection for every Airbnb Host. It includes $1 million in liability insurance, $1 million in damage protection, and more. It’s always included and always free. Only on Airbnb.


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Airbnb MODDED"

  1. I very rarely leave reviews on apps. I think this is a very convenient app and easy to use and I am a long time Airbnb user. However, the major irritation of the photos area is infuriating. You cannot reorient the pictures, nor can you zoom the pictures. This is an incredibly easy fix and I have no idea why these features are not enabled LIKE EVERY OTHER APP IN THE WORLD. Fix it and I will up the rating to five stars.

  2. M C dice:

    Pros: 1-You can filter everything to find exactly what you’re looking for. 2-Checking out is really easy. Cons: 1-You can’t zoom in on any of the pictures of the listings, so you don’t always know exactly what you’re getting unless you screenshot. 2-Usually I pick a place that’s close to major attractions in the area(within a 20-30 minute drive) but they don’t tell you the exact location until after booking. I realize it’s for hosts protection but not knowing it does drive me a little crazy.

  3. The worst app. I could swear it wasn’t always this ridiculous. Impossible to search for a specific listing or renter if you already know the location or name. I’ve sat next to my husband while we’re both on the app & couldn’t find the listing he was looking at. (Yes, filters were the same.) If I find a place on my laptop browser & then want to check it out on my phone later but I haven’t saved it, forget about it. Have to start over. Infuriating. Oh yeah, cant zoom in on photos either.

  4. The app could be improved by having the map view show the *total* cost of the proposed deal rather than only the daily rate. Specifically, cleaning fees vary from $5 to $140. Some units are using the cleaning fees to adjust upward their low advertised price – bait and switch. 🫤 There’s no way to comparison shop within the app: you have to hit the “Reserve” button to find out what the cleaning fee is. Use a browser to comparison shop, opening a new tab for each option.

  5. A H dice:

    The filters do not work and I’ve seen this issue for a couple weeks now. I have tried to limit the cost filter several times and it never applies and therefore the experience of this app to book a stay is frustrating as you try to weed thru the options. I see this as its either a true bug or its a marketing ploy to make an individual see and spend more for an experience. I see this issue in a couple reviews so it’s not being addressed AND a filter fix is a very simple fix on the development side

  6. M McMeekin dice:

    app is fine- user friendly. only thing I’m not a fan of, I see a property at certain price, click on it, check availability, the price increases per night, and fees on top are sometimes almost the cost of the actual reservation. That’s no bueno!!! almost pushes me back to a hotel!!! I’m not adding to my cost by a third. I.e. room $186 a night, so not even $400 for 2 nights…. but the fees on top take my total to $789???? Really? 😞

  7. Great app! Easy to find and view accommodations. Easy for even someone like myself and my husband that doesn’t understand technology nor have any experience of how to find, book, pay, review, compare or confirm but, this app gives us both the ability to do all those things and feel confident about it. Thanks Air B&B!

  8. Does not actually apply filters. When i filter for something, i want to see only places that fit that description, not a list of places that are similar but not exactly what i selected. If what i want doesn’t exist in an area then show there are results so i can move on instead of combing through a bunch of places to find the one that matches. Thats what the filter was for.

  9. Sasha J dice:

    I have used Airbnb many times. For the most part it works fine. The issue that REALLY keeps getting in the way is the lack of a “campsite” category. When I search for “private room” or “entire place” I’m constantly getting CAMPSITES. Airbnb has got to add a way to filter these out! I thought with this recent upgrade it would be fixed but there’s been no improvement.

  10. Worst app ever!! We are here to see the Fall colors and have done nothing for the last 4 hours of driving and trying to confirm our reservation through Airbnb. So frustrating and it’s so late now that the host cannot get there in time for us to check in tonight. Nothing but frustration while I should be enjoying the beautiful colors. A total waste of one day of vacation.

  11. Paul Zaic dice:

    A sleak app overall, but the filters were a bit buggy. Sometimes the sliding cost widget worked but mostly it didn’t. It would be really great to be able to sort once you had the results from a search – by cost, proximity, etc. Finally, it would be very helpful to be able to not only revisit previous searches, but to save the combination of a search and the filters applied. While looking for a place, I had to set my filter with the same choices many times. If it’s possible, it’s not intuitive.

  12. The search feature on this app is horrible. Zooming in and out makes entries appear and disappear even when they are still in view on the map. There doesn’t appear to be a way to see just “all airbnbs” in the map search. You have to choose something like “lakefront” or “great views” and there doesn’t seem to be an option for turning that off. Switching from selection to selection (i.e. from lakefront to cabins) will randomly change the map scale sometimes to the entire country

  13. Cat Cat dice:

    They need to go back to more robust filters as well as have a filter by “total cost.” Many of the hosts are charging the same price for the room and cleaning fee and it makes filtering by price inefficient. I have also been double charged for a monthly stay in the past which was a nightmare to resolve and I ended up having to dispute it through my bank because AitBNB support was unhelpful. That being said, if you have the time and energy to spare, there are some great stays on here.

  14. D W dice:

    Used to be amazing, more lame with every update. From the host side. I’ve been a super host for 6 years. Airbnb used to be simple, helpful, and very responsive. Now, you can tell the robots have taken over. App is no longer easy to navigate and is way over complicated. Since this has happened, various things will randomly not work. This includes messages from guests not showing up for hours or days. When contacting support, they just say it’s a known issue and can’t do anything. 🙁

  15. War Path dice:

    Getting more options with filter. Good new features. Bad about it is that, the app need to stop mapping my budget by stop bringing me to another continent unless I wish to. I’m searching in US and US is my budget friendly plan but it takes me alllll the way across the earth when I switch the type of stay. Cabin, island, cave… etc. It’s annoying.

  16. Ryan Goss dice:

    I have several issues with this app. Since this is the only way we are supposed to interact with their service they are especially egregious. Primary issues are simply inputting text, navigating the tabs, and reading messages. Whether I’m typing a review or responding to a guest using Swype on my keyboard is borderline impossible. Words will not input or delete themselves. Punctuation will not input as well.Often the toolbar at the bottom (i.e. the only way to navigate the app) just disappears.

  17. Airbnb cancelled my reservation a couple of days before my stay. I had to rebook at a higher rate. They sent me an email with a button to update my payment info, which I did. After days going back and forth with customer service, I was told that I should have contacted them directly and refused to cover the cost increase. Very stressful and disappointing way to spend my time on my trip.

  18. Good app, but this review is for the new update. It sucks. I like the category search, but there’s no way to turn it off, also the filter that selects the price doesn’t stick when you try to lower the price, only when you try to raise it. It’s a nusance and it makes looking around more difficult.

  19. I’ve been using this app for years with good experiences. My latest trip was made difficult because my host didn’t seem to get messages I sent from the mobile app. If I wanted to talk with them, I had to log in through a browser. I almost cancelled my stay because they didn’t respond for over two days, but responded immediately when I messaged through a browser. Frustrating for both of us. This has never been an issue before August 2022, and I’ve used Airbnb multiple times this year.

  20. k D dice:

    I’ve been using Airbnb for 6+ months. Generally love it. Good customer support thru app. However they are constantly changing/updating the app so I have to relarn everything again and it often loses some of its flexibility. This time, the slider scale for $$$ isn’t working. I’ve been told they are working to fix the problem.

  21. Goodness, I do not like the new category search. At least leave an option to turn it off/select all. I often used airbnb to find fun hotel alternatives when I’m going to be in a city more than a day. I want to see every option in the area and I don’t want to have to browse between 50 opaque and randomish categories to find a nice townhouse (is it Design? Lux? Amazing Views?). Honestly, there is no clear category for this, it just multiplies the difficulty of basic searching.

  22. Creating an account to essentially just rent a room for a night makes you wanna pull your hair out. Basic info, debit card info and done? Nope! By the time I was done I had to do half the reservation from Facebook, got 7 separate airbnb verification codes, tabs randomly close out and had to start all over, the website wasn’t compatible with my camera, had to install the app, take several pics of license, myself, make a profile, explain why I want a room.. which is weird. Just a nightmare

  23. Lamberto dice:

    As a host the experience to get started is aweful. We had multiple issue that is taking days to resolve. I teach computer science so its not that I’m computer illiterate. The listing is “green” but does not show up in any search. Qe downloaded the app and it didn’t create a short cut. When i log in it asks for a phone number but then i dont receive a code half the time. My inbox included messages that were not from me (this was fixed… I hope). Anyway, needs improvements!!!!

  24. Beats the heck out of staying in hotels or motels… The cleaning charges and fees could definitely be cheaper. Sometimes it is EXTREMELY SHOCKING when you go to book a house for 4-6 days and the FEES are HALF as much as the advertised price of the location. And that is ON TOP of A CLEANING fee AND taxes. Other than that, the App is extremely easy to learn and use. The communication platform functions perfectly.

  25. leaf dice:

    I did book a cabin through this app and I did enjoy my stay, though the listing wasn’t entirely accurate. My biggest issue was the functioning of the app itself. I found it to be confusing. Why do they specifically say that they won’t charge you until the day before your booking- and then immediately charge you in full? I don’t think I’ll be using this again tbh. I’ll just stick to hotels, you can get better prices, anyway

  26. Just lost $2,000 on an accidental booking while browsing a place on a credit card that wasn’t even registered to me. I don’t understand why there can’t be a policy in which you cancel immediately, you’re not subject to the hosts “cancelation policy.” Or even a simple “are you sure you want to book this” button. Covids stay at home order didn’t even hit me as hard as this. $800 lost to the host and $1200 Airbnb credit for some app I don’t ever want to use again.

  27. Unfortunately, a server error prevented your request from being completed. Airbnb may be undergoing maintenance or your connection may have timed out. Please try again I’ve done my research and this has been a constant ongoing issue for many users! You have no solution because every time I call I get nowhere! I’ve listened to others and tried every suggestion possible yet again nothing has worked! This has been an issue for almost a month now!

  28. I’m new to this service. I made a booking out of state, as I’m on a tight budget for a doctors appointment. They canceled it saying there was a problem with the price or something. Ok fine. I made a second booking and they canceled it saying that they forgot to block out the space for repairs. I’m sorry that’s all very fishy. New user, very disappointed. Looks like I’ll be staying in a hotel.

  29. After registering for acc. I made a reservation. After it was confirmed and verify by the third party. Aurbnb deactivated my account because I didn’t follow proper guide lines that they themselves could not disclose. All this with in hour of tra el to another country. Very upsetting to go thru this. No answer was given by the accounts team. So disappointing to have this happen on the very first attempt to use the service. Be ware and have a back up plan if you decide to use Airbnb.

  30. Never, ever, ever write your review/any after experience in the app. It’s great for searching, booking a quick trip, messenging a host, but if you get a phone call, a text, get distracted for a sec and your phone goes to sleep– you’ll lose everything you wrote.

  31. Can no longer filter by price – this function is glitching out. Search was already difficult to use as it doesn’t save your search preferences and keeps showing luxury locations instead. Updating did not fix this. Also, Free Cancelation search option is gone. There’s absolutely 0 chance I will be booking here since finding appropriate accomodations is impossible.

  32. Always had good experiences with my visits. Searching in the app is not so great any more. Why can’t you see ALL types of places at once? Also, no option for just regular house/apartment/condo? Just looking for a place to sleep to travel for a concert. Not looking for a yurt or spaceship….

  33. Great for a week stay bad for 1 or 2 night stays. Cleaning fees always hidden untill you click on a listing. Update the property listings to include cleaning fees before clicking on a property. Should be able to see the full price before taxes on the map. Used to be a better option than a hotel but in the past year it’s better to stay at a hotel.

  34. Great app for finding that perfect place to stay. I’ve always had a great experience booking a place with Airbnb. The hosts have been incredibly responsive and very accommodating. Another aspect I appreciate is the host rating of the people who stayed. It’s nice to get recognized for being respectful and clean. The only thing I don’t like is that hotels/motels can show up as options. I use Airbnb to avoid hotels so this bugs me a bit. If that is something you want, then it’s a bonus.

  35. Amazing that an app as popular as this has no one testing it on Android. I’m using a $1000 Samsung S21 flagship and it has glaring usability issues. With the latest update, the control for selecting dates does not work. It just takes you back to the location selection screen “WANT TO STAY IN ITALY?” No, no I actually do not. As a workaround, you just have to keep selecting properties until you find one that’s available for the range, and it will offer to set the date. This is unusable (AGAIN).

  36. I love browsing listings in the desktop browser, but the Android app is borderline unusable for me. The slider to filter price range doesn’t work for me. It would’ve been great if I could press on the range and just type the numbers, but I can’t. And the slider doesn’t slide. So I’m stuck with thousands of listings on the map instead of just the ones in my price range.

  37. Airbnb used to be such a good deal and experience. Reasonable prices have turned expensive and on top of that it’s incredibly frustrating to see a price on the app and find a $40-$150 cleaning fee and $30 service fees hidden away until you are at the checkout. Adding all these hidden fees so late makes it harder to find a nice place to stay. I find myself more and more often using other services and hotels, without all the hidden fees, as it’s easier and doesn’t waste nearly as much of my time.

  38. I am having a terrible experience with Airbnb platform. They have blocked my payment methods without any reason. I have tried several credit cards, debit card, PayPal. Nothing works. Contacted support twice, they promised to resolve the issue in couple hours but nothing has need done so far. Spent a lot of time finding a place I like to stay and now what?! The previous place I have booked without any problems just two days ago. Very frustrating experience!

  39. Generally works but also there are quite a few times where the app does not load well on Samsung S21 and I can not navigate it. It seems to be stuck on the “today” tab view only. While the tabs on the bottom that allows you to select inbox, calendar, insights and menu goes missing quite often. And does not appear back until the phone is restarted. This is so frustrating. Wish Airbnb would fix this issue asap so host can communicate better with there guests.

  40. QA/testing team doesn’t seem to exist and all the bugs go straight into production! These bugs cost $$$ to everyone. Latest new sorting algorithm – can’t sort. What is the point? New machine learning hardly finds a fraction of beachfront properties available. New Algorithm can’t distinguish a property with a pool from a property that has a waterpark in town. Why play guessing game when u have actual flags from user data entry. Old version was way less buggy. Disappointed.

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