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Private Browser & Fast VPN. ︎Block banner & video ads! Browser with private mode
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Adblock Private Browser is coming!
This FREE Private browser with Adblock provides you with a safer and more convenient browsing experience. Meet the AD free web experience, fast and stable VPN and private browsing service in ONE amazing browser. You can download videos with our fast & strong download function!
👑It’s a “make life easier” browser! Download and try the 5-star Free Adblock private Browser used by 20 Million people around the world!

✔ Remove ads for Videos
Enjoy ads blocking when you watch videos on the website. You will not waste time on watching ads before playing the video, in Free ad blocker Browser, the videos play directly without ads. To protect privacy, this private browser also protects you from annoying tracking ads on video websites!

✔ Ad Blocker for Pop-ups
When browsing the web, the most annoying thing is the pop-up appears, and when the pop-up is closed, it is easy to jump to unknown websites. This AdBlock browser helps block annoying pop-ups. You will not be redirected to some other page than expected, fab private browser make sure your browsing is fluent, fast, and private.

✔ Adblocker for Banner ads
You must get tired of seeing junk content on your page, this Adblock private browser will help to clean then all, make them disappear, bring you a super clean web page, and private browsing experience!

✔ Private Browser, Safe and Incognito
As a private browser, we always block ad-cookies from third parties to you. Under the incognito mode, your browsing history will not be saved, you can also add the password to this browser, protect your privacy with high priority!

✔ Block cross-domain tracking cookies
Big data and analytics companies always use Cross-domain tracking cookies to track you, and make speculations about your interests to deliver targeted advertisements to you. FAB blocks cookies that track your browsing behavior across websites to protect user data security. We will make sure you have a safe and private browsing experience.

✔No-logs and Fast VPN
FAB provides a free, no-logs and unlimited VPN proxy, you can visit your favorite website, improve your gaming experience and will not be tracked to personal privacy data. Fast VPN connection and stable VPN server enable you to browse all kinds of websites quickly and freely.

✔ Comic Mode provides an immersive reading experience
Comic Mode removes clutter, ads, and distractions, while also including full-screen mode and auto-run ability. When using the comic mode to read comics on the website, the comic content will be loaded in advance to ensure a smooth viewing experience. And ad-free, full-screen mode provides an immersive reading experience.

✔ One-click Download Everything
Free Adblocker Browser is a fast web browser! Click the download button in the page to download any video with one click. Whether it is the trendy video or movie, you can download it with one click from the browser. Video downloader is powerful!

💡More Features:
✔︎ Show the real-time weather and future 10 days weather on the private browser homepage;
✔︎ Improve your reading experience under reader mode, read news & novel easier and faster;
✔︎ Change the theme of the private browser, make your browsing colorful;
✔︎ Lock your private browser with a password, protect your privacy all the time;
✔︎Enable private mode & incognito mode to clear all your browsing history, opera private browser leave no trace.

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40 comentarios en "FAB Adblocker Browser:Adblock MODDED 2022"

  1. Michael dice:

    Updating previous review: Still blocks ads but now it pushes you its own unless you pay for it. Since implementing that it’s had numerous glitches including: not continuing play in the background, having the pop up window playing but you can’t close it, and the worst is recently it wouldn’t let me exit the application. I couldn’t even restart my phone. I had to put my phone into power saving mode to force stop the application. That kind of glitch gives me pause, so I’m uninstalling.

  2. Ad blocker used to work great but then they added ads to them which defeats the purpose. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch going on but I can’t even see the ads, I just hear them in the background. It’s not just one ad it’s multiple ads that goes on and on until I close the app. I wouldn’t mind an ad first opening the app but making it to the point where I can’t even see or exit out of them is frustrating and disappointing.

  3. There is no way to make the notification go away, or the corresponding status bar icon. After clearing all notifications on my Pixel 6, the notification for this app just sits there forever. It doesn’t show any message or indication of urgency to address a “notification”. It just shows a row of red icons (browser, search, game, video, settings) and WILL NOT GO AWAY, including forever polluting the status bar with its icon at all times.

  4. Ana dice:

    Sometimes if you’re playing a video and you exit out it keeps playing the audio and sometimes it doesn’t. It would be nice to be able to controll when it does this. It looks like it might be a glitch that it keeps playing the audio at all, but sometimes I want to listen to music while turning off my phone or doing other things and other times I’m just trying to exit out.

  5. Initially installed for it’s obvious use of running various sites sans-ads (which it has done impeccably). The application recently added a feature automatically toggled on with no way to disable pushing news articles that I had no intent of subscribing to. Sent a support ticket about it a week ago with no response, continued to get random news articles. Was good while it did what it advertised but I’m not coming back. Edit: uninstalling the app fixed a charging issue my device was having!

  6. It was the best app ever, 5+ stars. It’s ironic that the app that blocks ads, now has its own ads, defeating the purpose. When the ad pops up, it doesn’t even run its course and expire. It freezes whatever you were doing and you must clear it manually. I only used this to play music when I’m at work and can’t be by my phone. I now get hours of silence (because their add never times out) it’s far better to not use this app and deal with a few 15 second ads from time to time.

  7. C S dice:

    I’ve been using the app for years with both ups and downs. I always return to it because it beats the alternatives with features for adblocking on YouTube and allowing you to play YouTube videos with the screen turned off. Ironically the internal ads recently became a lot worse with a drop down menu ad in Android which you can’t swipe to close. I don’t mind asking for donations but at least let us close them.

  8. *Update* music can now be played while on the home screen and when my phone locks, I like having this feature while I work because it drains less battery and I can multitask while music still plays In the background. Only thing I would update is when my screen times out the song will finish but the next song will not start making me unlock my phone, a bit annoying when I have an auto time out for my screen. Please, please, please do not change this feature or I’ll have to go back to 3 stars!

  9. I paid for the premium membership to support the developers. Shortly after, I started getting full page ads in the app soliciting a small monthly donation. They appear randomly, have no close button, and don’t seem to be preventable through a setting, even in the premium version. I fully understand ads in a free app. I don’t feel the same when I’ve already subscribed. I sent feedback through the app and got no response, so I’m posting this. Ad appears more than once per session.

  10. Ads. You had 1 job, remove ads. Now this app RUNS ads! YouTube always glitches, shifting a bit to the left in full screen, cutting off the left edge, sometimes only audio will play, but I’ve figured out how to fix it when it glitches and have learned to live with it. And then it started running ads! That’s the one thing it was supposed to prevent! Edit: (after reply) Ads show up randomly in the middle of using the app, not just when I open it.

  11. Great browser, but… the full-screen ads to upgrade to a paid version of this browser are annoying AF. Especially because there’s no visible way to close the ad! They show up more than once per session, & they’re a deal-breaker for me. Your replies to other reviews describe a multi-step workaround – it’s 100% unnecessary if you’d put a “Close” button in your ad! Just sayin. Also, limit the ad to 1x / 24 hrs. These 2 things would definitely help to retain current users who dislike these ads.

  12. JDJ J dice:

    I would sign up for the 99 cents per month option, but anytime I try to get setup, the price changes from 99 cents a month to 99 cents a week. I’ve previously had premium subscription to ad blocker browser. But had issues with the VPN still wanting to charge me for use. I emailed about that issue and never received any help. And now the ad blocking browser is riddled with ads promoting itself. Ive used free and paid version of this app for years. Looks like they’ve sold out or something.

  13. I’ve used the app for ages and within the last few months there’s been little things here and there that started to become red flags. The tabs would duplicate, there’d be a little animated coin thing near the top of the screen which was an ad, more and more ads being let through, and the final straw for me is the daily ad if you don’t use their pay wall. Absolutely not, this app was amazing and it’s utterly ruined.

  14. Dunce dice:

    Why is the app that I’ve been using for a long time to block ads now shoving ads in my face multiple times a day? The ads have gotten too intrusive, so copied the pages I had open and have moved to a different app. There are free options out there that don’t do this. We all need money, I get that. Y’all deserve income, too! But this is too far. Maybe make a different paid version of the app, with extended abilities. But as it stands, this app no longer keeps its most basic promise: Ad blocking.

  15. Previously I would suggest this app to anyone and everyone. Now I am considering deleting it myself. Full page ads with no close button. In the middle of a YouTube video, a full page ad pops up cutting it off with no close button. Only way is to close the app or press the back button, both things will make you lose progress in the video though. Which completely ruin livestreams. Have to search through hours of video to find your place. Needs to be fixed soon or I will delete soon.

  16. Edit: Has started showing ads from the browser itself that covers entire screen -_- Had this browser since 2016 and it’s improved so much. Good at getting rid of ads on the websites themselves, however the app itself has had ads since maybe mid-November. I understand needing to add your own ads and they don’t pop up too often, but there’s no X, gotta hit the back button, and it would be nicer if they were maybe banner ads instead of full-screen. I don’t have $ for sub so leave me alone…

  17. The app was good til the recent update… Now every time I load the app, it puts me in to a long load screen, which then plays an ad that goes on for a whole minute… This is an ad blocking browser… I use this to make sure it doesn’t open new spam tabs… I can click off those in a matter of seconds… This just takes far too much time out of my day for that every time I load in… I’m fine with you having little ads on the edge of the screen, but 2 minute ads to start the app… Fix this!

  18. Ive edited my review from 5 to 3 stars. I’ve had this app for 2 years. A good AD blocker but, recently they have added just a few occasional pop ups and an ad in the top right corner on the home page. It’s not very intrusive. On top of that this AD blocker no longer blocks twitch ads. But, it’s still good for general browsing on websites with absurd amounts of pop-up ads. It blocks just about all of them. Also, it has only ever crashed on me once when I had upwards of 50 tabs.

  19. This app used to be a 5 star app that blocked everything for all the years I’ve used it. Now, I’ve been dealing with its own ads popping up at advanced intervals. I’m not happy with “subscribe for .03 cents a day” every other search. The ad could be the most attractive person on the planet, and I would not want to see it because I downloaded an AD BLOCKING browser. Whoever decided to put ads in an ad blocker should be out of a job. At this point, I should be paid to keep the app…

  20. This ap used to be good at blocking ads, but it has started going downhill fast. A month ago they added an ad at the top of every new tab that is both animated and looks like a notification. This ad leads to a “spin the wheel” type scam. Then about a week ago they added a full page ad that shows up whenever you hit the back button asking for “donations”. This morning they added both an ap notification that you can’t close, and dropping ads in the notifications. Avoid this ap, it is just ads

  21. Xabite Ki dice:

    Falling off.. I don’t like to see browsers like this to have locked capabilities on it’s drop down menu, it’s very discouraging to use this especially some grammar & orthography issues. The more it updates, the more I see a desperate approach and it makes me, as a user, anxious and annoyed. Especially now on the new update showing up a banner of options on my notification bar automatically. Overall, it’s a mediocre browser with it’s primary function to block some ads.

  22. I’m fine with the ad once a day to use the app, the donation begging that keeps popping up and interrupting the videos I watch on an app called “free ad blocker” is obnoxious. Especially when some sites still have ads, my tabs will duplicate or disappear entirely, and when trying to type something randomly the keyboard will go away and screw up what I’m typing. This app use to be really good and it’s getting worse. Trying Brave and if I like it better, sorry I’ll make the switch.

  23. I’ve been using this app for 2.5yrs on my android. It’s always been a little clunky but it does a good job of blocking ads. I’ve never had premium and mostly use it for YouTube. Unfortunately with this last update, the devs must have folded to the corporate model and now there are pop-ups and ads constantly. This means my once 5-star rating has dropped to 2-stars. Their departure from the original vision and purpose of their app means that I will unfortunately have to make a departure of my own.

  24. Too many built in ads for an ad blocker. Your business model for generating revenue is wrong. Instead of making people pay 3.60 a year for the same experience….charge a flat rate (not subscription) upfront cost for all features. Yes, this will be more like 12.99 or 19.99. Then get ride of the built in ads! I hate subscription pay as you go. Lots of people do. I am uninstalling this app. I have been using this for 5+ years and have already paid for other premium features.

  25. Barry Dai dice:

    Blocks ads effectively. The new ads to convince you to go premium is super annoying and ironic given that’s what people get this app for – to block ads. The rocket news notification from newest update is super annoying, though you can disable it in notification settings at the OS level. I went premium to get rid of the ads and so far has been pleased with the experience.

  26. Full page ads. In a world inundated with advertisements, where can you hide? Maybe nowhere, certainly not here. Was just having the ads appear on startup of the app. But now they pop up and block the entire screen periodically while the app is being used. Basically just using the regular Internet with ads is now less intrusive. Their new motto is clearly, “look at me, I’m the ad now.”

  27. HH HH dice:

    This app is horrible, doesn’t always block ads, vpn never works still shows my actual location, very slow to start up, randomly shows you news feed and no option to turn it off, asks you to rate the app every time you open it, and it has that annoying little ad icon in the right hand corner on purpose so you would accidentally click on it when you are trying to close the window. They ask you multiple times to buy the premium version which is funny bc the app is full of bugs.

  28. Was a fairly decent browser until it inserted pop ads asking for money beyond any premium subscriptions. The responses to others that claim the ads only come up once when you open the browser is not at all true. They pop up about every 1 to 3 hours. They’ve popped up nearly a dozen times in the last few days when I’ve had video playing full screen. I do not use YouTube app, I watch through the browser and I know how intrusive these ads are as I’m binge watching disaster movies the last few days

  29. Dd H dice:

    So there us now a full page pop up begging for money that can’t be turned off. In fact you cant even close it without hitting the back button. Also pop ups claiming your internet is slow and offers a speed test randomly, even if you are having zero problems. FAB seems to think adding ads to an ad blocking browser is a good idea. Last update had a news banner that took up a third of the screen till complaints had them give us a option to turn it off.

  30. I’m rating this 3 stars because what was once a 5 star app has flaws which bump it down. First if all they now run ads on a ADBLOCKER which contradicts the point of the app. Also since the introduction of ads it has been glitchy and slower, especially when you first start the app. This slows the process of trying to search something up. If you just need a quick search for something use the normal browser (Google, bing, ect). The app is usable and great for blocking potentially harmful ads

  31. Works good. But every time you open it, you get an ad from ad block themselves which is very ironic. Dropped it to 2 stars now because it actually has started interrupting webpages with it’s own in app ad. 5 times on the same web page. And dropped it again. Showing ads for this app multiple times in the same webpage.

  32. Haven’t had any ads on YouTube videos anymore. But now the app is showing its own ads. The whole point of this app is to avoid ads on videos without having to pay some stupid subscription for it. Now the app is trying to manipulate us using the same tactics. So what’s the point of using it now? You keep this up you are going to fail. Changed down to one star.

  33. Tommy dice:

    I’ve had this for years. They regularly implement new changes that are annoying, including changing the order of New tab, and other menu items, so it’s like they are tricking you into signing up for things. It’s always gotten more intrusive. Now, they’ve implemented full page ads at the beginning. This will probably get worse so I will finally explore alternatives.

  34. The browser doesn’t block all the ads and they’ve recently added their own ads to the browser. You have to watch a minute advertisement just to use the browser. Don’t use this app. Edit: The title of this app is a misnomer, it does not block all ads. Some ads still show up, either by design or by incompetence.

  35. Max smith dice:

    So they’ve now added a ad for the app which isn’t so bad if I was not badgered by it every 10 minutes, and yes I’ve sat there and timed the intervals. Second, it is now bricking some websites by blocking the picture is the website itself (I checked, it’s the app not the site, works fine on any other browser app) untill these two problems are fixed I’m gonna have to drop the stars down to two because while it blocks site ads, a pop-up every 10 minutes is crazy

  36. I was dreading for this day to come and here it is. I’m getting a full-screen ad about donating several times a day at random intervals. Guys, no. That’s a very bad strategy for a supposedly free adblocker. This browser isn’t even that good at blocking ads for me to justify those intrusive full-screen ads from you. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Edit 25.12.22: really? A christmas discount ad now? I really think I’ll be switching to another app.

  37. Used to be flawless. Now their posting ad notifications and their are small ads next to where you open another tab. I PAY to not deal with this. Their selling out and the keep pushing the limit. They keep pushing ads and try to sell it as “news”. Taboola is NOT news, it’s a ad service. Says so right on its wiki page. I love the app but they have to drop the nonsense and just give a straight annual fee with ZERO ads and they would be perfect.

  38. EDIT: And now it’s giving MASSIVE notifications about “current events” I don’t care about. Uninstalling. ORIGINAL: Y’all realize that in-house full-screen pop-ups are just as intrusive and unwanted as regular ads that the browser is *supposed* to block, right? I get y’all need money, but people, including myself, have downloaded this to AVOID such ads. Not get them several times when trying to browse the web. If this continues, I’m uninstalling.

  39. It started off great despite the window not resizing correctly. For the past few weeks a full-sized notice pops up saying this has stopped such and such # of ads how about some $$$ and everything comes to a total stop until you close the window and start the video on YouTube again. If it keeps it up I might have to find another blocker.

  40. I tried this browser out because a site I use to read web comics assaults me with ads. Pop ups. Unwanted lewd ads. The 9 yards. I’ve used this browser for like 3 years now and am pretty happy with it. It definitely blocks those pop ups and unwanted ad placements. Recently there HAS been an update that causes a advertisement as soon as you open the browser ONLY once per day. For me personally. And its less than 30 secs normally and I’m able to back out in like no time at all.

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