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The more you explore with Play Disney Parks, the more there is to discover!
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Explore the Disney theme parks like never before with the Play Disney Parks app—and delight in interactive adventures, attraction-themed games, Disney trivia, unique achievements and other fun experiences that bring the environments around you to life!

Use the Play Disney Parks app to join the Disney Fab 50 Quest and find golden sculptures of 50 fabulous Disney characters across 4 theme parks—and celebrate the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary with achievements!

The Play Disney Parks app is also a vital tool for living your own Star Wars story. Track down targets in Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters and collect credits from the Guildmaster. Experience adventures in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge—hack into droids, scan crates, tune into transmissions, translate languages, and so much more!

Turn wait time into playtime! Play with family and friends while waiting in line and enjoy a variety of fun—from activities that interact with attraction queues to games that immerse you in Disney stories.

Earn and share themed achievements—digital collectibles all their own, awarded for experiences in the app.

Test your knowledge with Disney trivia—and see if you and your crew have what it takes to become Disney trivia masters.

There’s so much to play with the Play Disney Parks app!


Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains:

The option to sign in using a Disney account. If your mobile device has a registered Disney account, you can visit your device settings to disable the account syncing to this app.

Location-based services that will require access to your location data for certain features. If location-based services are enabled on your device, this app will also collect your location information through beacon technology in order to enable certain features and interactive and personalized experiences within the Disney theme parks.

Notifications for information relating to the app and your visit to the Disney theme parks. You may control notifications in your device settings.

Location notification alerts. You can disable local notifications in your settings.

Linking to social media links to share your app achievements.

Advertising for some third parties as well as for The Walt Disney Family of Companies .

Features that may request access to your camera to participate in the game or activity.

Requests to access to your external storage to cache certain data for offline browsing.

Features requiring a Wi-Fi or mobile carrier data connection.

Some features requiring separate theme park admission. Park experiences subject to capacity.

Children’s Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

Your California Privacy Rights:

Do Not Sell My Info:


There’s even more to play with the Play Disney Parks app!


40 comentarios en "Play Disney Parks 2022"

  1. Izzy E dice:

    The other games are pretty great besides the art of animation. I didn’t even make it past the instructions before it froze. (Right when it’s telling you to scan the pictures). If it worked this would be higher rating. But other than that- its really fun and a time consumer if you need or want it to be.

  2. An interesting idea that suffers from poor execution. Some of the games offer unique interaction with aspects of ride queues and help keep you occupied during the wait. Achievements are buggy and often do not award, making it frustrating to track your progress. I hope they smooth it out soon, but otherwise I would pass on this if the broken achievements will bother you. It has potential of fixed and would be a great addition to each ride at the parks.

  3. I downloaded the app to play in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. It’s a buggy battery eater. No matter how many times I tried to check the map to find the location of the next job, it only showed icons and no map. For someone who only has to charge their phone once every day and a half, it ate my battery in two hours. It made me hesitant to try any games in other parks. It fails to acknowledge park attendence achievements. It crashes and freezes often. What can I say? I just expect more from Disney.

  4. Like most of Disney’s apps, unfortunately, this one looks like it was designed by Playskool and not by Walt Disney Imagineering. The app has no real integration with the Disneyland experience. In fact, the app detracts from The Magic Kingdom and feels entirely like contemporary reality. Frankly, Disney should be embarrassed by the utter lack of showmanship, imagination, and storytelling expertise in the design. Additionally, the lack of support for Spotify is a major turn-off.

  5. Overall great app, love all the games and it really helps the time go by when standing in a long queue at Disney World. I have an issue with the Star Wars Datapad, though. I can do everything except scan or use visual input on translate. I could do each of these once, but after that it stopped working. I contacted a cast member at Disney World, and we tried to get it to work for a while, but we couldn’t. I will give 5 stars when this works. I have high expectations!! 🙂

  6. Downloaded for the Galaxy’s Edge Datapad feature. Worked for about 4 hours until the “Map” would only show a black screen, no matter how long I allowed it to load. Tried restarting app, but apparently the geniuses at Disney decided that closing the app would loose ALL of your progress. Completely pointless, you would have to start vompletely over each time you visit and utterly disappointing.

  7. Fun and interactive app, BUT there was just a lot to take in, especially in a fast moving line, with impatient people behind us on Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Plus, the kids were more excited to look around their environment, than have their noses in a phone. I would recommend this app for kids or adults who have to always be on an electronic or plugged in. I get that! This app would be perfect for them, as it would keep them busy and still engaged in the experience.

  8. worked good for an hour or so the first day. then it started crashing. even with reboots and re install and when it got past the loading screen it would crash after completing a quzz, achievement. it got to the point i left it uninstalled. the app is out of date too. it still has a bugs land on it. i expected better from Disney. they should just incorporate it into the Disneyland app.

  9. The app does everything it says that it does, and it works well. However, I found it to be a distraction from my overall Disney parks experience. It seems to be best suited for those guests who visit the park often and have time to be leisurely, especially in the Star Wars themed area. If you are only there for a day or two, you want to be experience something other that your phone. The music and trivia can be good for traveling. The rest of the apps features are best left for locals

  10. The app is cool and a really good idea. The only things I don’t like is that their isn’t a achievement for every ride. I get their isn’t a achievement for absolutely everything but the rides should have one. The other thing that should be changed is that you can’t zoom out to see the entire park or use the map necessarily as a map.

  11. EDIT: I have redownloaded the app with the most recent update and so far have not had issues with my bluetooth. Turns bluetooth off and on itself. I’ve been trying to figure out why this kept happening. I got a new phone recently and when this app turned it off I got a notification saying “play Disney turned off bluetooth” uninstalling because that is ridiculous. it is even listed as not having permissions in my settings.

  12. This app is basically malware. it will drain the battery on your phone excessively fast. It hijacked and renamed my phones Bluetooth connection. Even without that, the app doesnt really work. It is extremely slow (i have a pixel 3) by design. The games you can olay are boring at best. Its use at Galaxys Edge is clunky at best but usually its just more broken than anything. The only thing this app has going for it is that it is a good idea just very poorly executed

  13. Keegan B dice:

    Battery usage and performance are horribly unoptimized. It also struggles to consistently detect which park I’m in. The bounty hunter and datapad activities for Galaxy’s Edge should be one, and their separation is initially confusing.

  14. Works as a Great Battery Drain When it works. Unfortunately that rarely happens. I keep trying to open it. It loads, then says I have earned achievements, then refuses to do anything. Just freezes. Doesn’t even crash. Edit: Works better on a new phone. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not work and actually caused the issues as it tried to give me all the achievements at once.

  15. App is hard to use. Hard to find the subpanel that you want. Sometimes it gets disconnected from the magic band (had to restart my phone to fix). Hard to figure out how to work the bounty hunter game. Everything I tried with this app was hard to use. I’ve been waving at gold statues all week, now just realized you need to start the app to get it to record the ones you’ve found.

  16. Slow, buggy, only one “game” worked well. MagicBand+ was a waste of money. Barely worked for a couple golden statues, but didn’t work for most. Waited until vibrated and turned white but just wouldn’t recognize the shake. Bounty Hunters doesn’t work well, and there’s no “game” to it other than hot/cold. Most games don’t work well, are slow, buggy, or not really games. The best game is for Space Mountain, but most of it is in the final queueing area so you’re boarding soon.

  17. !!!WARNING!!! App keeps starting itself even after a forced stop. Don’t need an app that is trying to collect or send data out when I am not using it. Otherwise the app is working.

  18. Have to re-log in every time I open the app. This takes forever. Half the times I re-log in it says my credentials are incorrect. They are not. I try my entire family’s credentials and they are not ALL WRONG. I have to force close app and restart. EVERY SINGLE SESSION of trying to re-open the app and access my starcruiser info, I am told I have to link my reservation. It is linked. Back to log out/ re- log in. For starcruiser guest who are dependant on this app, this blows.

  19. Solid app, could be better. Make finding MagicBand+ functions easier Add a search function for app abilities and park locations

  20. The standalone games kept our daughter busy in the queues, and the statue hunt with the magic band plus worked well, but that’s as good as it gets. The various “achievements” for visiting attractions was hit and miss – some awarded without any action whilst others refused to recognise that we’d been there (same on iOS as well). The Ziplock challenge at Epcot was not up to date, with stands not being where the instructions said, with Morocco being closed stopping getting the final jigsaw piece.

  21. It’s a cool app but the bluetooth connection cause the battery to overheat way to quickly plus the phone should be a help as well instead of just a scan at the door it should have a map of the area that you have to look in because the magic band band in daylight is harder to see as the green light is too dim for the environment.

  22. The game is fun, but the lag for the search is too long. The constant use of GPS and having the app open for causes phone to overheat and eat battery power. The magic band interface needs use the lights as a direction finder so you are not aimless wondering around when playing the bounty hunter game.

  23. I am glad Disney took the effort to create the app, thus a bonus star, I used it years ago before you had to CONSTANTLY use your phone to just to get through your day. Adding the 50th statues and Galaxy’s Edge games are a huge boon, and add so much to the old app. I have also seen entire groups of people enjoying a game and entertaining the rest of the guests in line. The negative 2 stars (thus 4 v 6) pairing Magicband+ to Disney Experience app, then pairing to Play is PAINFUL. #known issue

  24. App will not load any of the games either on wifi or on a mobile data connection. File for the app is rather enormous as well. Just don’t bother buying the magic band plus, because the Disney app ecosystem is worthless.

  25. PLAY doesn’t work 50% of the time (it won’t open to my datapad). When it does, it no longer makes sound when hacking into things. That was the fun part of using it.

  26. App barely works, magic band+ drops connection or won’t connect on both Android and iPhone, terrible experience. Was given a new band for free and it still doesn’t work properly.

  27. Everything about Disney is not user friendly especially this app currently at Disney can’t do anything with this watch cuz it won’t even work or connect and wifi/signal is awful so can’t even fix it or access the things id need to fix it.

  28. Mason dice:

    Fun! I hope they add more interactive queues and games in the future!

  29. Nice app to pass the time with but hit and miss if it will recognise we have been on rides or are in a line waiting. location permission enabled so is bluetooth, wifi and nfc

  30. Wayne S dice:

    Needs to update locations better. At black spire. Didn’t locate me. Better Android connection. I know Disney is mainly Apple products, but connections should better or close to equal

  31. Very slow app. 50 quest with magic bands + does not function. Uninstalling.

  32. Great experiences throughout the app whether in the park or not. Very interactive

  33. Love it. Adds more fun to my day at the disney parks

  34. Carrie B dice:

    Doesn’t work. Wouldn’t pull up anything other than a black screen.

  35. 90% of the time games won’t load or ot says magic band isn’t connected yet when I go into my disney experience app it shows magic band is connected. Restart phone and app and still doesn’t load sometimes

  36. Sometimes doesn’t work for android. Castmembers told me that it’s built around I-phone. Would recommend, it’s semi-rare to get it to crash or magicband+ to not work.

  37. I got the new MagicBand+ but when I try to start the Fab 50 quest in the parks, it just loads for a second and returns me to the home screen. Please fix so I don’t feel like I wasted money on the new tech.

  38. My scanning function and audio translator wouldn’t work. I gave full access to the app and still nothing.

  39. CRHC17 dice:

    This doesn’t have anything that it advertises…no map of the park, no wait times, just some games and achievement badges

  40. This adds a whole new level to your Disney experience. Love Easter egg and playing a game within your experience? This is for you.

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