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Increase your speed with a special version of CryptoTab Browser
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CryptoTab Pro is a special version of the CryptoTab Browser, for everyone who wants to use all CryptoTab services directly on Android device.

Enjoy super-fast Internet surfing and advanced browser features, watch movies, play online games or do whatever you’re used to and at the same time monitor your hash rate. You can control your Cloud.Boosts, add unlimited amount of remote devices and observe BTC balance rising. The balance is updated every 10 minutes — withdraw funds immediately and an unlimited number of times per day, without any commissions. Double benefit: use a truly modern browser and get a stable profit. Sounds amazing? But it is true, so go and try it! Join the community of more than 20 million people who have already enjoyed the advanced features of the CryptoTab Browser on mobile devices!

– Quick access to CryptoTab services
– Withdrawal of BTC without commissions
– Unlimited number of withdrawals per day
– Modern interface
– Separate profiles for different usage


40 comentarios en "CryptoTab Browser Pro Level MODDED 2022"

  1. Been using the upgraded version for almost a month. Purchased the Boosts to maxed out 200%. Only thing that sucks so far with my experience: Leaving the browser open so it can keep mining isnt a problem. The fact that the paid boosts can be turned off or on isnt a problem. The fact that once you turn them ON and come back later to find they automatically turned back OFF without my input however IS A PROBLEM! Now if you close it I can understand it. If it’s open and being used, NOT COOL!😒🤷‍♀️

  2. First time I have encountered something too good to be true but at the same time it works. The only few problems I have with this is service is the desktop and speed of the app. So I have downloaded the desktop version and when I open the crypto browser to start, it automatically just closes the browser by itself. I have tried doing it 4 to 10 times it keeps closing out. Also on the phone app speeds cloud boost randomly turns off. 4 stars for now since there is still work to do.

  3. If I could give negative stars I would. Nowhere does it mention recurring payment for the pro version. For the past 3 months I’ve been getting charged $13 a month for a browser that not only lags like no other but it also freezes nearly everytime I use it. Also the mining rate is way inconsistent. Don’t waste your money

  4. Just purchased the pro version and why it has 3 hours interval? I will keep review at 1 star. I don’t think pro version is worth paying. They mentioned it will run in the background. I left it for 8 hours running in the background and it barely moved. It made .003 cents. I would stick to the not pro version. The only thing you get on the pro version is 1 hour extra of boost which you have to manually enable every 3 hours. This is what I discovered.

  5. It does what it claims. The site / app functions as is stated. Withdraws show up in a day to the wallet i sent the coins to, i dont think there has been anything that i would be able to complain about at all. I gave 4 stars purely because perfect is unattainable. Theres always room for improvement as they say. A sugestion i would like to put out there is a one time purchase to extend the mine time between button presses. Great app / site thanks to those who made this project happen!

  6. This browser is a godsend in times of need. I have nothing to complain about it and I checked out pretty much everything there is to see. Suffice to say, I am quite content with this version and will continue to use it whenever possible (which may not be more than a few days a year, judging from my seemingly busy schedule looming in the horizon). Key actions: ASRM = Activate the system, Search, Read a lot and then Mine for as long as possible.

  7. I have purchased and installed on 4 devices. It run continuous, without closing the browser or tuning off the screen on 2 devices and still the cloud boost resets every 3 hours. This should not happen as I am paying a lot for the boost. Please fix it. Can I please get a response that is not generic. I am not running the app in the BACKGROUND. I have the app running on the screen 24/7

  8. It’s a good app, but if you have access to a desktop computer you should get it on there as well. The pro version seriously ramps up your mining power. Hashrate went from a painful 6 up to about 33 and then with the minimum pro version I can boost it to 66. If you go with a more expensive plan you should be able to boost it more and/or do so on multiple systems.

  9. This app is what it is. Don’t expect it to perform like a full scale mining rig. I see it sort of like coupon clipping used to be. I don’t use the boosts because I’m not sure the math adds up, but for a person on a small, fixed income, every little bit helps. I deducted one star for having to start it every three hours.

  10. It’s a pretty damn good app and an excellent way to score some free bitcoin while doing nothing more than usual on your phone or computer. Also, it’s awesome how you can use several computers as well as get friends involved in your earnings and all benefit more and more with every minute you surf the web. Just wish it would be able to continue mining when you are not actively using it so long as the mining page is still tabbed when you switch between apps and other activities.

  11. Good at least for the past week, main issue; they have minning time of three hour intervals, enable button that stops mining every three hours…. this is very annoying almost to where its not worth buying extra multipliers for speed. For that reason its not 4-5 stars. payments go out with one still in limbo waiting for confirmations now for 3 days. Other then that I will get a few odd advertisements in my notifications about viruses/scanning system. The goods; Easy to use and understand

  12. Shawn D. dice:

    App is legit, I’ve cashed out 5 times within a month now. I do wish the boost cost was a lot lower but as for the app it is legit. Would recommend downloading it. I also wish that it was not needed to keep turning it on every 3 hours. What is the purpose of that, why can’t I just turn it on and let it go till I turn it off like the PC browser one.

  13. It is a very legit app. The only thing I wish would change is the 3 hour mining on the phone. It would be nice if it could be changed to a 24 hour period. I even wouldn’t mind paying a little more to where you can use the mining feature 24/7 on the cryptotab browser because when I am a sleep I lose hours that it could have been mining. I don’t really like having to re-enable the mining feature every 3 hours. I actually lose money on the hours I am sleeping.

  14. Update: So now it is working a quarter of the time…It’s more like half time-wise, but that’s cuz when it works I dont touch it for hours, which also renders my computer relatively inoperable to mine, which is fine, I just wish it worked consistently so i would feel safe turning it down or off. Currently, if i turn it down, it seems to do nothing, and it’s no longer a gauge for computer work, there’s off/half power/on, and if half feels the same as on, then we’re back to binary. I dont get it, it feels like my computer is working yet my account isn’t increasing ALL BECAUSE it says 0 hashes/s, which makes no sense seeing as how normally it’s at 350 and 700 with the x2 boost update: so now your boosts are completely different and way more expensive. I want to be able to buy the x10 (or x15 now) boosts for 3 computers at discount (not phones) but the option doesn’t seem to be available anymore

  15. This app really has a lot of room for improvement. It is about 32 dollars for all the upgrades, and with my phone not being able to stay on for long periods of time and the app timing out, the ROI falls short of a few bucks. In this case, you are much better off just buying it from the exchange. It is a cool concept just totally not worth the money for any of the boosts at this point.

  16. I updated my app yesterday and it since then I have been unable to continue mining. One of the two images that usually appears for merger has suddenly disappeared. So please help me to get it restored. I will give the view of app a three star 🌟 🌟 🌟. Thanks

  17. John M dice:

    Complete scam do not use. I tried for literally hours to buy an NFT to boost mining performance. There was one issue after another. I ultimately was unable to purchase the NFT, and to top it off, in switching accounts between the one I had purchased for my phone and the one on the computer I lost half of what I had mined. Crypto tab is an absolute waste of time and money.

  18. As a browser it is OK, JUST OK. Not spectacular at all. Mining? Not even started even though I have been using it as primary browser for more than 3 months. To date not a single 0 turned into a 1. Got the Pro version to start mining immediately… still waiting. Don’t believe this nonsense. And do not try to get support. It just doesn’t exist. Is buying it worth it? NO. This is clearly a scam. Another lesson learnt. Stick to your old browser. Assistance is FAQ that leads nowhere.

  19. a bagel dice:

    You will make a bit of money but without boosts it’s a tiny inconsequential amount. I recommend using the Google rewards app to get play store credit or another way to get free credit then use that to buy boosts. I’m not sure if it’s really worth it if you’re paying for boosts with your own money but if you can get it for free then it’s definitely worth it. This app works but it really isn’t a lot. If I get a copy paste response from the developer istg I’ll drop my review to 1 star.

  20. This app has been running smoothly until this last update, since i updated my app, i have been unable to activate a mining section because when i want solve captcha to activate a section, the small piece that am supposed to drag to the right spot is no longer there I hope its corrected fast so that i can continue my mining

  21. moustafa dice:

    Was hoping the “pro” version would remove the security verification slider but nope you have to do it every 3 hours to or it stops mining. I would understand if it was in the free version but pro version should at least have this nuisance turned off. I regret ever paying for this , it seems they track your ip so that you can’t activate the mining all the time and now I can’t mine because of “maintenance issue with the server “. What a scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Big regrets to have buyed pro version it doesnt work at all and whrn it was working it was mining about 0.01 cent a week very disapointed also the boosts are worthless to buy i have used this app for a year then now i have merged to samsung browser i’m uninstallimg it now and recents pages were closing too easyly when i was tapping them so i had to reopen them everytime it was a good browser for a time then now it doesn’t do anything all is unfonctionnal its bad because i was liking it before

  23. Way too long to earn, I’ve been using the app for about 3 years now and honestly I haven’t pulled out that much btc… you need to pay to access fast mining speeds but payout does not come with the amount it costs…

  24. Purchased Pro & 10x mining speed boost for 6mths. Promoted with monthly cost to look like monthly subscription. After sign up, found I was billed 6mths up front (£179.99). I chose the subscription so if a scam I could cancel, knowing I only wasted 1 month. After Google Play refused to cancel/refund, I’m now stuck with earnings of £0.20 a day for 6mths (£34). Waste of money and a scam! CryptoTab direct you to a feedback site, that doesn’t allow feedback on the subscription. SCAM! Avoid CryptoTab.

  25. Eric S. dice:

    I purchased the Pro version about four days ago, and got the error, “Cloud.Boost is already activated on this device in another browser.” I was pretty sure that was not the case, but waited a full day before trying again, and got the same error. I sent them an email three days ago, and wouldn’t you know it? I haven’t heard back. They took my $4.49 and ran with it. SCAM. EDIT: if you didn’t want to see this review, then you should have responded to my email. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

  26. This App Should Be Remove From Play Store The owner of this app is a corporate thief. We were told we can mine on a multiple devices with same user account so I downloaded it on my laptop and start mining with a very disappointing hashrate despite already subscribed to premium package. I logged on to the mobile and I discovered that my subscription is no more active with no option of reaction but instead it requesting that I should add a boost again. What about package I activate few days bef

  27. Great browser with a few extras like mining and other activities to earn bitcoin. Excellent browser also. Fast and convenient. 100% recommended by me. Give it a try. Plus the morre you use the browser to surf the web, the more hashrate you get during your searches. Enjoy!

  28. Definitely worth the 99¢ personally I think if they offered a upgrade for a 24h reset for mining, I’d heavily consider paying alittle bit more, and would even then consider getting boost, because maintenance throws off the regular routine for a 3h reset.. Update- curious about others experience with the NFT mining.

  29. Crazy man dice:

    Used to love this app spent a lot of money on it cashed out about 4 months ago didn’t receive my cash out any other time had no problem and now I can’t cook those brows with connected to my Wi-Fi I have to have mobile data and had to be in service before I can do anything please fix the issue

  30. Am okay with the app but my problem is payment method. My card could not pay before but I went and open another account in order to get another card that can pay but am still having issues with this one even when Google have accepted it. Can I have another payment method?

  31. After paying for this app now the puzzle that verifies that I am a human being 😖… I can’t see what I am moving to the other part Like I can’t see the missing piece that is supposed to be moved to complete the puzzle I dunno if this might be from my phone or what But that concerns me alot 😑🤧

  32. I’ve been trying to add X10 Cloud boost, it’s not accepting my payment… But I just tried to activate CryptoTab max and the payment went through immediately

  33. Auto translate function on crytotab browser is not function properly so if you want to translate the website you need to click on translate menu manually while in past it will just automatically translate the website to the language we choose. I have set it to automatically translate but the auto translate just didnt work at all.

  34. This app is good but has a low turnout. I did the x10 cloud boost and also meet up with the click in every 3 hours but ran at a great loss. The developers are making a very big mistake for making the click to be every 3 hours instead of A click in every 24 hours. It should be A click in 24 hours which is once a day. By this way, people can make good profit from the cloud boost. I give it 2 star until you fix the error

  35. Everything’s good just make the withdrawals faster that would be helpful ✌🏻😇 & Please add an notify button to remind my refferals to mine that would be convenient for everyone

  36. It stops during withdrawal and not opening again and all other tabs that were opened in browser are also not working in any other browser.Fix it please

  37. Totally scam with buying Cloud boost and Pro app. Bought Pro app and Cloud Boost 10x. After 1 year complete i got less then half my amount which i invested. Why we need to click after every 3 hours if we have pro app and cloud boost ? What is the benefit of cloud boost totally useless. Serving 1 year waste of time and money.

  38. Will you put our BTC balance back where it was under our hash speed.. your trying to push your NFTs I’m not interested but you are forcing us to view your adverts and in doing so you moved our BTC balance this is really annoying a bit like when you brought out multiple browsers. Why don’t you do something to genuinely help us instead of treating us like cash cows. I have x2 boost its not worth having to be honest I’m thinking of uninstalling.

  39. Ana Rigo dice:

    We pay for a service that stops every three hours and as if it isn’t ironic enough, the service is often, unavailable for long hours for “technical maintenance”

  40. Ian North dice:

    Easy to use good user friendly paid version no ads and tap every 3 hours to mine, with a cloud boost gives it a good H/s rate, would be good to have a longer period to mine with the higher boost rate, maybe boost to potential gain ratio ie more invested with the potential gain shown for mining.

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