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FolderSync enables easy sync of files between cloud storage and Android devices.
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FolderSync enables simple sync to cloud based storage to and from local folders on the device SD cards. It support a wide range of different cloud providers and file protocols, and support for more platforms are added continuously. Root file access supported on rooted devices.

Effortlessly sync your files. Backup your music, pictures and other important files from the phone to your cloud storage or the other way around. It has never been easier. Automation support using Tasker and similar programs enables fine grained control of your syncs.

FolderSync contains a full file manager, that enables you to manage your files locally and in the cloud. Copy, move and delete your files in your cloud/remote accounts. Support for creation/deletion of buckets in Amazon S3. Upload and download files from the phone. It’s all supported.

Supported cloud providers
– Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service
– Box
– CloudMe
– Dropbox
– Google Drive
– HiDrive
– Livedrive Premium
– luckycloud
– MyKolab
– NetDocuments
– OneDrive
– OneDrive for Business
– OwnCloud
– pCloud
– Storegate
– SugarSync
– Yandex Disk

Supported protocols
– FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit)
– FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit)
– SFTP (SSH File Transfer)
– Samba1/CIFS/Windows Share
– SMB2

Pro/Free version
The free version contains ads. You can upgrade in-app to pro version. The pro version has no limitations. In all other regards the pro and lite versions are identical.

Change log




Optional permission that can be granted if Foldersync should detect SSID name on Android 9 or newer.
Needed to determine current network state
Needed to access info about the current WiFi state (SSID etc.)
These two are needed to be allowed to turn WiFi on and off
Needed to autodiscover WebDAV, SMB, FTP and SFTP servers using Bonjour/UPNP protocol
Needed to access the internet connection to send and retrieve files
Needed to read and write files from and to SD card
Needed to automatically start after reboot of device, so scheduled syncs will still run

Needed to keep the device running during a sync, so it doesn’t enter sleep mode


Fix pCloud EU login.


40 comentarios en "FolderSync Pro MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted tool that would let me backup and/or sync directories on my phone to Google Drive, without also needing something installed on my desktop or a VPS. It performs that perfectly. I was initially concerned with how it would affect battery life, since I had instant sync turned on for all my profiles, but I’ve not noticed any significant battery drain. Overall, it does exactly what I needed to do. Definitely would recommend.

  2. I love it. It does everything I needed to do syncing folders from my phone to my PC, individually, on a schedule, with options like verifying that I’m on Wi-Fi and charging. The only negative was that I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to make it work because it wouldn’t out of the box. I figured out that you have to enable SMB version 1 on the PC. Which Microsoft just disabled because it’s very very old and has some vulnerabilities. I hope they update it to handle SMB v3 soon.

  3. TRULY POWERFUL APP. This app literally allows you to make regular backups of any folders you choose. It manages it in the background and doesn’t consume a great deal of the your devices computational power. It’s easy to use and setup. You can make backups of your settings. And it can backup folders on the external sdcard. It also supports two-way ftp transfers which allows you to create a sort of mirror between a local and remote directory. I HIGHLY recommend.

  4. It is flexible but it is inconsistent. And the interface is a bit clunky. Sometimes it syncs things and sometimes not unless I open the app. I am thinking of switching apps. Also the sync log indicted certain pictures were copied when in fact they were not. I used this to sync files with my Synology NAS drive. The sad part is I actually spent money on this.

  5. Works great! w/ one odd behavior Only complaint I have is the Sync seems to take a long time to actually start when my phone is in its dock using Ethernet. It acts like it’s not even trying to Sync then after 20-30 seconds it starts syncing. It also queues up every time I hit the Sync All button. So it starts syncing like two or three times in a row.

  6. The best file and folder synchronization tool for one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one use cases available. It has been a reliable tool for keeping personal and business files synchronized & backed up across multiple phones, tablets, home NAS & SFTP, One Drive & Google drive since 2012. The only thing missing is a Windows 7/10, Linux and MacOS version to complete the ecosystem!

  7. Some apps just do the job. No fuss, no muss, just do what they are supposed to do. FolderSync is one of those products with quiet excellence. If I couod improve one thing then I would make error/failure notices much more “in your face” (maybe send email or txt) However, this is really an excellent app and the Pro version is very much worgh the upgrade. If you need to competently back up yoir files, this is for you.

  8. Incredible, painfully slow. Doesn’t run in background even with battery optimization disabled. Uploads everything wether it has to or not. 3 changed files? It’ll still upload all 10,000 files. No permutation of the settings helps. It is a hundred times faster to use a simple file manager to copy the whole directory. Support does not answer email.

  9. the Joey dice:

    Bought it for automated backups to my ftp server and that of course doesn’t seem to work. Neither instant nor scheduled syncs work. Not even an error about it in the history log. It just never initiates. I have to go into the app and manually press on sync all for it to work. And this only works while keeping the app open even while removing it from the background optimization stuff on the phone.

  10. Works great. Highly configurable. Only complaint is that updates disable it, so if you’re not paying attention, you may not realize that your backups haven’t been running for weeks it more. Set notifications for success and failure so you’ll notice when it hasn’t run for a while.

  11. The ability to sync with multiple cloud services and schedule when the syncing happens is great. Personally, I’m using it in two ways. 1. I have files on my phone scheduled to be backed up to a cloud service at night while I sleep. 2. I have a music folder on a cloud service that I sync to my phone when I choose. Using my computer, I’ll add new songs to my cloud storage. Then I sync the Music folder to my phone to get the updates. (Music streaming is great, but some stuff I prefer to have stored locally. I use less data that way.)

  12. While it works great for automated syncing from android to cloud providers, I’m having a couple of problems and missing features: 1. It failed to connect to WebDAV, SMB, FTP devices in my home network, all other apps that provide this functionality work fine. 2. No versioning, if I modify/delete a folder locally, I’d like it to keep a copy of the old ones for x number of days on the remote. 3. No encryption.

  13. I’d give it more stars if scheduled sync worked and if support was available. It did work fine a few updates ago. I sent a log as requested to see if they can tell what causes it not to sync anymore on a schedule, showing “error”, but never heard back. Otherwise, syncing manually (which is what I am doing now whenever I remember to do it), works okay.

  14. Neil dice:

    Serious bugs I’ve come to observe over using Pro for several years. Time zone changes cause syncing of files that shouldn’t happen. A loss of signal caused the loss of tens of thousands of my files. Unreliable program when configured correctly, and I’ve lost faith in it to do what I paid for it to do.

  15. 10 years of great development made this an absolute life-saver. It’ll do whatever (transfer, mirror, sync), wherever (Local [Root/SD/USB|Hub], Network [DAV/FTP+/SMB+], Cloud [Drop/One/Google/Sugar/’too many’]), whenever (times/user-scheduled), however (file/folder/type/name), and whyever ([?…] settings/filters/options) you need to organize. Practically needs no intervention once set, and easy to update or expand after. Tons of files in many locations? – You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

  16. Klaatu58 dice:

    Easiest method I’ve found to transfer files wirelessly on demand to always-on NAS. Configured cloud, SMB and SD card accounts fine although authentication was a bit tricky. Reasonable footprint. Nice interface and night theme. Custom scheduling functions flaky but eventually works although often later than at the scheduled time. Schedule execution requires background running, degreenification, and battery deoptimization. Filter setup is counter-intuitive. Developer has been helpful.

  17. Jeff dice:

    Latest version (a) broke all of my cloud syncs, and (b) shows nothing for the error so I have no idea what has changed or stopped working. After wasting my time trying to figure out what happened, I discovered that I needed to reconnect my Dropbox cloud storage account and that fixed the issue. It’d be swell if the error showed anything at all rather than no message. Adding back one star until the lack of error logging is addressed.

  18. Great app – I can no longer use the MEGA sync feature however so this app is nearly useless to me as I schedule file backups between my phone and my mega account. If I log into my mega account via this app, it tells me i have successfully logged in followed by an immediate overlapping second error saying “cannot retrieve info from your provider, check internet connection or verify your account credentials”

  19. I’ve been using this app to sync my photos and videos to my personal server for many years and for the most part I’ve been very, very happy with it. The only issue I’ve had is that it occasionally decides it’s not going to auto-sync when I connect to my home WiFi until I go back into the app and do a manual sync.

  20. Exactly the kind of app I was looking for. Gives me granular control over which folders I want to sync from onedrive and when I want to sync it (schedule or manual). 5 stars all the way! Thank you very much

  21. ASW : dice:

    Great when it works. Folder pairs “break” regularly with app updates. Frustrating since they have to be reset or recreated. Conflicts and Error reporting are of little real use.

  22. Very reliable. I don’t need to constantly check if it’s working, it always does its thing. Very reliable backup app for me.

  23. Craig dice:

    Used to work well. Now no longer runs in the background, so pretty useless for my needs now. OnePlus 6T Android 11

  24. Works perfectly. Ideal for automatically backing up your photos to a NAS instead of trusting them to a cloud service.

  25. It works but when I set “to remote” and deleted 4 files from local and SyncAll, my remote files do not delete. Please correct the same

  26. Zack Lau dice:

    It would be great if we can have the option to toggle “withChuckedEncodingDisable” option for S3 compatible services.

  27. Baconfry dice:

    This app is priceless. Backs up my all of my files from different machines to my phone and uploads them to the cloud. The deeplinks are a godsend for those who program small automation apps as well. It would be great if there’s an option for the app to remember devices by name and not by IP address.

  28. Pim Pam dice:

    I couldn’t use it to sync FTP, it has bugs. When a file is modified in the FTP folder, it is not updated in the destination folder. Also, there is no information to correct the “conflicts” and “file transfer failures”. Finally there are also bugs in the UI. It is simply not usable. I regret having paid for it.

  29. I purchased the pro version to backup a couple of folders on my device. However the application does not run as a scheduled task in the background. I’m forced to open the application for the backup job to run. I contacted support and they said there was nothing they could do to resolve the issue.

  30. Now you can only see sync progress when you sync all from the home page. You cannot go back to the home page to see progress when you sync individual folder pairs. Please fix !

  31. Jason NEW dice:

    Scheduled every specific hours to do automatic backup (upload), but notice the automatic does not work at all. Have to do manual backup only. This maybe a bug, hope that the support team to fix this problem asap.

  32. Nice app n Good backup update, but missing sys all option , If I open app then manually I have click individual to sync.Pls add sync all option.Thanks

  33. I found two bad things about this good app (I have the paid version of it): 1- An ugly icon. 2- The lack of a numerical indicator of the progress of the data transfer process (as is already found in competing applications).

  34. Very good app to keep your files in sync across all digital platforms

  35. Have used and recommended for years. Active and responsive dev, comprehensive and rich feature set, wide and seamless cloud service support, easy to use, and just works. One feature I’d like to see is the option to automatically connect a VPN if not connected to a whitelisted access point at sync time. Otherwise, this is the sync app that ticks all my boxes, and there’s no close second.

  36. I purchased this to backup my photos from several devices. Then I came with the great idea of using it to sync folders between devices (images, ringtones, music, etc) But it failed miserably, I deleted a file from the device using the phone’s file manager, and it never synced to the cloud; I moved files in the device and expected them to be moved in the same way and I had a folder with the files I moved and the files in the original place. (all by using instant sync) What a mess. I’ll stick to backup all my files manually now that I’ve seen it doesn’t work.

  37. I use the app to backup my pictures, (titanium backup) apps, and even my entire phone to my PC. Mostly it works fine but sadly doesn’t seem to work with smb2. As smb1 is insecure I have disabled it on all my systems and most file explorer apps work fine. This has meant I have to run an sftp server on any PC I wish to sync to which is a bit annoying.

  38. This app is still one those ‘old reliable’. Been using this ever since I used a Galaxy Note 2. Combined with a file manager that can also act as a file server (WebDAV), it’s a really reliable way to sync things across devices. Also been using it to sync with my One Drive and Google Drive accounts with no problems. User interface takes a bit getting used to, though. First timers should set up Accounts first before getting to Folderpairs.

  39. Uploading to Amazon Cloud Drive stopped working around 2 weeks ago. I don’t want to run the risk of losing my files if I lose my phone, and I don’t want to change my cloud storage provider. So, my only option is to ditch FolderSync for something else. A shame, because I liked the product. Contacted support and submitted logs, without any reply from the team. This seems to be ran by a single person, bear that in mind if you decide to buy it and rely on it.

  40. Ahmad A. dice:

    Amazing and very versatile data syncer. Can’t even find anything as versatile as this on Windows. However, please could you implement the following: – An option to terminate a sync that’s currently in progress and never run it again until reconfigured? After restoring my sync pairs from an earlier configuration, it appears to now be in an infinite loop, constantly crashing the Media Scanner service on Android and reattempting to sync over and over until I force end the entire app, shouldn’t have to clear the entire app data just to fix that 1 sync pair. – Give us a means of setting a specific local directory as an “account”. I just upgraded my Note 8’s 200GB MicroSD card to a 512GB MicroSD card, and due to the way Android handles external storages with unique IDs, I have to now change each and every directory that was syncing with my old MicroSD to the new one. It would be a great time save to have %EnvironmentalVariable% like shortcuts.

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