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The Best Contacts Phone book with Dialer, SMS, Caller ID & Spam Block.
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Contacts+ is the world’s leading contacts (phone book) and dialer app, powered with caller ID & spam block – all in one place. Known & loved by over 10 million users worldwide, Contacts+ is brought to you by the Contacts Plus Team.

Contacts+ is a true all-in-one contacts, dialer, sms and call log app that makes it easy to connect with friends and block unwanted people, telemarketers and spam via caller ID & block. Whether it’s a call or sms – you’re always in control.

Above all, Contacts+ is private and customizable with themes

+ Caller ID
+ Calls & SMS spam block
+ White / Dark Themes
+ Speed dial – Double tap to call
+ Fast dialer search
+ Smart contacts sort
+ Birthday reminders
+ Merge duplicate contacts


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Contacts+ 6.27-6.31:
• Bug fixes

Contacts+ 6.26:
• Another fix for app hanging on Android 12
• Clearing missed calls counter on widget

Contacts+ 6.25:
• Bug fixes

Contacts+ 6.24:
• Fix App not responding on Android 12
• Bug fixes

Contacts+ 6.7 - 6.23:
• Bug fixes

Contacts+ 6.6:
• Reduced app size
• Bug fixes

Contacts+ 6.5:
• Birthday notifications are back!
• Additional improvements to missed call notifications

Cheers from the Contacts+ team


40 comentarios en "Contacts+ MODDED 2022"

  1. UPDATE: Contacts+ did get back to me after leaving this review and they solved the problem for me so I’m back to using their app–so happy! The problem/solution BTW is with Android…I turned off autofill and the bubble stopped popping up. I hate to leave this app, but….I had to. I’ve been using it for many years and loved it, but a few months ago a problem started that I have yet to get a response from the contacts+ team after emailing them about how to fix it. What’s happening is that there is a bubble with my phone number with a plus sign in front of it hovering over the text entry field for typing text messages. It partially covers the text entry box and the text message before it that I’m responding to.

  2. I really liked this app because unlike a lot of other contact management apps, when I do a search, it does a thorough search that includes the notes. However, one deal breaker is that in the free version, when I’m on a call I often can’t find the handset icon tk hangup, and also when I have an incoming call it sometimes does not pop up so I can answer it!

  3. Thanks for your response. I returned to my contacts+ app a few days later and the edit now works. Thank you! Can’t edit a contact. I just downloaded this app. It was recommended online. I created a contact and saved. Then I searched and chose the contact to edit but I can’t edit it. Instead I get a message that says “choose a contact to edit”! I’ve already chosen it and tapped on the pencil icon! Makes no sense!

  4. I’ve been a paid user for 2 years. The new updated downgraded the app to a “free” version and now wants me to buy a new, rather expensive, subscription. I emailed them for an explanation, but got a form email back asking for a log from my phone to diagnose the problem. The problem has nothing to do with my phone. A quick look at their recent reviews will clearly show what the problem is. I’ll give them until the weekend to fix this and then I’m uninstalling and moving on with life.

  5. This used to be a great app but version 6 sucks. All the customization features that used to be a part of the app are now gone. Even those of us who bought the pro version years ago for the ability to customize the themes have lost the ability to do so. Now you only have the choice of a generic light or dark them with no option to customize them. You can no longer swipe from sms, to call logs, to dialer, you now have to tap the icons on the bottom of the screen. This may not seem like a big deal but it does make navigating the app more difficult than it was before. You can no longer choose the icon size for your contacts or change whether they are in list or grid view. Now favorite contacts are large icons in a grid view with a list of the rest of your contacts following with smaller icons. I’ve heard you have more options if you sign up for their cloud contacts but as I host my own cloud option for my contacts I don’t want or believe I need to sign up for a service just to be able to sort my contacts on my phone. This is nothing more than the developers using the app to push people to their services whether people need or want them. After having loved this app for years, I’m now looking for a new contacts app.

  6. *****I will be uninstalling Contacts+ and moving to another app.***** I’ve been using the app for years, had even paid for the pro version, but with the latest update they have taken a once great app and have taken away many of the features that were the reason I originally went with Contacts+. I don’t seem to be the only one who is unhappy with the update. Charging $100 plus a year for a contacts app (which I just barely pay for Photoshop) that has been stripped of features, is ridiculous.

  7. So like most of you, I am extremely disappointed in this POS app. I dropped it and went with Smart Notify. Don’t even waste any more time with this app. All you get is an automatic response that says contact support team. Plus all the good reviews here are bogus. I have no connection with The Smart Notify app. It does everything that the old Contacts + used to do and they don’t try to to rip you off. Its free…no ads

  8. The last update ruined it. It took away a lot of the customization it had before. Also, sms pop-ups now take over your screen and won’t go away unless you physically swipe them from the screen. You also can’t get into your phone now if there’s an sms pop-up unless you first swipe the huge, ugly pop-up. Changing the notification options does nothing…choose “no pop-up”and you still get ’em. I previously purchased the upgrade, so I don’t want to ditch this app, but…….

  9. I don’t usually feel compelled enough to leave bad reviews but this new version is a complete downgrade from the previous one I was using for years. I was happy with the features, UI, and customization options of which this version has none. This update strips good features and themes away and is frankly ugly and unintuitive.

  10. I *used* to really like this app, but ever since a recent upgrade it’s been a mess! Group chats would not show the names of who wrote each text or else the same name would show up on each message, but the worst happened today – the app literally sent a text to the wrong person. I only know because that other person texted back confused, and I had to go to the native messaging app to check what was going on. A real shame, it used to be a great app!

  11. Bio Toxin dice:

    I’ve been using this app for years and had previously given it 4 stars only for lacking voicemail access otherwise would’ve been 5. However! The app is now unusable. Upon opening it there is a screen requiring you to sign up for their crm service you can’t opt out of, and if you try to sign up or sign in to that service you will get an error and be unable to move past that screen. The app is effectively locked in an unusable state and this is unacceptable!

  12. I really liked this app a lot but I just had to call 911 last week (8/1/21) and it wouldn’t connect. Just dropped my input as if it was invalid or something. Never ran into anything like this before. Had to panic switch to my default phone app to get through to 911. Not sure if it was me or the app, but I got through on my default phone app. Edit 1/26/22: Dropping this to 1 star from the 2 I originally had after a lot of reflection. The app literally didn’t work when I needed it the most.

  13. I was looking for an app that integrates contact management, dialer and messages seamlessly… The design of this app is just OK, I was disappointed to see that not much had changed since the last time I used it a few years ago. It is buggy though, I had a lot of issues with mms not going through and it contains ads… So overall my experience was worse, I went back to my stock apps.

  14. I really want to love this app, but it always ends in frustration. I’ve paid for the subscription, but it just seems like features disappear, not increase or advance. Now I can’t even tame my contacts list into smaller manageable lists like ‘favorites’ like I used to.. That makes this app useless in my opinion. If I can’t manage a large list of contacts what’s the point. This is painful. So disappointed.

  15. Remarkable how developers can turn the best contacts app into the worst. I’ve been using contacts+ for more than 5 years. Amazing how many aspects of the app has been changed for the negative. Wiill be deleting the app and using default app until I identify a replacement. Update: a minor change was made allowing sorting by frequency. Now, how about letting us sort by category and customize ring tones. Anything less and deleting. There are alternatives, prior to update no other app came close.

  16. Been using this app for years, I was so impressed with it I paid for it but its been getting worse with each release: contacts not syncing, duplicate contacts, contacts with missing phone numbers, missing contacts, numbers not recognised even though the contact is stored and has a matching number, etc. The Support Team don’t seem to understand how the app works, particularly true when using contacts stored on a cloud account (MS ActiveSync in my case), so no help there 🙁

  17. Used to be a great app that managed phone, contacts & messages. I paid for Pro in 2016. They went greedy wanting people to pay for a new ‘gold’ service ($15/month or so?). As part of whatever backend changes they made around this time I lost my contacts & now the messenger is a bit busted. I sometimes have messages not send or when I edit contacts names via the app they don’t update. Am now looking for an alternative. They took something good & ruined it for more $$$

  18. dea jaay dice:

    After years of use and thinking how great it was the app has really started to suffer. default screen just changed one day. favourite contacts disappeared. now messages have started failing to send. sad end to an app i’ve appreciated for so long.

  19. Been using for years. Just noticed that after deleting a MMS, the screen does not update, but the message is deleted. Contacts or Calls show empty screens and moving back to MMS also shows an empty screen. Only after restarting the app do the Contacts, Calls and MMS screens show content.

  20. With the latest update the messages tab is not working properly… Multiple selection is freezing the screen. Please rectify ASAP. The main reason for using this app is managing calls and messages in one app…

  21. Messages sometimes sent to wrong contact, or fail to send at all. Can’t open attachments. Was my default messaging app but is no longer useable.

  22. I used to se call history of every specific contact the only thing was missing the year of the call, now the call history is empty. Why has that been taken away?

  23. I bought the pro version of this app back in 2015; never had any issues – it got the job done, had the features I needed, was ad-free and convenient. The current “new” version has ads (my account was reset to free status), an ugly interface and artificial limitations (number of contacts). And all that without any further notice before this switch was going to happen. A phone/contacts app is something to rely on for a long time, which I cannot really on this one. Apologies, you lost a customer.

  24. The new interface just doesn’t make sense to me. Paid for Contacts+ because of the sleek design and integration of sms and phone (in one place). Couldn’t find a way to switch back the interface after the update, which simply added extra steps to all features. After the update, I’m back to the default contacts app, will be looking for a new one.

  25. So I have been a long time user of this contacts app, but for a while now it’s just not saved any new contacts. On top of that, the premium version of this app is ludicrously expensive. £97 per year! That’s the same price as a Netflix subscription for a contacts app on a phone. I don’t know exactly where you people get off thinking that is in any way reasonable or rational for an app like this. You can get fully fledged desktop software for less than that. I could get Microsoft 365 sub for that!

  26. K. dice:

    I decided to try Contacts+ again, half a year after the release of the 6th version, hoping that some problems are gone. Nope, still pretty terrible. The contract group filter does not work, but shows all contacts, instead of a specific selected group, though you choose just this group in settings. Icons are constant size, can’t make them bigger. Only two themes, light and dark, no colour options, as it used to be. All in all, quite bad. Back to True Phone for me. Won’t try this garbage again

  27. I’ve had this app for years and it was fine but twice in one year I get a notification “couldn’t download mms”. I’ve tried everything I was instructed to do to no avail. One suggestion was another app is interfering with this one. I deleted a number of apps and that didn’t work. I emailed contacts developer so far I haven’t heard back. I’m disappointed I really did like this app with talk and text in one app instead of the 2 separate apps that came with the phone.

  28. I’m using this app for years now (the free version). It used to be a good app, but the latest updates are a significant downgrade to the experience and to the functionality. I miss the “lines view” which I preferred over the current grid view. The missed calls/messages overlay insn’t working on my homes creen and I came across a bug while adding a contact from the call log – it’s being added and after a few seconds it’s being removed.

  29. It’s happened quite a few times now. Someone calls, I only get a bubble that shows up with the name of the person and nothing else. No pickup or hangup button, when you tap on it nothing happens and when you try to drag it, well it just goes up and down. That has to be the worst “phone” feature ever, if you can call to that, that I have ever seen. Edit: They closed my paid account after my review; a super professional company. We should all strive to give them 1 star that reflects on them

  30. simple way to manage calls. I like how the messages display looks. B-)

  31. In 2016, Contacts+ was a great app and I had paid for a lifetime upgrade to Plus – 5 stars. As of October 2019, I’ve reduced it to 1 star. The latest update indicates I am now “Premium Silver”, which is basically “Ad-free” and no features. All “premium” features I previously relied upon, most notably syncing contacts with multiple accounts and merging, have now been moved to an even MORE premium version which requires a hefty monthly or yearly subscription. I am quite disappointed, and will be looking at competitors who now are what Contacts+ was then.

  32. I generally like this app but recently am unable to take photos from the app to send a MMS. It says “no application found”. Would be great if that was fixed, and it I could set a separate notification tone for texts instead of it being the same for everything. Edit: nope, you broke it. Since the last update my contacts are in some random order. It’s not first or last name, nor is it people I frequently interact with. This app started out great but has gone downhill. Uninstalling.

  33. As multiple other users, previous update made my account (for which I’ve paid years ago) same as the free one, and after contacting the support and receiving 6.0.8 update, that was fixed. However, the only thing close to the previous paid membership is just not having ads. Most of the options for customizing are still gone, and app is nowhere near close to it’s functionality as it used to be. The subscription price is extremely unreasonable – $100 a year for a contacts app? The entire MS Office 365 suite is cheaper than that.

  34. What have you done? You removed all the customisation. The dark mode doesn’t work properly (copying text displays a blank selection page). I can’t swipe between tabs. I can’t change back the order that the tabs are in. I can’t remove the assistant tab. And the spacing on the left while browsing contacts is to large. I also can’t change the size and spacing of contacts, i.e. how many contacts I can see on the screen at once. And for gods sake, bring back square icons! What am I even paying for?

  35. I do not like the latest update& new presentation of pictures of the contacts rather than previous easy to find listing. And there’s no facility in settings to change presentation. Takes me longer to find a contact as I now need to start typing the contact, rather than whistling down a listing. Pity. Have now reverted to Google Contacts and deleting Contacts+ Update 30/09/20: Tried app on new device. Disappointing again. Only view in portrait mode, not landscape (tablets). Deleted.

  36. In calls tab, the sim name is not shown below the numbers. kindly add this feature

  37. Worthless. No options for contacts groups and setting custom ringtones

  38. Love it. Been my favourite contacts app for ages now. Went premium quite some time go. Unfortunately the removal of backup has meant that I will not be supplied with the app that I paid for. I am sure you guys knew this was coming, but there has been no information to your paid subscribers, which is disappointing. I second the thought another poster gave about a manual option. Unfortunately your suggested alternative is a VERY expensive one that will be out of reach to a lot. After years of great service this is a disappointing finish.

  39. I used to really like the layout and the customisation options of this app. The new upgrade is unpractical and let’s say it ugly. This enormous bubbles with contacts take too much space. I used to be able to set up the main screen as the call log, not possible any more. Please change it back.

  40. I have been using Contacts+ for many years and it periodically seems to keep losing features. The latest update adds some nice colours but now offers only a large and childish looking grid of three contacts per row. With a large number of business contacts this gives the sensation of looking through a peephole and is difficult to navigate. I think it’s perhaps time I (reluctantly) shopped around for a different app. Better suited to casual users now I think.

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