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Shop online with Microsoft Edge, the browser that helps you save time & money
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Choose the web browser that puts you first. Microsoft Edge is the fast and secure browser that helps you protect your data and save time and money.

Browse the web anywhere with one seamless experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices.

Microsoft Edge is a safe browser that gives you the tools to protect your privacy and security online. Microsoft Edge offers tracking prevention, AdBlock, InPrivate browsing, and InPrivate search. Use our secure Web Browser to help keep your browsing history safer and protect your privacy online.

Our secure and fast browser helps you organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter. Microsoft Edge makes it easier to find, view, and manage your content on the go. Browse the internet, save your favorite items and keep things handy.

Microsoft Edge features:

Save Time & Money
• Microsoft Edge is the best browser for shopping, with built-in tools to help you save time and money.
• Our coupons feature makes finding coupons faster and easier, helping you easily apply to your order while shopping on Microsoft Edge.
• Browse the web and earn rewards while you search with Microsoft Bing and find shopping deals online and in nearby stores.*

Private Browser: InPrivate browsing
• Privacy matters. InPrivate tabs won’t store your private browser history (like cookies, history, autofill information, or temporary files)
• Microsoft Edge’s InPrivate feature protects your privacy online.
• Keep your search history private with InPrivate search in Microsoft Bing.
• When you browse using InPrivate mode, your search history will not be saved to Microsoft Bing or associated back to your Microsoft account.

Secure Browser
• A safe web browser that lets you take control of your data.
• A secure browser that protects you and your family online.
• Tracking prevention is enabled by default, so you don’t have to take any action to start having a more private browsing experience.
• A safe browser that protects your sensitive information from trackers.

Web Browser with a more productive and secure browsing experience
• A private browser that securely syncs your favorites, passwords, Collections, and other saved data across your signed-in devices.
• Search the web on the go with visual and voice search powered by Microsoft Bing.
• Browse the web with a redesigned navigation helps you get to your Favorites, Reading list, and more in fewer taps.
• With Immersive Reader users can remove distracting content from articles and blog posts for a more streamlined reading experience.

Ad Blocker:
• Secure browser with additional perks.
• AdBlock Plus helps block unwanted ads from your browsing experience
• Use a secure browser and block ads by turning on AdBlock: Visit Settings and click Content Blockers.
• Use our secure browser to remove distracting content

Organize & Collect: Organization on the go
• A more productive experience every time you browse.
• Collections makes it easier than ever to collect and organize content you find on the web across your signed-in devices.

Get Microsoft Edge, the fast and secure web browser that helps protect your data and save time and money when you browse.

*This shopping feature is currently only available in the United States.


40 comentarios en "Microsoft Edge: Web Browser 2022"

  1. The design,layout and ease of use has me sold on this Browser. It’s easy to find and get to your browser tools and functions. Adding Extensions are very easy to do. Some of the Extensions are practically must haves. I’ve had trouble getting “Screenshots” with all browsers used before. With Edge, no problem. Screenshots are a breeze. Just read up on your OS and how Edge works with it. To go to settings,it takes you to settings page. Then, find your way back to what u were doing,where you were

  2. Charles dice:

    I love Microsoft Edge. This is great for multi tasking tabs. I love it so much that I have save it as default browser. This is blazing fast on s21 ultra. I hate that others browsers hang after a well. You can’t go wrong with this mobile browser. I love the shopping features and everything. I even use on my ancient laptop. I love keep on updatimg and keeping this browser present. I don’t really have any issues at all. Thank you for a amazing experience to just browse without a problem.

  3. L J dice:

    I like this browser for searching the web. It gives you options on what service you want to use for search Et. Bing / Amazon / Netflix / Ebay / Linkin / shopping etc. And if you accidently close it, when you reopen the browser your pages are still there, until you close them out. You can place all your shortcut tabs and arange them how you want, even upper or lower / split . I like it and recommend it to everybody. LJ

  4. Joe Shmoe dice:

    Simply the best. Intuitive, robust, and secure, for real. Over the years, I have used just about every browser out there, bcoz i work in software, and finally came back to the MS Edge Browser – the Cadillac of browsers. What sets the Edge few notches above the rest is its reliable security and strict privacy policy, which gives me a peace of mind in a dangerous internet environment. Plus, I prefer Microsoft products because it’s authentically an all American company. Thank God for Microsoft!

  5. Good browser, but it has some serious problems with deleting browser history once synced with other devices. I like to empty my trash and cache weekly but with Edge I have to do this every time I use it because the clear button doesn’t work, must manually delete each page one at a time. This has been an issue for months now on my Z Fold 3.

  6. Edge freezes too often on the Bing homepage, making it impossible to scroll up, down, or use the slider at the top to see other trending articles. When trying to view the Microsoft Rewards dashboard, that page doesn’t display correctly with much of the information running off the right side of the sceen with no way to scroll or zoom to see that information. No add-ins installed and the phone is a new Galaxy S22 Ultra. How is it Microsoft can’t get their browser to work on their own websites?

  7. M T dice:

    Downgraded to 3 stars. Lines and columns are too narrow to display all the information. Have to use Chrome instead. Many coupons do not apply or expired. Please reference the CNET website for improvements. Need more contrast or different color for the open tab in order not to close the wrong tab. When reading aloud or hitting the three dots on the top, the screen turns dark and hard to see.

  8. I am beginning to have flashbacks to 1996 and Internet Explorer…both Edge and Explorer started out being very good but as time wore on the updates seemed to do less and less towards actually fixing problems and more to make it simply look good. Edge freezes more and more often lately and that really shouldn’t be an issue with a Qualcomm powered phone with 6 gb of RAM. My phone is not the issue nor my data connection… it’s something in the app. No other apps freeze like this.

  9. Feels faster than chrome alot of the time, but it suffers from way more bugs. Launched browser and suddenly the ui at the bottom where you open tabs and look at history ect. was on the top of the screen the search bar become tiny. Also the news section at the bottom will commonly become all disfigured where there’s small boxes coming out of the screen and tiny boxes where the headlines are. You probably think English isn’t my primary language but I’m just lazy when it comes to typing.

  10. I have used Microsoft Edge on and off for years now. And for a couple years it was a hard browser to review, but this browser has made significant improvements in the last updates. I notice myself using this browser far more frequently. This browser is much faster, better than it was before, and has the potential of being a default browser. It’s good to see improvements!

  11. honestly, just as great as Chrome, if not better. let’s be honest here, I’d much rather my privacy be in the hands of Microsoft, than Google. only suggestion: I feel like there could be better synching between computer and mobile versions, but that could be just my privacy settings blocking up communication, which could be seen as a bonus if you look at it sideways from the corner of your eye. either way, thanks for the option! Firefox seems legit, but this feels like a smoother transition.

  12. You know I was pretty comfortable with Google chrome until my workplace switched to edge and I had to start using it. After getting used to it, I liked it more than chrome. I even switched all my home browsers to edge. I like that it lets you customize your browser the way you want it. And add block works well. The browser runs a little heavy. Especially on my PC. I do however wish it would stop asking if I want to switch back to the default, or (Microsoft recommended) settings.

  13. More updates: Now when typing text, it’ll repeat whatever phrase nonstop. Only browser that does this. Update: Freezes more often than before. Just absolutely horrid. The widget works well but the app has a major flaw. The inability to easily close all tabs leaves you with many tabs open and if you are unlucky, the app will freeze up your device whenever you try to close a tab. Overall it sucks up memory and is an absolute shame that it’s not very user friendly like Chrome is.

  14. When Edge first came out, I thought it was impressive, but way behind the rest. I used Firefox for a while, Chrome, but Edge has a nice sleek balance which I appreciate. Built-in ad block, works with chrome extensions, and not too cluttered. My minor nitpicks are the favorites menu feels like it ought to be more accessible from the UI, and the auto fill can feel a little aggressive and hard to dismiss.

  15. The Edge browser controls on my Android are inaccessible and I can’t modify without uninstalling. I don’t like the functions of Edge on my Android, as it is distracting, annoying at times when I’m working on several things simultaneously. It doesn’t allow much room for multitasking as did Google Chrome via my phone. It was a tad easier to navigate on my laptop. I just do not want it as my default browser on my phone 📱.

  16. Edge on desktop is great. On Android it’s trash. Adding a site to the home screen has been broken for a year. Regularly an update will completely reset the browser to defaults. Obviously nobody is bothering to test this before release. Terrible development. I’ve contacted support and they engage at first, then disappear. Really bad experience.

  17. Best overall browser in my opinion. Everything is seamless between platforms for me. I do wish we had better control over AdBlock or the option to pick a different extension on Android. Using a galaxy fold 3 while unfolded, trying to open a tab or change tabs, the position of the touch activation area is off. You have to click up in the status bar to register the press as opposed to the tab. This issue was present in the beta version and has made it into the stable version in the last update.

  18. reamed x dice:

    A browser with potential, but in desperate need of a UI refresh that it has not received in years, and important animations are broken or non-existent. It’s especially upsetting when the Windows 11 version is one of the most visually appealing browsers.

  19. Edge in laptops is by far my favorite, but the Android app is so much worse than nearly every competitor, I’m considering moving to another solution for both my laptop and my phone just so that I can get a better experience on Android and have things sync. Someone at Microsoft needs to take some responsibility for the quality of this app. Seriously.

  20. M S. dice:

    I updated because Edge kept getting hung up and now I have this Read Article button showing up on the bottom of my screen for no reason at all. I can’t turn it off. It shows up every time I’m looking at an article or someone posts a link to one. As if there isn’t already too much vying for phone screen real estate, you have to shove this on us. I know it is good for some, but not everyone needs it. Can I roll back to abetter version please???

  21. I used to use Chrome for almost everything on my smartphone, but Google just can’t quit finding ways to make good products suck. I had Edge installed already anyway, because it worked better for certain pages, but it’s now my main web browser. It has a few UI quirks that might throw unfamiliar users off a bit, but works great, is fast and easy to use.

  22. Keyboard Covers Text— In other browsers if the keyboard were to cover text in the webpage, the webpage would adjust itself, such that, you can see what you are typing. Edge does not do this. This is a huge problem for mobile as mobile sites often have text boxes locked to the bottom of the screen. I even tried using the Microsoft Swift Key keyboard to see if Gboard just wasn’t compatible. That made no difference. Edge was the one at fault. This needs to be fixed as it makes some sites unusable.

  23. Good mobile browser, probably my second favorite. Only issue is that, on a tablet, it won’t let you edit the menu saying, confusingly, that I need to be in portrait mode to do so. Even though I AM in tablet mode. Would also love a quick shortcuts option, a la Samsung Internet, from the address bar.

  24. frangkee dice:

    I’m starting to use Microsoft Edge because of the additional features and keyboard shortcuts that Chrome doesn’t offer (web version). And I’m carrying this over to mobile version. Two problems: text input area gets covered by keyboard. And for tablets, it would be nice to open another window versus just piling up tabs on one window.

  25. Microsoft listens to its users! FIXED in just 2 days an issue with opting out of optional diagnostics. KUDOS on so many improvements! UI on Samsung tablet SO much better now, almost like desktop. Pros: Blocks ads & trackers, syncs well, send tabs to your other devices, can enable desktop sites by default on ALL sites. Ten times better than Chrome! Cons: Can’t arrange the menu in large tablets. Clipboard grayed out in search box on many sites. I really like this browser. Keep up the good work.

  26. Bluecat dice:

    Uesd to love this app but the voice search doesn’t work. It always returns a domain error when you are on a cellular network. Same with the Bing app and the Start app and I’m using a surface duo 2. You’d think the Microsoft based stuff would work well with this phone but it doesn’t. It seems lately everything Microsoft has done is half baked. Love the phone hate the hassle. I just want it to work as intended.

  27. Overall much friendlier to my browsing control preferences than Chrome and cleaner controls than Firefox. The menu controls at the bottom is very convenient, completely customizable, and the settings make sense. And the authenticator protocols for Edge and Microsoft have made giant strides lately, so feels pretty good on security. Happy with the auto-fill feature too.

  28. This is a five star app when it works as intended. As many have mentioned on a Galaxy Fold, tabs cannot be accessed unless you restart the app. Filling out some forms hides everything with the keyboard or everything zooms in. Minor pains but slows down an experience. Please fix as I am not a fan of Chrome (yes I am aware that Edge is now Chromium-based). UPDATE Tabs work after update but cannot reliably tap a link. Tap is sensed about 1/4″ inch above where I select/tap.

  29. Tabs don’t work at all on my Fold 3. Can’t interact with them. Edit: Tabs work after closing and reopening, but I have to do that every time I want to use the browser. If I use it and then just switch off of it instead of fully quitting it, the entire tab bar becomes completely unresponsive.

  30. I wasted too much time to begin using Edge both on mobile and PC. As a long time Firefox user, many of the features that attracted me before have been taken off and I decided to try Edge, now I’m HOOKED! It’s friendly, easy to use and synce nicely. I love it and all the extra features it comes with.

  31. Everything works on Wifi but not though At&t cellular 4g Lte data. I can not log into my account on the app, the website, or make changes on my xbox. You can’t ask for help because it requires you to log in. Uninstall, clearing cache data etc, doesn’t help. When it requires a connection to Microsoft servers it gives an error or says another login is in effect. This is the 4th time then you lose all benefits to doing a streak for logins. Check feedback for pics

  32. This browser does a lot of good things if you are in the MS ecosystem and using android. I updated this review and dropped a star because it is horrible at completing a web form. Especially if it drops below the keyboard towards bottom. You can never see what you are typing. This browser should pop the text box you are typing in to the top of your screen so you can confirm your spelling and mis types. Until this is rectified I cannot give a better rating.

  33. I am learning the features of Edge. I appreciate the tips and examples pop ups that show when I use a feature for the first time. Random pop up do not allow for focused work, impacting my productivity in a negative way. VIsually adjusting to the look of Edge, this is challenging in that work and home files are getting saved incorrectly. Access to Google Chrome cloud drive from edge is also difficult and time-consuming.

  34. K Mac dice:

    Since the app was updated to provide history at your fingertips once again, I honestly have no complaints about Edge, either the android or the laptop/PC version. I like how they set up the access to favorites, history, and more by clicking on the ellipsis to the right of the address bar, which brings up a dropdown ‘box’ with various choices.

  35. I’ve used Edge on all of my devices for years. Typically the experience has been 4- 5 star, at least until I got my S22 Ultra. Since upgrading, I’d rate this browser 2 stars at best. I’m not sure whether the blame is on Microsoft or Samsung for how poorly the app runs, but performance is absolutely abysmal. The amount of stuttering and/or latency when using the app makes it almost unusable. I’ve had switch to chrome for the time being, I hope the performance issues are resolved soon.

  36. I have been using Microsoft Edge since it first came out in Widows and am very happy with it. Sometimesthereisa slow learning curve after an update but nothing to be overly concerned with. When Microsoft introduced Edge for Android I immediately installed it to my tablet and couldn’t be happier. As with all computer programs there are and will be some errors and minor glitches but in this case none that can not be fixed or worked around. I highly recommend this program.

  37. Flak Vest dice:

    Update 2022: Here we are 2 years later and this is still happening. I love edge but this is ridiculous! Please fix edge browser when searching bing. Every time I search for something and go back, it shoots me to the top of the search results and is very annoying! This creates a bad experience. It doesn’t do this when searching bing with Chrome browser.

  38. Fantastic app that deserves to be among some of the best available browsers. I do have a few grips: While searching on Bing the results are blended in with and visually you can’t see them. Also, PLEASE add an option to make the URL bar at the bottom. I went to Kiwi browser to check out the afformentioned item, and I loved it. Otherwise, a fantastic browser. Keep up the great work dev team.

  39. So far I like it better than chrome. It’s way more user friendly and structurally organized. Microsoft can use some improvement in there cloud storage. You can’t seem to move pictures around to match what your phone is capable of which works against you when it come to time management. These companies beg for your attention with bells and whistles then drop the ball on details they want to sell you on the next version. just lazy and greedy at the same time.

  40. C W dice:

    – Update: makes my phone “hang” when opened or in the background, but opens in background automatically… – Sometimes deletes all your tabs for some reason. Filled with propaganda, even on new tabs. Has indicators that it sells your information to unwanted third parties, and has caused many website passwords of mine to be compromised. Hard to save things to folders within Favorites. It would be easier to have it ask where you want it saved, WHEN you save it.

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